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Sincerest apologies…

Firstly, I owe you guys a BIG apology for waiting this long in between posts to write! It has been a serious whirlwind of ups & downs the last few months and they just keep coming. That’s life though! I promise to make time to write as much as I usually do.

Let’s play a little catch up, shall we? The 1st big thing that happened was that my mom FINALLY moved out! UUUUGH. It wouldn’t have been bad at all had she at least attempted to change. I was really hopeful and excited to take her in after her legal issues & promises to discontinue drinking. It lasted a whole 2 weeks during her 6 month stay with me, and then apparently my company & support just didn’t cut it. She was back to her old ways of spending money she doesn’t have going out with friends & drinking too much. When I use the term alcoholic, I am aware that there are many different levels of alcoholism.  In my opinion, if you need to use a substance to make life bearable or if said substance changes who you are…you have a problem.  She’s been functioning, holding down good jobs etc her entire life. I think that she will not deal with her emotions & doesn’t really know who she is…until this is done, she won’t change. I finally had enough, I got to the point where it was really affecting my emotional well-being. I told her unless she stopped (as was the original deal) she had to leave asap. So she left… I still speak with her but unfortunately we will still not have that mother/daughter relationship most people are fortunate to have.

Moving on! Traveling a LOT! I have been all over the place working & shooting. This is something that is obviously not slowing down anytime soon as I prepare to leave again next week! Not that I mind it, I just mind being away from my home, my Baby boy mostly.

Recovering finally

Those of you that follow my tweets know that my little old man has been a bit ill as of late. He is almost 14 but for the mix-breed (poodle/bischon) he is, their life expectancy is way higher than most other doggies. (don’t start emailing me to prepare for the worst either, he will live to be 110!) Anyway, I took him in for his yearly comprehensive exam and the vet totally freaked me out when she was going over his blood test results, telling me that his liver & kidney enzymes were very high & that meant disease & ultimately passing away within 3-6 months. He also gets a lot of little bumps on him, mostly sebatious glands (like zits for dogs) but there was one that alarmed the vet & myself, it appeared suddenly & out of no where quintupled in size within a few weeks. It looks different than all of the other things he’s ever had. She said it was definitely cancerous & he needed emergency surgery.  She also said that at his age & the sudden decline in his energy levels this year, anesthesia was most likely going to speed up the liver & kidney diseases. So Saturday, he had his surgery, however, I insisted on a local & mild sedation-NO anesthetic at all! He is such a chill guy that even if he’s in pain, he will just lay there. She did more in depth liver/kidney testing to make sure the disease was not progressive or aggressive, and it was NOT! YAY! Great news! She apparently was telling me what could happen…I was like bitch!!!!! Lol. She removed the cancer Saturday and it was encapsulated which is good news, we don’t know if its in other areas of the body, but now that its out & removed we will have an idea of how to treat him. PRAYING that its benign & that he can go back to being his happy go lucky food begging self. The recovery has been very slow. Way different than any other time he’s had a procedure.  I stayed up all night with him while he was sick, I had to force feed him water as he would not drink on his own. I had to take him outside & massage his tummy because he would not go potty. Every time I stood him up, he would collapse. (God, crying while I write this, I am a wreck!) This am he wasn’t seeming much better however he did get out of his bed on his own but it wasn’t until late afternoon that he drank on his own & nibbled two pieces of scrambled eggs I made him. After the water he went outside to relieve himself & even barked! Wheeeeew, so I know he is headed on the right path & will recover hopefully very soon.  Thank you all for your kind words on twitter & positive thoughts….we need them! I will keep you all posted on his recovery :o)

Now the last annoying thing I’ve been dealing with that has been keeping me away from here lol. You all know I have hashimotos disease and have had a slew of retarded ass backwards doctors??? Well I believe I have FINALLY found a good one! The only problem is I have to start over from square one, meaning I had to stop all medications I was on (which has a lot of stupid side effects) along with deal with the hashimotos symptoms for a few months in order to retest & let the new Dr see where my hormone levels are. (Hashimotos is an auto-immune disease that effects your thyroid, your thyroid controls the hormone distribution for your entire body, meaning if its off even a little you will feel fucked up! For me its extreme exhaustion-where its hard to get up but you cannot sleep at all, mood swings, depression, bad vertigo & nausea, headaches, hands tingling, skin break outs, etc…not anything fun). The past doctors I have had WAY over medicated me causing MORE issues including heart palpitations, anxiety & fainting spells….DUMB FUCKS! I have also been diagnosed with fibroids due to the hormone fluctuations from Hashimotos….which are very common in woman but most often leads to surgical removal.  I have to say that from dealing with all of this bullshit & never getting a doctor that knew what the fuck they were talking about, I kind of put taking care of me on pause. Perhaps denial, I don’t know but now seeing my little Baby going through it & my not stopping at any & all cost to ensure his health, I decided I better get my shit together in this area of my life too. After all, I want to be here for the next few years at least to continue playing with all of YOU! lol….so I am happy to report that I am getting there. I have made ALL kinds of appts with various doctors & specialists in different fields, so over the next several months, I will be making sure I am taking the right steps in getting back to 100%. Well getting there period, I don’t think I have felt 100% my entire adult life. BUT you wouldn’t know it at all because I am a BADASS BITCH! LOOOOL! I refuse to let any of this get me down or impair my accomplishments.

So guys, now that we are almost all caught up, I hope you have been enjoying my latest sexy content & I will be making my presence felt here more often… Hope you have all been well & thank you all for your well wishes & happy thoughts. They are appreciated.

I will end this on a good note :O)

See you in this weekends live show! xxoo
Brianna Jordan



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Hey guys & girls! Hope its warming up for everyone after this extra long winter! If not, come visit in Vegas, we’ll keep you HOT & Bothered! Lol.

From this weeks new scene, Aria, Maggie & I always have a blast!

Finally some resolution with the website debacle that was my life this month. As you know this business can really bring out the unprofessional snatches that have no experience in keeping their word, doing what they say, saying what they mean etc. So I was stuck trying to salvage everything, which I think with such dramatically short notice, I did pretty well! So as I said before, you will all still have access to all new content weekly as normal & myself! I have had to manually upload every single photo & video from archives….which takes quite a bit of time (literally can take a video hours). As you all know I own other businesses as well, they are my bread and butter-not that I don’t love and appreciate all of my fans, but a girls gotta make sure her mortgages are paid so that I have the ability to continue sharing all of my hot content with you! So yes, I realize that the videos & photo links might not all be working properly but be patient, they soon will be!

During the meantime, please continue being patient & loyal! I wouldn’t want all of you to miss out on any of the new & extremely explosive things I have cumming your way soon! ;o)

Stay tuned & I will check back in with you all very soon! xxoo

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Ok guys & girls, firstly, thank you so much for your understanding and patience in this HIGHLY frustrating time! Everything is being changed back to MY control & will be fixed just as quickly as possible. The site IS up and running again now & will not be affected for live shows or any furture updates. The only thing that WILL be affected are the videos, they take the longest to upload to my new server and I have to do them one by one manually. Its a HUGE pain in my HUGE ass lol, but it will be done within the next couple of weeks, so continue being patient as I really appreciate it!

I thought that I would have to cancel all of my current members and re-add you to my new ccbill account, however I was able to fix it (after spending almost 24 hours on the phone with them) and you can just continue being members as you are now. No need for you to do anything but sit back relax, grab some tissues as usual! LOL. Please remember I need your support in this difficult time and I WILL at some point within the year be relaunching a NEW updated version of the site, finding a partnership I can trust is the hard part. In the meantime, you will STILL have access like NO ONE ELSE does to ME personally! My site http://www.BriannaJordan.com is the only place that you will see the HOT solo & lesbian content that is recent/current! The only place, so don’t bounce now! lol

Here’s a sneak peek from next weeks scene!

Thank you all again for your patience and understanding. xxoo
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Hey guys & girls…it is with a heavy heart and SUPER stressed out ora that I tell you that it is NOT going to work out between myself & the network partnership I chose to venture into. If you are a current member, please send me personally a direct email brianna@Briannajordan.com with your username/pass I will send instructions on what will happen next. My site will NOT be down at all, however the relaunch of the brand new elevated x platform will not be launching now. I am going to have to upload all of the content that was released from last September to now…which is going to take a fucking long time. Time I don’t have but that I am going to make because I love you all and want to continue bringing you amazing content from the fruits of my labor.

I will have more details for you all next week. For now, nothing changes. Just might be broken links here and there until I have uploaded everything. BE patient a little longer babies. Follow my tweets to make sure you stay up to date on all of progress. I STILL plan on completing the original venture of relaunching a re-designed updated version of my site, just need to find someone that I can trust to be as diligent as I am when it comes to having my s together in business.

So back to the fun stuff. I am working HARD to bring you the VERY BEST in #jerkoffmaterial ….

Currently working on…
Sizzling hot in time for summer, ‘Summer Melons’
Yes it gets really JUICY


and a lot NAUGHTY

Have a great week everyone! Love & happy jerking! xxoo

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Yes! I am here!

I know I have missed a couple of blogs. Partly because I have been SO stupidly busy and in other part because I have just been kind of avoiding reality for a bit…I think we all have a tendency to do that some times.

You all know of my health issues, the thyroid disease I have called Hashimotos, well its an auto-immune disease, usually hereditary that can cause a host of problems if not regulated properly. The real trick is to regulate it period! So for the last 2 years I have spent literally 10s of thousands of dollars on Doctors, testing, meds etc just to kind of be a guinea pig. For those that don’t know, your thyroid (men & women have these) control how your hormones are dispersed about your body. When you don’t have the proper levels of hormones in your body, you’re all fucked up. Hashimotos is the slow or non-functioning thyroid (under-active, the other kind is over-active). It effects your moods, weight, energy level, skin, hair, nails, temperature, sleep, etc, etc, etc. So I have been able to combat it all because I refuse to let anything at all hold me down. No matter how extreme the exhaustion is, I get my ass out of bed & live my life the way I want to.  So part of having Hashimotos means testing the levels every 3 months to make sure they don’t get used to the meds or start reacting differently with my body. So testing came back this Monday, and once again, my levels are very low. So low the doctor again said she was shocked I have not gained 80-100lbs! Well no shit Doc, I workout like 2-3 hours every fucking day!!! LMAO! So I have to readjust my meds again and start new ones just in an attempt to see if they will work, get tested again now in 45 days….hoping for the best, but I have to say, it has me feeling a bit down. I have taken so many different kinds of meds over the last 2 years, it has caused fibroids to grow :o( Which is the main reason I am so down. I am waiting for another 2 months to get a 2nd opinion on what the best course of action is, but I have to have them surgically removed….which means a lot of missed work & working out. Not something I have time for because I am now supporting myself, my mother & helping my siblings.

I AM going to be ok, no doubt about that. Just going through a rough patch! Having the support & love from my fans & friends means the world to me…my family doesn’t even care as much as some of you do ;o) You know who you are! I am sharing my story NOT so you guys can feel sorry for me, but hoping that I can help a few people. I had symptoms for almost 10 years & doctors never tested me for the right thing saying I was too young to have hormonal issues-even though thyroid disease runs in my family! Ugh, dumb ass Doctors! I finally, 2 years ago, was diagnosed by a homeopath/MD that tried to treat me all naturally however it was too progressed to work, so now, still battling it but am armed with a WAY better education about the subject, the disease and how to remain healthy.

See guys, there are SO many things we can use to excuse ourselves from living. I was just talking to one of my employees about his wife. They have 2 kids and he is in construction (helps me with my real estate co), they are both pretty over weight and always feel tired (which is mainly from the weight plus having 2 kids lol), come to find out his wife has been in bed for 2 weeks sleeping 8 hours a day PLUS her night time sleep because ‘she doesn’t feel good’, doctors have run all kinds of tests and can’t find anything wrong at all. So my employee has been picking up all of her slack plus tending to her needs…however she had no issues getting out of bed to drive to Mc Donalds while he was at work…. Moral here is that you can’t let aches & pains or being tired stop you from living. The only thing that stops a winner from winning is not failure, its simply not trying at all! I have an at times debilitating disease, am EXHAUSTED always, have a lot of aches & pains but I work 3-4 jobs, train like an athlete would and still manage to take care of everyone else that depends on me. #NOEXCUSES #JUSTDOIT

Sometimes we need a little nudge, but don’t give up on your goals… If you have a little setback, get up-dust yourself off & continue on my friend! Cuz NOone is going to take care of you if you can’t take care of yourself.

Alright, enough motivational speaking & whining today lol! Time for Ms Brianna to get back to work delivering sexy content for you to enjoy again & again…. and again!

From this weeks gallery: Dirty Mechanic

I hope you all are staying warm in your parts of the world and if not, fuck it! Life is short, come visit me in sunny Las Vegas! :o)


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Happy Wet Wednesday!

Hey boys & girls! Hope all is well in whatever part of the world you are in right now! I am of course in sunny Las Vegas and wouldn’t have it any other way!

I am always asked how I ended up in Vegas & how I was introduced into the business….

For those of you that don’t know, I am originally from the East Coast, and ended up out west after my parents split. I being the oldest of all of my siblings have bounced around taking care of everyone, including my parents! Lol…I guess that is one of the things the oldest child does.

Is that me?! lol, yes!

So I came to Vegas, finished high-school here & dually went to college at UNLV.  At that time I wasn’t a huge partier, although I went through a short phase when I was in my late teens. I was the youngest in my graduating class, graduated both high-school & college with honors. Then jumped into my career, which 1st started out in the VIP hostessing scene that Vegas has always offered. I made a great name for myself here & so many girls saw that I was doing it on my own without an agent-since all of the agencies here mistreated girls & clientele etc, so a few asked me to manage them and here we are. I still manage quite a few girls here, VIP hosts, models, dancers, companions etc. Somewhere along the way, I had companies telling me that I needed to personally start modeling and being that it was nothing I was ever interested in, I turned them down for YEARS…. then one day, the right offer came my way & I said, what the hell, life is short, let’s take a crack at it…mainly because I was launching my members only site & wanted to get the word out. I did that alright & then some. I have had so much fun along the way, meeting awesome people of course some crazies too but I think that’s in any business. Long story short, here I am! I still manage girls & myself, I now diversified and bought a bunch of property here in town in which I do vacation rentals and run a tight ship there, being the top most popular vacation homes in the city. I also do a lot of other things here and there, we all know I am a work-a-holic! For those of you that are too! My most valuable lesson in that, is that life is really not guaranteed & we are working hard for a reason, not to enjoy it when we’re 85 but as we go! I am not saying party all day & night, but if you want to take that mini-vacay, take it! Get a massage, stay in shape, take care of YOU! I am certified as an NASM trainer, which is one of the best personal training/health certification you can have, however I don’t ‘train’ people. I will help people if they ask or I might take on a project, like my friend I am working with currently, but most people don’t have the drive & determination to stick with something.

So you see, I am more than just a pretty face & big boobs….I have a big butt too! LOLOLOLOL Just kidding-kinda, I have a lot going on and always will diversify my entrepreneurial adventures so that I have options. When people want to judge or are quick to blow me off, it doesn’t bother me, I am in the adult business-yes, but it doesn’t define all of who I am….its just a small part of what I do.

If you are ever coming to Las Vegas and need some private companionship or a few hot girls on your arm, to get into the best clubs/restaurants in town, let me know…obviously it all comes with a nice price tag, so be prepared but there are different options for different budgets. You can email me at Brianna@briannajordan.com

Also for those really naughty’s out there, for a limited time I am offering Custom Video upgrades on all levels purchased. You can email me for more details on that as well. They are the most sought after work that I do since its really just for you!

Ok, take care, stay warm and remember to join me live tomorrow only at http://www.BriannaJordan.com

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Where’s the Gun show?

Haha! Yea, I’m talking about my buff ass arms lol. I went to the shooting range & shot a variety of pistols to determine my next gun purchase. I have a Sig Sauer, a glock 42, a revolver & a rifle now…I am still deciding, you can’t just make hasty decisions when it comes to personal protection. I know many of you have commented on how much of a bad ass I am however I do take it very seriously. Gun safety is really important, especially since I have other people coming in & out of my home-my family, some kids etc. There was a really informative 20/20 I saw a few weeks ago with Diane Sawyer, if you missed it, youtube it, but here’s a preview:
Young Guns

I actually had a home intruder of my own years ago. Unfortunately while I live in a really safe area, there are crazy people everywhere.  And while I LOVE my career, being in the public eye draws out some unstable people. I had a guy that was obsessed with me, (I’m being serious even though its sounds like an lol), he broke into my home before I got there but what he didn’t know was that my sister was staying with me. She didn’t know he was even there until I got back & he confronted me in my own kitchen! I was really very scared but I put that aside & had to protect my sister & myself. I ended up shooting the intruder & wounding him. My sister had called the police & they were there in a matter of minutes, great response time I have to say. I was really shaken by the entire situation but never once regretted my decision to shoot. I luckily didn’t fatally wound him, I don’t think I would have been ok if I would have done that. I had to go to trial to make sure he was put away & also to have my weapons reinstated to me-which they were and he was.

This was many years ago, but the moral of the story, don’t own a gun unless you know what you’re doing. Don’t own a gun because you think it makes you look cool or like a badass. Don’t own a gun without the education on how to safely use it, store it & shoot it.

Now for the fun stuff!

Hope you are liking this weeks photoset, its an oldie but a goodie: Light Pink

I’ve also added a bunch of new items that you can gift yourself! Click on the photo below!
And if you’re the spoiling type & want your very own custom video! Email me to find out how, I am offering a GREAT special on them for a limited time! brianna@briannajordan.com 
xxoo, Brianna
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Let the good times roll…

Each day is not a guarantee so why sweat the small stuff? Do what makes you happy, get rid of those around you that suck your positive energy away and handle the shitty things that you can’t control with patience & wisdom, anger & fear gets you no where fast!

Obviously I have been having a bit of an up & down time lately, from my mom not getting the help she promised to, to my own personal health. I can sit here and feel sorry for myself………NOPE! Or I can do what I do best & be the best me that I can. I am no where near perfect & I don’t pretend to be, but I really set my aim high & shoot for the moon! (after all, if I miss, I will be landing among the stars as they say 😉

I am more than disappointed in my mother, it angers me that she can’t see the damage she’s done my & my siblings entire life with her addiction. It is hurting her now too, I thought this was her rock bottom but its not mine to decide. I am allowing her to live with me however forcing rehab on someone that isn’t ready is not going to work in the long run, I know that. I am going to start charging her rent though lol! Until she gets her shit together & moves into her own place I have to see it daily, the change in personality, memory loss from being wasted the night before, etc, so it is tough emotionally.  To combat the toll its taking on me, I am incorporating more balancing elements into my life. I have found a particular yoga practice that I actually enjoy. Its called Yin restorative yoga. Its mainly stretches & focusing on meditation, which is never something I allow myself to do! Its much needed. I am also seeking a group counseling for kids of alcoholic parents, I know its a ‘disease’ but I have a really hard time accepting that.

Onwards & upwards…I have to focus on the blessing that I do have in my life & that meant eliminating some of the baggage. I removed a friend that was supposed to be one of my closest. It was really hard for me & its taking its toll as well, but in the end, any relationship-friendship included cannot be one-sided.  She didn’t value me enough to reciprocate what I offered & to be clear, I am overboard with everything…I don’t expect exact replications but a call every here & there to make sure I was ok instead of only being worried about herself would be nice. So I deleted her, no longer wanting to waste time, energy or emotion as she obviously is not. 

I am so thankful to all of you that have taken part in making my Valentine’s week special, it really is cheering me up & helping me stay focused on the great people I do have that care ;o)

And that’s all you can do, breath in positivity & breath out anything negative. Try it….Deep breath in & deeeeeep breath out! It works I promise. Its pretty hard for me to quiet my mind, but I am practicing. I’ll get there, I never give up on a goal! ;o)

I hope you are all enjoying the special lesbian scene I posted for Valentine’s Day! Maggie & Kelly are horny & go to town on each other!

What are your Valentine’s Day plans? As of now…..I don’t have any besides working. Which SUCKS!

I think every girl says V-day’s no biggy….Lol! But I guess it is. Maybe I’ll be surprised & get a date…..hmmm.

Well if you’re in the mood to #BEMYVALENTINE you can gift me: http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/1I3TV8DUOH2QG/ref=cm_sw_su_w 
I always gift back (according to generosity level)
Speaking of gifting back, I am offering a deal right now on custom videos, you can email me directly to ask me how! brianna@briannajordan.com

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day! I will see you all during the live show! xxoo

I’ll leave you with some of your fav lustful red lingerie shots….Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Fun times with my bestie! YAY!

Oh God, EXACTLY what I needed! Some serious fun! You all know that Taylor Stevens is one of if not the best friend I have in this business. Why? Besides being incredibly real…(girls in this business fake? No way! lol) she’s got a huge heart and has always been there for me. Love her to pieces. She had to move back to Canada for personal reasons, so I never get to see her! So when she came in last weekend for the Superbowl, I had to make as much time with her as possible!

Trying not to be wasteful, I decided to grab items from my closet to wear that still had tags for no reason, soooo, I was a Vegas cowgirl for the night! Yeeeehaaaaw!

 We went to the Laugh Factory at the Tropicana Las Vegas, I hadn’t been there since I was a teenager & it was the Comedy Stop at the Trop lol! Wow, I feel old!
The show was HILARIOUS! Laughing really is the best medicine!
 Of course this guy made Tay come on stage, we all cheered her on & duh, I had to snap paparazzi pics lol.
 Soooo, because I never drink-ever! and I had a couple that night, we decided to go to a local dive bar that has GREAT junk food. Its called Moondoggies & was featured in Diners & drive ins. Seriously some of the best pizza I have ever had. Light even though it doesn’t look it. Meatball subs to die for, ceasar salad-fuck I ate like shit! But the b-day boy that was with us didn’t want to cut & share his cake! My favorite food! Lol, oh well saved me the cals and the next day I was glad.
 Yea, we had a BLAST! You can obviously tell! Lol.

But of course I had to repent for my sins from the night before & workout for 3.5 hours for the following 3 days! Ugh, I am still sore & tired but burned off all of those evil cals! 
I get it when I have to, well I get it always but I have to say, our night of debauchery & fun was well worth it! Work hard-play hard (sometimes!) All about balance. Remember if you stray from your clean eating, you can always kick your own ass-but the key is that you actually have to do it! 
Tay’s last day was yesterday, so sad to see her go, but we had a great afternoon, lunching at Olives at Bellagio & then shutting down Vikki’s lol! Love my bestie!
Already miss you girl! Until next time…. 
Hope you guys enjoyed the recap of our weekend! Lol….so much fun & such a necessity to balance out working & working out way too much every day…along with all of the stress I’ve been under lately. Remember 10% of life is what happens to you-90% is how you react to it! 
Are you liking this weeks HOT scene? Red Dress…The red dress effect is the phenomena in which females wearing red clothing (usually a dress) are perceived to be more sexually appealing than when wearing other colors. This effect is thought to act subconsciously, although its effect can be large
You tell me your thoughts on the matter ;o) 

And, just in time for Valentine’s Day! Will you be my Valentine? I have lots of fun things on my wishlists that I would be grateful to be gifted and I always gift back. All gift backs are based on the value of what I receive and matches it ;o) There is actually one thing that I actually really need & would be so grateful to be gifted-so gift backs will be double for this one-please email me for the details, I am not posting it here! brianna@briannajordan.com
Thank you to all of my fans & friends that show how much they care & make me feel special! You know who you are! ;o) xxoo
Brianna J 

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Health, wealth & Happiness…

Everyday I say my daily affirmations….for those of you that know me, know that I am not a religious person, but very spiritual. Not that I don’t believe in God, I do but I am a believer in science, energy & karma. So an affirmation is something similar to a prayer, but not lol. Its an intention or a grateful thought. I am always grateful that health, wealth and happiness come to me daily no matter what happens.  We all have struggles & hardships but its really important to keep things in perspective and be grateful everyday for the blessings we do have in our lives. 

What am I babbling about?? Lol…I do babble sometimes…  You all know of my thyroid issues, and that I have Hashimotos disease.  My hormones fluctuate a lot all of the time, they have me on medication to try and correct it but that has to be tested & adjusted every month or two. Well yet another wonderful effect from all of the hormone fluctuations have caused my body to develop fibroids. Its something very common in women, however where mine are located, I have to have surgery to have them removed. This is not a simple surgery, its going to put me out of commission totally-no work, no gym-NOTHING, for at least 2 months!!!!! So needless to say, I am having a pretty bad day….week really.  I am going to get a second opinion and the Dr said I have 3-6 months to decide when to do the surgery….but it needs to be done for my health in the long run.  Very devastating news….I am not happy.  I appreciate all of the well wishes to cheer me up.  I am trying & eventually will snap out of it & go back to my happy go smart ass self lol….just not today.

Excited to see my bestie, Tay Stevens tomorrow….I will post lots of pics, don’t you worry!

My website update….yes, I know its taking forever! I was quoted sept 13 as a projected re-launch date….and well its almost Feb. I am waiting & frustrated as well.  Please accept my apologies for the very long delay, BUT you are still able to enjoy the amazingly hot content that I work hard to release STILL up weekly on my site.  Enjoy & continue your support….I am grateful. 

Hoping to be in a way better mood next week so stay tuned lol. XXOO


PS! Wanna be my Valentine? You can get a special gift back from me with any gift you send from my wishlists.

https://www.neimanmarcus.com/wishlist/viewWishlist.jsp?giftlistId=NR2788883883&_requestid=49302 I GIFT BACK WHEN SPOILED! RT

victoriassecret.com/lovelist/view?key=5435757a27ee255af0241222269142&firstName=BRIANNA … Sexy lingerie modeled JUST FOR YOU! RT I gift back in a big way!


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