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I’m melting!

Lol, yup its most certainly summertime in Las Vegas. We are once again breaking records here in the Valley. Today 113! Ugh, I am never ready for it and when its comes it smacks you right in the face! Boom, HEATWAVE! Its a shame that taking off all of my clothes and running around nekked doesn’t do the trick, its still too hot! You’ll be able to join me this week during one of my LAST ever photoshoots, it will be at a fun hotel here on the Las Vegas Strip. I plan to be banging out a lot of content, so stop in and say hi! Lol, its me shooting solo as per my usual. If you don’t know how I am in real life, there’s a fun interview I did that comes out monday! I will for sure be posting it here & on my twitter, so stay tuned! Yes, I said one of my last shoots, the rumors are true! I am not going to be shooting anymore after my last several projects conclude, so if you wanna see HOT stuff, join my site, that’s the only way you will be able to see the latest and greatest content from me ;o)) The website will be sticking around for all of you amazing fans of mine! I wanted to write a quick HI to you all since its been a minute but I have to run, more this week! xxoo



Kisses to you all!


Driving in Vegas, TRYING not to sweat my titties off!


Cheers! Viva Las Vegas


A selfie shoot with Jazy…


I just have so much love to give…. 😉


The very sexy Jazy Berlin, poolside~



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Health Status Update

For my true #BRIANNABRIGADE you all know that for the last several years I have battled with my health. I like to say that I’m like a sexy Lamborghini; Sexy & tight on the outside but lots of issues under the hood! LOL! If you are a newbie, I’ll summarize. For years, almost a decade, my health was getting increasingly worse…being that I am a health fanatic-even a little bit of being off was worrisome for me.  After years of doctors running tests & not being able to figure it out, I FINALLY I found an MD that also specialized in homeopathic medicine as well. He figured out that I had Hashimotos disease. Hashimotos is hypothyroidism that without treatment can mess a WHOLE lot of things inside your body up. It can affect men or women. Without knowing that I had hashimotos, I thought I had to up my workouts & lessen my food intake dramatically to the point where I was working out twice per day & limiting my cals to 16-1900 per day. (when you workout like that, you need more like 21-2500 per day) This was to combat the weight gain out of nowhere…that I now know was from Hashimotos. Basically this is an auto-immune disease in which your body attacks your healthy cells in your thyroid gland causes havoc on your hormones & hormone disbursement.  Our hormones being balanced are ESSENTIAL to being & feeling healthy. I battled severe depression, mood swings like you wouldn’t believe. Extreme exhaustion where you cannot get out of bed. Skin issues: acne & eczema, Fibroid growth in women (which is very painful), WEIGHT gain, anxiety and really the list goes on & on. So over the years all of these things were getting so much worse. I was compiling overworking out on top of it which in turn created severe Metabolic damage & blown adrenal glands. These are completely separate issues that I am currently working hard to treat. I will discuss that at another time ;o)

So back to the Homeopathic Dr, he diagnosed & attempted to treat me, nothing natural worked for me (doesn’t me it won’t work for others) and he was over medicating me to the point where I was very close to having a heart attack. So I found an endocrinologist which specialized in thyroid treatment. She was ok & I switched meds several times with her. Unfortunately it was a dead end. No results, I just didn’t have a heart attack but still kept having worsening symptoms. Next I find the supposed #1 Dr here in Vegas & beg to become a patient as he wasn’t accepting new patients. He seemed to care & want to help, he took me off of all of the meds I was on (which was hell in itself but I didn’t want to be over medicated either), he put me on a few different experimental meds that are approved in Switzerland, but not mainstream here. I can’t even tell you how sick I got from doing this.  He kept saying hang in there and in a few months, the side effects will subside. THEY DIDN’T, they got worse. It got so bad that I was losing my vision, constantly blurry & nauseous. I actually couldn’t see my truck parked in my driveway & backed my car up into it! UGH. It was right after that where I told this Dr I was quitting these meds cold turkey. He actually got pissed at me for not sticking it out! WTF bro, I was on all those meds for approx 6 months…treated by him for over a year, the one before that for almost 2…I was becoming hopeless and then I found someone that literally changed my life. It was ironically him that referred me to a Dr for a general physical who is actually an Internist that specialized in treating all things that normal Docs don’t have the know how to figure shit out. (most of them just memorize what they can & make guesses at how they can help, then throw meds at people)

So late last year, I met my current Dr, Andrea Dempsey. She really cared about making me healthier, she was a real person that saw me as a real person. That really makes all the difference. First, I had all new blood work done & she explained to me that this would be a long road to recovery but that she knew she could help me.  It has been a VERY hard struggle, trial and error with her too but this woman really knows what she’s talking about. She’s also younger & knows the pressures of maintaining yourself with my career, not some old ass rude man that says, Deal with it & you’ll always be 10lbs overweight…so what. NOT SO WHAT! I work WAY too hard on myself to give up. So despite the severe anxiety, worsening depression and really overall desperation…I once again sucked it up & put in work. Each month we would do blood tests again & adjust accordingly. Each month I would notice a little difference here or there. Then 2 months ago she added progesterone to my mix. That has been the icing on the cake. I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER! Having hashimotos means that my hormones levels will constantly change & nothing will ever cure me, but I can manage things by taking good care of myself with the help of an amazing Doctor. Every person has different symptoms, some worse some better than others. Just because it helps me doesn’t mean it will help you. I am writing this though to urge people not to give up on their health. DO NOT allow Doctors to tell you that it’s all in your head and nothings wrong if you know somethings not right! Fight for your health & your future. Switch Doctors a million times if you have to in order to find the right fit. Do not give up on you….that’s all.

I am not completely better, and I never will be. I’m ok with that. I know that taking it one day at a time is what I need to do. I know that loving myself for who I am today is what I need to do….that is a struggle being the perfectionist that I am. But I am doing it. Day by day. I am happier than I have been in many years.

I am a fighter, a survivor & have a pain tolerance like no one I’ve ever met, so I know I will end up on top.  If you or someone you know is struggling, reach out to a professional that can help.

I hope you are all well & happy today…

Love, Brianna

Hard Work Pays Off, whether I feel good or not…fake it til ya make it!

Even though I am always hard on myself, I am grateful for where I am right now.

Here are some helpful resources I have found relating to thyroid dysfunction and treatment.

What is Hashimotos?


Living with it & alternatives

Metabolic Damage

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A huge thanks to all of the brave men & women that protect our country!

You all know this weekend is Memorial Day. Its not National BBQ day in case you’ve forgotten the real reason for the holiday. Its to give thanks to the many people that keep our country safe & allow us the ability to live in a free country. While you all know that I love to travel & see different cultures, I am SO proud & grateful to be an American!

All Aboard! Cumming to my website this July!

A special thanks to all who protect & serve! In memory of all that has given their greatest sacrifice for this country

Las Vegas, where I reside will no doubt have a million pool parties & club events this weekend, no where near where you’ll be finding little ole me lol. I am not one for clubs, drunk asses & stupid people. I will be working my cute tail off as usual, finally catching up on briannajordan.com updates! YAY! That means more fun for ya’ll! And I am really excited to announce my 1st members LIVE show since we’ve re-launched. It’s this Friday at 3pm PT. Make sure you login or you’ll miss out on all of the fun! I am going to make it a special show since its my 1st time back in a while :O)

Also you can stay tuned for next weeks photoshoot. I haven’t streamed during one in a while & thought I’d bring you along. I’m pretty excited for this shoot, I’ll be creating some sexy custom photos & videos for people. If you want to be one of the lucky few, email me at brianna@briannajordan.com for details on how to order your very own custom items!

Until next time, I salute you! xxoo


DSC_0169 copy

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Members requesting info…

Hey boys & girls! Just a quick post to express my thanks for all of your patience! I wanted to address a couple of concerns you’ve emailed me on. (even if just one of you mention it, I take everything seriously as I want you all to be happy!)

You might notice some familiar updates being posted that you may have seen before. They are being reposted in the correct format. That means BEST quality HD videos (where before they may have had issues, been grainy or not in full HD), same goes for the galleries. At this time, some scenes are missing as well & some may have just the video or just the gallery. Rest assured, we are working very diligently to resolve all issues. You WILL be seeing new content asap, but like I said, I am mixing in re-do’s of things in proper HD formats as well, you should re-download them and your viewing will be much more enjoyable!

If you are a newbie, WELCOME & enjoy, the site is better than it ever has been & will continue to be better and better. Feel free to email me with comments or questions. I make myself quite accessible in order to ensure full fan enjoyment & separate myself from others.

Hope you’re loving this weeks HOT scene! Sexy Satin with Aria Giovanni….more to cum later!

Aria & Briana Sexy Satin IMG_0343 copy IMG_0356 copy IMG_0434 copy

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Time to Celebrate!

Well boys & girls…the day we’ve ALL been waiting for! My website has been officially RELAUNCHED! YAAAAY! I am SO excited and proud to announce the relaunching of my website. The old site as you all know was good but this is going to be GREAT! I am so very grateful for all of the hard work that the Cherry Pimps team has put in on this with me in order to make it finally happen! In other FANTASTIC news! I was also able to get my personal store back online! If you’ve never been, check it out! SHOPBRIANNA I will be adding TONS of new things in the upcoming weeks :O)


If you are an existing & loyal member, please be patient with us. You will notice things here & there missing perhaps, or things being released that you have seen recently prior to the merge. If you see that galleries and or videos are missing, PLEASE email me and tell me the name of the scene and/or what glitches you may see. I apologize for duplicate content, but hang in there…all of these things will be addressed and remedied very soon! This is going to be one HOT summer! And that’s not just because I live in Vegas lol! The site is going to be the best EVER!

If you are new to my site or haven’t been a member in a long time, I am happy to welcome you to my site, my world & all things Brianna….not to mention the many other girls you have access to in my cam network! Super exciting for us all!

You can expect new weekly scenes with me, with my friends & I. I will do bi-monthly live shows (which means twice per month) I still have an absolutely INSANE schedule being that I own, run & operate 3 other businesses that sort of take precedence over everything in my life! So what that means for YOU is that there may be times that I am not able to make a scheduled show or might be late etc, but I will always do my best to make it there when scheduled. Last minute shows might pop in there also. You can really keep track of when I will go live best via twitter. In addition to all of that, you all NOW have access to all of the other girls within my network! Isn’t that awesome?! Plus you will not only have my main scene but there will be candids of me in real life as well as fun & sexy behind the scene photos & videos that will really give you a look inside my real life! Overall, as always, I pride myself in being REAL with my fans & members, most people in this business are great actresses…I’d rather do what feels good to me, in turn making it that much better for you!

I really hope you all enjoy & can’t wait to see you all in the next live show…TBA!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone! More to cum next week! xxoo


The end lol!


(if you already know me, you know of the super fun issues I have been having with every technical thing in my life lol…no laptop still, so the next show will be after I get that going ;O) If you want to get the ball rolling faster?? You can gift me a laptop from my wishlist which will earn you a custom video! http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00OP8F78S/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_SMotvb1PD63K9


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WOW! I can’t believe its finally almost here! The re-launch of www.BriannaJordan.com has been LONG awaited by everyone, but especially me!

Here’s a sneak peek of the new site design FREE TOUR
Welcome to my NEW & IMPROVED website!
Last year teaming up with a girl I thought had business sense, ethics & intelligence DIDN’T work out because she possessed NONE of those qualities & lacked a bunch of others… therefore causing the re-design & re-launch to be a lot further delayed than we could have imagined. So now fast forward to this year. I have teamed up with the Cherry Pimps family, who I have worked with many times & can trust their business sense & ethics ;o) They have been fervently working on creating a more user friendly, easily navigable website for all of you! And I have been doing the same to create LOADS more content for you all to enjoy for years to cum! It took a while to undo what was done with the 1st mistake venture, so now we have come to the peak of the horizon! The end game is in sight!
I am a current member, what can I expect?
Firstly, you are going to be thrilled with the ease of accessing all of your favorite scenes, photos & videos of the same scene are going to be together and tagged (meaning when you want to search for oiled boobs-the specific baby oil & lotion scenes will pop up!).  
Secondly, in the beginning month or so, there will possibly be dead links and reposting of scenes to make sure they are all there-I am enlisting you guys to email me if you find any dead links after we’ve been up. EMAIL ME!
Next the billing will remain through ccbill, they are a bit difficult to deal with, so during the time the domain name briannajordan.com gets switched to my new server, there will be a few days of downtime, this can be 24 hours or it could be as long as 6-7 days. We are hoping that they cooperate with us & work with us to make this happen with haste! Unfortunately, we cannot control the speed of their employees doing paperwork. 
If you are a current member & continue your membership even with the delay, you can email me and I will send you a complimentary autographed photo for the inconvenience. In the email include: current login details, your full name and address you would like the photo to be mailed to.
When is this all going to happen?
At this point, any day we will have word on what is happening with ccbill-they are the final delay. I will be announcing the interruption of service via twitter so you can stay tuned there for more on this. I will of course announce the re-launch as well there! You will all be in the know, don’t worry about anything.
I thank you all for your continued support and am so excited for the future of BriannaJordan.com
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Are you happy?

I really strive to handle my stress better than I used to, it doesn’t always work but it makes a huge difference on your day to day life-trust me. We all have our fair share of shit happen, but its how we react to it that makes a world of difference!

xxoo Love Brianna

We tend to be unconscious of behaviors that are causing pain and unnecessary suffering in our lives.
If we could just become more conscious of behaviors that are leading
to the pain in our lives, we would be a lot happier. Today we can start
giving up some of the things in our life that are causing this conflict.

1. Stop complaining.

Don’t find fault, find a remedy; anybody can complain.
~ Henry Ford

Nobody wants to be around someone who complains all the time. Yet we
all do it. Instead of finding a reason to complain, look for the
solution if you’re facing a problem. Look for something positive in your
life. There’s always something positive to find in our life if we shift
our focus.

2. Stop Judging.

We can never judge the lives of others, because each person knows
only their own pain and renunciation. It’s one thing to feel that you
are on the right path, but it’s another to think that yours is the only
~ Paulo Coelho

Stop judging other peoples lives and focus on perfecting your own
life. We spend so much time gossiping rather than working on perfecting
ourselves. Focus on your own life, and how you’re going to perfect it.

 3. Stop avoiding your fear.

Run from what’s comfortable. Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious.
~ Rumi

Fear is an obnoxious thing—it slows you down from finding a career
you love, a romantic relationship and pursing your dreams. Do something
that makes you uncomfortable every day, in small steps, and it will
dramatically alter the course of your life.

4. Stop being so hard on yourself.

When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.
~ African Proverb

The biggest enemy that you face is the one inside you—this enemy criticizes, condemns, and complains. Don’t let these unconscious patterns run your life.

Come to terms with these patterns. The biggest enemy you ever have to face is the one inside of you.

5. Stop being negative.

Misery loves company.
~ Anonymous

If you focus on being negative it’s going to show up everywhere in
your life. It will show up in your work, relations and everything else.
Shift your focus away from being so negative all the time. Find things
that make you come alive!

6. Stop caring about what other people think of you.

Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner.
~ Lao Tzu

Every great artist, musician, political leader, ignored what people
thought of them. Other people’s opinions of you are none of your
business. What people think of you should not drown out your own inner
voice and inspirations.

7. Stop worrying about the small stuff.

When I look back on all these worries, I remember the story of the
old man who said on his deathbed that he had had a lot of trouble in his
life, most of which had never happened.
~ Winston Churchill

Think about all the unnecessary worries that go through your mind all
day. We worry about why someone is not returning our emails, texts,
phone calls. We worry about everything and anything.

Focus on what you can do at the present moment and not about how you can worry about the outcome.

8. Stop needing to be right all the time.

The need to be right all the time is the biggest bar to new ideas.
It is better to have enough ideas for some of them to be wrong than to
be always right by having no ideas at all.
~ Edward De Bono

Stop needing to be right all the time, this can lead to so many
unnecessary arguments. Instead of needing to be right, start working on
being more open to other peoples opinions. Start asking more questions
and become more interested in other people’s points of view. It may open
a whole new dimension of life.

9. Stop blaming others.

People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I
don’t believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are
the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and, if
they can’t find them, make them.
~ George Bernard Shaw

We constantly blame everyone for all types of different things. Quit blaming other
people for your circumstances. If you want to change something go out
and do it! Don’t blame someone for your present day situations.

10. Stop living in the past or the future.

You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment.
~ Henry David Thoreau

So much of our attention is on past experiences or on how we will be
in the future. Focus your mind on the present moment. We would be so
much happier if we placed our attention on the present.

I hope this finds you all well & you are able to make the tweaks you need to live a fuller & happier life.

Updates in my little world, Baby is doing really much better! He’s responding nicely to the new meds & IVs. Not necessarily getting better kidney function but not any worse-he is eating and he has tons more energy! Which is GREAT!

Website is GOING lol, the new hurdle is dealing with CCBILL, we are trying to make it simple for all of the current members. The new team I am working with uses a different billing company thus is our issue. It WILL be fixed though soon! Within a week or two! Then I will make the really big announcement you’ve all been waiting for :O)

I hope you’re all having a fabulous day! xxoo

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Its been a really hard month in my house, I think the stress of dealing with my little man really caught up to me. On the verge of having a nervous breakdown, I got sick instead. Serious Ear/throat infection…its been almost a week now taking antibiotics and I finally am starting to feel more like me again!

Baby is doing SO much better, he’s gained some weight back and is now trying to adjust to carrying it with his poor little arthritic legs…blood tests this upcoming Monday will reveal whether or not the meds have been working to help his kidneys or not. He acts like he feels better, lets just hope its really working! I hate giving him IVs 3x per week! He hates it too :O(

Are ya’ll ready to get lucky?? Its almost St Patty’s Day & lots of craziness happens here in Las Vegas…what about where you’re from?

Festive enough for ya 😉

Kiss me I’m (not) Irish!

If its normal around here, I will be working like usual ;o) But only so that I can continue bringing you guys the best of me! I have re-created my youtube page and would love if you would like & subscribe to my page and watch my vids :o) You can find me at BRIANNASTUBE and if you’re not already following me on Instagram! Shame on you, get to it! BRIANNA’sIG and you all are my tweeties right?? Come on Brianna Brigade! Show your love & support by doing your part!

My members are the best show of support, I love all of the “I’m your #1 fan claims” but they aren’t website members & don’t follow my social media…DUH. Members get 1st priority into knowing the REAL me and only a select few at that, so be respectful & do your part! For those that already do, you know I am eternally grateful. It takes a LOT of balls to post my life-in all aspects of it to the world in such a instantly permanent way.  I appreciate all of the guys & girls that get that. Its not easy doing all I do, but I do it because I love you!

(Shhhhh, word on the streets is that my website relaunch is coming just in time for April Showers!!!!)
Love & kisses
Brianna Jordan

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Baby blues….
Baby almost 10 years ago, one of my fav pics of him 🙂

No, no I haven’t been in hiding. My loyal Brianna brigade knows that I have been caring for my little pup for the last little while. He needs me so I have kind of put whatever I could on hold to be here for him. For those that have no clue what I am referring to, I will divulge. A couple of months ago I noticed my little man had lost some weight, and for a dog his size, it is not a good thing. I took him to the vet but we did not get blood work done, she recommended that I start grinding up his dog food since he’s older and that might help. At first it did. Then a couple weeks ago the weight loss was more dramatic. I am beating myself up now about it but I should have dropped everything & taken him in to get blood work. I waited a week & then did it. I was honestly just scared at what they would say. Well the verdict is that due to his age, his kidneys are going into failure-not full blown where its too late, but bad enough that I have to give him an intravenous fluid flush to help detox his kidney’s twice a week as well as medication & special food. I learned that when the kidney’s don’t filter properly it makes him feel very nauseas which makes him not want to eat at all, lethargic & weak. Terrible. I really wish that I could take the pain from him & have nausea for him instead. The only thing I cna do right now is to be there for him, be strong & do everything the vet says so he goes into a quick remission & starts to feel better.

Tuckered out

There is no other animal in the world that loves you more than himself, but a dog.

This week was really tough. The 1st IV didn’t go well. He screamed in agony when the needle went in and hated it the whole time. (He normally takes shots just fine, but this is a huge needle) Then the vet food wasn’t something he liked, I think he can smell the medicine in it & doesn’t want it. Its a powder and pill med though so I have to get it in his food. He just wouldn’t eat anything (I tried everything except protein) & I was afraid to give him chicken or any other protein I knew he’d eat because they said protein is a lot harder to process for his kidneys and might make him more sick. Finally after him not eating much of anything, I got permission from the vet to give him whatever he would eat because he needs the calories & to gain some weight back. So I made him some chicken thighs, shredded them up with rice and broth… snuck some medicine in there & success! He GRUBBED hard! He was really starving but everything made him feel sick. He was throwing up everything 🙁 Poor little guy. Not to mention that he already has arthritis and a hip issue now. He can’t tell me what’s bothering him, so I have to guess.

He loves my feet as much as you guys do! For different reasons lol!

So now a full week later, he’s doing better. Not fully but enough to where I can see it. The 2nd IV went much better than the 1st. I opted to get the needle in while he was sleeping 🙁 I didn’t want to scare him awake but since he was already laying down, he relaxed a lot more and didn’t scream. He almost instantly felt better after that, ate a lot more of my concoction & he has gained back 1 full pound! So Baby steps for Baby, but we are going to be ok.  He is gaining some strength back.

My little Baby beggar (pre-sick days)

Little by little 🙂 I am (trying to) staying optimistic and know that he will be ok. I cannot lie though, the stress of this has been a lot to handle. He really is my son and will forever be the most important person in my life (yes, he’s a person to me…)

Loves playing with his squeaky bone…

So I will get caught up again, live shows will resume, website updates will continue…the relaunch is very close. I know they are still coding videos and content but we are in the end stage of the release & just tying up some loose ends with the design portion. You will all be very happy I am positive.

Thank you for all understanding and for the well wishes and positive thoughts. We really appreciate them. Next blog entry will be a happy one! Talk soon xoxo

Brianna signing off 😉

Hugs & Kisses

I will cherish these times forever! (video shot last year)

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Every passing minute is a chance to turn it all around!

Hey Boys & Girls! I hope you are all faring well in this seasons extra cold temps! My ears are burning with many complaints from friends & family all over the country.  All the while…not to rub it in…we are having record breaking high temps here in fab Las Vegas! Time for a Vegas vacay don’t you think? LOL

The Las Vegas Strip at night

So I have been busy making a lot of new business moves. One of which you all already know a little about, that is teaming up with the Cherry Pimps team to provide you all with a brand new updated version of my sexy website. They are a great team of people to work with & I know you will all love the new convenience of the site. www.BriannaJordan.com will be bigger & better than ever. All content is being moved now (has been for a while now) & once that is completed, I will announced the big relaunch! Very excited about it :o)

Shot at the Cherry Pimps Studio

I am also getting my health back in order. After seeing more than several dozen doctors & specialists, I have decided to trust MYSELF only & do what I feel is best for me. I am not going to go on a rant and say that everyone should get off of pharmaceutical medications, but for me, I feel that it is the right thing to do. Having an auto immune disease is one struggle but learning how to manage it & who to trust to help manage it is completely another struggle. And the struggle is REAL! Very intense. I have started documenting my journey via video diary & am working to create a VLOG that will be coming out sometime mid-year this year.  I have just been so misled by the Doctors here, over-medicated and gotten worse over the last few years that I want to bring awareness to the issues I have dealt with & hopefully make the Vlog entertaining as well. It will also be about fitness, daily life & other interests I have. :o) I think my real fans/friends will enjoy.

Right now I am 2 weeks into my new “coach/Dr” natural program & have to keep reminding myself to be patient. Results are not immediate but I am relieved to be completely off of all synthetic drugs that gave me worse side effects than the Hashimotos disease symptoms!

So if you are out there and feel like no one understands…there’s ALWAYS someone that has a similar or worse struggle.  Be grateful for the blessings you do have & treat each day like a gift. It sounds really cliché to say that, but its really true. You’re never guaranteed that next breath…enjoy what time you have. Let go of the past & leave it there. Be the best YOU that you can & remember that if you need some R&R or a distraction, I gotcha covered!


Love & happiness




Let me nibble on this…..Distracting??


Talk soon peeps xoxox

Happy Valentine’s Day!
If you are interested in receiving a present from me and would like your very own personal gift back! You can browse my wishlist on amazon or send gift cards to my email from the following…


Sexy workout clothing

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