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Etiquette ideas for fans, followers & just dudes in general :)

For many years BEFORE I decided to allow the public a peak into my private world and private parts, I was giving men helpful, not so subtle tips on how to behave around women.  Being that I spent my teen years & all of my adult life in the fabulous city of Las Vegas, I have seen more than the average young women I know. I wouldn’t have it any other way either. I’m the kind of person that wants to just rip the bandaid off as quickly as possible versus a long drawn out event. If you know me or have been following me for a while, you probably know that I am a very direct person that doesn’t beat around the proverbial bush ;o) (mind out of the gutter people!) So why shouldn’t I enlighten you once more?


When I am writing blogs, I usually base them off of what is actually going on in my real life…this way they are real and more meaningful. So here’s what’s happening as of late….

With the ever-increasing usage of social media making it much easier to reach just about everyone, people in general, not just men seem to have forgotten their manners! It gets a little more specific for someone like myself, who chooses to be in the adult world of nude modeling and exhibitionism.


I can’t tell you how many crude messages I receive daily, let alone have seen enough dick pics to leave forever lasting scars! I think what people forget when they are perusing around online is that that pretty girl you are sending dick pics to is an actual person, that has feelings and boundaries just like the living people you come across each day. We might be offering a part of ourselves that is not as common as the people you meet everyday, but that doesn’t mean you are allowed to disrespect anyone.

Just as in real life, when connecting with someone new, make sure you act like a gentlemen. Saying things like, “WOW those TITS ARE SO FUCKABLE”, or my favorite, “YOU WOULD LOVE MY DICK INSIDE OF YOU”. Well duh, I know I have great tits, thanks for stating the obvious is a rude way and I reeeeeally don’t want to hear your inside voice, trust me, there are a million other ways to compliment a women…and that includes women that pose nude! We are just like any other girl you will encounter, and while some might be a little shy to tell you like it is or slap you…I am certainly not lol!


Here are just a few things every young, old…ALL men should know when on social media:

  1. When you are messaging any girl on social media, be kind, respectful & polite. I don’t mean you can’t be playful & tell someone you think they’re HOT! but do it in a respectful way. You don’t know this person, and if you hope to, start off by acting like a human being, not a deranged non-human hahahaha.
  2. Unless a girl ASKS for a photo, she really doesn’t want one…trust me! ESPECIALLY not a photo of mini you. Its not as great as you think it is.  I hardly want to see a crooked, uncircumcised penis entangled in a zoo of chia pet pubic hair EEEEW! is an understatement.
  3. Spewing hatred and insults via social media certainly isn’t going to win you any attention…seems like common sense but its not unfortunately.
  4.  If you are speaking to a young women that happens to be in the adult industry, this is our profession, asking for freebies; photos, videos, and or discounts on services is NOT polite. Its the opposite actually, pretty insulting. I would never ask you to do your job for free-so don’t ask me for free shit. It was a choice to put myself out there as I have, I am choosing to profit from my outer appearance…I have made a few friends along the way but NONE of them ever asked for free shit!
  5. Do not repeat the same thing 25x on my feed and do not say the same thing to me and 25 other adult models. It makes you look like an idiot.
  6. Simply put, Be nice & I will be nice!

If you forgo this advice and continue being rude little fucktards, don’t be sad when you get blocked lol.


Now for IN PERSON chance encounters….

Here are some proper etiquette guidelines you should all follow:

  1. Wash your hands! I can’t tell you how many nasty mofo’s I see use the bathroom & not wash their hands or eat sloppy food and not wash their hands…then expect me to want to shake hands or let them touch me??!! Um no thanks!
  2. Hold the door open That goes for everyone, not just the hot chick walking in near you. Be nice & hold the door open for everyone! Its just a polite thing to do…and if the hottie sees you doing this, you might have a better shot when you say hi.
  3. Do not stare or gawk Again, I know I have great tits, a pretty face and a plump behind…I don’t need El-Creepo to undress me with his eyes for re-assurance. Its HELLA creepy and really awkward. always say something to make the dude feel dumb, but don’t let yourself look like an ass while gawking at one!
  4. If you recognize me in public I am a really nice person and will be nice to you IF you approach me in a respectful way. Do not scream, YO BRIANNA, or act like a weirdo. Respect my space please.
  5. If you want to hit on a girl As we found out in my last blog: Best pick up lines, the only real way to approach a woman is to be yourself and be nice, “Hi, I am Jon and I really wanted to meet you, you’re very beautiful.” NOT “Damn baby, you fly as shit, lets go get married” That happened today actually while I was walking out of a grocery store (eye roll) First, screaming that across the parking lot is fucking annoying and WHY TF would I want to marry some annoying fucker? LOL! Come on, common sense.
  6. Do not touch Not many people enjoy being groped by strangers, so keep your hands to yourself. If a girl ignores your cat call, keep it moving, you should have just said hi instead!
  7. If you are at a convention like AVN When you’re walking around a fun place where people are more uninhibited, please continue to use your manners. ASK if its ok to take a photo, its not the San Diego Zoo and all of the girls are exhibits…most of the time being polite will get a photo, but like I said before this is our profession and we are here to earn money in order to pay our bills. So paying for photos is customary.  And when taking photos, DO NOT Grab at someone’s chest, rear or any other area UNLESS invited! If it were me, you’d be laid out before you had a minute to think it over. For the other girls that are unwilling to say something, WHY would you want to make them uncomfortable?? Be nice…
  8. Take a shower, brush your teeth and take pride in your appearance I am not saying you need to look like Captain America or anything…but most women don’t like a smelly, sweaty, stank breath dude all in their grill. Another common sense rule that is commonly not followed believe it or not lol!



When you are lucky enough to have a women want and chose to be with you intimately…there are a few things to be considerate of as well!

  1. Again, Hygiene  is SUPER important. Wash your ass, hands, brush your teeth and trim your hair all over
  2. Never assume that a girl that is in the adult business is going to have sex like they do on film, most of the time during filming, the most important thing is getting the right angle, shot, some pretty unrealistic stuff goes on. Its never been a dream of mine to fuck cowgirl on the concrete-OUCH lol.
  3. If you are getting a blow job, never assume that she’s going to swallow…ask if she wants to and proceed appropriately.
  4. Don’t get yours before she gets hers…unless its a super quicky situation with someone you’ve been with for a while…don’t be an ass, its about both of you enjoying it. Otherwise, it’ll be few and far between that you get a helping hand vs just your own hand!
  5. If its a one night stand situation, WRAP IT UP! I shouldn’t have to say that, but when people are in the moment, they don’t use their brain. Having unprotected sex with a stranger or even someone you think you know is never a smart idea. Besides unwanted pregnancy, there’s a TON of scary un-cureable STDs that are floating around out there. That goes for blow jobs too! You CAN get herpes, gonnorhea etc just from her mouth or ladies, IN your mouth from his penis. We should all know this shit, but we don’t…you can STILL have fun, just be safe!
  6. If you finish and explode all over the place, get your ass up & grab her a warm wet towel…not many girls I know-porn and all-enjoy fermenting giz all over them. Asking her if she wants a glass of water is nice too, if you did your job properly…she’ll need some time to get up & she’ll take a water lol.

So remember boys, you CAN have fun & playful…just be a gentlemen too and I promise, you’ll be happily hittin’ it again and again in no time! KISSES!


xo, Brianna

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Best Pick Up Line Winner!

Hey guys! Thank you all for participating. It was SO fun & funny to read all of your unique posts. I loved a lot of them but there’s only 1 winner! xxSheerSinsxx…its YOU! Congrats on being creative.

His post: ” _xxsheersinsxxThe Packers suck! (That would at least get you to argue with me for at least a good 10 mins, that has to be more than most attention guys get..😂😂😂😂) Then id apologize and buy you a drink. @thebriannajordan



Another shout out to all of the gentlemen out there that said they would NOT use a pick up line…that’s honestly the ONLY way that I would consider speaking to someone.  I am a tad bit unapproachable in public….on purpose! Too many people believe that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and that they can throw their manners out the door when they step off of the plane.  NOPERS, I am one to always put someone in their place whether it be a lecture or batting the camera out of their hand when they haven’t asked permission.  YUP, that happens. LOL

See the video results of the contest here:  Brianna’s Best Pickup Line Contest


(still learning about this blog so next time I will make sure the video appears here…for those that have iphones, it’ll most likely play best there! I will also re-post this once I fix the video ;o)



Super fun though, thanks for playing. I’ll be doing some other fun things soon via istagram & twitter, so make sure you’re following to stay in the loop. Instagram & Twitter 

Also, be sure to login to http://www.BriannaJordan.com every week for NEW content; pics, videos, live shows, girl/girl stuff and MORE! xxoo,



Brianna Jordan


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Last Stop: The Greek Isles

I was in Mykonos last year shooting & LOVED it so I was able to arrange another trip here to end my Euro tour for 2015. I left Switzerland with some mountain sickness still but once I landed in Greece, it seemed to dissipate.  I decided to just let go & try to fully enjoy my time here as Baby would have wanted me to. It was harder again there because I was closer to going home to an empty home.

As soon as I checked into the hotel, I jumped right into the pool….ahhh & then had dinner at one of my favorite places in Mykonos Town, D’Angelos…Hands down, THE BEST! I probably splurged too much on this last stop but it happens.


I stayed at the same resort I was at last year so I knew most of the staff which was fun…they really took care of me and made sure I was never thirsty! LOL!


The spot on the island was perfect with a 360 degree view of everything, some of the most beautiful sunsets…


This time I had a chance to check out Super Paradise…I’m not much of a partier, actually, I don’t party AT ALL! Nor do I have the desire, but I had to see it at least. It was a fun atmosphere…and it was during Pride week, so I was safe! My fav time of year 😉


Alas, the trip was coming to an end, I wasn’t ready to go home but I was.


I was a nice ending to a long journey…

I’ve been home now since September but as you know, with the loss of my boy, I am still catching up as it was difficult to accomplish my usual workload. When I got home, I was pretty devastated but at first I had the amazing distraction of my other half & bestie, many of you know her, Tay Stevens.

Even though we’re not in the same city and we don’t talk every single day, we catch up right were left off every time. She really has my back & I have hers. A true blue friend…not a flakey fake like most people are these days unfortunately. We had fun, we laughed, she totally took my mind off of everything…


She was just what I needed but then she had to go home :O( and I was home…all alone, again. So as you know from my earlier post, I made the decision to adopt. These little girls are exactly what I needed, they bring so much energy & life back into the home. (a little too much sometimes lol) We’ve settled in now & they have officially started their doggie boot camp and are on the way to being well behaved little girls. Very exciting!

IMG_2649[1]IMG_2647[1] Next up for us are the holidays and as always catching up on work! I wasn’t going to decorate because that was something I did with Baby every year, but the girls & I are making new memories & honoring him still…we miss him every day but they are grateful they’re able to share his mommy :O) After all, they are a teensy bit spoiled!

I’ll catch up with you all next week! Until then, be sure to schedule some play time with yours truly!


And remember! Its almost time for my BDAY!!!!


For all of you that don’t know, when you send me a gift, I like to return the favor & send you a personal thank you gift in return! There are plenty of things I am lusting after this year…take a look: AMAZON  or something nice VICTORIASSECRET but for me, the best gift of all is the gift of shopping! So gift cards are my fav! Thanks everyone, have a great week and join me live TUESDAY, NOV 17th!!!!


xxoo Brianna

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Zermatt Switzerland

This was one of the most spectacular places I have ever visited. It was really the highlight of my trip & what really kept my mind occupied. I left Austria VERY early in the am and landed in Zurich which was where I caught a train to Zermatt. Its a pretty remote area & you can drive most of the way or train, that’s about it. So after about a 3 hour train ride, I arrived in a quaint little village & was promptly greeted by my ride, a horse & carriage. I was STOKED! It was the cutest place. There are no motor vehicles allowed in the village of Zermatt, only trolley’s (large golf carts) and horses! SO cool!


It was a short ride up to my hotel, which was by far one of the nicest & favorite places. They really took care of me & my guests & made sure that we wanted for nothing. I had a photoshoot planned for the following day, so I took in the village a little and had a fantastic meal in the hotel….really some of the best food I’ve ever eaten as well.



DSC04352IMG_0171 IMG_0176

The next day, I had a little hike & a trolley ride up to my shoot location & WOW was it beautiful there. I have a hard time deciding between the mountains or the beach on where I would love to live (that means I will just have to keep working hard so I can afford homes in each!).  The shoot was really relaxed, no pressure or stress which was really nice & the people were very nice also. Its really SO much less stress to shoot in Europe for me rather than the states. I don’t have any pics to show you of the shoot because it was a private set & the content belongs to them, when its released there, I will be able to show you all.

After shooting, I found my hotel pool, which was more of a really big jazuzzi lol, it was very warm & so relaxing. I ended up falling asleep in the chairs & woke up just in time to meet everyone for dinner. I was a lot more relaxed here than anywhere else on my trip I think. Maybe the fresh mountain air.


The next day half of us decided to go up to the top of the mountain…not that I was prepared for that, didn’t think it would be so cold, but it was do-able. We saw the glacier palace, which doesn’t rival that of the one in Lucerne I don’t think. It was nice & short & we all were cold so we came back down…perhaps a little too quickly because later that evening I was starting to feel really awful.


I ended up having a bad case of Altitude sickness, who knew, I’ve never even heard of it but it lasted pretty much the rest of the time I was in Europe, I guess your brain starts to swell which makes you really dizzy, nausea & fatigued. It got better & then worse, then better but I didn’t let it stop me from enjoying the rest of the time there. The hotel was great & got me some medicine which helped. Its pretty common I guess…I am always one to have motion sickness, so maybe that’s why? Idk.

I spent another day just really relaxing which was really nice…eating too much lol but that’s ok, life’s short & I want to live a little before the end comes…making memories is really important to me.

IMG_0323IMG_0324 DSC04321 DSC04298 I really enjoyed my time here & SO hope to go back soon! I HIGHLY recommend this as a stop on your next trip….you only live once & nothing is ever guaranteed…carpe diem!

In other news, I hope you all had a great & safe Halloween! I ended up spending QT with my family that was visiting & trying not to get them sick (I had a cold). My 1st year not handing out candy…felt a little strange but now I am ready for the holidays. Wasn’t going to decorate out of respect for Baby. That was something we did together, but now that the girls are here, I think that he would want us all to be happy & celebrate…so Christmas, here we come!

I’ll leave you all with a tease from our Halloween Scene, BAD NURSES! I was a little demented that day, not gonna lie, but Maggie really liked it lol! Check it out now at www.briannajordan.com 
DSC_0007 copy

DSC_0087 copyXXOO



Ps. Another year has come & gone almost! Which means it’ll be time to celebrate my Happy Bday soon! Dec 1st, and for all of you sweeties out there that want to know how to spoil me… Amazon is a great start!  There’s a few things I really need though! Sephora  Petco  & Southwest Gift cards!  (just click on each name to follow the link) <3 I always send a thank you gift in return xxoo


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Europe 2015

As usual, I started my journey this summer to Europe in London, England. Really one of my favorite cities. Its always refreshing to immerse yourself in a completely different way of living and London is quite different than Vegas! The weather was great, although I worked most days so I wasn’t able to tour around during the day. Evenings were relaxing & I did squeeze in a spa day which was SO needed, thanks to all of my amazingly supportive friends that all chipped in for my hotel stay. You guys ROCK! & you know who you are. You are so appreciated. The whole journey was pretty tough just having lost my son, my best friend & forever #1 companion, which might be why I am finally now writing about it in October lol! Sorry! But thanks for your patience.


Love the architecture & all of the many different people.

I mainly worked as much as I could in order to keep my mind off of things at home. Had a lot of room service & tears though, it was really tough but I still was able to snap some selfies for you all lol.



    During a HOT & steamy shoot


I did have a free day & decided to venture into the countryside & see Windsor Castle!


HAD to stop in my FAV Vikkis store & grab my souvenirs


                 Castling around!


                       VIKKIS on Bond Street!

All in all, its always nice to start my worldwide trips in a place where I speak the same language! HA! Kind of helps a bit. My next stop was Vienna Austria. I had a few days until I was due in Switzerland, so I wanted to see one of the most talked about places in Europe. The 2 days I was there were right smack in the middle of the biggest heatwave they have had since the 1800s! So it was HOT! Hotter than it was in Vegas on those same days in August! Geez, of course the heat follows me lol!


Wachu Valley & the Danube River

I stayed a great hotel called Hotel Sacher Wein, it was very fancy & I actually felt a little out of place but I was really there for sleeping. I went on a day tour of the city, the palace & the major landmarks & then relaxed in the evening, had a great Bavarian meal at Plachutta. I was really craving some Spaettzle (if you don’t know what that is, you better find out, the shit is BOMB!)


At Schonbrunn Palace

There was a GREAT little cafe, Cafe Mozart that I highly recommend if you are ever in the area….


IMG_9998I didn’t have time for any concerts or shows which was a bummer but I did make time for a countryside tour of Wachu Valley. It was a 14 mile bike ride (who knew it’d be 100+ degrees with humidity?!!) and wine tasting. No one felt like tasting wine in the heat, but I did anyway lol….when in Rome….Or well, when in Vienna!


Cheers! Here I was drinking a Gruner Vetliner & although I don’t care for white, this was SO great! Espec in the heat.


On top of a 14 mile hike, we climbed a top a mountain (another hour) to see an old castle. I think we were all deluded from heat exhaustion! Gorgeous views though.

After that severely exhausting day, I climbed into bed to await my EARLY 6am departure to Switzerland. I was off to a really remote place, so it would be a full day of trains, planes & automobiles lol! I’ll save that for my next blog entry, so stay tuned :O) You will be able to see the FULL galleries of my trips in the members area of my website, briannajordan.com soon, so keep a look out! If you’re already a member, AWESOME! you’re one step ahead 😉 If not, you had better join up before tomorrow’s live show! Its been a long time cumming…..pun intended! :p

XXOO, Brianna

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Well it certainly feels like its been a while since we’ve chatted! I have been back home from Europe for a few weeks now with of course lots of things going on as usual. Mainly, I have been battling with severe depression & anxiety with the passing of my son. I not only didn’t want to be around anyone at all, but forcing myself to was worse. I tried pushing myself to accomplish all of my normal activities but it wasn’t working. It wasn’t working so much so that I got sick 🙁 While I was sick and had no choice but to lay in bed & cry, I tried catching up on some online work when my mouse wandered to some doggie rescue websites. Pretty soon, I found myself becoming ok with the idea of having not only one but 2 little rascals running around in my big quiet house. If you don’t know me well, I will tell you that once I put my mind to something or figure out that I want something, I will not stop until I succeed, even when I’m sick lol. So I thought I had found my 2 pups, 2 dogs were going to be euthanized if I didn’t commit to them. So DUH, I did. Everything was great, I bought most of the things puppies would need so they would have a seamless transition to my home, I was packed & ready for my trip to San Diego! Then an hour before I left, I got notification that they were not the poodle/bichon mix they thought they were. The shelter had made a mistake. Another thing you might not know about me is that I am highly allergic to all animals, grass, dust, etc. plus have severe asthma. I spent a lot of time as a child in the ER on ventilators until they figured it out. So I was completely devastated that these pups would not be coming home with me. They were however saved from a terrible fate as someone else adopted them. I was lost all over again, it was really a struggle to even move let alone get out of bed. Then with the encouragement of my family, I did get out of bed & went on the search again…this time I was really weary & hesitant but a woman with a smaller rescue organization said she rescued 2 poodles, a mom & dad & the mom was pregnant. Well the mom had recently had her litter & there were 2 sisters that were 8 weeks old & needed a home quickly. Before I could even shower for the day, I hopped in my truck & Off I went to cali!  The rest is history…and now I am the proud mommy of 2 little girls. We got home, they very quickly adjusted to their surroundings & its been sort of a whirl wind ever since! I had NO clue how puppies were lol, when I rescued Baby from the streets all those years ago, he was already 8 mo old & had his adult teeth. These little girls? They’re 8 weeks old, razor sharp teeth (I had scratches EVERYWHERE!), and they don’t have all of their shots yet, so for now that means potty training indoors on puppy pads (EYEROLL). Its ok though, I LOVE them to pieces! I will always miss my little boy Baby, he will always be my number 1 but these girls are a great addition & distraction. I now look forward to coming home instead of dreading it. Yesterday I was crying about Baby, as I still do every day, but this time, they both jumped in my lap for kisses! And made it better. 🙂

IMG_1532IMG_1559IMG_1617[1]Meet my girls, London, because she is such an independent & chic little bitch lol (plus its one of my fav places)! and Rosie…well, I think you can see by her nose & face & toes how she got her name lol! They love each other very much & they play & fight like sisters do…but now my house is once again a home. Let the adventure begin!

So now that I am home & feeling happier, I can resume normal activities like camming with you guys! and things of that nature. Ya might hear little yaps in the background lol. I will also blog about all of the places I was this year just as I did with last years & the year before that. I hope you’ve all been enjoying the updates on BriannaJordan.com as they were super fun to create for you! Stay tuned for more & show times. xxoo




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Live shows & Updates

Hi everyone. As you know, I am severely grieving right now. Therefore, I will not be scheduling a show until I return home from my Europe work trip at the beginning of September.

You WILL have access to all new scenes each week however so that you can satisfy your needs appropriately 😉 I hope you enjoy.

Thank you all for understanding during this difficult time.



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In Loving Memory…

Once upon a time there was a girl who lived in Las Vegas.  She worked & worked & worked some more and really had a feeling of loneliness.  Sure she had plenty of friends & family to keep her company but there was still something missing. 

The girl 4th from left

The girl 4th from left

One day after working the graveyard shift & heading towards home, she tried to avoid the morning traffic and took back roads home. A route that she normally never traveled. All of a sudden, there were several cars scattered & pulled over.  She looked closely to see a little dust ball bouncing around in every which direction. Upon closer inspection, she noticed that it was a living dust ball of the canine variety. She put her car in park, left it running & chimed in with the other dozen people that were trying to coax the little dark fur ball their way. She, in the very loud & obnoxious voice she has when she yells, screamed, “BABY! Come here baby!” and it was just as if all of the other people faded into the background and the ball of dust ran into her arms.

She drove with the exhausted creature in her arms to her home. The poor fellow was pretty pooped but needed a bath. Something surprising was discovered. Not only was he a little boy, but he was not the grey/black color she found him as, but a stunning bright white. The girl knew he must be famished after his journey and fed him some rice & eggs and water of course. She put a blanket on the ground, and there he lay…falling fast asleep. zzzzz

Now this girl knew that she had to think fast because although she LOVED all animals, she was highly allergic to them all and with her severe asthma, it was only a matter of time before she had an attack & ended up at the ER. She tried calling all of the animal shelters around, most were full & some were Kill shelters….which was not an option. So she kept her distance from the little guy and went to sleep herself.

She woke up the next day to find him still asleep! He was very tuckered out. The one thing she noticed was that she was breathing just fine. Never having a pet before, and in a time before smart phones & google, she called her Aunt and let her know of the current events. Her Aunt advised her to take him to a nearby veterinarian and have him checked out.

The vet told her that he was a mut, a mix of Bichon Frise & Poodle…both hypo-allergenic breeds! WHAT a revelation. Seemingly he was sent to this girl by a stronger force knowing that the match would be made in heaven. She learned that he was only a puppy, around 6-8 months old. They gave him some shots & off they went.


Baby & the Girl during the 1st year

She was nervous at first because of all of the asthma issues she had in the past, but little by little she started to smother him with cuddles & kisses. He was a little nervous at first too because the previous home he had been in was very abusive, he even had a beebee gun bullet lodged in his little rib cage. He very quickly came around, seeing that the girl would only show him love, cook him yummy food and was very good at playing hide & go seek.  She tried very hard to think of a name for this little Lamb Chop. He loved to be cradled by her and when you stopped petting him, he would lean into her or paw at her like a small child, so she decided that Baby was what they would stick with. That is after all the name that he came to that fateful day in the back roads of Las Vegas.

Over the next couple of years they bonded in a way that she had never experienced before.  He was always there for her, never judging, always listening to her long stories, always cuddling and always so very happy to see her.  She wasn’t lonely anymore.


Baby loved to play & was always such a little cutey pie

The girl had never had a pet before and she didn’t know that they shouldn’t eat exactly what people eat or that they had to tinkle as much as we do.  She didn’t know why he would always get so sick when she made a box of mac & cheese and gave him half!  It wasn’t until she met someone that had many dogs & lots of experience with them that she learned a few things that helped Baby a LOT. She was trained on how to be the best dog mom possible and then she started teaching Baby how to be a polite young man. He was a little disappointed in the change of food, but he loved the walks off-leash and everything else that they did together. Mostly play and cuddle.


The squeaker bone became infamous as he went through almost 100, preferring this toy over all others.


The girl would take him with her everywhere. They traveled all over the US, taking road trips for work all the time. They stopped to visit family along the way and everyone that met Baby fell in love with his sweet nature.

roadtrip (27)

He had never seen white flakes falling from the and was SO excited that he had to hop around like a bunny rabbit!


His sweet little cousins loved taking him for hikes.


He knew when they were on the road, cuddling was best.


He always knew that suitcases meant he was going on an adventure!

When they were home, he would try to remind his mom to take breaks here & there…

Telling his mom to take a break from chores to cuddle was one of the things he did most.

He would always SAY he wanted to help fold laundry, but usually ended up wanting to just cuddle instead.

And although there was no more Mac & Cheese for either of them, they loved to watch their shows & nibble on snacks together.


His most favorite snack was always Apple & PB


And definitely loved popcorn while watching the Bachelor, who doesn’t?!

In the winter time, Baby always cuddled up by the fire with the Girl so they would both be warm together. He loved being warm and the Girl made sure that he was always tucked in.

053 (2)babythedoggie640 619 034 006 (3)

Their bond grew stronger every single day and they were so very happy.


And he even forgave her for dressing him up on special occasions & holidays.


A lot of time passed. 15 years to be exact. All the while their love grew deeper. The girl noticed that he was starting to slow down a little bit, noticed he had aches and pains and slept a little more as time passed.  The girl took him to the very best doggie doctors to make sure he had the best care available. She gave him all of his vitamins, gave him alternative therapy for his arthritis and anything else she could think of to make him happy & feel the best that he could feel! He still played, they cuddled ALL the time and still loved each other more each day.


He loved to give his mom kisses to let her know he loved her very much.


One day at the doggie doctor, when Baby was turning 16, the Girl was given some not so great news. They discovered the beginnings of kidney disease. The girl was completely beside herself, but the Dr reassured her that he would be ok with special medicine and care and would have many more happy years left. Feeling hopeful, the Girl researched as much as possible on the best things to do for her Baby. He received weekly IV fluids, daily medications, special food and LOTS of TLC. She was able to help him live comfortably for the next year.


He sometimes liked to go in the Girls closet and find clothes to play with. And even though they were a little pricey, she didn’t care, she laughed.

430 (3)284

They have come a long way these two, and here is where we catch up with their story.

Two weeks ago the Girl took Baby to his favorite doggie Dr and they received GREAT news! All of the TLC & medicine was working! He was in great health and staving off the awful kidney disease.  It looked like he had another couple of years to play, and cuddle, and snack with the Girl.

On one summer eve in Vegas where it wasn’t as hot as usual, the girl took Baby for a walk at the park near their house. He didn’t always want to go for walks anymore but this day he was in an exceptionally good mood. They took their time, he sniffed almost every spot of grass that they eye could see and said hello to some dog friends. They got home & took a bath, he was so excited to be clean (like usual!) that he started playing with his little bone and they eventually cuddled on the couch to watch their shows.

An hour later, the Girl noticed her Baby having trouble breathing, and then he started to cry. She stayed up all night with him thinking he had a tummy ache because she had to keep changing his food so he wanted to eat. They went straight to the Dr the next day.  His favorite Dr was on vacation so the substitute saw him. The news was very bad. Baby’s kidneys had stopped working. They shut down, causing his other organs to follow and he was feeling very, very sick.  The Girl refused to take the Sub’s directive and leave him overnight, so she took him to her secondary dog dr and put in a call to the Dr on vacation. The whole day was a whirlwind of torturous news, not wanting to believe it, but with all 3 Drs agreeing & saying the same thing. He was in pain, suffering and would not make it more than 3 days to a week longer in this state.

The Girl made the hardest decision in her entire life. She had to ease her son’s pain. She had to let go, keeping him here would only be selfish and cruel. She called the Dr & they set a time for her to come to their home and put Baby’s pain at ease.

Baby and the Girl had one last day to spend together on earth. It was very sad for them both. He wished he wasn’t in pain, but he couldn’t hide it from her. She was in pain too but they decided to spend the last day together trying to remember all of the amazing memories they had. She fed him food he wasn’t allowed to eat and he tried very hard to eat it for her, but she could tell he didn’t want to. She cupped her hand so he could drink water out of it, otherwise, he was too ill to want it.


He used to love pancakes


He tried to comfort her because he knew that he would be leaving soon.

The Dr came over at 12pm on Saturday, July 25th and at 12:35 her sweet prince was eternally asleep.

Just before he left, he whispered in her ear….”this is NOT goodbye mommy, this is just until I see you again.”

After all, there was something that sent him to the Girl in the very beginning. They were soulmates.



In Loving Memory, Baby,  September 1999-July 2015


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Happy Birthday America!

Happy July Fourth everyone, I hope you are all enjoying some R&R with family and friends.

DSC_0167 copyDSC_0169 copy

I’ve been busy as a bee the last couple of weeks! Working working working, shot some sexy content for you loyal website members and can’t wait for the upcoming releases…Check out some hot pics from last weeks photoshoot!

IMG_4862 IMG_4947 IMG_5137 DSC04081 copy IMG_4780


Just wanted to add to the fireworks show! Until next time, ttyl <3 xoxoxo

Love Brianna

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The Scarlett Letters for AIP daily, Interview with yours truly!
The Scarlett Letters: Brianna Jordan

Please, tell us a little bit about yourself, your hobbies, a day in the life…etc

I’m Brianna Jordan, or so they say 😉 My friends know me personally as a loving & nuturing OCD overplanning gymnut. Every day my schedule can change at the drop of a hat being in the business I am in, customer service doesn’t have a pause button & business comes when it comes…with no guarantees, I find myself working non-stop…but I always find time for the gym & to maintain myself & those I care about. Lately lots of extra time has been devoted to my precious roll dog, Baby whom I’ve had since he was a pup. Now that he’s elderly with various health issues, he needs me more than ever. So while I am a driven over-worker, the things that matter most take precedence.

To this day I will never forget your famous role as Kim Kardashian in Hustler’s: This Ain’t Hollywood Squares XXX. Your Kim K. was on point and you never complained once about having sex with me, in a limo, in the dead of summer, with no AC. Ahem, but before all that, you almost became the Heidi Fleiss of Las Vegas. Can you tell our readers a little about that?

LOL! That was so fun and literally HOT (without AC). I really feed off of the energy of the person I am shooting with as well as the crew. If you see me a little more stand offish than other times, its because I was not feeling it all the way around. With your laid back & sweet personality…and not to mention sexy looks, I was more than ok & we had fun! As for me being Heidi Fleiss LOL! Hmmm, that’s a long story but I will try to summarize. I started in the adult industry entertaining in Vegas working for an agent later and being treated like shit by the agencies. They didn’t care who they sent girls to & said whatever they had to just to get a girl through a strangers door. After doing that for a while, I branched off on my own & toured the US. After learning & growing up a bit, I settled back down in Vegas where I had all of my old work friends asking for help on how to establish their own clientele. Thus one of the many businesses I am involved in started. I only work with high caliber ladies that know what they are doing. Way too many girls these days could make more money as waitresses somewhere & stay cleaner and safer than getting involved with this. I really set out to protect girls, guide them & help them plan for a future outside of this line of work. So ya might say I’m a bit of a captain save a hoe! Its been a roller coaster over the years but I am SO good at this that I wouldn’t change anything. And unlike Ms Fleiss, I pay my taxes!

You took the oldest profession in the world and made it a very successful business. Can you tell us a little abut this business and what it entails? The good, the bad, the ugly?

There’s a ton of ways to market this sort of thing. I decided to only accept high quality customers that were discerning enough to know that you get what you pay for like everything else in life. I do see the worst in people though with this, their deepest dark side. The best thing about it is how now it takes me less than 2 minutes to assess who someone is, their personality and adjust accordingly. The ugly? Well I think that comes 2 fold, both the clients in this business that are fucktards and the girls that have pimps and/or are completely a mess!

You have had a hand in everything (no pun intended…well, maybe a little), from mainstream to adult entertainment. How do the two differ, aside from the obvious, and how are they the same?

I think with mainstream everyone dances around what they really want & in adult people are much more direct. There are shady ass people in both but there are also (very few) good people I have had the pleasure of knowing as well.

What was your first on screen shoot like and what company did you work for and who did you work with? What was going through your mind at the time and how did you feel after it was all said and done?

Yikes! I was SO nervous. I had been a pro for years & years…never wanted to get into porn because there wasn’t high enough pay for me to risk my safety (the main reason I don’t do BG), but I decided to start my solo website & needed for people to know who I was, so I started modeling for all of the big companies. Back to my 1st scene, it was with Jelena Jensen who is a doll by the way. We along with Aria Giovanni actually shot content for our sites before shooting my 1st danni.com scene with her. It was different being on set with that many people watching. I am a perfectionist, so I was more nervous I would mess up a line or something. She was so sweet & such a pro that I relaxed and we made a hot scene together.

Describe the type of man and women you’re attracted to?

For men, I am super duper picky. I don’t find many men attractive off the bat, its kinda something that grows on me dependent on their personality. I look for someone successful, driven, older than me (by at least 5-10 years), someone who takes pride in their appearance & hygiene, I am uber healthy & since its my lifestyle, someone that smokes & doesn’t go to the gym is not going to fit in my life. I am most physically attracted to muscular buff guys but have dated all kinds, again all based on personality.  For women, its kind of personality too, but if I click & have chemistry with someone, that’s all it takes. I love curves though…

What is your least favorite sexual position and why?

Hmmm, least? well probably me on top. My legs are ALWAYS sore from the gym lol & I never get off that way unless I have a vibe on my clit… its kind of annoying.

What advice do you have for girls just starting off in the escort and/or porn business? What would you advise them NOT to do?

I’m prob the wrong person to ask this question to as I tell a tale of caution only. DON’T get into it! LOL. The glory days are OVER. The days where you could realistically make a fortune & not risk your life are over. Being an adult starlette is a lot less glamorous than you think. Being an escort is the same, unless you have tons of game & negotiating skill, its not worthwhile. Same for being a stripper, dancers & clientele are not classy like they once were. All of the adult markets are compeltely saturated with girls not knowing what they are doing. Companies & agents undercut like crazy to find what I call Bridgette on a budget and these girls feel pressured to do more & more & more until they have cock filling up all their holes, including their ears! Listen, I don’t judge anyone for anything at all. I just think that their should be a level of class & discernment kept in all of the adult business avenues. I was in a strip club literally last night where there was a girl on the main floor getting finger banged for $20. I just can’t… If you want to get finger banged…fine, but please charge more than $20! I think lots of girls get into this thinking they need an agent, YOU DON’T! I contacted & negotiated my own pay with every single company I have worked for on my own. After shooting for everyone, I briefly signed up with a couple of different agencies to find the right fit….EEEEEH wrong idea. They brought me nothing but headaches. All they care about is themselves and their bottom dollar. Some girls need to be guided, I fortunately wasn’t one of them…which is probably why I feel for girls & go above & beyond to help them. (Captain save a hoe to the rescue! LOL)

What are the toughest, most challenging parts about your businesses and/or life?

I think for me personally, I am the oldest child, I have always taken a leadership role in all aspects of life….everyone dumps all of their problems/stress on me & I take care of EVERYONE I come into contact with almost… and I don’t have anyone to take care of me. My parents are not parents (I’m the parent actually) & my family is a little strained & to my friends…everyone always needs me to stay strong & I do. I love caring for
others but it is exhausting at times. Finding balance has always been hard for me, but I try daily.

Describe the perfect porno scene?

For me it would be me with 2 extremely hot guys completely pleasuring me lol…something I have always wanted to try in my personal life, finding the 2 participating people that don’t annoy me by opening their mouths & saying something dumb LOLOLOL, that’s the hard part! hahaha

You’re a fitness junkie. Name three fitness goals that our readers can set for themselves to get into shape for summer?

Do you honestly want to make a change? It starts in the kitchen with your eating habits (I have tons of great tips on my blog (blog.briannajordan.com), next I would get active…You don’t have to be a gym whore like me, but getting into the habit of getting off your ass is the easiest way to break yourself into it 😉 Lastly, sleep! Its so important in recovery & weight loss…the less you have, the more your body holds onto fat! Not to mention you’ll prob be a grouchy bastard :O)

When a man or a woman dates someone in the adult industry, what are some of the things they should be aware of?

Not all adult industry people are in it for the fuck of it. To many of us, its a job and a way-if done properly- to allow for investments in their future. Yea, some are crazy, but have you ever met a girl in other occupations that turn into spazzy psychos? Ok then! Nuff said lol

How long do you normally wait before you tell people that you’re a part of the adult industry and what are their normal reactions?

I usually jump right into it so I don’t waste time with people that are going to judge me for what I do & not see who I really am. Most people are not shocked or bothered & can appreciate that I am a business woman using my physicality as a leg up on people. Others are bothered but don’t openly admit it, I just never hear from them again.

What advice do you have to give to someone wanting to start their own adult site?

Make sure you are teaming up with trustworthy people, do your research! I did my on my own for a long time & this month relaunched with Cherry Pimps, who are AMAZING to work with. Its a lot of work to maintain though, you are constantly shooting content so if you are not committed, don’t do it.

What do you think of when you masturbate? What turns you on the most?

Its always different, a fantasy of a guy I see at the gym but have never spoken to maybe or a girl that I’ve made out with…always different.

If you could only choose to be a school bus driver, selling retail, or death, which would you prefer?

Selling retail for sheezie. I am a hell of a saleswoman & was in retail in high school…it was fun for me.

If you have anything to promote or plug please do so and thanks again for the interview.

My newly relaunched website, BriannaJordan.com

New to IG & where I post all of my hot FREE pics, I really would love to interact with you all there! instagram.com/thebriannajordan

You can always follow my tweets twitter.com/brianna_jordan

Also my Free blog is not just the average, I have TONS of advice; sex, health, real life shit, not just 2 photos and a sales pitch 😉

I offer custom photoshoots & Videos AND appearances! you can email me for details brianna@briannajordan.com

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