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Happy Independence day ya’ll! I hope you’re all having a blast this weekend with your families! I am having a low key day at the pool with my daughters…and will grilling out, making filet mignon so I stay within my food plan! (healthy can be tasty too!)

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I hope you all have been well! I have been UUUUUBER busy, as per usual. I feel like I’m o repeat every time I say that shit. But its true! Although summer is slower for me, I have to play catch up with everything else and then shit always comes up!

I just had a really long but fun photoshoot at the Aria Hotel & casino. I got some really HOT & fun content :O)


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Everyone loves the PORN BUNNY!


Behind the scene capture


My long time photog buddy Brian B who was the 1st photog to shoot me EVER in the biz for ModFX Models ūüôā Awwww

While that went well, I was quick to rush home to my little girl Rosie. Most of you that follow me know that she is having a lot of knee issues and at only 11 months old, its just too young to deal with that! She will need surgery but we meet with the surgeon tomorrow to decide if she’s old enough to pursue it immediately or if we have to wait a little while. I hope we don’t so that we can fix this & have her not be in pain anymore. Poor little girl has limited her activity levels because her knee constantly slips out!

Mommy's little firecrackers!

Mommy’s little firecrackers!

Well its time to order my pizza! Wanted to wish you all an amazing July 4th! Be safe! Please don’t drink & drive! Uber’s are so cheap now a days! Not worth risking someone else’s or your own life!

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Xo Brianna

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You might have heard the word? As you know, I LOVE fan interaction & sometimes I get SO busy its hard for me to reply to all of my instagram and twitter comments or even my emails, which I reserve for fan orders & business bookings. SOOOO!! I am SUPER EXCITED to announce that I am NOW accepting your TEXTS! You heard me correctly! I am going to GIVE YOU, FOR FREE, MY actual phone #. You can text me whatever you want! This way, its MUCH easier to reply back since I always have my Iphone handy.

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Listen, this is how it works! You sign up to text yours truly FOR FREE! Yes, I am giving out my phone # for FREE BUT it won’t be free forever, so act quickly! Once I get your text, you say hello and we can chat about how your day was, something naughty that’s on your mind & THE BEST PART is that I send you REAL TIME LIVE selfies that ONLY YOU see! They won’t be posted on social media or on my membership website. These are special between you & I!

I am so excited to chat with you! Now you have unlimited access to ME! How fun!

Text me right now! I am waiting :O)



XO Brianna Jordan

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Happy Memorial Day!

Here’s a tribute to all of the hard working men & women that sacrifice to protect this great country! Remember those that were lost & celebrate them…safely! Happy Memorial Day everyone!


IMG_0189 copy IMG_0043 IMG_0110 IMG_0101 DSC_0006 copy DSC_0040 copy IMG_8883 copy IMG_8918 copy DSC_0046 DSC_0095 gg_sail_007 gg_sail_011

See all of these scenes & MUCH more at www.BRIANNAJORDAN.com

xo Brianna Jordan

brianna jordan rocket rider bikini

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Metabolic damage & back

I am finally feeling a little better after this 2 year long battle with metabolic damage. For those of you that didn’t know…I will explain a little.

Ever since I was a little kid, I struggled with accepting my body/weight. My parents/peers called me fat & overweight, so the damage internally started really very long ago. I have always had a warped image of outter appearance. ¬†So throughout my teen years, I experimented with diet pills and diets of all kinds, doing really unhealthy things. Then in my 20s I attained my personal training certs & educated myself on a healthy way of living that didn’t include drastic unsafe changes to your body.

Everything was great until I started having all sorts of weird symptoms happening to me. ¬†Long story short, basically it took almost a decade for me to find the right Dr to diagnose that I have Hashimotos disease. Within that time, I experienced all of the many symptoms of the disease: mood-depression/weight gain/skin issues/extreme exhaustion/inability to sleep and it goes on & on. To combat the weight gain (that came out of left field) I began increasing my daily workouts from 1-2 hours to 2-4 hours every day, no days off at all & sometimes I would workout twice a day. ¬†I also ate about 13-1400 calories each day. ¬†For a while, that worked. I was within my normal weight for myself but I was always injured & always sick. ¬†Funny thing was that I coached & advised everyone else NEVER to do what I was doing. A person that over-trains & doesn’t eat enough completely trashes their metabolism…making it stop working all together. For me at the time, it was the only way to keep the weight off. ¬†Then one day, it stopped, I did everything perfectly, never ate badly-measured all of my food, worked out like a nut but started to gain weight again!

Fast forward to 2 years ago. Once I was aware of the reason behind the weight gain and also was aware (thanks to an amazing coach I had) of the damage I did to my metabolism, I started to recover it. It was a LONG road to recovery….it’s also not exactly over yet. It took me about almost 2 years of eating more calories (which is the normal, & what a person that trains like me should intake, between 1800-2000 per day) and working out a LOT less. Within that time, I gained weight, I felt TERRIBLE about myself, was still dealing with all of the hormonal issues that hashimotos causes and it was a very dark period of my life, I was terribly depressed but still had to run a household and all of my businesses, not to mention I am in the public eye all the time with my modeling business. Sheesh! Lots of pressure there. ¬†I had to put on a happy face & push through.

Fast forward again….

NOW, within the last couple of months, I can see my body changing. I am losing weight, not a ton but changing to less body fat. I do about an hour to 90 min of lifting and 30-40 min max of cardio, with 2 rest days…. I still usually just take one off & do something outdoor active on the other day but hey, its a HUGE improvement. I am now comfortably eating 1900 cals per day and having a cheat meal every 2 weeks (a meal, not a whole day lol…people go crazy sometimes).


I no longer have a desire to be “skinny”. All I want is to be healthy & feel good about myself. And I do. I still bust my ass in the gym, like nobody’s business! And I am very careful with what & how I eat. I still have to be very mindful since I have Hashimotos. Also the older we get, the harder it is to maintain everything. I still have my days where I am down on myself. For instance, I decided to cut cals for a week by 3-400/day in preparation for this weeks photoshoot…because my metabolism is still not fully recovered, instead of losing, I gained 2 lbs! UGH, I was pretty devastated UNTIL I actually saw the photos from my shoot. I am not exactly perfect in my standards…I believe for as hard as I work, I should look exactly how I want, but I looked pretty good and was really happy with how everything turned out.


with my Nonna & little brother

It actually wasn’t until I started modeling that I became more & more comfortable in my own skin. And now, while I believe there’s always room for improvement, I am really happy with where I am now.¬†Then just today, my grandma sent me a ton of old pics. I saw myself, where I once believed how obese I was…. I was shocked! I wasn’t even fat! (I’ve always had chubby cheeks tho lol). So going forward, I am consciously deciding to not be so tough on myself. I am an OCD perfectionist, so its reeeeally tough but I will try.

Moral of the story: Don’t kill yourself with unrealistic standards… (that’s hard for me to say too because I don’t want anyone to be lazy) Try as hard as you can the right way. Love you for who you are today as we are all works in progress.


Now, stay tuned for some of the sexy, fun & hot content that I shot for you this week. Lots of themes that you all asked for! More GreenBay Packer content-no problem there lol, a workout set, check, some pink Chucks and many more!

IMG_2761DSC05070If you are interested in creating some custom videos ( I have extended my once yearly filming for 1 extra month!) or photos, my next shoot is in June, email me at brianna@briannajordan.com for details.


Brianna Jordan



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My sweet Nonna

So my Nonna (Italian from Grandma) is probably the sweetest, most loving person I have ever known. When I left home & my entire family was against me, she had my back & stopped them spreading rumors…around her at least. She’s the mother of 3 kids; my Uncle who is like my dad, my actual father & my Aunt. She is a survivor of domestic violence. Their father beat her badly and broke her nose. In those days, divorce was unheard of if you wanted to be respected. She asked the Catholic church for one & they said NO. Knowing that she could not continue living that way or putting her children in harms way, she divorced him anyway. She suffered from PTSD, actually still suffers from it. Don’t ever come up behind her quietly….She will get scared and smack the shit outta you! LOL! She’ll then apologize :O)

Nonna at age 18 while in France with her deployed husband.

She met my Grandpa several years later when her kids were almost grown, my aunt & uncle were out of the house and my dad was the youngest. My mom & dad met in high school and got pregnant at 17…had me at 18…I am the 1st born grandkid.

Ever since I can remember, she was there…loving me with everything she had & more. She was always there for me & never judged me. I remember that she cried when I told her that I was going to shoot for Playboy saying that she wished I loved myself more than to take my clothes off for money. So I broke it down in lingo she could understand, explaining that it was empowering and that I never did anything that I didn’t want to. I’m the boss-not the other way around. She might not have liked it, but still loved me just the same. My entire childhood was better because she was in it. I am so blessed to have had her there.

When I moved all the way to Vegas many moons ago, she was very sad but we spoke every week for many years. Then this past year, I noticed her seemingly more stressed out, overwhelmed and not calling as much…totally not like her. So I dropped everything after Europe & flew to spend time. She seemed ok, just stressed with her & her husbands health problems. (Old people go to the Dr on the regular, like weekly…and they go more than that! Hypochondriacs! lol) So we had a nice visit & things seemed better when I left. Then this year speaking to her, she just seemed off. She’d answer back with a different response than the question asked, would stop in the middle of a sentence and completely forget what we were discussing. (Hey I do that sometimes too-but this was dif). I asked my Uncle who takes great care of her, and he said it was the onset of dementia. In disbelief I asked my Aunt and she said Nonna just needed a hearing aid. So I said fuck it, I’m flying out to see for myself.

What was supposed to be some relaxing & much needed family time was a devastatingly stressful trip. My Aunt & Uncle were both correct. Seeing my gramma in that way devastates me to my soul. She has always been the life of the party, so vibrant, funny, happy… This time I only saw glimpses of that woman. Now there’s a scared, stressed out, anxious lady that doesn’t want to even play games! Our thing was to play games! Dominoes, cards, dice, anything…

I was able to spend time with the rest of my family as well, which was great and I decided to make the most of it & to try to cherish every last minute I can have. It tortures me that I am so far away. Life is really so very short. Really makes you put things into perspective. What is important? Working away until I’m dead, or seeing my gramma as much as possible. So I am flying back out for her Bday. My Uncle is putting together a huge surprise party for her 80th. Kind of a family reunion too. ¬†There’ll be people that I haven’t even met there I think. I really hope that she can enjoy it.

I’ve done a little research but have more to do on Dementia. I know that once you start to show signs, it takes about 7 years until they are gone. Thank God she still knows us all & can comprehend most things. Just taking it day by day….


My Nonna & pops, I really got them to relax & have fun…and made her eat ice cream lol


Teaching her how to selfie


Afternoon tea


The most beautiful soul I will ever know.


Before the Florida humidity melted off my makeup lol

I was able to spend a whole day with my cousin. We had a blast and I was really giving a lot of advise. Ended up having a great dinner at my fav Orlando restaurant, Seasons 52.

Things wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the range with my Uncle & little brother. Pretty nice shooting eh? Yea, I’m getting pretty good! Watch out lol.


Saw my other brother, sis in law and my FAV nephews (I have 7 total!). They let me win at UNO lol.


My fav nephews! The most well behaved & sweetest!

And this woman is one of the most special people in my life also, my aunt has been like my own mother forever. So glad that I ended my trip catching up with her. We had a BLAST!


So, life is what you make it. Sure we all have¬†responsibilities, bills, etc but I’ll be damned if that’s the reason I don’t see my Nonna before its too late. Its definitely been stress filled trying to figure out how to schedule it in & still make money to pay bills as I do not have a traditional 9-5 paycheck. I create my own, so if I don’t work, I don’t make anything. Anyway, I will figure it out.
Thought I would share my Nonna with all of you. If I have a sweet side, I got it from her. ;o)

If you want to be super sweet & help alleviate some of my stresses, you can send me southwest airlines gift cards. http://amzn.com/B00GU300HO  Any amount will help!


In other news, I am home now and getting shit done, spending time with my little puppies-who are fantastic!

Hope all you members are enjoying each weeks super hot updates! www.BriannaJordan.com

untitled-46 DSC_0006 DSC_0011 DSC_0020 copy DSC_0030 DSC_0041

TTYL! <3


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“Brianna! WHY don’t you F**k guys on film?! Its shitty that you don’t!!”

So a REEEEALLY annoying tweet caused me to address this question. I am always asked this question and I have ALREADY answered it more than a few times and in more than a few ways. In magazine interviews, on video, on my blog & more… but I think I will delve a little further into it so as to offer you all a full understanding of exactly why I don’t take dick on film. ¬†There isn’t a short story…so have fun & leave comments below! xxoo

IMG_4609 copy

As most of you loyal long time fans know, I started in the adult industry years ago but let’s go further back even before that. ¬†As a kid, I matured really quickly, when I was 13, I looked 18 & so on. ¬†I didn’t grow up with the most normal of parents. They had me when they were 18 years old, so they were really children themselves. It was a day by day learning process and while now as an adult, I do not fault them or hold any anger or resentment, they sucked as parents (not going to get too deep into that statement, but it was very bad) & I ended up running away from home. ¬†Not a pretend run away & come back. I legit left every single one of my belongings, clothes everything, and only had the backpack I brought to school the day I left so as to not alert anyone of my leaving. I moved to Las Vegas where I had to grow up very quickly and learn how to take care of myself. And I did….

I held down 3 jobs while in high-school & still managed to graduate with a 4.2 weighted GPA, in my last year of high-school I entered a program where I could start college at the same time I was in high-school in order to accelerate my learning & obtain my degree more quickly. It was at that point where I was living off of 2-3 hours of sleep, killing myself to maintain straight A’s while working like a dog to make sure I had rent money and money for everything else (thank God I was able to get a full ride scholarship) that I met a girl at one of my jobs who said, “you are WAY too pretty to be working here!” I was at the mall in a retail store at the time. We exchanged #s and she said she had something else for me to try.


Not long after that, I had signed up with a Las Vegas modeling agency and I started to learn the ropes. At that time, I was so naive I listened to the agency office girls…as mean & evil as they were back then. I did everything they said, when they screamed at me in the middle of the night to get up & get ready for a job that started in 20 minutes, I did. ¬†The stress back then was intense. The money was too. I was making SO much money, I didn’t know what to do with. I went through my party phase, my shopping for stupid shit phase and my dumb-ass loser boyfriend phase. Then started my investment phase lol…currently still there. ¬†All the while, still going to school and I ended up getting my bachelors¬†within 2.5 years instead of the normal 4.


During that time, I modeled for mainly private events, trade shows and things of that nature but was ALWAYS approached to do “porn”. When they told me the going rates for solo, girl/girl and boy/girl scenes, I pretty much spit out my drinks laughing so hard because I was making 10-30 times that in one or two hours what girls made in an 8 hour day shooting intense scenes in which no one used protection. ¬†While attending private events, everything remains private. If I chose to sleep with someone in my spare time, I would NEVER EVER not use protection, 10000% protection at that. ¬†In film, you’re being mass produced & re-sold all over the world and only earning a one time check¬†where the porn companies profit again & again & again. I even asked one of them if I would be able to negotiate a royalty deal…they laughed at me and then asked if they could hire me professionally for the business side of their company. Nope, still couldn’t afford me. Lol…


So as time went on, I continued being approached & continued to decline. Then 9/11 hit and the money slowed down quite a bit. People were scared to travel and also scared to spend money on frivolous things like Vegas parties. During that period, I re-evaluated everything I was doing. I was finished school but making so much money modeling privately that I didn’t have my focus on anything else. Before that, I stopped working with the agency and had opened my own. I had such a unique perspective being on both sides and I legitimately cared about the girls I worked with, so I was very trusted & loved by my employee’s. I ended up meeting a girl in the porn industry¬†who¬†was one of the first glamour models to have her own solo site. She was pulling huge numbers monthly, so it was on that day where I said…you know what, I want to do that. I want to create a brand & expand. And so I did. ¬†I had my agency & began to build a brand around myself and then that of some of the girls I managed as well. I started by going back to school to learn coding & all of the things I needed to know to build my own website… and so it began.
DSC_0004 copyIMG_8854 copyIMG_5886 copyDSC_0039 copy

In the beginning, I wanted to make sure I was 100% comfortable with everything I shot, so I started out modestly shooting for car magazines & websites. Then came the men’s interest magazines, and then eventually the more risque content was created for Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler, Twisty’s, Brazzers and the list goes on… there really isn’t uber explicit content of me out there available anywhere but within my personal website. I did it that way on purpose. The good shit belongs to my loyal members and fans, not the lookey loo mofo’s that are all over freeone’s & redtube to bust a nut.


Being that I was aware of my inner self and was unsure how all of this was going to effect me, I took everything VERY slowly. I remember when I shot for ModFx & Foxes.com, I wouldn’t even do spread shots lol. I didn’t want anything haunting me in my future. Even the 1st shoot I did with my friends at Aziani, I would do NO insertions lol. The look on Buzz’s face, hahaha! Classic. ¬†I made sure that I only shot with people that were respectful & paid the rate I wanted. I didn’t have an agent because they didn’t care or have the skill to actually negotiate fairly for girls. I was getting paid more doing solo work than most of the girls doing hardcore boy/girl & gang bang scenes. It stayed that way for a while until I decided that things needed to spice up a bit more & after meeting a few…and only a few, girls in that part of the industry that I felt comfortable with, I took a plunge in the lady pond. ¬†They still weren’t offering enough money to compete with what I was making with my agency and other ventures I had in real estate and other mainstream businesses I owned that were just starting to thrive.
DSC_0003 DSC_0064IMG_6183

Now I am not bad mouthing ALL adult stars that do boy girl. SOME have their shit together, some are very happy with their compensation…I have also seen the flip side where the majority of stars fall. Where they are viciously taken advantage of, exposed to things they cannot mentally handle properly, get caught up in a party lifestyle, are living check to check broke AF or worse, exposed to a disease because they were desperate for a scene & a paycheck. ¬†For me boy/girl was never something I seriously considered for many reasons, not just the low financial profit & the fact that the Adult companies profited SO much on each girl while they were given scraps. The biggest reason for me was just a safety issue. ¬†While things are continuously improving in the adult industry testing wise, its still not 100% effective. There have been people that have falsified test results in order to shoot & get their paycheck. There are people that do a scene and then are active with others outside of the business & then go do a scene the next day without having to re-test… There is not a sure fire way to know that someone is disease free. Some diseases stay dormant in the body for YEARS until something triggers it. There just wasn’t a way that I personally would be willing to risk my life for a few thousand dollars. ¬†Especially when I am doing exponentially more with¬†all of my other businesses combined!

Now a days, the adult industry has completely changed. Its very saturated, so many girls want to be insta-famous now that they’re willing to offer themselves for free in order for exposure. Most of which could¬†be working as a waitress at their local Chili’s restaurant making more money in tips, than sucking dick behind a camera, honestly! I am not saying that I am God’s gift or that I deserve more than anyone else but I have been blessed in both beauty & brains, so I will use them both to the best of my ability. ¬†I BUSTED my ass to get to where I am, and will continue busting my ass in all of my other work along with what I offer my fans. I like where I’m at as a glamour model and will stay there until I don’t anymore.

IMG_9857 (2) copy

People may say that I just must not a sexual person then. ((I honestly don’t give a shit about what everything thinks or assumes about me, I’m used to it, have been for some time now.)) The lucky few men that have been able to experience me intimately know that I am a HUGELY passionate & sexual being. I am very comfortable with myself, my body & with sex. AS LONG AS ITS SAFE! I have NO time for risking my entire life for sex….please. Bye!

So for all of you fuckers out there that CONTINUOUSLY ask me why I don’t shoot Boy/girl scenes….FUCK OFF, ¬†you can’t afford me, so don’t hold your breath lol! Seriously though, that should give you a little more insight into why I have never or will never offer that side of myself to the entire world.¬†IMG_5765

And to those loyal, lovable fans out there that have been with me from the very beginning, YOU are the reason I stick around. You’ll still see my running around Europe shooting for companies….I now do a wide range of modeling & promotions from fashion, fitness, nude artistic and more, however any NEW adult work will be EXCLUSIVE to briannajordan.com members. ¬†I have been super lucky for being able to build my brand in the adult world but couldn’t have done it without you! My bread and butter is not the adult industry obviously, but I love how amazing you all are to me and as you show your gratitude for my offerings to you, I will continue being generous with you at BriannaJordan.com and at the events/shows/parties you will find me at. You know who you are & I love you guys! xxoo

DSC_0033 copy

Thanks for listening to another Brianna novella…Hugs & kisses until next we meet.


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Interview Q & A from HD-Body.com

Just did a fun interview with HD Body… Check it out at¬†http://www.hd-body.com/interview-brianna-jordan & leave your comments!




BRIANNA JORDAN:  I’ve been in the industry since I was 17 (used a fake ID!) so life before modeling was highschool lol. I was an honor roll, kiss ass that ditched often & to make out with my boyfriend.


BRIANNA JORDAN: My measurements are 34F, 28, 40.


BRIANNA JORDAN: My trifecta of attributes, I not only have a bangin’ booty & proportionate breasts but also a pretty face.  My personality is dope though LOL, so I pretty much am a great catch to whomever I allow to snag me!


BRIANNA JORDAN: Thank you! Its really hard work, especially as we age. I workout avidly-usually 6 days per week including; lifting, cardio, pilates, plyometrics, outdoor activities etc., I don’t do drugs, I don’t really drink-maybe a glass of wine or two about every 4-6 months.

As for eating-this is were I really have to stay on point. I have hashimotos disease (a thryoid disorder) so if I didn’t live this way, I would most likely be obese. I eat only healthy and organic, I portion all of my food out every day with a scale & keep track of everything in a food diary: myfitnesspal. Its a LOT of work but I love feeling great & looking great too!


BRIANNA JORDAN:  Making money…Does that count? I am a workaholic in every sense of the word. A perfectionist & a little OCD. If I am not working, I am working out or with my puppies. Might make a little tiny bit of room for friends & family if it works within the schedule.

I own several businesses which means I create my own paychecks‚Ķnone of which are a guarantee‚Ķso I WORK like a dog to ensure my future is cake ūüėČ


BRIANNA JORDAN:  Crazy? LOL! I have NO idea really. I know most people that know me say that I have a really tough exterior but I am the most nurturing & motherly person most of them know. I am a captain save a hoe…which I am trying to curb! and I have a really good resting bitch face but as long as people approach me respectfully, I am nice. I’m Italian & Puerto rican though, so approach me the wrong way & you’ll wish you hadn’t!


BRIANNA JORDAN: I honestly don’t consider myself an adult starlet. If you’ve seen my actual works, you will notice its pretty soft, I save the really good stuff for my website members & custom videos that I offer fans once per year. As for how people misconceiving me…. it happens quite a bit. People are often surprised to learn how highly educated I am, that I am a really successful business woman and that I am more than a pair of XL Boobies! People are quick to judge and shouldn’t be.

Girls are in this business for many different reasons. I’ve always had the luxury of choice versus not having the choice or feeling like I have no choice. I have attempted to guide & advise girls for over a decade…pretty much most of them do not listen, do not save their money, do not ensure a future for themselves…but then there are the rare few that have their shit together.


BRIANNA JORDAN:  I fucking HATE when someone is pushy, arrogant, or cheap….judgy, thinking they are better than etc. Bad hygiene…That’s a NO-NO! Turn ons…if someone is generous with me, I am generous with them. I love someone that can teach me something since I already know everything (HA! Lol jk, but I am a know it all) and someone that can dish it back without being an asshole, because I can be a ball buster.


BRIANNA JORDAN:  I have been on my own since I was 14, emancipated myself & am completely self made. NO help from anyone ever…and while at one time in my life, it sucked balls…now I really appreciate having to work for everything as hard as I have. I appreciate everything that much more & I am really very humble.


BRIANNA JORDAN:  I will keep busting my ass until the day comes where I can shift focus from working 24/7 to doing a lot more charity projects, working with animals and being involved more with my own family that I one day create. We will see where the future leads me, but I know for sure that it will be bright!

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I’m not Irish, KISS ME ANYWAY!

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† HAPPY ST PATRICK’S DAY!


HAPPY ST. Patrick’s Day everyone! So you know I love an excuse to dress up, and I don’t like getting pinched-SO duh, a little green with my skin tone? It is really just a little…not bad? And JUST FOR YOU! XXXOOO!

IMG_5213 copy

Do you guys even know why there is a St. Patrick’s Day? Well, for those of you that don’t know. Its a religious celebration for the Saint Patrick.

Saint Patrick is widely known as the patron saint of Ireland.  Saint Patrick at the age of 15 or 16 was kidnapped from his homeland of Great Britain and taken to Ireland where he was enslaved as a shepherd.  About 6 years later he escaped back to family where he studied Catholicism.  He returned to then pagan Ireland to preach, and was subsequently ordained the first Romano Catholic Bishop of Armagh.

Saint Patrick used the shamrock to explain the holy trinity, hence the link between the two Irish icons.

Saint Patrick’s Day is commemorated on March 17th, which is noted as the day of his death circa 461A.D.

IMG_5214 copy

What was originally a religious obligation for Roman Catholics, is now as much a cultural event.  In Ireland it is an official bank holiday, so most businesses close for the day and the Irish get a day off work to celebrate!

1903 saw the first St. Patrick’s Day parade in Ireland, while the first in Dublin took place in 1931.  It has now become global. There is a shared heritage of communities, with parades held around the world, from Boston to Croatia, and Norway to Sydney.

It is traditional to wear something green on the day, to show your ‚ÄėIrishness‚Äô. ¬†Otherwise you get pinched!

IMG_5210 copy

So every year people try to get me to go out & get drunk…which if you know me, I don’t do. Not to say that I don’t drink at ALL but its SO few & far between that its not gonna happen! Don’t worry, I don’t need alcohol to post hot pics for you all! So for all of you that plan to get lit, make sure you have a DD. Not as in breast size lol, a designated driver :O) SO not worth the consequences…

Hope you liked today’s history lesson from Professor Brianna. If not, kiss my…shamrocks! LOL xxoo

Happy Celebrating! Love & kisses


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Healthy in Las Vegas

Hi everyone! I hope you have all been having an amazing week! And I’m sure you’re ready for the freakin weekend?? YES? I know I am… although I mostly work, work, work & workout lol, I am grateful to have work ;0) Plenty to be grateful for.


I have SO much coming up in the next several months that I am really excited for. I am maid of honor in my long time friends wedding this May. ¬†I have some super fun shoots coming up soon that I am really ready for! Headed to Europe again soon…really puts things into perspective for me. I love being able to see things from different points of view and being in so many different countries gives you a different perspective for sure! While I love traveling, I am super proud to be an American! No matter how much we bitch and moan about policy & politics, we live in a great country!


A lot of you have been wondering what all the tweets & fuss about my health have been about & I am always open with all of you, so I am going to divulge a bit. You all know that I have hashimotos disease (an auto immune disease that effects your thyroid, hormones & adrenals) along with metabolic damage from years of over-training trying to compensate for my thyroid not working and that I have been trying to regulate it for many years now.  While there is not a cure, and treatments have to be closely monitored and changed every 2-3 months, I have finally gotten to a point where I feel more like me! Hashimotos has unfortunately created other issues in my body that have to be dealt with soon. I have a few fibroid tumors-NON cancerous, that must be surgically removed. I HAAATE the thought of surgery, but I like the thought of living without pain :O) So I will be dealing with this within the year. I also must have breast surgery so that I remain on the healthy side. That must be done within the next year to 2 years, so one thing at a time.

I want you all to know that I have appreciated your kind words of encouragement and support through all of this and I will for sure keep you updated! I am still getting 2nd, 3rd and 4th opinions lol! If there’s even a slight chance to avoid surgery, I want to try that 1st. Drs are just people like all of us, sometimes they don’t get it right the 1st time or don’t see what someone else can. So I have faith in my good judgment that I will figure it all out.


The MAIN issue has been fighting with the insurance companies that are in Nevada. There is only 1 that I can select living here because all of the other shitty but better than what I have now have pulled out of the state. Everyone loves to point out to me that Obamacare is amazing, its helps millions….. WELL BLEH to that. If you are self-insured its an evil & vile system. Here is a little excerpt of something someone wrote me yesterday (EYEROLL)

You realize Obama doesn’t run the¬†health¬†insurance company. The company itself is fucking you over. And you should be thankful for¬†the changes the law made. It would seem that with your health issues you’d be denied coverage or your premiums would be astronomical. Companies are no longer allowed to drop your coverage, price gauge or deny coverage for pre existing conditions

If it wasn’t for Obama introducing this, I would have been able to stay cash pay & spend tens of thousands less. I’m on my fourth¬†insurance company since Obamacare was rolled out. ¬†With Obamacare my premiums are astronomical, I have been dropped, denied coverage & penalized for pre-existing conditions. Which is what my upset tweets were all about, not that I have health things I am dealing with but that I cannot seem to get help from anyone in this screwed up system as is. I have been lied to more times than not, now having to record phone calls with insurance companies as proof of what their employees are telling customers. It seems that everyone thinks they know how it works but they don’t. It’s not one size fits all. ¬†I am forced into paying¬†astronomical fees for nothing -OR- my other alternative is paying 2.5% of my annual income as a tax penalty. NO thanks! I should have the choice if I pay for Dr’s out of pocket or not. This shit is wack & hasn’t helped 1 person I know personally that is self-ins. It’s really very bad.

So now you all know what I have been dealing with. I am not throwing a pity party, I just had a moment of being entirely over-whelmed yesterday ūüôā It happens. I am a mother to everyone I know, taking care of all of my employees, family, friends, pups and have a ton of big girl responsibilities as well. So with everyone counting on me all of the time and me having little to no rest…I think I am allowed to have a day to cry it out! Lol.



So although things are not straightened out, I am back to my optimistic, ass-kicking self today! So remember that no matter what is going on with you, things will get better! Keep your chins up! And if all else fails, login to www.BriannaJordan.com & De-Stress!

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Hugs, love & kisses! Brianna


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Manners at the gym

Well hey there guys! This is a continuation from our last blog sesh…and mainly because I am becoming increasingly frustrated with how RUDE people are, at the gym especially! So why not rant & make it sexy at the same time lol?!

As most of you know, I am an athlete & train seriously all year around in & out of the gym. Because I am there so often, I have really seen it all! You wouldn’t believe some of the shit I deal with or have to see! Lol… so I’d like to drop some knowledge on ya in the event that YOU are one of the people I am referring to! Hahahaa….I’ll forgive you if you are.¬†IMG_0184

There are a few no-brainers that people kind of ignore when they are in the gym….

  1. When you come to the gym, you don’t have to be fresh outta the shower, but PLEASE wear deodorant! You’re surrounded by people, some of which (ME) have a super strong sense of smell…I can smell you (and yea, that includes when you fart & pretend nothing happened hahaaa)
  2. Just like #1, don’t douse yourself in a bottle of cologne or perfume-YUCK
  3. Unless you are summoned over, I speak to you directly or the gym is on fucking fire, DO NOT under any other circumstances speak to me when I’m working out or have my headphones on! Some girls are actually there to work out & are not just thirsty hoes hahahhaa!
  4. This isn’t YOUR house, so CLEAN UP after yourself, put your shit away that you were using. (Dumbbells, barbells, straps, ropes, handles, mats, bosu’s-EVERYTHING!!!) Everything has a place & spattered all over the floor for other people to trip on ain’t it!
  5. Re-rack your fucking weights.¬†this is one of the most asshole things you can do at the gym. If you want to¬†pretend¬†that you’re actually doing something & put a ton of weight on, don’t be a lazy fucktard, put your fucking weights back where they came from. Chances are I am lifting heavier then you anyway, but if I am doing giant sets & timing it all out, you’re fucking with my shit by making me have to put your weights away! NOT cool bruh (almost always middle aged dudes…just sayin’)


6. When you put the weights back, put it in its proper place. I spend tons of time at the gym putting the 40s back where they belong because some asshole put them in the 20s slot! Just be polite

7.¬†DO NOT STARE¬†like you’ve never seen a pair of tits before. I’m already all hyphy when I’m getting a good pump on, so being a creeper isn’t going to win you any brownie points…chances are, I will yell at you & make you look like the dick you are. A little self control goes a long way.

8. If you’re going to use a weight machine, you better fucking use it! Don’t sit on your phone scrolling through facebook. I will also yell at you. :Op

9. If you’re on the weight room floor or doing cardio or anywhere near other people working out, TAKE YOUR PHONE CALLS OUT FUCKING SIDE. No one wants¬†to here your lame convo’s about your loser ass¬†weekend where you got wasted & have no energy for a workout.

IMG_025010. ¬†If you are on a machine & you see someone waiting for it, ask nicely if they’d like to jump in while you’re resting. Hey, I don’t like to share either but its the right & polite thing to do…on the same note, DON’T be a creeper & pretend that you want to use the same machine a hot chick is on just to make conversation…I will punch you in the face…OK, ok, I won’t punch anyone but what I have to say to you isn’t gonna make you all warm & tingly inside. Also, don’t ask to jump in & then take for fucking ever….I will re-claim the machine.

11. ¬†DO NOT¬†ever, I mean NEVER approach me to offer lifting advice. (that goes back to #3). I am actually a licensed personal trainer, with a million different continuing ed certification…(No I don’t want to train you, sorry…doesn’t pay the extensive bills I have lol). I know what I am doing & offering me your advise will once again cause me to yell at you or make you feel stupid as fuck.

12. Be safe! Don’t compete with anyone else or try to impress the ladies, you’ll have the opposite effect if you lift something too heavy & hurt yourself or have to drop the weights.

13. DO NOT throw weights on the ground, again, if they are too heavy for your dumb ass, go lighter & work your way up. And keep the grunting to a minimum…no one wants to hear your O sounds at the gym.


14. Bring towels, most gyms now-a-days provide them, and wipe up your sweat. Leaving a trail is NOT sexy ūüėČ

15. If you bring your girlfriend & want to “teach” her how to workout, don’t hog machines. Usually the dudes attempting to teach others don’t know what they’re doing themselves, so move it along there buddy.

16. If you elect to use the facilities; bathrooms/showers/locker room areas, don’t be a nasty bitch! I don’t know how men are in their bathrooms but I know ladies are fucking gross. IDGAF if you’re cramping & moody, I should NEVER have to walk into a stall & see the remnants of your massacre! EEEEEEW! I have literally experienced that more than twice in the last year…its FUCKED UP.¬†¬†There are places to put all of your hygiene products. There are towel bins to put your dirty towels in. Don’t leave pubes all over the place, its super gross! Wash them down the drain. AHHHH, I could go on & on here….but those are just the many reasons I wouldn’t dare shower anywhere near the gym.

17. What I have overheard about the guys locker room… DO NOT BE A CREEPER & rub one out in a stall because you’re such a psycho that seeing girls in tight pants make you unable to control yourself. If this is you, get it together! WHAT a creepy thing to do!

LAST but not least!

18. WASH YOUR HANDS after you use the lavatory. Half the reason healthy people get sick is picking up nasty germs at the gym!

So can you tell that I am at the gym so often, that I have seen & heard it all? LOL! Yup, I sure have! Now all of this ranting might make me sound like an angry stuck up lady, but if you know me or have met me, you know I am not. There are just common sense manners that should be applied when in public & in the gym. If you’re unsure about anything, ask me! I’m happy to answer any & all questions! I am actually a great motivator & have helped many people live & apply healthy practices to their lives. Its a blessing to have my own platform in order to share & express myselfm so thanks fr listening. Hopefully you’ve learned something or were at least entertained a little! HA!

Happy lifting everyone!

THE END! :o)

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