Dillion Harper on Oct. 23 @ 5pm PST
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You might have heard the word? As you know, I LOVE fan interaction & sometimes I get SO busy its hard for me to reply to all of my instagram and twitter comments or even my emails, which I reserve for fan orders & business bookings. SOOOO!! I am SUPER EXCITED to announce that I am NOW accepting your TEXTS! You heard me correctly! I am going to GIVE YOU, FOR FREE, MY actual phone #. You can text me whatever you want! This way, its MUCH easier to reply back since I always have my Iphone handy.

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This is what it looks like when you go to textbriannajordan.com ——->Click HERE <——- to sign up for FREE! They even give you FREE credits to start texting RIGHT AWAY!


Listen, this is how it works! You sign up to text yours truly FOR FREE! Yes, I am giving out my phone # for FREE BUT it won’t be free forever, so act quickly! Once I get your text, you say hello and we can chat about how your day was, something naughty that’s on your mind & THE BEST PART is that I send you REAL TIME LIVE selfies that ONLY YOU see! They won’t be posted on social media or on my membership website. These are special between you & I!

I am so excited to chat with you! Now you have unlimited access to ME! How fun!

Text me right now! I am waiting :O)



XO Brianna Jordan