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March Madness

I feel like I am going mad anyway ;o) Just kidding, always try to handle my stress in a way that doesn’t effect my health. Just very hard to do sometimes. So for now, we are going to focus on the GOOD things happening, right!?!

Good news #1

Most importantly, my Nonna has been making a LOT of great progress in rehab. She has SO much drive and focus on getting OUT of there. She was supposed to be in there for a long 6 months but we plan to move her to my family’s home in 2 weeks time. She can continue rehabbing in a safer & more comfortable environment. We are all so grateful that she pulled through. We will just now have to deal with her dementia, which is certainly pressing but one thing at a time. I’ll hopefully be able to go out there to see her again soon.

Good news #2

Once per year, I offer one of a kind CUSTOM videos direct to my fans. This is content that you will NEVER find anywhere, on any website, not even my own. It belongs to you. Whether you’d like a simple sexy strip tease or a full blown scripted video, I am able to create it for you. I am taking pre-orders now, so be sure to reserve a spot before I am unable to fulfill your request. (I eluded to this in the past, but its true…once I retire, there will be no warning. I just will be off of your social media timelines…forever. Everything great comes to an end, so don’t be the one who’s left out wishing they would have acted sooner!) Simply email me at meetbriannajordan@gmail.com

Good news #3

I was asked to work & shoot again in London! I am really grateful that after the several years of working there, they’ve once again asked me to come back. I’ll be shooting for a lingerie company in the UK (where fuller figured chicks are more appreciated I think lol) and I will also be working with someone new, for a new magazine. Very exciting!

Good news #4

Over the past year, I have learned a little about holistic nutrition and have applied what I have learned to my daily routine. Not only do I feel so much better but it has enabled me to reduce the amount/variety of medications I take daily. After so many years of being a guniea pig for Drs & none of them ever bringing holistic nutrition up, I have decided to go back to school and want to become an expert. I want to help as many people as I can to implement holistic nutrition in their lives. I’d be so honored and grateful to take you on this journey with me. I am asking for donations to get me through the initial part of the schooling.  I hope to get started ASAP! I will be using funds for classes & text books. The sooner I learn, the sooner I can start helping people. I plan to keep everyone updated on my progress via my free blog and social media platforms. I am grateful for any amount that you are generous enough to offer me, large or small. I’d like to thank each and everyone individually if given the option.

You can help by donating any amount to me at:https://www.gofundme.com/msbriannajordanED

Well everyone, thank you for stopping by! I hope you have a fantastic day & drop in again to see me soon!

XO Brianna


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