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Go Fund Me are rudey-poo douches

Hey guys! Just a quick note to you that have been emailing me about my GOFUNDME account for my Holistic Nutrition school fund. I am unable to accept donations there because they deleted me! WHY?? Because I am an adult model, although the actual fund had NOTHING to do with anything adult. People are judgmental fucktards and that is just life. No worries, I am now accepting donations via paypal through my amazing assistant!

You can send all donations to me at paypal via email INDULGEINME702@GMAIL.COM Please put in the subject your name & email so that I can personally thank each & everyone! I am offering multi-level donation rewards to generous donors.

$150-Autographed 8×10

$250-VIP Snapchat access

$500- Brianna’s Fun Box of goodies

$1000-Brianna Brigades ultimate box of goodies

I am NOW in school! Its pretty exciting as I love the subject matter. I have flown through the 1st course & scheduled to take my final exam this upcoming week! AHHH! Well being that I have 100% thus far, I’m sure I’ll be fine! Who likes test taking though?! Ugh! Also was able to see the next course info & order my books! Damn, I forgot how much this shit costs! ((I am a UNLV alumni with a BA-but that was finished long ago!))

I thank you all for your continued support & am sending BIG hugs! xxoo


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