Dillion Harper on Oct. 23 @ 5pm PST
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February has come & gone!

Still trying to rid my life of all of the monkey year energies. Seems to be sticking around a little as I have had a few pretty big setbacks health wise. Nothing that will ever stop me from continuing this journey. Just have to focus on staying positive & be grateful for where I am today. Right?! Right :O)

Hope you’ve all been amazingly well! I have been working really hard to continue to push out content that you’ll love!

Aria & I in Lotion Love coming out tomorrow! 

I have also been revamping & adding some amazing new fun ways for you all to keep in touch with me. We all know that I offer custom pics/videos but I am now offering custom phone time…YUP, talk to me! Lol. You can purchase packages of minute blocks in which you will be speaking to me directly. No website sign up….just pure unadulterated me! I will send you selfie videos & pics too….that only YOU will have. Email me to discuss pricing, meetbriannajordan@gmail.com


Enjoy the rest of your week boys & girls! Hugs & kisses!


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