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Ask anything!

Hey guys! Well I invited you to ask me anything and was impressed with your Qs! So I am going to start answering now! This was so fun, I might do it again, so be on the look out for another post later this year!

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I definitely do! I love fan interaction & making new friends, so I have a variety of options for fans to book me for dinner or business meetings, parties and much more.


  • __yadrielIf the money was right, if everything was laid on the table crystal clear, whether it be solo, GG, BG, would you ever consider shooting scenes with a major porn company? (Brazzers, N.A, Jules Jordan, etc)

Well, I already ave shot with just about every major company out there. Mainly solo and a few soft GG. You can ask them to book me again if you want to see more ;o)

For me personally, the money would never be right for BG since mandatory protection is not required with most companies. Even with health screenings, it can take months or even years for some STDs to show up. I go into depth on this in this blog, check it out, pretty interesting stuff! WHY DONT YOU FUCK ON FILM

From Brazzers HOT & MEAN


  • __yadrielI read your blog on the BG topic, but didn’t seem like you closed the book on that completely.

While I don’t judge anyone else for what they do, I would definitely not consider ever doing BG. There are WAY too many girls doing way too much for pennies on the dollar. My fees for any & everything I do have always been considerably higher, and I do not foresee things changing before I am completely retired from this public life. I will and do see people that book me privately but it does cost a pretty penny ;o)


Thanks! Its cliche but Pink is my fav color!


  • b_nicky_bDo you see yourself exploring more deeply the fitness scene, i.e., competition, fitness modeling, or lifestyle in workingout and healthy eating? Thanks.✌

Good question! I have definitely given it some good thought since I am so passionate about it and I have had so much adversity surrounding my own health. I may possibly be looking into holistic nutrition, being that I was so inspired by Lyzabeth Lopez. If I went to school for that, it would really just be for the knowledge & to help others that are struggling…not really a career but more a labor of love. I am already NASM certified as a trainer but don’t train people. I give programs & nutrition plans to my friends and I have done some fitness modeling. I am not sure that I would jump into competition as it is very hard on your body & being that I just came out of metabolic damage (which was HELL!), I wouldn’t want to risk that                happening again…If by next year, I am completely healed and my thryoid is doing well (as I have hashimotos disease too), I might consider 1 comp. 😉


  • ghess.suzuki81@thebriannajordan It is obvious you are focused on health and fitness and work hard to stay on track and hit your personal goals. What are your favorite food choices? What would you describe as the perfect breakfast or lunch? What bottled water meets your criteria? What is your favorite cardio exercise choice?

Thank you! Its always a valiant effort lol! In order to stay on track, I make sure that I treat working out and meal prep as part          of my job. If you take care of yourself & your body, it will reflect on everything else that you do…just like not taking care of it does. For meals I generally eat between 1800-1900 calories per day and for my blood type, a ratio of 35% protein, 25% & 40% carbs is what I do well on. These are all lean proteins, mainly chicken breast, filet mignon, bison or protein supps-all organic. ((I hate seafood! or I would eat more salmon)), carbs are usually brown rice, ezekial bread, potato, gluten free oats and the fats are usually mixed nuts, PB or a tiny bit of olive oil here & there. The point for me is to get the proper nutrition my body needs to sustain & maximize my workouts.

My go to cheat meals are generally NO protein, bleh (pretty much over it by the time the cheat meal comes), and either pasta or pizza and a very decadent dessert! MMMM I generally have 1 cheat meal-NOT day lol, every 2 weeks.


Everyone gets on me for my bottled water consumption…I ONLY drink dasani. It tastes yummy to me where as arrowhead etc tastes bleh. (notice in my before pic I was stoked with my dasani’s because I hadn’t found any during my travels and I drink at least 8-10 bottles per day! Drinking one right now actually! AHHH lol!)


No habla espanol (although I should! Blasted Rosetta Stone lol!)

  • kirk9664Do you know if the brass butts at the Riviera were saved before the demolition?

I’m so upset I didn’t know they were even demo’ing it until I saw the news that day & I didn’t even get a chip! I have no idea about the butts but generally they liquidate everything in estate sales before blowing it up!

  • titansfan91Hi there@thebriannajordan I was wondering, do you like video games? & if so do you have any game systems… & another thing, who are some of your favorite sports teams besides the GB Packers?!

HI! I used to LOVE nintendo, Super mario bros & had a gameboy for the longest time, I’m sure I have it somewhere. I just got too busy to play and I am not a fan of the newer games out there. Nintendo was dope in the 90s tho!

Packer fan, through & through. I don’t really get into many other sports unless I am playing them. I have way too short an attention span, so it bores the fuck outta me! lol  My watching football is a recent development over the last 3 years.

  • fatboy45andyYou discover that the person you’re head-over-heels interested in loves a good homemade and handmade dessert. What will you concoct when you have this person over?@thebriannajordan

I am an amazing cook, so just because I don’t cheat on my meal plan often, doesn’t mean I won’t go all out for the people I care about. For my most recent dinner party, I made homemade lemon cake & homemade lemon gelato…it was BOMB! I also make fantastic chocolate Lava cake, tirimisu (without coffee) and kind of bomb everything lol, too many to chose from!

  • fatboy45andy#2– What was the most embarrassing thing you have done while on a date?

When I was around 16 (I always lied & said I was 18 at least), I went on a date with a chef and argued with him over the correct way to pronounce prosciutto. I was saying, ProSKWEtoe HAHAHAHA! He gave up and was like, ok, I guess apparently,  she’s cray.

  • alexpete1988You are so beautiful inside and out Brianna, my question is how much does inner beauty/personality matter to you in a relationship/friendship?

AW, thanks! It matters quite a bit. I just dropped a friend because of how he treated wait staff while we were dining out once.

My bestie Tay Stevens & I

  • titansfan91do you have a snapchat? & if so do you use it often?

I sure don’t! Well I actually signed up for it & then decided that there are already enough ways for my fans to connect with me. I am also now allowing them to text me! All you have to do is go to TEXTBRIANNAJORDAN.COM  and add my contact  # to your list for free. I can send you pics that no one else sees and coming soon, videos! MUCH better than snap chat. I would charge for snap if I ever did it anyway.


At the moment, I am! Got out of a LONG relationship & AM NOT looking for another 1….EVER! Ok, for a long time! Lol….I have no time for anyone presently except for my family, puppies & work!

Me & my bitches!

  • iamlawrencefishburneBesides your website, you’re always working and running about. What exactly do you do for work/business?

Glad you asked! People always ask me this. 🙂  I’m an entrepreneur by nature and have my degree in business with an associates in psych. I own a real estate investment company & a bunch of vacation rental properties. I am a silent partner in a few businesses. I have a natural oil company where I make bio-diesel out of used vegetable oil. I also manage other models, guide them, help them with investments to secure a better future for themselves.  The adult business is something like icing for me. Its not my main source of income and will never be because I make SO much more in real estate :O)

  • serena_cacti06What’s the funniest thing you wanna do when your older… Like 60 ??? sliding down the biggest slide in the world? Something big and weird

Hmmmm… I don’t think I’ll be doing anything funny. I am a pretty serious person that likes to have fun but I am not the type to slide down anything lol! Hopefully when I am 60, I will be healthy & able to travel the world still. :O)

In Bora Bora

  • manoffire83Do you have a bucket list? If so what are your top 5 thing you would love to do?

I don’t have a bucket list per say, I have a lot I want to accomplish and I put a LOT of pressure on myself. My biggest goal right now is to find balance. I can work until I’m dead and then what? I want to live, travel, learn, love, etc.

  • richie_cookAny chance of you and Angela White doing any GG in the future??

I would LOVE that! She seems so sweet & definitely my type. Tweet to her & ask ;o)

Until then, check my latest girly scene with the sexy Katie Banks!

I’m never attracted to someone by appearance at 1st…..EVER. I usually end up starting a friendship, developing a relationship with trust & then taking it to a romantic level. It takes me a while to warm up to people and I am really picky! Most men I date usually make me laugh, are successful, actual gentlemen (if a dude isn’t opening my door-BYE!), and are into the same things I am into or can intro me to new things I don’t know anything about yet. (which is hard, cuz I know everything AHAHAHAHAAAA JK!). HYGIENE! is big for me since I am OCD clean & keep all my shit; myself, my home, my car, my life…tight & right!

  •  besides the newest additions to your family I.e. Rosie and London what r the 3 best things to come into your life past 5 yrs.

Honestly, the last 5 years were pretty tough. I really don’t like to let everyone see all of the negative things & I try to stay UBER positive! The friendships that have developed from simply my putting myself out here on social media were unexpected and something I really cherish. And no I am not talking about the few hundred thousand followers that while I appreciate, I don’t know them ALL lol. I have a few people that have made me feel special when certain family & friends let me down. I will also be forever grateful for my health journey, while its not over yet…every obstacle is making me better & stronger! I have a long road ahead but with great friends & support, I will be A-ok!

Your questions were GREAT guys! Thanks for doing that. Hope you get a kick out of some of my answers 🙂 Until next we meet, have a fantastic week! xxoo


Brianna Jordan

3 thoughts on “Ask anything!”

  1. Greg Wecker says:

    So would you say you are a rich person? I know you paid your dues and earned your stripes, but kinda sounds like you are bragging that you have lots of money. Sounds a little conceded when you said that people couldn't afford you, you have to pay to meet me. So if someone met you out in public and recognized you and wanted to say hi to you and asked if they could get a selfie picture with you, would you do it? Or no? I'm glad you paid your dues to get where you are, but I hope the fame and fortune doesn't go to your head . Kinda makes the little person like me feel kinda bad cause I'm not rich, I live payday to payday to survive in this world. In all honesty I love seeing your posts and pictures and love that you do reply back to people, I know you get to them when you can. I hope my comment here doesn't get me blocked, but it is your site and your opinion. And to get into that getting your number for free and texting you for free, I kinda feel that hard to believe, nothing in life is free, it costs something somewhere, these cam models and adult actresses are always selling their chats somewhere on the internet. I tried to get to textbriannajordan.com but it lead me to a link to access police information and police records on someone, I swear. I clicked off of it. Anyway, if I'm sounded rude I apologize, just stating my opinion and comment.

    1. BriannaJordan says:

      Sounds like you have a little complex going on. No, not everyone can afford me & I do that on purpose. My name is not Bridgette on a budget, there are plenty of those around, so if you don't like my posts or what I am saying….go write novel complaint comment on their posts. Because you follow me on twitter or IG doesn't mean that you know me at all. This is part of my job bro. I am not exposing my life to the world publicly to not make monetary gains. Thats THE SOLE REASON I am here! The bonus is that I have made actual & real friends and met some amazing people doing this. AND I even help a few sharing my story… so THAT is why I stay here. I make a small fraction of my yearly earnings from anything in the adult biz. Fame & fortune? Are you smoking crack??? I honestly don't have time to stay online but I do because of the NICE guys out there. NOT the ones that bitch moan & feel sorry for themselves. If I met you in person, I'd be a cunt to you because of how you speak & come across. FUCK NO, I don't take selfies with people for free. You're lucky that I take the time out of my INSANELY busy schedule to reply to your IG comments because YOU have NEVER contributed or supported my cause financially in any way! NOPE, not that bitch so move on.

      1. Greg Wecker says:

        Conceded. Wow! No I don't do drugs of any kind or smoke crack. I still don't think people get your number and text you for free. Nothing is free. Probably so much a text or so much a minute. I don't see a cam model or adult actress of any kind doing that for free. I don't get on things like that. Chaturbate or modelcamstore or whatever those sights are called. Can't afford it. I'm not a bad person. I met someone in person, I would say hi, I wouldn't be rude or say no I can't talk to you or no no pictures. I guess I'm old school and not like this generation. Don't understand people now a days. That's ok. No harm no foul. Have a nice rest of the year.

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