Hopefully you guys missed me as much as I missed you?! Not going to lie, I have been MIA due to some stressful shit going down in my life BUT today, we are not focusing on that. We are going to be happy & positive!

I am not big into Halloween, besides dressing up to shoot for it! Mainly because there is almost always tons of drunken psychos that come to Vegas. So I usually sit at home & pass out candy but not doing that this year. Instead, I am being mean to the girls, and dressing them up so that they can enter into the 2nd annual Dog costume contest near where I live! LOL. They hate me right now but the proceeds all go to a nice puppy charity and they will thank me for the experience when they are finished! LOL

Costumes? Well little London is a BEEEEEE because she is always fluttering around from everywhere in the house. My little Rose bud is a ladybug, well because its adorable and they needed matching costumes. :O) I of course will don some ladybug antenna’s and we will be one happy bug family!

img_8529 img_8519

I will be taking a LOT more pics, hahaha! I am not a nice mommy and they are pretty mad at me right now but will get over it ;o)

Have an amazing Halloween and be safe if you are going out! xo



PS, be sure to check my new list of LIVE show dates! I am trying to keep all of them, starting with tomorrow’s Halloween show! Be there or….I WILL COME FIND U, jk, but you should check it out ;o)