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Almost home! Missing my bitches!!!!


Its been a long journey of work & sight seeing and I am ready to come home & get right back into my routine! Its amazing & humbling being able to travel the world & work at the same time but I am ready for my girls, my bed, my gym, my food prep! And in that order lol!


If you’ve noticed, my updates & sexy posts haven’t stopped, so make sure you keep up! Text me >>>HERE<<< And DON’T YOU DARE MISS A SEXY UPDATE from BriannaJordan.com Because its getting better and better each week!!!




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And I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE MY BESTIE! YAY! This time she’s not surprising me for fucks sake, give a bitch some notice hahaha! Can’t wait, She’s my soul mate & understands the REAL me! Love <3


So “Merica, hope you’ve been holding down the fort for me! Praying my house isn’t a huge shit fest with the pups being off of their normal routine.  Worst case scenario, I have to spend the next few months potty training ALL OVER AGAIN! Not fun, but what am I gonna do?! Its life.

Until our next live show PEACE * LOVE ***BOOBIES****

xo Brianna

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Well if you didn’t already know, now you do. If you DM me via social media, I don’t answer ;o) If you TEXT me, I do! Super simple, but seems like a few of you are having trouble with it, so I will make it as easy as possible!


My Phone Number is FREE! And it won’t be free forever, just for a limited time, so add me to your contact list ASAP!

GO TO: TextBriannaJordan.com

Add me to your contacts FREE


You really can ask me anything, I am a cool ass chick and love to chat so hit me up! We can exchange fun pics or naughty ones, up to you! Just ask for what you want.


This is a FUN way & the only way to get this personal attention from yours truly! I’m having a blast texting some of you so far, so keep it up! Can’t wait to get to know you better! xxoo

Brianna J

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Its back boys & girls, its FINALLY back! So excited for the 2016 NFL season! If you ever had any question as to who my team is…this blog will clear that up for you! LOL


Wasn’t clear enough for you?? 
DSC04890 DSC04910
There you go that should help things out a bit! SO now that we are all healed up from last seasons injuries, we are going to KICK ASS and take names dammit! Who’s with me??? Let’s GOOOOO team!

IMG_5035[1] IMG_5033[1] IMG_5036[1]

I really hope to get to a game this season since my 1st ever was the WORST game of the season :O((( Against Arizona. SAD! Too many injuries & away games in a row. Wasn’t fair. ONLY 6 days until we meet the Colts!

Anyway, let’s fucking go team! And if you’re a BRIANNAJORDAN.com member! Enjoy my latest & greatest Packer posts! This year I am going to be a lot more involved ;o)

XXOO Brianna Jordan

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