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Happy Memorial Day!

Here’s a tribute to all of the hard working men & women that sacrifice to protect this great country! Remember those that were lost & celebrate them…safely! Happy Memorial Day everyone!


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Metabolic damage & back

I am finally feeling a little better after this 2 year long battle with metabolic damage. For those of you that didn’t know…I will explain a little.

Ever since I was a little kid, I struggled with accepting my body/weight. My parents/peers called me fat & overweight, so the damage internally started really very long ago. I have always had a warped image of outter appearance.  So throughout my teen years, I experimented with diet pills and diets of all kinds, doing really unhealthy things. Then in my 20s I attained my personal training certs & educated myself on a healthy way of living that didn’t include drastic unsafe changes to your body.

Everything was great until I started having all sorts of weird symptoms happening to me.  Long story short, basically it took almost a decade for me to find the right Dr to diagnose that I have Hashimotos disease. Within that time, I experienced all of the many symptoms of the disease: mood-depression/weight gain/skin issues/extreme exhaustion/inability to sleep and it goes on & on. To combat the weight gain (that came out of left field) I began increasing my daily workouts from 1-2 hours to 2-4 hours every day, no days off at all & sometimes I would workout twice a day.  I also ate about 13-1400 calories each day.  For a while, that worked. I was within my normal weight for myself but I was always injured & always sick.  Funny thing was that I coached & advised everyone else NEVER to do what I was doing. A person that over-trains & doesn’t eat enough completely trashes their metabolism…making it stop working all together. For me at the time, it was the only way to keep the weight off.  Then one day, it stopped, I did everything perfectly, never ate badly-measured all of my food, worked out like a nut but started to gain weight again!

Fast forward to 2 years ago. Once I was aware of the reason behind the weight gain and also was aware (thanks to an amazing coach I had) of the damage I did to my metabolism, I started to recover it. It was a LONG road to recovery….it’s also not exactly over yet. It took me about almost 2 years of eating more calories (which is the normal, & what a person that trains like me should intake, between 1800-2000 per day) and working out a LOT less. Within that time, I gained weight, I felt TERRIBLE about myself, was still dealing with all of the hormonal issues that hashimotos causes and it was a very dark period of my life, I was terribly depressed but still had to run a household and all of my businesses, not to mention I am in the public eye all the time with my modeling business. Sheesh! Lots of pressure there.  I had to put on a happy face & push through.

Fast forward again….

NOW, within the last couple of months, I can see my body changing. I am losing weight, not a ton but changing to less body fat. I do about an hour to 90 min of lifting and 30-40 min max of cardio, with 2 rest days…. I still usually just take one off & do something outdoor active on the other day but hey, its a HUGE improvement. I am now comfortably eating 1900 cals per day and having a cheat meal every 2 weeks (a meal, not a whole day lol…people go crazy sometimes).


I no longer have a desire to be “skinny”. All I want is to be healthy & feel good about myself. And I do. I still bust my ass in the gym, like nobody’s business! And I am very careful with what & how I eat. I still have to be very mindful since I have Hashimotos. Also the older we get, the harder it is to maintain everything. I still have my days where I am down on myself. For instance, I decided to cut cals for a week by 3-400/day in preparation for this weeks photoshoot…because my metabolism is still not fully recovered, instead of losing, I gained 2 lbs! UGH, I was pretty devastated UNTIL I actually saw the photos from my shoot. I am not exactly perfect in my standards…I believe for as hard as I work, I should look exactly how I want, but I looked pretty good and was really happy with how everything turned out.


with my Nonna & little brother

It actually wasn’t until I started modeling that I became more & more comfortable in my own skin. And now, while I believe there’s always room for improvement, I am really happy with where I am now. Then just today, my grandma sent me a ton of old pics. I saw myself, where I once believed how obese I was…. I was shocked! I wasn’t even fat! (I’ve always had chubby cheeks tho lol). So going forward, I am consciously deciding to not be so tough on myself. I am an OCD perfectionist, so its reeeeally tough but I will try.

Moral of the story: Don’t kill yourself with unrealistic standards… (that’s hard for me to say too because I don’t want anyone to be lazy) Try as hard as you can the right way. Love you for who you are today as we are all works in progress.


Now, stay tuned for some of the sexy, fun & hot content that I shot for you this week. Lots of themes that you all asked for! More GreenBay Packer content-no problem there lol, a workout set, check, some pink Chucks and many more!

IMG_2761DSC05070If you are interested in creating some custom videos ( I have extended my once yearly filming for 1 extra month!) or photos, my next shoot is in June, email me at brianna@briannajordan.com for details.


Brianna Jordan



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My sweet Nonna

So my Nonna (Italian from Grandma) is probably the sweetest, most loving person I have ever known. When I left home & my entire family was against me, she had my back & stopped them spreading rumors…around her at least. She’s the mother of 3 kids; my Uncle who is like my dad, my actual father & my Aunt. She is a survivor of domestic violence. Their father beat her badly and broke her nose. In those days, divorce was unheard of if you wanted to be respected. She asked the Catholic church for one & they said NO. Knowing that she could not continue living that way or putting her children in harms way, she divorced him anyway. She suffered from PTSD, actually still suffers from it. Don’t ever come up behind her quietly….She will get scared and smack the shit outta you! LOL! She’ll then apologize :O)

Nonna at age 18 while in France with her deployed husband.

She met my Grandpa several years later when her kids were almost grown, my aunt & uncle were out of the house and my dad was the youngest. My mom & dad met in high school and got pregnant at 17…had me at 18…I am the 1st born grandkid.

Ever since I can remember, she was there…loving me with everything she had & more. She was always there for me & never judged me. I remember that she cried when I told her that I was going to shoot for Playboy saying that she wished I loved myself more than to take my clothes off for money. So I broke it down in lingo she could understand, explaining that it was empowering and that I never did anything that I didn’t want to. I’m the boss-not the other way around. She might not have liked it, but still loved me just the same. My entire childhood was better because she was in it. I am so blessed to have had her there.

When I moved all the way to Vegas many moons ago, she was very sad but we spoke every week for many years. Then this past year, I noticed her seemingly more stressed out, overwhelmed and not calling as much…totally not like her. So I dropped everything after Europe & flew to spend time. She seemed ok, just stressed with her & her husbands health problems. (Old people go to the Dr on the regular, like weekly…and they go more than that! Hypochondriacs! lol) So we had a nice visit & things seemed better when I left. Then this year speaking to her, she just seemed off. She’d answer back with a different response than the question asked, would stop in the middle of a sentence and completely forget what we were discussing. (Hey I do that sometimes too-but this was dif). I asked my Uncle who takes great care of her, and he said it was the onset of dementia. In disbelief I asked my Aunt and she said Nonna just needed a hearing aid. So I said fuck it, I’m flying out to see for myself.

What was supposed to be some relaxing & much needed family time was a devastatingly stressful trip. My Aunt & Uncle were both correct. Seeing my gramma in that way devastates me to my soul. She has always been the life of the party, so vibrant, funny, happy… This time I only saw glimpses of that woman. Now there’s a scared, stressed out, anxious lady that doesn’t want to even play games! Our thing was to play games! Dominoes, cards, dice, anything…

I was able to spend time with the rest of my family as well, which was great and I decided to make the most of it & to try to cherish every last minute I can have. It tortures me that I am so far away. Life is really so very short. Really makes you put things into perspective. What is important? Working away until I’m dead, or seeing my gramma as much as possible. So I am flying back out for her Bday. My Uncle is putting together a huge surprise party for her 80th. Kind of a family reunion too.  There’ll be people that I haven’t even met there I think. I really hope that she can enjoy it.

I’ve done a little research but have more to do on Dementia. I know that once you start to show signs, it takes about 7 years until they are gone. Thank God she still knows us all & can comprehend most things. Just taking it day by day….


My Nonna & pops, I really got them to relax & have fun…and made her eat ice cream lol


Teaching her how to selfie


Afternoon tea


The most beautiful soul I will ever know.


Before the Florida humidity melted off my makeup lol

I was able to spend a whole day with my cousin. We had a blast and I was really giving a lot of advise. Ended up having a great dinner at my fav Orlando restaurant, Seasons 52.

Things wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the range with my Uncle & little brother. Pretty nice shooting eh? Yea, I’m getting pretty good! Watch out lol.


Saw my other brother, sis in law and my FAV nephews (I have 7 total!). They let me win at UNO lol.


My fav nephews! The most well behaved & sweetest!

And this woman is one of the most special people in my life also, my aunt has been like my own mother forever. So glad that I ended my trip catching up with her. We had a BLAST!


So, life is what you make it. Sure we all have responsibilities, bills, etc but I’ll be damned if that’s the reason I don’t see my Nonna before its too late. Its definitely been stress filled trying to figure out how to schedule it in & still make money to pay bills as I do not have a traditional 9-5 paycheck. I create my own, so if I don’t work, I don’t make anything. Anyway, I will figure it out.
Thought I would share my Nonna with all of you. If I have a sweet side, I got it from her. ;o)

If you want to be super sweet & help alleviate some of my stresses, you can send me southwest airlines gift cards. http://amzn.com/B00GU300HO  Any amount will help!


In other news, I am home now and getting shit done, spending time with my little puppies-who are fantastic!

Hope all you members are enjoying each weeks super hot updates! www.BriannaJordan.com

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TTYL! <3


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