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I’m not Irish, KISS ME ANYWAY!

                HAPPY ST PATRICK’S DAY!


HAPPY ST. Patrick’s Day everyone! So you know I love an excuse to dress up, and I don’t like getting pinched-SO duh, a little green with my skin tone? It is really just a little…not bad? And JUST FOR YOU! XXXOOO!

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Do you guys even know why there is a St. Patrick’s Day? Well, for those of you that don’t know. Its a religious celebration for the Saint Patrick.

Saint Patrick is widely known as the patron saint of Ireland.  Saint Patrick at the age of 15 or 16 was kidnapped from his homeland of Great Britain and taken to Ireland where he was enslaved as a shepherd.  About 6 years later he escaped back to family where he studied Catholicism.  He returned to then pagan Ireland to preach, and was subsequently ordained the first Romano Catholic Bishop of Armagh.

Saint Patrick used the shamrock to explain the holy trinity, hence the link between the two Irish icons.

Saint Patrick’s Day is commemorated on March 17th, which is noted as the day of his death circa 461A.D.

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What was originally a religious obligation for Roman Catholics, is now as much a cultural event.  In Ireland it is an official bank holiday, so most businesses close for the day and the Irish get a day off work to celebrate!

1903 saw the first St. Patrick’s Day parade in Ireland, while the first in Dublin took place in 1931.  It has now become global. There is a shared heritage of communities, with parades held around the world, from Boston to Croatia, and Norway to Sydney.

It is traditional to wear something green on the day, to show your ‘Irishness’.  Otherwise you get pinched!

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So every year people try to get me to go out & get drunk…which if you know me, I don’t do. Not to say that I don’t drink at ALL but its SO few & far between that its not gonna happen! Don’t worry, I don’t need alcohol to post hot pics for you all! So for all of you that plan to get lit, make sure you have a DD. Not as in breast size lol, a designated driver :O) SO not worth the consequences…

Hope you liked today’s history lesson from Professor Brianna. If not, kiss my…shamrocks! LOL xxoo

Happy Celebrating! Love & kisses


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Healthy in Las Vegas

Hi everyone! I hope you have all been having an amazing week! And I’m sure you’re ready for the freakin weekend?? YES? I know I am… although I mostly work, work, work & workout lol, I am grateful to have work ;0) Plenty to be grateful for.


I have SO much coming up in the next several months that I am really excited for. I am maid of honor in my long time friends wedding this May.  I have some super fun shoots coming up soon that I am really ready for! Headed to Europe again soon…really puts things into perspective for me. I love being able to see things from different points of view and being in so many different countries gives you a different perspective for sure! While I love traveling, I am super proud to be an American! No matter how much we bitch and moan about policy & politics, we live in a great country!


A lot of you have been wondering what all the tweets & fuss about my health have been about & I am always open with all of you, so I am going to divulge a bit. You all know that I have hashimotos disease (an auto immune disease that effects your thyroid, hormones & adrenals) along with metabolic damage from years of over-training trying to compensate for my thyroid not working and that I have been trying to regulate it for many years now.  While there is not a cure, and treatments have to be closely monitored and changed every 2-3 months, I have finally gotten to a point where I feel more like me! Hashimotos has unfortunately created other issues in my body that have to be dealt with soon. I have a few fibroid tumors-NON cancerous, that must be surgically removed. I HAAATE the thought of surgery, but I like the thought of living without pain :O) So I will be dealing with this within the year. I also must have breast surgery so that I remain on the healthy side. That must be done within the next year to 2 years, so one thing at a time.

I want you all to know that I have appreciated your kind words of encouragement and support through all of this and I will for sure keep you updated! I am still getting 2nd, 3rd and 4th opinions lol! If there’s even a slight chance to avoid surgery, I want to try that 1st. Drs are just people like all of us, sometimes they don’t get it right the 1st time or don’t see what someone else can. So I have faith in my good judgment that I will figure it all out.


The MAIN issue has been fighting with the insurance companies that are in Nevada. There is only 1 that I can select living here because all of the other shitty but better than what I have now have pulled out of the state. Everyone loves to point out to me that Obamacare is amazing, its helps millions….. WELL BLEH to that. If you are self-insured its an evil & vile system. Here is a little excerpt of something someone wrote me yesterday (EYEROLL)

You realize Obama doesn’t run the health insurance company. The company itself is fucking you over. And you should be thankful for the changes the law made. It would seem that with your health issues you’d be denied coverage or your premiums would be astronomical. Companies are no longer allowed to drop your coverage, price gauge or deny coverage for pre existing conditions

If it wasn’t for Obama introducing this, I would have been able to stay cash pay & spend tens of thousands less. I’m on my fourth insurance company since Obamacare was rolled out.  With Obamacare my premiums are astronomical, I have been dropped, denied coverage & penalized for pre-existing conditions. Which is what my upset tweets were all about, not that I have health things I am dealing with but that I cannot seem to get help from anyone in this screwed up system as is. I have been lied to more times than not, now having to record phone calls with insurance companies as proof of what their employees are telling customers. It seems that everyone thinks they know how it works but they don’t. It’s not one size fits all.  I am forced into paying astronomical fees for nothing -OR- my other alternative is paying 2.5% of my annual income as a tax penalty. NO thanks! I should have the choice if I pay for Dr’s out of pocket or not. This shit is wack & hasn’t helped 1 person I know personally that is self-ins. It’s really very bad.

So now you all know what I have been dealing with. I am not throwing a pity party, I just had a moment of being entirely over-whelmed yesterday 🙂 It happens. I am a mother to everyone I know, taking care of all of my employees, family, friends, pups and have a ton of big girl responsibilities as well. So with everyone counting on me all of the time and me having little to no rest…I think I am allowed to have a day to cry it out! Lol.



So although things are not straightened out, I am back to my optimistic, ass-kicking self today! So remember that no matter what is going on with you, things will get better! Keep your chins up! And if all else fails, login to www.BriannaJordan.com & De-Stress!

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Hugs, love & kisses! Brianna


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