Well hey there guys! This is a continuation from our last blog sesh…and mainly because I am becoming increasingly frustrated with how RUDE people are, at the gym especially! So why not rant & make it sexy at the same time lol?!

As most of you know, I am an athlete & train seriously all year around in & out of the gym. Because I am there so often, I have really seen it all! You wouldn’t believe some of the shit I deal with or have to see! Lol… so I’d like to drop some knowledge on ya in the event that YOU are one of the people I am referring to! Hahahaa….I’ll forgive you if you are. IMG_0184

There are a few no-brainers that people kind of ignore when they are in the gym….

  1. When you come to the gym, you don’t have to be fresh outta the shower, but PLEASE wear deodorant! You’re surrounded by people, some of which (ME) have a super strong sense of smell…I can smell you (and yea, that includes when you fart & pretend nothing happened hahaaa)
  2. Just like #1, don’t douse yourself in a bottle of cologne or perfume-YUCK
  3. Unless you are summoned over, I speak to you directly or the gym is on fucking fire, DO NOT under any other circumstances speak to me when I’m working out or have my headphones on! Some girls are actually there to work out & are not just thirsty hoes hahahhaa!
  4. This isn’t YOUR house, so CLEAN UP after yourself, put your shit away that you were using. (Dumbbells, barbells, straps, ropes, handles, mats, bosu’s-EVERYTHING!!!) Everything has a place & spattered all over the floor for other people to trip on ain’t it!
  5. Re-rack your fucking weights. this is one of the most asshole things you can do at the gym. If you want to pretend that you’re actually doing something & put a ton of weight on, don’t be a lazy fucktard, put your fucking weights back where they came from. Chances are I am lifting heavier then you anyway, but if I am doing giant sets & timing it all out, you’re fucking with my shit by making me have to put your weights away! NOT cool bruh (almost always middle aged dudes…just sayin’)


6. When you put the weights back, put it in its proper place. I spend tons of time at the gym putting the 40s back where they belong because some asshole put them in the 20s slot! Just be polite

7. DO NOT STARE like you’ve never seen a pair of tits before. I’m already all hyphy when I’m getting a good pump on, so being a creeper isn’t going to win you any brownie points…chances are, I will yell at you & make you look like the dick you are. A little self control goes a long way.

8. If you’re going to use a weight machine, you better fucking use it! Don’t sit on your phone scrolling through facebook. I will also yell at you. :Op

9. If you’re on the weight room floor or doing cardio or anywhere near other people working out, TAKE YOUR PHONE CALLS OUT FUCKING SIDE. No one wants to here your lame convo’s about your loser ass weekend where you got wasted & have no energy for a workout.

IMG_025010.  If you are on a machine & you see someone waiting for it, ask nicely if they’d like to jump in while you’re resting. Hey, I don’t like to share either but its the right & polite thing to do…on the same note, DON’T be a creeper & pretend that you want to use the same machine a hot chick is on just to make conversation…I will punch you in the face…OK, ok, I won’t punch anyone but what I have to say to you isn’t gonna make you all warm & tingly inside. Also, don’t ask to jump in & then take for fucking ever….I will re-claim the machine.

11.  DO NOT ever, I mean NEVER approach me to offer lifting advice. (that goes back to #3). I am actually a licensed personal trainer, with a million different continuing ed certification…(No I don’t want to train you, sorry…doesn’t pay the extensive bills I have lol). I know what I am doing & offering me your advise will once again cause me to yell at you or make you feel stupid as fuck.

12. Be safe! Don’t compete with anyone else or try to impress the ladies, you’ll have the opposite effect if you lift something too heavy & hurt yourself or have to drop the weights.

13. DO NOT throw weights on the ground, again, if they are too heavy for your dumb ass, go lighter & work your way up. And keep the grunting to a minimum…no one wants to hear your O sounds at the gym.


14. Bring towels, most gyms now-a-days provide them, and wipe up your sweat. Leaving a trail is NOT sexy 😉

15. If you bring your girlfriend & want to “teach” her how to workout, don’t hog machines. Usually the dudes attempting to teach others don’t know what they’re doing themselves, so move it along there buddy.

16. If you elect to use the facilities; bathrooms/showers/locker room areas, don’t be a nasty bitch! I don’t know how men are in their bathrooms but I know ladies are fucking gross. IDGAF if you’re cramping & moody, I should NEVER have to walk into a stall & see the remnants of your massacre! EEEEEEW! I have literally experienced that more than twice in the last year…its FUCKED UP.  There are places to put all of your hygiene products. There are towel bins to put your dirty towels in. Don’t leave pubes all over the place, its super gross! Wash them down the drain. AHHHH, I could go on & on here….but those are just the many reasons I wouldn’t dare shower anywhere near the gym.

17. What I have overheard about the guys locker room… DO NOT BE A CREEPER & rub one out in a stall because you’re such a psycho that seeing girls in tight pants make you unable to control yourself. If this is you, get it together! WHAT a creepy thing to do!

LAST but not least!

18. WASH YOUR HANDS after you use the lavatory. Half the reason healthy people get sick is picking up nasty germs at the gym!

So can you tell that I am at the gym so often, that I have seen & heard it all? LOL! Yup, I sure have! Now all of this ranting might make me sound like an angry stuck up lady, but if you know me or have met me, you know I am not. There are just common sense manners that should be applied when in public & in the gym. If you’re unsure about anything, ask me! I’m happy to answer any & all questions! I am actually a great motivator & have helped many people live & apply healthy practices to their lives. Its a blessing to have my own platform in order to share & express myselfm so thanks fr listening. Hopefully you’ve learned something or were at least entertained a little! HA!

Happy lifting everyone!

THE END! :o)

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