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Etiquette ideas for fans, followers & just dudes in general :)

For many years BEFORE I decided to allow the public a peak into my private world and private parts, I was giving men helpful, not so subtle tips on how to behave around women.  Being that I spent my teen years & all of my adult life in the fabulous city of Las Vegas, I have seen more than the average young women I know. I wouldn’t have it any other way either. I’m the kind of person that wants to just rip the bandaid off as quickly as possible versus a long drawn out event. If you know me or have been following me for a while, you probably know that I am a very direct person that doesn’t beat around the proverbial bush ;o) (mind out of the gutter people!) So why shouldn’t I enlighten you once more?


When I am writing blogs, I usually base them off of what is actually going on in my real life…this way they are real and more meaningful. So here’s what’s happening as of late….

With the ever-increasing usage of social media making it much easier to reach just about everyone, people in general, not just men seem to have forgotten their manners! It gets a little more specific for someone like myself, who chooses to be in the adult world of nude modeling and exhibitionism.


I can’t tell you how many crude messages I receive daily, let alone have seen enough dick pics to leave forever lasting scars! I think what people forget when they are perusing around online is that that pretty girl you are sending dick pics to is an actual person, that has feelings and boundaries just like the living people you come across each day. We might be offering a part of ourselves that is not as common as the people you meet everyday, but that doesn’t mean you are allowed to disrespect anyone.

Just as in real life, when connecting with someone new, make sure you act like a gentlemen. Saying things like, “WOW those TITS ARE SO FUCKABLE”, or my favorite, “YOU WOULD LOVE MY DICK INSIDE OF YOU”. Well duh, I know I have great tits, thanks for stating the obvious is a rude way and I reeeeeally don’t want to hear your inside voice, trust me, there are a million other ways to compliment a women…and that includes women that pose nude! We are just like any other girl you will encounter, and while some might be a little shy to tell you like it is or slap you…I am certainly not lol!


Here are just a few things every young, old…ALL men should know when on social media:

  1. When you are messaging any girl on social media, be kind, respectful & polite. I don’t mean you can’t be playful & tell someone you think they’re HOT! but do it in a respectful way. You don’t know this person, and if you hope to, start off by acting like a human being, not a deranged non-human hahahaha.
  2. Unless a girl ASKS for a photo, she really doesn’t want one…trust me! ESPECIALLY not a photo of mini you. Its not as great as you think it is.  I hardly want to see a crooked, uncircumcised penis entangled in a zoo of chia pet pubic hair EEEEW! is an understatement.
  3. Spewing hatred and insults via social media certainly isn’t going to win you any attention…seems like common sense but its not unfortunately.
  4.  If you are speaking to a young women that happens to be in the adult industry, this is our profession, asking for freebies; photos, videos, and or discounts on services is NOT polite. Its the opposite actually, pretty insulting. I would never ask you to do your job for free-so don’t ask me for free shit. It was a choice to put myself out there as I have, I am choosing to profit from my outer appearance…I have made a few friends along the way but NONE of them ever asked for free shit!
  5. Do not repeat the same thing 25x on my feed and do not say the same thing to me and 25 other adult models. It makes you look like an idiot.
  6. Simply put, Be nice & I will be nice!

If you forgo this advice and continue being rude little fucktards, don’t be sad when you get blocked lol.


Now for IN PERSON chance encounters….

Here are some proper etiquette guidelines you should all follow:

  1. Wash your hands! I can’t tell you how many nasty mofo’s I see use the bathroom & not wash their hands or eat sloppy food and not wash their hands…then expect me to want to shake hands or let them touch me??!! Um no thanks!
  2. Hold the door open That goes for everyone, not just the hot chick walking in near you. Be nice & hold the door open for everyone! Its just a polite thing to do…and if the hottie sees you doing this, you might have a better shot when you say hi.
  3. Do not stare or gawk Again, I know I have great tits, a pretty face and a plump behind…I don’t need El-Creepo to undress me with his eyes for re-assurance. Its HELLA creepy and really awkward. always say something to make the dude feel dumb, but don’t let yourself look like an ass while gawking at one!
  4. If you recognize me in public I am a really nice person and will be nice to you IF you approach me in a respectful way. Do not scream, YO BRIANNA, or act like a weirdo. Respect my space please.
  5. If you want to hit on a girl As we found out in my last blog: Best pick up lines, the only real way to approach a woman is to be yourself and be nice, “Hi, I am Jon and I really wanted to meet you, you’re very beautiful.” NOT “Damn baby, you fly as shit, lets go get married” That happened today actually while I was walking out of a grocery store (eye roll) First, screaming that across the parking lot is fucking annoying and WHY TF would I want to marry some annoying fucker? LOL! Come on, common sense.
  6. Do not touch Not many people enjoy being groped by strangers, so keep your hands to yourself. If a girl ignores your cat call, keep it moving, you should have just said hi instead!
  7. If you are at a convention like AVN When you’re walking around a fun place where people are more uninhibited, please continue to use your manners. ASK if its ok to take a photo, its not the San Diego Zoo and all of the girls are exhibits…most of the time being polite will get a photo, but like I said before this is our profession and we are here to earn money in order to pay our bills. So paying for photos is customary.  And when taking photos, DO NOT Grab at someone’s chest, rear or any other area UNLESS invited! If it were me, you’d be laid out before you had a minute to think it over. For the other girls that are unwilling to say something, WHY would you want to make them uncomfortable?? Be nice…
  8. Take a shower, brush your teeth and take pride in your appearance I am not saying you need to look like Captain America or anything…but most women don’t like a smelly, sweaty, stank breath dude all in their grill. Another common sense rule that is commonly not followed believe it or not lol!



When you are lucky enough to have a women want and chose to be with you intimately…there are a few things to be considerate of as well!

  1. Again, Hygiene  is SUPER important. Wash your ass, hands, brush your teeth and trim your hair all over
  2. Never assume that a girl that is in the adult business is going to have sex like they do on film, most of the time during filming, the most important thing is getting the right angle, shot, some pretty unrealistic stuff goes on. Its never been a dream of mine to fuck cowgirl on the concrete-OUCH lol.
  3. If you are getting a blow job, never assume that she’s going to swallow…ask if she wants to and proceed appropriately.
  4. Don’t get yours before she gets hers…unless its a super quicky situation with someone you’ve been with for a while…don’t be an ass, its about both of you enjoying it. Otherwise, it’ll be few and far between that you get a helping hand vs just your own hand!
  5. If its a one night stand situation, WRAP IT UP! I shouldn’t have to say that, but when people are in the moment, they don’t use their brain. Having unprotected sex with a stranger or even someone you think you know is never a smart idea. Besides unwanted pregnancy, there’s a TON of scary un-cureable STDs that are floating around out there. That goes for blow jobs too! You CAN get herpes, gonnorhea etc just from her mouth or ladies, IN your mouth from his penis. We should all know this shit, but we don’t…you can STILL have fun, just be safe!
  6. If you finish and explode all over the place, get your ass up & grab her a warm wet towel…not many girls I know-porn and all-enjoy fermenting giz all over them. Asking her if she wants a glass of water is nice too, if you did your job properly…she’ll need some time to get up & she’ll take a water lol.

So remember boys, you CAN have fun & playful…just be a gentlemen too and I promise, you’ll be happily hittin’ it again and again in no time! KISSES!


xo, Brianna

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Best Pick Up Line Winner!

Hey guys! Thank you all for participating. It was SO fun & funny to read all of your unique posts. I loved a lot of them but there’s only 1 winner! xxSheerSinsxx…its YOU! Congrats on being creative.

His post: ” _xxsheersinsxxThe Packers suck! (That would at least get you to argue with me for at least a good 10 mins, that has to be more than most attention guys get..😂😂😂😂) Then id apologize and buy you a drink. @thebriannajordan



Another shout out to all of the gentlemen out there that said they would NOT use a pick up line…that’s honestly the ONLY way that I would consider speaking to someone.  I am a tad bit unapproachable in public….on purpose! Too many people believe that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and that they can throw their manners out the door when they step off of the plane.  NOPERS, I am one to always put someone in their place whether it be a lecture or batting the camera out of their hand when they haven’t asked permission.  YUP, that happens. LOL

See the video results of the contest here:  Brianna’s Best Pickup Line Contest


(still learning about this blog so next time I will make sure the video appears here…for those that have iphones, it’ll most likely play best there! I will also re-post this once I fix the video ;o)



Super fun though, thanks for playing. I’ll be doing some other fun things soon via istagram & twitter, so make sure you’re following to stay in the loop. Instagram & Twitter 

Also, be sure to login to http://www.BriannaJordan.com every week for NEW content; pics, videos, live shows, girl/girl stuff and MORE! xxoo,



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