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Last Stop: The Greek Isles

I was in Mykonos last year shooting & LOVED it so I was able to arrange another trip here to end my Euro tour for 2015. I left Switzerland with some mountain sickness still but once I landed in Greece, it seemed to dissipate.  I decided to just let go & try to fully enjoy my time here as Baby would have wanted me to. It was harder again there because I was closer to going home to an empty home.

As soon as I checked into the hotel, I jumped right into the pool….ahhh & then had dinner at one of my favorite places in Mykonos Town, D’Angelos…Hands down, THE BEST! I probably splurged too much on this last stop but it happens.


I stayed at the same resort I was at last year so I knew most of the staff which was fun…they really took care of me and made sure I was never thirsty! LOL!


The spot on the island was perfect with a 360 degree view of everything, some of the most beautiful sunsets…


This time I had a chance to check out Super Paradise…I’m not much of a partier, actually, I don’t party AT ALL! Nor do I have the desire, but I had to see it at least. It was a fun atmosphere…and it was during Pride week, so I was safe! My fav time of year ūüėČ


Alas, the trip was coming to an end, I wasn’t ready to go home but I was.


I was a nice ending to a long journey…

I’ve been home now since September but as you know, with the loss of my boy, I am still catching up as it was difficult to accomplish my usual workload. When I got home, I was pretty devastated but at first I had the amazing distraction of my other half & bestie, many of you know her, Tay Stevens.

Even though we’re not in the same city and we don’t talk every single day, we catch up right were left off every time. She really has my back & I have hers. A true blue friend…not a flakey fake like most people are these days unfortunately. We had fun, we laughed, she totally took my mind off of everything…


She was just what I needed but then she had to go home :O( and I was home…all alone, again. So as you know from my earlier post, I made the decision to adopt. These little girls are exactly what I needed, they bring so much energy & life back into the home. (a little too much sometimes lol) We’ve settled in now & they have officially started their doggie boot camp and are on the way to being well behaved little girls. Very exciting!

IMG_2649[1]IMG_2647[1]¬†Next up for us are the holidays and as always catching up on work! I wasn’t going to decorate because that was something I did with Baby every year, but the girls & I are making new memories & honoring him still…we miss him every day but they are grateful they’re able to share his mommy :O) After all, they are a teensy bit spoiled!

I’ll catch up with you all next week! Until then, be sure to schedule some play time with yours truly!


And remember! Its almost time for my BDAY!!!!


For all of you that don’t know, when you send me a gift, I like to return the favor & send you a personal thank you gift in return! There are plenty of things I am lusting after this year…take a look: AMAZON¬†¬†or something nice¬†VICTORIASSECRET¬†but for me, the best gift of all is the gift of shopping! So gift cards are my fav! Thanks everyone, have a great week and join me live TUESDAY, NOV 17th!!!!


xxoo Brianna

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Zermatt Switzerland

This was one of the most spectacular places I have ever visited. It was really the highlight of my trip & what really kept my mind occupied. I left Austria VERY early in the am and landed in Zurich which was where I caught a train to Zermatt. Its a pretty remote area & you can drive most of the way or train, that’s about it. So after about a 3 hour train ride, I arrived in a quaint little village & was promptly greeted by my ride, a horse & carriage. I was STOKED! It was the cutest place. There are no motor vehicles allowed in the village of Zermatt, only trolley’s (large golf carts) and horses! SO cool!


It was a short ride up to my hotel, which was by far one of the nicest & favorite places. They really took care of me & my guests & made sure that we wanted for nothing. I had a photoshoot planned for the following day, so I took in the village a little and had a fantastic meal in the hotel….really some of the best food I’ve ever eaten as well.



DSC04352IMG_0171 IMG_0176

The next day, I had a little hike & a trolley ride up to my shoot location & WOW was it beautiful there. I have a hard time deciding between the mountains or the beach on where I would love to live (that means I will just have to keep working hard so I can afford homes in each!). ¬†The shoot was really relaxed, no pressure or stress which was really nice & the people were very nice also. Its really SO much less stress to shoot in Europe for me rather than the states. I don’t have any pics to show you of the shoot because it was a private set & the content belongs to them, when its released there, I will be able to show you all.

After shooting, I found my hotel pool, which was more of a really big jazuzzi lol, it was very warm & so relaxing. I ended up falling asleep in the chairs & woke up just in time to meet everyone for dinner. I was a lot more relaxed here than anywhere else on my trip I think. Maybe the fresh mountain air.


The next day half of us decided to go up to the top of the mountain…not that I was prepared for that, didn’t think it would be so cold, but it was do-able. We saw the glacier palace, which doesn’t rival that of the one in Lucerne I don’t think. It was nice & short & we all were cold so we came back down…perhaps a little too quickly because later that evening I was starting to feel really awful.


I ended up having a bad case of Altitude sickness, who knew, I’ve never even heard of it but it lasted pretty much the rest of the time I was in Europe, I guess your brain starts to swell which makes you really dizzy, nausea & fatigued. It got better & then worse, then better but I didn’t let it stop me from enjoying the rest of the time there. The hotel was great & got me some medicine which helped. Its pretty common I guess…I am always one to have motion sickness, so maybe that’s why? Idk.

I spent another day just really relaxing which was really nice…eating too much lol but that’s ok, life’s short & I want to live a little before the end comes…making memories is really important to me.

IMG_0323IMG_0324 DSC04321 DSC04298¬†I really enjoyed my time here & SO hope to go back soon! I HIGHLY recommend this as a stop on your next trip….you only live once & nothing is ever guaranteed…carpe diem!

In other news, I hope you all had a great & safe Halloween! I ended up spending QT with my family that was visiting & trying not to get them sick (I had a cold). My 1st year not handing out candy…felt a little strange but now I am ready for the holidays. Wasn’t going to decorate out of respect for Baby. That was something we did together, but now that the girls are here, I think that he would want us all to be happy & celebrate…so Christmas, here we come!

I’ll leave you all with a tease from our Halloween Scene, BAD NURSES! I was a little demented that day, not gonna lie, but Maggie really liked it lol! Check it out now at www.briannajordan.com¬†
DSC_0007 copy

DSC_0087 copyXXOO



Ps. Another year has come & gone almost! Which means it’ll be time to celebrate my Happy Bday soon! Dec 1st, and for all of you sweeties out there that want to know how to spoil me… Amazon is a great start!¬†¬†There’s a few things I really need though! Sephora ¬†Petco ¬†& Southwest¬†Gift cards! ¬†(just click on each name to follow the link) <3 I always send a thank you gift in return xxoo


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