As usual, I started my journey this summer to Europe in London, England. Really one of my favorite cities. Its always refreshing to immerse yourself in a completely different way of living and London is quite different than Vegas! The weather was great, although I worked most days so I wasn’t able to tour around during the day. Evenings were relaxing & I did squeeze in a spa day which was SO needed, thanks to all of my amazingly supportive friends that all chipped in for my hotel stay. You guys ROCK! & you know who you are. You are so appreciated. The whole journey was pretty tough just having lost my son, my best friend & forever #1 companion, which might be why I am finally now writing about it in October lol! Sorry! But thanks for your patience.


Love the architecture & all of the many different people.

I mainly worked as much as I could in order to keep my mind off of things at home. Had a lot of room service & tears though, it was really tough but I still was able to snap some selfies for you all lol.



    During a HOT & steamy shoot


I did have a free day & decided to venture into the countryside & see Windsor Castle!


HAD to stop in my FAV Vikkis store & grab my souvenirs


                 Castling around!


                       VIKKIS on Bond Street!

All in all, its always nice to start my worldwide trips in a place where I speak the same language! HA! Kind of helps a bit. My next stop was Vienna Austria. I had a few days until I was due in Switzerland, so I wanted to see one of the most talked about places in Europe. The 2 days I was there were right smack in the middle of the biggest heatwave they have had since the 1800s! So it was HOT! Hotter than it was in Vegas on those same days in August! Geez, of course the heat follows me lol!


Wachu Valley & the Danube River

I stayed a great hotel called Hotel Sacher Wein, it was very fancy & I actually felt a little out of place but I was really there for sleeping. I went on a day tour of the city, the palace & the major landmarks & then relaxed in the evening, had a great Bavarian meal at Plachutta. I was really craving some Spaettzle (if you don’t know what that is, you better find out, the shit is BOMB!)


At Schonbrunn Palace

There was a GREAT little cafe, Cafe Mozart that I highly recommend if you are ever in the area….


IMG_9998I didn’t have time for any concerts or shows which was a bummer but I did make time for a countryside tour of Wachu Valley. It was a 14 mile bike ride (who knew it’d be 100+ degrees with humidity?!!) and wine tasting. No one felt like tasting wine in the heat, but I did anyway lol….when in Rome….Or well, when in Vienna!


Cheers! Here I was drinking a Gruner Vetliner & although I don’t care for white, this was SO great! Espec in the heat.


On top of a 14 mile hike, we climbed a top a mountain (another hour) to see an old castle. I think we were all deluded from heat exhaustion! Gorgeous views though.

After that severely exhausting day, I climbed into bed to await my EARLY 6am departure to Switzerland. I was off to a really remote place, so it would be a full day of trains, planes & automobiles lol! I’ll save that for my next blog entry, so stay tuned :O) You will be able to see the FULL galleries of my trips in the members area of my website, soon, so keep a look out! If you’re already a member, AWESOME! you’re one step ahead 😉 If not, you had better join up before tomorrow’s live show! Its been a long time cumming…..pun intended! :p

XXOO, Brianna