Well it certainly feels like its been a while since we’ve chatted! I have been back home from Europe for a few weeks now with of course lots of things going on as usual. Mainly, I have been battling with severe depression & anxiety with the passing of my son. I not only didn’t want to be around anyone at all, but forcing myself to was worse. I tried pushing myself to accomplish all of my normal activities but it wasn’t working. It wasn’t working so much so that I got sick 🙁 While I was sick and had no choice but to lay in bed & cry, I tried catching up on some online work when my mouse wandered to some doggie rescue websites. Pretty soon, I found myself becoming ok with the idea of having not only one but 2 little rascals running around in my big quiet house. If you don’t know me well, I will tell you that once I put my mind to something or figure out that I want something, I will not stop until I succeed, even when I’m sick lol. So I thought I had found my 2 pups, 2 dogs were going to be euthanized if I didn’t commit to them. So DUH, I did. Everything was great, I bought most of the things puppies would need so they would have a seamless transition to my home, I was packed & ready for my trip to San Diego! Then an hour before I left, I got notification that they were not the poodle/bichon mix they thought they were. The shelter had made a mistake. Another thing you might not know about me is that I am highly allergic to all animals, grass, dust, etc. plus have severe asthma. I spent a lot of time as a child in the ER on ventilators until they figured it out. So I was completely devastated that these pups would not be coming home with me. They were however saved from a terrible fate as someone else adopted them. I was lost all over again, it was really a struggle to even move let alone get out of bed. Then with the encouragement of my family, I did get out of bed & went on the search again…this time I was really weary & hesitant but a woman with a smaller rescue organization said she rescued 2 poodles, a mom & dad & the mom was pregnant. Well the mom had recently had her litter & there were 2 sisters that were 8 weeks old & needed a home quickly. Before I could even shower for the day, I hopped in my truck & Off I went to cali!  The rest is history…and now I am the proud mommy of 2 little girls. We got home, they very quickly adjusted to their surroundings & its been sort of a whirl wind ever since! I had NO clue how puppies were lol, when I rescued Baby from the streets all those years ago, he was already 8 mo old & had his adult teeth. These little girls? They’re 8 weeks old, razor sharp teeth (I had scratches EVERYWHERE!), and they don’t have all of their shots yet, so for now that means potty training indoors on puppy pads (EYEROLL). Its ok though, I LOVE them to pieces! I will always miss my little boy Baby, he will always be my number 1 but these girls are a great addition & distraction. I now look forward to coming home instead of dreading it. Yesterday I was crying about Baby, as I still do every day, but this time, they both jumped in my lap for kisses! And made it better. 🙂

IMG_1532IMG_1559IMG_1617[1]Meet my girls, London, because she is such an independent & chic little bitch lol (plus its one of my fav places)! and Rosie…well, I think you can see by her nose & face & toes how she got her name lol! They love each other very much & they play & fight like sisters do…but now my house is once again a home. Let the adventure begin!

So now that I am home & feeling happier, I can resume normal activities like camming with you guys! and things of that nature. Ya might hear little yaps in the background lol. I will also blog about all of the places I was this year just as I did with last years & the year before that. I hope you’ve all been enjoying the updates on BriannaJordan.com as they were super fun to create for you! Stay tuned for more & show times. xxoo