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In Loving Memory…

Once upon a time there was a girl who lived in Las Vegas.  She worked & worked & worked some more and really had a feeling of loneliness.  Sure she had plenty of friends & family to keep her company but there was still something missing. 

The girl 4th from left

The girl 4th from left

One day after working the graveyard shift & heading towards home, she tried to avoid the morning traffic and took back roads home. A route that she normally never traveled. All of a sudden, there were several cars scattered & pulled over.  She looked closely to see a little dust ball bouncing around in every which direction. Upon closer inspection, she noticed that it was a living dust ball of the canine variety. She put her car in park, left it running & chimed in with the other dozen people that were trying to coax the little dark fur ball their way. She, in the very loud & obnoxious voice she has when she yells, screamed, “BABY! Come here baby!” and it was just as if all of the other people faded into the background and the ball of dust ran into her arms.

She drove with the exhausted creature in her arms to her home. The poor fellow was pretty pooped but needed a bath. Something surprising was discovered. Not only was he a little boy, but he was not the grey/black color she found him as, but a stunning bright white. The girl knew he must be famished after his journey and fed him some rice & eggs and water of course. She put a blanket on the ground, and there he lay…falling fast asleep. zzzzz

Now this girl knew that she had to think fast because although she LOVED all animals, she was highly allergic to them all and with her severe asthma, it was only a matter of time before she had an attack & ended up at the ER. She tried calling all of the animal shelters around, most were full & some were Kill shelters….which was not an option. So she kept her distance from the little guy and went to sleep herself.

She woke up the next day to find him still asleep! He was very tuckered out. The one thing she noticed was that she was breathing just fine. Never having a pet before, and in a time before smart phones & google, she called her Aunt and let her know of the current events. Her Aunt advised her to take him to a nearby veterinarian and have him checked out.

The vet told her that he was a mut, a mix of Bichon Frise & Poodle…both hypo-allergenic breeds! WHAT a revelation. Seemingly he was sent to this girl by a stronger force knowing that the match would be made in heaven. She learned that he was only a puppy, around 6-8 months old. They gave him some shots & off they went.


Baby & the Girl during the 1st year

She was nervous at first because of all of the asthma issues she had in the past, but little by little she started to smother him with cuddles & kisses. He was a little nervous at first too because the previous home he had been in was very abusive, he even had a beebee gun bullet lodged in his little rib cage. He very quickly came around, seeing that the girl would only show him love, cook him yummy food and was very good at playing hide & go seek.  She tried very hard to think of a name for this little Lamb Chop. He loved to be cradled by her and when you stopped petting him, he would lean into her or paw at her like a small child, so she decided that Baby was what they would stick with. That is after all the name that he came to that fateful day in the back roads of Las Vegas.

Over the next couple of years they bonded in a way that she had never experienced before.  He was always there for her, never judging, always listening to her long stories, always cuddling and always so very happy to see her.  She wasn’t lonely anymore.


Baby loved to play & was always such a little cutey pie

The girl had never had a pet before and she didn’t know that they shouldn’t eat exactly what people eat or that they had to tinkle as much as we do.  She didn’t know why he would always get so sick when she made a box of mac & cheese and gave him half!  It wasn’t until she met someone that had many dogs & lots of experience with them that she learned a few things that helped Baby a LOT. She was trained on how to be the best dog mom possible and then she started teaching Baby how to be a polite young man. He was a little disappointed in the change of food, but he loved the walks off-leash and everything else that they did together. Mostly play and cuddle.


The squeaker bone became infamous as he went through almost 100, preferring this toy over all others.


The girl would take him with her everywhere. They traveled all over the US, taking road trips for work all the time. They stopped to visit family along the way and everyone that met Baby fell in love with his sweet nature.

roadtrip (27)

He had never seen white flakes falling from the and was SO excited that he had to hop around like a bunny rabbit!


His sweet little cousins loved taking him for hikes.


He knew when they were on the road, cuddling was best.


He always knew that suitcases meant he was going on an adventure!

When they were home, he would try to remind his mom to take breaks here & there…

Telling his mom to take a break from chores to cuddle was one of the things he did most.

He would always SAY he wanted to help fold laundry, but usually ended up wanting to just cuddle instead.

And although there was no more Mac & Cheese for either of them, they loved to watch their shows & nibble on snacks together.


His most favorite snack was always Apple & PB


And definitely loved popcorn while watching the Bachelor, who doesn’t?!

In the winter time, Baby always cuddled up by the fire with the Girl so they would both be warm together. He loved being warm and the Girl made sure that he was always tucked in.

053 (2)babythedoggie640 619 034 006 (3)

Their bond grew stronger every single day and they were so very happy.


And he even forgave her for dressing him up on special occasions & holidays.


A lot of time passed. 15 years to be exact. All the while their love grew deeper. The girl noticed that he was starting to slow down a little bit, noticed he had aches and pains and slept a little more as time passed.  The girl took him to the very best doggie doctors to make sure he had the best care available. She gave him all of his vitamins, gave him alternative therapy for his arthritis and anything else she could think of to make him happy & feel the best that he could feel! He still played, they cuddled ALL the time and still loved each other more each day.


He loved to give his mom kisses to let her know he loved her very much.


One day at the doggie doctor, when Baby was turning 16, the Girl was given some not so great news. They discovered the beginnings of kidney disease. The girl was completely beside herself, but the Dr reassured her that he would be ok with special medicine and care and would have many more happy years left. Feeling hopeful, the Girl researched as much as possible on the best things to do for her Baby. He received weekly IV fluids, daily medications, special food and LOTS of TLC. She was able to help him live comfortably for the next year.


He sometimes liked to go in the Girls closet and find clothes to play with. And even though they were a little pricey, she didn’t care, she laughed.

430 (3)284

They have come a long way these two, and here is where we catch up with their story.

Two weeks ago the Girl took Baby to his favorite doggie Dr and they received GREAT news! All of the TLC & medicine was working! He was in great health and staving off the awful kidney disease.  It looked like he had another couple of years to play, and cuddle, and snack with the Girl.

On one summer eve in Vegas where it wasn’t as hot as usual, the girl took Baby for a walk at the park near their house. He didn’t always want to go for walks anymore but this day he was in an exceptionally good mood. They took their time, he sniffed almost every spot of grass that they eye could see and said hello to some dog friends. They got home & took a bath, he was so excited to be clean (like usual!) that he started playing with his little bone and they eventually cuddled on the couch to watch their shows.

An hour later, the Girl noticed her Baby having trouble breathing, and then he started to cry. She stayed up all night with him thinking he had a tummy ache because she had to keep changing his food so he wanted to eat. They went straight to the Dr the next day.  His favorite Dr was on vacation so the substitute saw him. The news was very bad. Baby’s kidneys had stopped working. They shut down, causing his other organs to follow and he was feeling very, very sick.  The Girl refused to take the Sub’s directive and leave him overnight, so she took him to her secondary dog dr and put in a call to the Dr on vacation. The whole day was a whirlwind of torturous news, not wanting to believe it, but with all 3 Drs agreeing & saying the same thing. He was in pain, suffering and would not make it more than 3 days to a week longer in this state.

The Girl made the hardest decision in her entire life. She had to ease her son’s pain. She had to let go, keeping him here would only be selfish and cruel. She called the Dr & they set a time for her to come to their home and put Baby’s pain at ease.

Baby and the Girl had one last day to spend together on earth. It was very sad for them both. He wished he wasn’t in pain, but he couldn’t hide it from her. She was in pain too but they decided to spend the last day together trying to remember all of the amazing memories they had. She fed him food he wasn’t allowed to eat and he tried very hard to eat it for her, but she could tell he didn’t want to. She cupped her hand so he could drink water out of it, otherwise, he was too ill to want it.


He used to love pancakes


He tried to comfort her because he knew that he would be leaving soon.

The Dr came over at 12pm on Saturday, July 25th and at 12:35 her sweet prince was eternally asleep.

Just before he left, he whispered in her ear….”this is NOT goodbye mommy, this is just until I see you again.”

After all, there was something that sent him to the Girl in the very beginning. They were soulmates.



In Loving Memory, Baby,  September 1999-July 2015


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Happy Birthday America!

Happy July Fourth everyone, I hope you are all enjoying some R&R with family and friends.

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I’ve been busy as a bee the last couple of weeks! Working working working, shot some sexy content for you loyal website members and can’t wait for the upcoming releases…Check out some hot pics from last weeks photoshoot!

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Just wanted to add to the fireworks show! Until next time, ttyl <3 xoxoxo

Love Brianna

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