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A huge thanks to all of the brave men & women that protect our country!

You all know this weekend is Memorial Day. Its not National BBQ day in case you’ve forgotten the real reason for the holiday. Its to give thanks to the many people that keep our country safe & allow us the ability to live in a free country. While you all know that I love to travel & see different cultures, I am SO proud & grateful to be an American!

All Aboard! Cumming to my website this July!

A special thanks to all who protect & serve! In memory of all that has given their greatest sacrifice for this country

Las Vegas, where I reside will no doubt have a million pool parties & club events this weekend, no where near where you’ll be finding little ole me lol. I am not one for clubs, drunk asses & stupid people. I will be working my cute tail off as usual, finally catching up on briannajordan.com updates! YAY! That means more fun for ya’ll! And I am really excited to announce my 1st members LIVE show since we’ve re-launched. It’s this Friday at 3pm PT. Make sure you login or you’ll miss out on all of the fun! I am going to make it a special show since its my 1st time back in a while :O)

Also you can stay tuned for next weeks photoshoot. I haven’t streamed during one in a while & thought I’d bring you along. I’m pretty excited for this shoot, I’ll be creating some sexy custom photos & videos for people. If you want to be one of the lucky few, email me at brianna@briannajordan.com for details on how to order your very own custom items!

Until next time, I salute you! xxoo


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Members requesting info…

Hey boys & girls! Just a quick post to express my thanks for all of your patience! I wanted to address a couple of concerns you’ve emailed me on. (even if just one of you mention it, I take everything seriously as I want you all to be happy!)

You might notice some familiar updates being posted that you may have seen before. They are being reposted in the correct format. That means BEST quality HD videos (where before they may have had issues, been grainy or not in full HD), same goes for the galleries. At this time, some scenes are missing as well & some may have just the video or just the gallery. Rest assured, we are working very diligently to resolve all issues. You WILL be seeing new content asap, but like I said, I am mixing in re-do’s of things in proper HD formats as well, you should re-download them and your viewing will be much more enjoyable!

If you are a newbie, WELCOME & enjoy, the site is better than it ever has been & will continue to be better and better. Feel free to email me with comments or questions. I make myself quite accessible in order to ensure full fan enjoyment & separate myself from others.

Hope you’re loving this weeks HOT scene! Sexy Satin with Aria Giovanni….more to cum later!

Aria & Briana Sexy Satin IMG_0343 copy IMG_0356 copy IMG_0434 copy

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Time to Celebrate!

Well boys & girls…the day we’ve ALL been waiting for! My website has been officially RELAUNCHED! YAAAAY! I am SO excited and proud to announce the relaunching of my website. The old site as you all know was good but this is going to be GREAT! I am so very grateful for all of the hard work that the Cherry Pimps team has put in on this with me in order to make it finally happen! In other FANTASTIC news! I was also able to get my personal store back online! If you’ve never been, check it out! SHOPBRIANNA I will be adding TONS of new things in the upcoming weeks :O)


If you are an existing & loyal member, please be patient with us. You will notice things here & there missing perhaps, or things being released that you have seen recently prior to the merge. If you see that galleries and or videos are missing, PLEASE email me and tell me the name of the scene and/or what glitches you may see. I apologize for duplicate content, but hang in there…all of these things will be addressed and remedied very soon! This is going to be one HOT summer! And that’s not just because I live in Vegas lol! The site is going to be the best EVER!

If you are new to my site or haven’t been a member in a long time, I am happy to welcome you to my site, my world & all things Brianna….not to mention the many other girls you have access to in my cam network! Super exciting for us all!

You can expect new weekly scenes with me, with my friends & I. I will do bi-monthly live shows (which means twice per month) I still have an absolutely INSANE schedule being that I own, run & operate 3 other businesses that sort of take precedence over everything in my life! So what that means for YOU is that there may be times that I am not able to make a scheduled show or might be late etc, but I will always do my best to make it there when scheduled. Last minute shows might pop in there also. You can really keep track of when I will go live best via twitter. In addition to all of that, you all NOW have access to all of the other girls within my network! Isn’t that awesome?! Plus you will not only have my main scene but there will be candids of me in real life as well as fun & sexy behind the scene photos & videos that will really give you a look inside my real life! Overall, as always, I pride myself in being REAL with my fans & members, most people in this business are great actresses…I’d rather do what feels good to me, in turn making it that much better for you!

I really hope you all enjoy & can’t wait to see you all in the next live show…TBA!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone! More to cum next week! xxoo


The end lol!


(if you already know me, you know of the super fun issues I have been having with every technical thing in my life lol…no laptop still, so the next show will be after I get that going ;O) If you want to get the ball rolling faster?? You can gift me a laptop from my wishlist which will earn you a custom video! http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00OP8F78S/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_SMotvb1PD63K9


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