Hey Boys & Girls! I hope you are all faring well in this seasons extra cold temps! My ears are burning with many complaints from friends & family all over the country.  All the while…not to rub it in…we are having record breaking high temps here in fab Las Vegas! Time for a Vegas vacay don’t you think? LOL

The Las Vegas Strip at night

So I have been busy making a lot of new business moves. One of which you all already know a little about, that is teaming up with the Cherry Pimps team to provide you all with a brand new updated version of my sexy website. They are a great team of people to work with & I know you will all love the new convenience of the site. www.BriannaJordan.com will be bigger & better than ever. All content is being moved now (has been for a while now) & once that is completed, I will announced the big relaunch! Very excited about it :o)

Shot at the Cherry Pimps Studio

I am also getting my health back in order. After seeing more than several dozen doctors & specialists, I have decided to trust MYSELF only & do what I feel is best for me. I am not going to go on a rant and say that everyone should get off of pharmaceutical medications, but for me, I feel that it is the right thing to do. Having an auto immune disease is one struggle but learning how to manage it & who to trust to help manage it is completely another struggle. And the struggle is REAL! Very intense. I have started documenting my journey via video diary & am working to create a VLOG that will be coming out sometime mid-year this year.  I have just been so misled by the Doctors here, over-medicated and gotten worse over the last few years that I want to bring awareness to the issues I have dealt with & hopefully make the Vlog entertaining as well. It will also be about fitness, daily life & other interests I have. :o) I think my real fans/friends will enjoy.

Right now I am 2 weeks into my new “coach/Dr” natural program & have to keep reminding myself to be patient. Results are not immediate but I am relieved to be completely off of all synthetic drugs that gave me worse side effects than the Hashimotos disease symptoms!

So if you are out there and feel like no one understands…there’s ALWAYS someone that has a similar or worse struggle.  Be grateful for the blessings you do have & treat each day like a gift. It sounds really cliché to say that, but its really true. You’re never guaranteed that next breath…enjoy what time you have. Let go of the past & leave it there. Be the best YOU that you can & remember that if you need some R&R or a distraction, I gotcha covered!


Love & happiness




Let me nibble on this…..Distracting??


Talk soon peeps xoxox

Happy Valentine’s Day!
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