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I say it every year but can you believe how quickly the year passes by? When I was a little kid & longed to be a grown up, all of the adults around me would say, “Don’t rush it, when you get our age, it goes by too fast!” and boy were they right! Wow…that just means that our time here is limited and we have to really make the most of it. Accomplish your goals, set new ones and strive to be a better person every single day. I am not perfect and don’t pretend to be, but really try hard to improve my inner self always. It is a lot easier to be negative and to give in to all of the stresses around us, its easy to be depressed and to place blame on everyone else. The hard part is to force yourself to be the best you can be and look at yourself only for change. No one else is in charge of your life but YOU!

Most of you know about my thyroid health issues.  I have seen so many doctors, spend tens of thousands of dollars uninsured and battled with the insurance to cover while I was insured. I have been on many different trial medications and I cannot lie, its been the hardest thing I have been through. After you have seen over a dozen doctors, specialists and tried every medication available and nothing works, and you get worse, its quite defeating. I kind of let my disappointment take over for the last few months as it gets increasingly harder to control the things out of my control. For those of you that do not follow me consistently, I have Hashimotos disease, an auto-immune disease that attacks your thyroid.  The symptoms that have been really tough for me especially being in the public eye are weight gain, skin issues-acne & eczema, mood swings-depression, hot/cold bouts, dizzy/fainting spells, vertigo….ETC. So when you add trial medication that makes those things worse, not better, its pretty disheartening.

Through my journey, I have learned a LOT! I have always trusted my instincts but have really honed in on them, switching docs when I am not confident in their ability or willingness to help me.  The last doc I had started to imply that it was my lifestyle and inability to stick to the meds that were creating more issues for me. UM NO! I workout daily, know exactly what to do in the gym and although I allow myself an occasional indulgence (Christmas cookies right now lol), I never over do it & know the proper ways to take care of my body starting from what I eat. I also made sure that the stress of all of my jobs do not get in the way of me being a balanced person, incorporated YIN & meditation which has helped de-stress tremendously. So when the meds made me vomit, so dizzy I crashed my car into my own truck, couldn’t sleep, etc, I called the Dr office and let them know I was discontinuing. You cannot be afraid or allow other people, even people that are supposed to know what’s best for your body, bully you into continuing to do what you think is harmful. YOU have to take charge of your health and well being, no one else will care as much as you do! Truth.

So my last ditch effort to find a doctor in Las Vegas brought me to the woman I met a week and a half ago. An internist-not even an endocrinologist (thyroid specialist), who is younger than the old farts I’ve been seeing, understands the struggles of being a woman and being in the public eye AND she has hypo-thyroidism (a lesser form of hashimotos). She took a LOT of time with me, she made me feel comfortable and gave me realistic expectations. Change will not happen overnight, but over the course of the next 8 months to a year, I will start feeling like my old self again. I found a newly refreshed outlook on everything and feel myself coming out of my depression. I am really excited to have been able to start turning around my attitude and am grateful-SO very grateful for the inner strength I have had my entire life.

I guess the reason I am letting you all in on this very personal struggle of mine is to show you that although I am put on a pedestal and in the public eye, I am also human and have struggles and things I go through just like you do. I also know that there are MANY people out there suffering with things that are similar and are not sure what to do or who to trust to help. For about 5 years before I was diagnosed with Hashimotos, I knew that I wasn’t right inside…Every doctor I saw said, “You’re too young to have hormone issues” or “You just need to change your diet” or “Its all in your head” I knew that I wasn’t 100% and could feel better, have a better quality of life.  So its been a real goal of mine for years that I have been actively pursuing for a long long time. Ups and downs have lead me here. Nothing is perfect and never will be, but my outlook is positive.

This is the main reason I have had less live shows lately-not to mention that its increasingly more difficult to carry all of my bills, so I have to work more and more and more…So to answer the Question from last weeks blog, YES, all archives will transfer over to the new site. I will also be doing bi-monthly shows so we can all keep in touch personally ;o) Now is the best time to join in the fun, Next show will be this week or next! Stay tuned on twitter for the exact date/time. http://www.twitter.com/brianna_jordan and my website as you all know is the best place to see me live http://www.briannajordan.com

I DO schedule private chats however, they are very expensive, I treat them like you are meeting me one on one-which I also offer to a VERY select few.

So to end this blog, if you don’t feel quite right, you don’t trust your doctor or a loved one is experiencing something, do not be afraid to speak up & make changes. YOU control your life, no one else will care enough to. YOU are in charge of your happiness, so make the most of it.

Love, hugs, kisses & more….


PS. For those sweet generous people that are asking what I want underneath my Christmas tree? Here are some things I have selected and need:

Everything you send me earns you a gift back, no matter how big or small. The gift backs are determined by the purchase price of your gift to me though ;o)


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So boys & girls, FINALLY some fantastic news if you were or are a member of Http://www.BriannaJordan.com I have teamed up with a PROFESSIONAL team that is going to assist in the re-design & re-launch of my website. It took some time to find someone in this industry that had a good reputation and that is someone I know I will work well with. To be honest, most of what you all see is FAKE! Most girls in the business could give 2 shi*s about their members and fans and don’t care at all what happens to them. I on the other hand have a great deal of care & consideration that goes into everything that I do. I had to wait until I knew that you would all be taken care of as website members, so thank you all for your patience. And those that just couldn’t wait, it will definitely be in your best interest to join #TeamBrianna once again!
The re-design & re-launch will take approximately 2-3 months. I have a TON of content that they have to log which takes a lot of time, so patience is the key here. We will most likely have some snags along the way, but I have full faith that this team will succeed in a timely manner & stay professional.
What you can expect as a member: At this time we are working with our current billing company, ccbill to ensure that all of your memberships are transferred over without you having to do anything at all. If this changes, I will personally email you to let you know.
You may see some duplicate content, that is because the old galleries that are in Part I, II & III will be re-released to be a full gallery.
You will be seeing me LIVE at a minimum of twice monthly-my schedule will still be all over the place as my other businesses have me running around like a mad-woman 110% of the time, they pay my bills, so unless you are willing to send me a huge chunk of change (ex, I just paid out over 25k-n ot 2500, thousand bro) yesterday in only a PORTION of my bills)-don’t complain! Lol! You can see my schedule changes on twitter, so I suggest you start following me now & check for updates regularly. Most schedule changes will be last minute although I try to give as much notice as possible. (click the bird!)
Brianna on Twitter!

I will have weekly blogs, weekly photo/video releases, behind the scenes and candid photos of my real life, along with a possible few scheduled public appearances. All of which will be posted on my twitter and INSTAGRAM. Make sure to follow me at both locations ;o)
Remember that if YOU want to see me in person, you can contact me to set something up. Questions; email me at Brianna@briannajordan.com
Until next time, xxoo
Brianna J

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