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Mykonos Island

I am still unsure as to why everyone that I spoke to prior to this trip told me that I would not care for Mykonos and “a girl like me” would like Santorini much better. First things first, I LOOOOOVED Mykonos. I happened to be there during the biggest Gay Pride festival of the year! It was AWESOME! I made a ton of friends that love fashion, shopping & the pool as much as I do-and none of them were trying to sleep with me…it was heaven! LOL!

Every sunset was spectacular, people would pull over just to watch & applaud when it set. Gorgeous!

 Its really important to me to love my hotel & I am kind of a picky bitch when it comes to where I rest my head at night lol. MUST be clean, nice, luxurious & have great amenities. I stayed at the Rocabella Mykonos and OMG did they WOW me! From the most amazing customer service, to such a stellar property, I loved everything about it.

Decorated in a beachy Greek Style and very clean!

Greek Hospitality is bar none! They gave me a bottle of wine/champs, snacks etc all complimentary!

While I did have to actually work while I was here, it didn’t feel anything like work at all. I had a blast shooting on the beach & hosting for some really fun clubs while I was there. In my down time, you could find me actually relaxing by the pool-a word (relax) that I had long forgotten about! I took an amazing guided horse tour, they were so sweet…you all know how much of an animal lover I am! I really was sad to leave! But the tour must go on! I am really looking forward to going back one day & not having to work at all…simply to enjoy life.

Can you say traditional Greek Salad-this is not how they make them in America, SO GOOD!
From a fantastic restaurant I found, M-eating, SO good & what presentation!

Pool view from my room balcony WOW!

This gorgeous creature endured the extreme temps, I felt so guilty but fell in love with her.

Don’t mind if I do!

Flying away to another island, Santorini! Where I meet up with one of my other model friends that I met in Athens. Fun times!
*Travel tip, when going to the Greek Islands, its more convenient to fly into Athens 1st and then hop a flight via Aegean Air to the Islands, it will take no more than 30 min to an hour depending on which you choose, there are ferries but they take a very long time & cost just as much or more than flying*

Hope you are all enjoying! More to come next week!

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Next stop Athens, Greece!

After traveling the Bavarian side of Germany & driving the autobahn (which was a lifelong dream!), I jet set off to Athens Greece. Also another place I had been dying to visit. I always really loved Greek Mythology when I was in school and after all…Greece is where it all started.

I landed in Greece shortly after departed from Munich and it was HOT! Lol, I had no idea that it would be as hot if not hotter than where I live in Las Vegas! I guess I figured that all of Europe was really moderate during the summer since in Germany it was actually cold enough to wear jeans & sweaters! I lucked out & got a really nice driver who I used the rest of the time I was there…he took me to my hotel & when we pulled up to it I thought he was kidding when he said, “this is your hotel” On the other side of the street there was nothing but what looked like abandoned buildings, graffiti & scary looking people. I paused and saw a little man running out to greet me at the car… he was the hotel staff and grabbed my bags & in I went…to an actually very beautiful lobby.

I was at the O&B Boutique Hotel which was a recommendation from the people I would be shooting for in the islands. The room was nice, large bathroom & views of the city. The city was the most populated in one area place with buildings on top of buildings, that I had ever seen! I arrived at night so I didn’t get to do much exploring, but was starving so I asked the front desk where I could go that was safe for me. They said pretty much everywhere was safe (From the way it looked…I highly doubted that) but recommended for me to check out a place not too far from there. It was called Lithos. Had my bodyguard not accompanied me, I would have stayed in the hotel the whole time but when we started walking through the dark ally’s it wasn’t actually that bad. Yes, there was a TON of graffiti everywhere and a few seedy looking dudes but all harmless & didn’t bother us.

The food was SO good! The staff was amazing & I really felt welcomed.
 The next day was a tour of the city, the Acroplis which was amazing. Loved it. Zues’s temple, the original Olympic Games Stadium…so much history, I loved it! (Besides being 110 deg & 90% humidity!!!) 
View of Athens at night from A for Athens…

 The next day before my flight to Mykonos Island I was able to squeeze in a trip to the Athens Museum…with AC.

I loved touring Athens! So glad I stopped since most people said to avoid it. If you love history, you should really make a stop there, all you need is a day & a half 😉 Now off to the islands!!! ……….
See the full gallery at http://www.briannajordan.com 
xo Brianna
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German Girl

My next stop on my European tour was Germany! I had never been and was so excited to see the country. I landed in Frankfrurt & drove to visit some distant relatives whom I didn’t know very well near a Village called Bamberg.

It was really late when I arrived so I didn’t see much and basically crashed! Traveling is exhausting 🙂 I woke up to see the house they were so generously hospitable to invite me to stay in and their sprawling back yard with deer frolicking! Germany is very lush & green, which I had no idea of…very beautiful.

So we set off to the main Village of Bamberg. Very cute place, outdoor market where we bought produce for dinner later. We toured around the Village & the castle nearby. Very cool. Later that evening we had a “German BBQ” which was in a little gazebo hut basically and we grilled inside there. Even in August, temps at night dropped into the 50s! I was shocked. It was so fun & really great getting to know them all. Wonderful memories.

The next day, I set off to Rothenburg, Germany. WHAT A GREAT PLACE! I loved it so much, really what I pictured Germany to be. Its known as the Christmas town with beautifully ornate decorations year round, nightly tours by the Nights watchmen and great bed & breakfasts.

I spent a few days here just exploring the history of this place. It was one of the only villages not completely destroyed in the war. Why? There was a US General in charge of taking the Nazi’s over here.  His mother had visited this village & told him stories of how wonderful it was, brought him photos & he never forgot that. When it was time to bomb everything, he made sure this village was spared. There’s a torture museum that was really interesting. They were really very brutal back in the day, for no reason. All from making people wear humiliating head gear which let everyone know they cheated on their wives, were gossiping women etc, all the way to tying people up in the town square and pulled them apart limb from limb etc! Crazy.

I have to say, I really don’t care for German food at all. I don’t eat weird meat, don’t eat sausage etc. but I had the BEST meal here! Its called Rulladen & Spatzel FUCK was it delish!!! 
BEST FOOD EVER! Romantik Hotel Restaurant

This is Hotel Herrnschloesschen, the best hotel in the Village, I was really very pleased with it.
 I recommend making this Village a stop on your Bavarian tour for sure! Well worth it! Next I drove to the world famous Disney Castle! I have always wanted to see it in person! Neuschwanstein castle was built for King Ludwig.  He died a mysterious & unsolved death just months after moving into the castle! Tragic. Seven weeks after the death of King Ludwig II
in 1886, Neuschwanstein was opened to the public. The shy king had
built the castle in order to withdraw from public life – now vast
numbers of people came to view his private refuge.
You can take a horse carriage ride up to the Castle.
View from inside of the castle, stunning!
No photos were allowed inside :o(
 Just a day trip, it was beautiful but compared to the Palace of Versailles….whew-no comparison. After a long day, I drove to my final German stop, Munich. 
I am not much of a big city person, so the many people that said Munich was a must-see….for me? I could have lived without it. I actually had a much better time in Salzburg, Austria (a quick 90 min drive south from Munich)

Of course I stopped at Hofbrauhaus, however it was filled with tourists mostly

I did like the escape of the English Gardens…serene

I was SO excited when I saw Salzburg, had anyone mentioned it or if I would have known about it, I would have stayed there instead of Munich & did a day trip to Munich instead of the reverse. 
Salzburg is where they filmed The Sound of Music and the birthplace of Mozart. I can appreciate both of those facts but it didn’t do much for me. What impressed me were the AMAZING views atop the Mountain and the sweet Village, great food, people & the total vibe. 

Very similar to the views I had in Switzerland

Probst! Had to drink beer on my last day in Bavaria! It was actually not bad! (I don’t drink beer)
Well that concludes my time in Germany, I hope you all enjoy my bringing you back with me lol! You can see full galleries of each city I traveled to on my website, http://www.BriannaJordan.com and of course enjoy all of the other many enticing photos and movies I create for you all to lust after! 
Until next time!

Auf Wiedersehen!!!
xoxo, Brianna

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