So as many of you know…I was away in Europe for quite a long trip! This year it was both work & pleasure. I am always striving to find balance in my life so that I don’t have a melt down, well my body would give out first lol. So I will this year as I did last, give you an insider’s point of view on each different spot that I toured through….and there were many! I was gone a little over a month in total. Happy to be home but ever grateful for the experiences. As many of you know, I have taken on a part time position with a travel reviewing site…I love to help others exceed their traveling expectations so read on if you’re interested!

Well as usual, I started my Journey in London, such a great city. Fabulous people, shopping, accommodations & I actually found some good food this time. England is NOT known for its amazing food lololol!

I like to start in either London or France & have at least 24-36 hours to adjust before starting to work. Its really a lot easier for me to jump into Europe time than it is coming back home for some reason. This trip begun in London, England.  While I think it crucial to support the local Black taxi services, unless you know someone personally, its best to hire a car transport from the airport to your hotel. You can arrange reasonably prices transfers to almost anywhere in the world through However, if your company is not willing to pay for it, you can also take the express tube to your London accommodation. I love taking the tube but for shorter distances and without a ton of luggage! You just have to decide if you want to splurge or if you are on a budget.

I found that even in August, London had a chill in the air and I was really glad I packed jeans and closed toed shoes! Some days were warmer than others but I will say that it was the warmest its been compared to other trips.

In the largest Victoria’s Secret I’ve seen in the world! Heaven :O)

 The 1st day was great, I wasn’t too exhausted, a little delirious possibly… I was still able to check out the London Eye, which I highly recommend. Its a great way to see the city, Big Ben, the London Bridge, Parliament, etc. from a different perspective.

My next stop was undoubtedly Harrods, its certainly an experience NOT to be missed. There is everything and anything you could possibly imagine. I went this day for a beautiful afternoon tea, complete with fancies & crumpets! MMMMM

Can you say indulgent?!

 After a great night sleep in what I consider one of the worlds best hotels, I began a strenuous work schedule and of course I didn’t miss my workouts!

I was able to enjoy my time in London as well as balance work, I discovered a great little casino-go figure, a girl from Vegas discovering a casino lol! It was very chic and had a great steakhouse called Heliot, I really recommend!

Always great when there’s a discount on wine 😉 

I was able to get a little site-seeing in as well, Trafalgar Square among many other spots.

A beautiful city full of history & ornate buildings. I love it here and could really picture myself living here, don’t worry, not anytime in this life ;o) Too cold in the winters but I do love its charm.

While traveling abroad, do make this part of your journey…you will not regret it! Next stop Germany! Stay tuned for more!!!

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