Dillion Harper on Oct. 23 @ 5pm PST
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Ok guys & girls, firstly, thank you so much for your understanding and patience in this HIGHLY frustrating time! Everything is being changed back to MY control & will be fixed just as quickly as possible. The site IS up and running again now & will not be affected for live shows or any furture updates. The only thing that WILL be affected are the videos, they take the longest to upload to my new server and I have to do them one by one manually. Its a HUGE pain in my HUGE ass lol, but it will be done within the next couple of weeks, so continue being patient as I really appreciate it!

I thought that I would have to cancel all of my current members and re-add you to my new ccbill account, however I was able to fix it (after spending almost 24 hours on the phone with them) and you can just continue being members as you are now. No need for you to do anything but sit back relax, grab some tissues as usual! LOL. Please remember I need your support in this difficult time and I WILL at some point within the year be relaunching a NEW updated version of the site, finding a partnership I can trust is the hard part. In the meantime, you will STILL have access like NO ONE ELSE does to ME personally! My site http://www.BriannaJordan.com is the only place that you will see the HOT solo & lesbian content that is recent/current! The only place, so don’t bounce now! lol

Here’s a sneak peek from next weeks scene!

Thank you all again for your patience and understanding. xxoo
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Hey guys & girls…it is with a heavy heart and SUPER stressed out ora that I tell you that it is NOT going to work out between myself & the network partnership I chose to venture into. If you are a current member, please send me personally a direct email brianna@Briannajordan.com with your username/pass I will send instructions on what will happen next. My site will NOT be down at all, however the relaunch of the brand new elevated x platform will not be launching now. I am going to have to upload all of the content that was released from last September to now…which is going to take a fucking long time. Time I don’t have but that I am going to make because I love you all and want to continue bringing you amazing content from the fruits of my labor.

I will have more details for you all next week. For now, nothing changes. Just might be broken links here and there until I have uploaded everything. BE patient a little longer babies. Follow my tweets to make sure you stay up to date on all of progress. I STILL plan on completing the original venture of relaunching a re-designed updated version of my site, just need to find someone that I can trust to be as diligent as I am when it comes to having my s together in business.

So back to the fun stuff. I am working HARD to bring you the VERY BEST in #jerkoffmaterial ….

Currently working on…
Sizzling hot in time for summer, ‘Summer Melons’
Yes it gets really JUICY


and a lot NAUGHTY

Have a great week everyone! Love & happy jerking! xxoo

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