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Yes! I am here!

I know I have missed a couple of blogs. Partly because I have been SO stupidly busy and in other part because I have just been kind of avoiding reality for a bit…I think we all have a tendency to do that some times.

You all know of my health issues, the thyroid disease I have called Hashimotos, well its an auto-immune disease, usually hereditary that can cause a host of problems if not regulated properly. The real trick is to regulate it period! So for the last 2 years I have spent literally 10s of thousands of dollars on Doctors, testing, meds etc just to kind of be a guinea pig. For those that don’t know, your thyroid (men & women have these) control how your hormones are dispersed about your body. When you don’t have the proper levels of hormones in your body, you’re all fucked up. Hashimotos is the slow or non-functioning thyroid (under-active, the other kind is over-active). It effects your moods, weight, energy level, skin, hair, nails, temperature, sleep, etc, etc, etc. So I have been able to combat it all because I refuse to let anything at all hold me down. No matter how extreme the exhaustion is, I get my ass out of bed & live my life the way I want to.  So part of having Hashimotos means testing the levels every 3 months to make sure they don’t get used to the meds or start reacting differently with my body. So testing came back this Monday, and once again, my levels are very low. So low the doctor again said she was shocked I have not gained 80-100lbs! Well no shit Doc, I workout like 2-3 hours every fucking day!!! LMAO! So I have to readjust my meds again and start new ones just in an attempt to see if they will work, get tested again now in 45 days….hoping for the best, but I have to say, it has me feeling a bit down. I have taken so many different kinds of meds over the last 2 years, it has caused fibroids to grow :o( Which is the main reason I am so down. I am waiting for another 2 months to get a 2nd opinion on what the best course of action is, but I have to have them surgically removed….which means a lot of missed work & working out. Not something I have time for because I am now supporting myself, my mother & helping my siblings.

I AM going to be ok, no doubt about that. Just going through a rough patch! Having the support & love from my fans & friends means the world to me…my family doesn’t even care as much as some of you do ;o) You know who you are! I am sharing my story NOT so you guys can feel sorry for me, but hoping that I can help a few people. I had symptoms for almost 10 years & doctors never tested me for the right thing saying I was too young to have hormonal issues-even though thyroid disease runs in my family! Ugh, dumb ass Doctors! I finally, 2 years ago, was diagnosed by a homeopath/MD that tried to treat me all naturally however it was too progressed to work, so now, still battling it but am armed with a WAY better education about the subject, the disease and how to remain healthy.

See guys, there are SO many things we can use to excuse ourselves from living. I was just talking to one of my employees about his wife. They have 2 kids and he is in construction (helps me with my real estate co), they are both pretty over weight and always feel tired (which is mainly from the weight plus having 2 kids lol), come to find out his wife has been in bed for 2 weeks sleeping 8 hours a day PLUS her night time sleep because ‘she doesn’t feel good’, doctors have run all kinds of tests and can’t find anything wrong at all. So my employee has been picking up all of her slack plus tending to her needs…however she had no issues getting out of bed to drive to Mc Donalds while he was at work…. Moral here is that you can’t let aches & pains or being tired stop you from living. The only thing that stops a winner from winning is not failure, its simply not trying at all! I have an at times debilitating disease, am EXHAUSTED always, have a lot of aches & pains but I work 3-4 jobs, train like an athlete would and still manage to take care of everyone else that depends on me. #NOEXCUSES #JUSTDOIT

Sometimes we need a little nudge, but don’t give up on your goals… If you have a little setback, get up-dust yourself off & continue on my friend! Cuz NOone is going to take care of you if you can’t take care of yourself.

Alright, enough motivational speaking & whining today lol! Time for Ms Brianna to get back to work delivering sexy content for you to enjoy again & again…. and again!

From this weeks gallery: Dirty Mechanic

I hope you all are staying warm in your parts of the world and if not, fuck it! Life is short, come visit me in sunny Las Vegas! :o)


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Happy Wet Wednesday!

Hey boys & girls! Hope all is well in whatever part of the world you are in right now! I am of course in sunny Las Vegas and wouldn’t have it any other way!

I am always asked how I ended up in Vegas & how I was introduced into the business….

For those of you that don’t know, I am originally from the East Coast, and ended up out west after my parents split. I being the oldest of all of my siblings have bounced around taking care of everyone, including my parents! Lol…I guess that is one of the things the oldest child does.

Is that me?! lol, yes!

So I came to Vegas, finished high-school here & dually went to college at UNLV.  At that time I wasn’t a huge partier, although I went through a short phase when I was in my late teens. I was the youngest in my graduating class, graduated both high-school & college with honors. Then jumped into my career, which 1st started out in the VIP hostessing scene that Vegas has always offered. I made a great name for myself here & so many girls saw that I was doing it on my own without an agent-since all of the agencies here mistreated girls & clientele etc, so a few asked me to manage them and here we are. I still manage quite a few girls here, VIP hosts, models, dancers, companions etc. Somewhere along the way, I had companies telling me that I needed to personally start modeling and being that it was nothing I was ever interested in, I turned them down for YEARS…. then one day, the right offer came my way & I said, what the hell, life is short, let’s take a crack at it…mainly because I was launching my members only site & wanted to get the word out. I did that alright & then some. I have had so much fun along the way, meeting awesome people of course some crazies too but I think that’s in any business. Long story short, here I am! I still manage girls & myself, I now diversified and bought a bunch of property here in town in which I do vacation rentals and run a tight ship there, being the top most popular vacation homes in the city. I also do a lot of other things here and there, we all know I am a work-a-holic! For those of you that are too! My most valuable lesson in that, is that life is really not guaranteed & we are working hard for a reason, not to enjoy it when we’re 85 but as we go! I am not saying party all day & night, but if you want to take that mini-vacay, take it! Get a massage, stay in shape, take care of YOU! I am certified as an NASM trainer, which is one of the best personal training/health certification you can have, however I don’t ‘train’ people. I will help people if they ask or I might take on a project, like my friend I am working with currently, but most people don’t have the drive & determination to stick with something.

So you see, I am more than just a pretty face & big boobs….I have a big butt too! LOLOLOLOL Just kidding-kinda, I have a lot going on and always will diversify my entrepreneurial adventures so that I have options. When people want to judge or are quick to blow me off, it doesn’t bother me, I am in the adult business-yes, but it doesn’t define all of who I am….its just a small part of what I do.

If you are ever coming to Las Vegas and need some private companionship or a few hot girls on your arm, to get into the best clubs/restaurants in town, let me know…obviously it all comes with a nice price tag, so be prepared but there are different options for different budgets. You can email me at Brianna@briannajordan.com

Also for those really naughty’s out there, for a limited time I am offering Custom Video upgrades on all levels purchased. You can email me for more details on that as well. They are the most sought after work that I do since its really just for you!

Ok, take care, stay warm and remember to join me live tomorrow only at http://www.BriannaJordan.com

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