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Where’s the Gun show?

Haha! Yea, I’m talking about my buff ass arms lol. I went to the shooting range & shot a variety of pistols to determine my next gun purchase. I have a Sig Sauer, a glock 42, a revolver & a rifle now…I am still deciding, you can’t just make hasty decisions when it comes to personal protection. I know many of you have commented on how much of a bad ass I am however I do take it very seriously. Gun safety is really important, especially since I have other people coming in & out of my home-my family, some kids etc. There was a really informative 20/20 I saw a few weeks ago with Diane Sawyer, if you missed it, youtube it, but here’s a preview:
Young Guns

I actually had a home intruder of my own years ago. Unfortunately while I live in a really safe area, there are crazy people everywhere.  And while I LOVE my career, being in the public eye draws out some unstable people. I had a guy that was obsessed with me, (I’m being serious even though its sounds like an lol), he broke into my home before I got there but what he didn’t know was that my sister was staying with me. She didn’t know he was even there until I got back & he confronted me in my own kitchen! I was really very scared but I put that aside & had to protect my sister & myself. I ended up shooting the intruder & wounding him. My sister had called the police & they were there in a matter of minutes, great response time I have to say. I was really shaken by the entire situation but never once regretted my decision to shoot. I luckily didn’t fatally wound him, I don’t think I would have been ok if I would have done that. I had to go to trial to make sure he was put away & also to have my weapons reinstated to me-which they were and he was.

This was many years ago, but the moral of the story, don’t own a gun unless you know what you’re doing. Don’t own a gun because you think it makes you look cool or like a badass. Don’t own a gun without the education on how to safely use it, store it & shoot it.

Now for the fun stuff!

Hope you are liking this weeks photoset, its an oldie but a goodie: Light Pink

I’ve also added a bunch of new items that you can gift yourself! Click on the photo below!
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xxoo, Brianna
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Let the good times roll…

Each day is not a guarantee so why sweat the small stuff? Do what makes you happy, get rid of those around you that suck your positive energy away and handle the shitty things that you can’t control with patience & wisdom, anger & fear gets you no where fast!

Obviously I have been having a bit of an up & down time lately, from my mom not getting the help she promised to, to my own personal health. I can sit here and feel sorry for myself………NOPE! Or I can do what I do best & be the best me that I can. I am no where near perfect & I don’t pretend to be, but I really set my aim high & shoot for the moon! (after all, if I miss, I will be landing among the stars as they say 😉

I am more than disappointed in my mother, it angers me that she can’t see the damage she’s done my & my siblings entire life with her addiction. It is hurting her now too, I thought this was her rock bottom but its not mine to decide. I am allowing her to live with me however forcing rehab on someone that isn’t ready is not going to work in the long run, I know that. I am going to start charging her rent though lol! Until she gets her shit together & moves into her own place I have to see it daily, the change in personality, memory loss from being wasted the night before, etc, so it is tough emotionally.  To combat the toll its taking on me, I am incorporating more balancing elements into my life. I have found a particular yoga practice that I actually enjoy. Its called Yin restorative yoga. Its mainly stretches & focusing on meditation, which is never something I allow myself to do! Its much needed. I am also seeking a group counseling for kids of alcoholic parents, I know its a ‘disease’ but I have a really hard time accepting that.

Onwards & upwards…I have to focus on the blessing that I do have in my life & that meant eliminating some of the baggage. I removed a friend that was supposed to be one of my closest. It was really hard for me & its taking its toll as well, but in the end, any relationship-friendship included cannot be one-sided.  She didn’t value me enough to reciprocate what I offered & to be clear, I am overboard with everything…I don’t expect exact replications but a call every here & there to make sure I was ok instead of only being worried about herself would be nice. So I deleted her, no longer wanting to waste time, energy or emotion as she obviously is not. 

I am so thankful to all of you that have taken part in making my Valentine’s week special, it really is cheering me up & helping me stay focused on the great people I do have that care ;o)

And that’s all you can do, breath in positivity & breath out anything negative. Try it….Deep breath in & deeeeeep breath out! It works I promise. Its pretty hard for me to quiet my mind, but I am practicing. I’ll get there, I never give up on a goal! ;o)

I hope you are all enjoying the special lesbian scene I posted for Valentine’s Day! Maggie & Kelly are horny & go to town on each other!

What are your Valentine’s Day plans? As of now…..I don’t have any besides working. Which SUCKS!

I think every girl says V-day’s no biggy….Lol! But I guess it is. Maybe I’ll be surprised & get a date…..hmmm.

Well if you’re in the mood to #BEMYVALENTINE you can gift me: http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/1I3TV8DUOH2QG/ref=cm_sw_su_w 
I always gift back (according to generosity level)
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Enjoy your Valentine’s Day! I will see you all during the live show! xxoo

I’ll leave you with some of your fav lustful red lingerie shots….Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Fun times with my bestie! YAY!

Oh God, EXACTLY what I needed! Some serious fun! You all know that Taylor Stevens is one of if not the best friend I have in this business. Why? Besides being incredibly real…(girls in this business fake? No way! lol) she’s got a huge heart and has always been there for me. Love her to pieces. She had to move back to Canada for personal reasons, so I never get to see her! So when she came in last weekend for the Superbowl, I had to make as much time with her as possible!

Trying not to be wasteful, I decided to grab items from my closet to wear that still had tags for no reason, soooo, I was a Vegas cowgirl for the night! Yeeeehaaaaw!

 We went to the Laugh Factory at the Tropicana Las Vegas, I hadn’t been there since I was a teenager & it was the Comedy Stop at the Trop lol! Wow, I feel old!
The show was HILARIOUS! Laughing really is the best medicine!
 Of course this guy made Tay come on stage, we all cheered her on & duh, I had to snap paparazzi pics lol.
 Soooo, because I never drink-ever! and I had a couple that night, we decided to go to a local dive bar that has GREAT junk food. Its called Moondoggies & was featured in Diners & drive ins. Seriously some of the best pizza I have ever had. Light even though it doesn’t look it. Meatball subs to die for, ceasar salad-fuck I ate like shit! But the b-day boy that was with us didn’t want to cut & share his cake! My favorite food! Lol, oh well saved me the cals and the next day I was glad.
 Yea, we had a BLAST! You can obviously tell! Lol.

But of course I had to repent for my sins from the night before & workout for 3.5 hours for the following 3 days! Ugh, I am still sore & tired but burned off all of those evil cals! 
I get it when I have to, well I get it always but I have to say, our night of debauchery & fun was well worth it! Work hard-play hard (sometimes!) All about balance. Remember if you stray from your clean eating, you can always kick your own ass-but the key is that you actually have to do it! 
Tay’s last day was yesterday, so sad to see her go, but we had a great afternoon, lunching at Olives at Bellagio & then shutting down Vikki’s lol! Love my bestie!
Already miss you girl! Until next time…. 
Hope you guys enjoyed the recap of our weekend! Lol….so much fun & such a necessity to balance out working & working out way too much every day…along with all of the stress I’ve been under lately. Remember 10% of life is what happens to you-90% is how you react to it! 
Are you liking this weeks HOT scene? Red Dress…The red dress effect is the phenomena in which females wearing red clothing (usually a dress) are perceived to be more sexually appealing than when wearing other colors. This effect is thought to act subconsciously, although its effect can be large
You tell me your thoughts on the matter ;o) 

And, just in time for Valentine’s Day! Will you be my Valentine? I have lots of fun things on my wishlists that I would be grateful to be gifted and I always gift back. All gift backs are based on the value of what I receive and matches it ;o) There is actually one thing that I actually really need & would be so grateful to be gifted-so gift backs will be double for this one-please email me for the details, I am not posting it here! brianna@briannajordan.com
Thank you to all of my fans & friends that show how much they care & make me feel special! You know who you are! ;o) xxoo
Brianna J 

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