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Health, wealth & Happiness…

Everyday I say my daily affirmations….for those of you that know me, know that I am not a religious person, but very spiritual. Not that I don’t believe in God, I do but I am a believer in science, energy & karma. So an affirmation is something similar to a prayer, but not lol. Its an intention or a grateful thought. I am always grateful that health, wealth and happiness come to me daily no matter what happens.  We all have struggles & hardships but its really important to keep things in perspective and be grateful everyday for the blessings we do have in our lives. 

What am I babbling about?? Lol…I do babble sometimes…  You all know of my thyroid issues, and that I have Hashimotos disease.  My hormones fluctuate a lot all of the time, they have me on medication to try and correct it but that has to be tested & adjusted every month or two. Well yet another wonderful effect from all of the hormone fluctuations have caused my body to develop fibroids. Its something very common in women, however where mine are located, I have to have surgery to have them removed. This is not a simple surgery, its going to put me out of commission totally-no work, no gym-NOTHING, for at least 2 months!!!!! So needless to say, I am having a pretty bad day….week really.  I am going to get a second opinion and the Dr said I have 3-6 months to decide when to do the surgery….but it needs to be done for my health in the long run.  Very devastating news….I am not happy.  I appreciate all of the well wishes to cheer me up.  I am trying & eventually will snap out of it & go back to my happy go smart ass self lol….just not today.

Excited to see my bestie, Tay Stevens tomorrow….I will post lots of pics, don’t you worry!

My website update….yes, I know its taking forever! I was quoted sept 13 as a projected re-launch date….and well its almost Feb. I am waiting & frustrated as well.  Please accept my apologies for the very long delay, BUT you are still able to enjoy the amazingly hot content that I work hard to release STILL up weekly on my site.  Enjoy & continue your support….I am grateful. 

Hoping to be in a way better mood next week so stay tuned lol. XXOO


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LA & Back in a day
At work during AVN’s Shooting with Barrett Blade & Eric Masterson-great peeps!                  

Whew! After a LONG week of AVN here in Vegas, I had to pack up & head to LA for an important meeting. In & out (lol) in a day, kind of crazy but that’s how I like to do LA since its my least favorite city. Just dealing with the people during commuting is awful! The hotel people are only nice when you tip them and they are so expectant of gratuity for nothing its pretty slimy. Ah well. I was in a really nice hotel in the middle of no-where so at least it was peaceful & quiet. I was able to relax and take a nice bath after work & enjoy the real wood fireplace as if I were at home….minus my sweet little doggie but back yesterday so it wasn’t too bad!

I was at Hotel Bel Air, kind of pricey but its cali, everything is pricey there lol!

The lobby in my hotel, swans all over, fancy lol
Gorgeous decor & spacious room

Heated floors & nice rainfall shower
Time to get to work! Freshening up anyway 😉
Um, too fancy for me! This was supposed to be chicken tortilla soup! Wtf
Ahhhh, nice hot bath!
and a nitecap with the fireplace
Ready for my meeting
 Why are all the TSA agents at LAX such douche-bags?! Ugh, made it through with a few minutes to do some emails!
So ready to go home at LAX
 Home sweet home, every time I leave Vegas I appreciate where I live, the temperate weather, the accessibility of the city, and of course the beautiful life I have made for myself here. Don’t get me wrong, traveling is cool but coming home is AWESOME!

We’re both ecstatic that I’m home!

Well boys & girls! I hope you enjoyed this weeks live show and scene on briannajordan.com ! If you missed it, you can see all of the archives on the site now! You can request to schedule your own private live show, so be sure to email me and find out pricing etc. or if you’d like to purchase the lingerie you see me wearing anywhere, let me know & we’ll arrange for that!

I am always asked what I’d like for certain holidays, and the next one coming up is V-day! That’s Valentine’s Day of course lol! If you want to be my Valentine, here’s a few things I think would come in handy for me, and don’t worry, I do gift back!


If you really want to treat me to something great, email me for my neimans wishlist info and get a VERY nice gift back.

Enjoy this weeks hot girlfriend scene and Behind the scenes of one of my shoots! Talk to you next week! xxoo


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January & AVNs

Its that time of year again! LOTS of action happening in Las Vegas. One of the many reasons I love this town are the millions of tourists that come in every year for our conventions, events and other business/pleasurable excuses to visit! I am one of the lucky ones that can separate myself from the madness and go to a quiet & peaceful home but I do like what this time of year does for our local economy.

AVN time! I am sadly for you all not attending. To be quite honest, its not my favorite, and its gotten to be really ghetto year after year. I am more than meets the eye and have a lot of other things going on, so I don’t have the extra time to be stressed over the drama that surrounds this week lol.  Not to say you won’t see me popping in & out to say hello to friends and I will most likely be hosting a couple of parties with my girls.  Nothing too crazy yet. I save my real skills for the people, fans I have that actually want to meet me in person that are gentlemen, not lookey loo’s taking photos like we’re in a zoo exhibit ;o) Last year was fun & all but its nothing like the good ole days when people were more respectful and girls had more class. (NOT saying that all the girls there don’t have class…a lot do! Nikki Benz is amazing, Tay Stevens, Jelena Jensen etc. but there are many newbies that don’t know what its about and think they have to do everything for nothing to get attention, negative or not)

AAAAND if you guys want any of my items, you get a much better deal buying through me! Remember tons of custom items, photos, mags, panties, videos etc. You can even #takemeout email me to find out how!

Now for the juicy stuff everyone likes! My website is STILL being remodeled. I honestly don’t know what the hold up is, and I am as frustrated as you all are. Rest assured, its almost there and here’s a tiny sneak peek. 

Something to tempt your taste buds lol. Speaking of, time to go grab a healthy snack! Back into full #fitness mode. Severe workouts, more life balance and eating for more for fuel than taste. (although I make most of my healthy food taste great!) You can find more fun pics and free stuff on my new instagram account, instagram.com/thebriannajordan Also opened a tumblr…. find all the links through twitter.com/brianna_jordan

Love you all for being so loyal! xxoo

This weeks HOT set! #weddingnight #thighhighs #bush #kiss

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I took this quote from my blog last New Years, “My resolutions for 2013 are to completely focus on my inner and outer
beauty, health and wellness.  I will spend more time on myself.  I
resolute to let go of the people that do not appreciate me and spend
more time with those that do.  I also resolute to release myself from
the guilt that comes with all of that.   We all know we can be guilted
into continuing that unhealthy friendship/relationship just because it’s
family or for one reason or another.  We all put our personal health on
the back burner, but in order to help and full fill others you must
first be healthy yourself.”

Sooooooooo…..I kind of sort of followed through. Um, I did try to get my health in check-had a big snafu with my thyroid, which I am hopefully on the way to recovery, well management soon. I spent time traveling which was truly a blessing for me. I spent time cultivating relationships with the people that appreciate me & my time. I did cut some of the people that drained me and then added some new ones! Ooops. Lol.

Let’s take a moment to reflect on 2013! 
One of the best & biggest events in my family’s lives, my younger sisters first born arrived! He’s grown SO much in 11months, I can’t believe how quickly it goes. 
He’s SO big now, my sweet little nephew
I really got around this year! ;o) Tons of traveling, I am blessed! 
St Lucia

Taking Europe by storm
Some very happy times there, I am SO grateful to have had the opportunity.
London, Paris                                      All over Croatia
Florence…my dream!
LOTS of work….
Orlando with my amazing family

My favorite person, my Grandma, I cherish the time we have .
To top off the year, the most amazing trip of all, Bora Bora! WOW, I can’t say enough…
Paradise, truly.
Lots of work, photo shoots & newly added hosting & club appearances…
Found out who my true friends are…and who is not…
Another year older…still in Louboutins ;o) Of course!
In 2014, I plan to create balance within myself. I an an extremist for sure. I work non-stop, train insane-workout non-stop, its either all or nothing with me. I just want to be the best me I can be, but I have realized that being the best me means allowing myself to chill out a little. Stress kills is a saying that’s around for a reason, its toxic and not in the fun Britney Spears way! Lol! I will try to release the guilt I feel when I have a day that I do not do work of some kind, I am changing up my workouts so that I am more centered and balanced. I have a big fitness goal this year. Not just losing weight, which I do plan on dropping 15 lbs by August, but I am going to be the healthiest I can be. Switching up my workouts from WAAAAAAAY too over trained, killing my adrenal glands, to still kick ass, train hard but more balanced. 
I really like to write it down for all to see, it holds me accountable for what I am wanting to accomplish and like I always say, if I can inspire, motivate or help one person…I am happy. 
Thank you to all of my loyal, long time fans and to all of my new ones! You are all MY personal motivation and what keep me smiling day after day. I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season with your friends and family! Every passing minute is a chance to turn it all around. YOU control your destiny. Be the BEST YOU that you can be. There’s no time better than now to make a change. Remember to be grateful for what you DO have and no covet what you don’t. Anything is possible! 
Love, Brianna
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