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Merry Christmas!

So was I naughty or nice?! Well I think Santa thought I was a little too naughty this year because what I got for Christmas was a nasty ole stomach flu! Yuck! The worst is over and I am battling severe vertigo while it gets out of my system. Ah well, I can’t always balance out the naughty and nice lol! This is why my blog is a little late. Sorry guys!

Here’s a naughty sneak peek for you guys in what’s to come this year! I think that’s pretty nice of me to share no? C’mon Santa! Lol! 

Hopefully you all had a wonderful holiday with all of your family & friends! With New Years Eve coming quickly next week I’m sure you all are getting your resolutions in order. Hmmm, this year let’s see. I have had my fair share of family drama, not a fan of it and my last years resolution was to make myself more available to them, spend more time etc. SOOO, was it the greatest idear?! LMAO, I’m only kidding. A little much lately has them stressing me out, nothing I can’t handle.

This year though, I am going to really work on my businesses growth so I can move towards the next chapter in my life. I am also going to focus really hard on my body. I probably say that every year but after really relaxing in Bora Bora and turkey day etc, I am newly motivated to be in the best health inside & out this year. Not that I want to be Ms Muscle and change, but I do want to get leaner and drop about 10-15 lbs. Its been a very big challenge keeping at my ideal weight with the thyroid shit going on….which to update you all, seems to be improving. I continue to have to do testing every 3 months to monitor it but it could always be worse.

I want to thank the few people that I consider more than just fans out there, friends that are so kind and generous to me. I feel the love and can tell you really care. You are my family too and I appreciate you guys. You know who you are! Thank you for making my birthday & Christmas special.

I am still preparing for El Madre to move in lol…there has been some INSANE recent developments that seem to have gotten her in more than her fair share of trouble, and I was there to help luckily for her, but it delayed the moving process, she should be in fully by next week….EEEEEK! Yikes! Not sure how crazy or stressful its going to be but she already feels really bad and is kind of tip toeing around as she unloads massive amounts of clothing! :o/ I hope she learns from this and can move onto be stronger! Like her daughter ova heya! Lol.

Well boys and girls, always happy to share a part of myself with you, a true part…not just all the fake porn star lingo, and so grateful to have such great fans! Stay tuned for next weeks blog and live show! xxooxxoo


 Don’t fret, if you’ve
forgotten me and want to make me feel special, there’s still time for belated bday & Xmas gifts, shit “V-day is around the corner” (said in my singing voice lol)

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Thank you all again, stay safe during the holidays and I’ll see you next year!


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Tis the season!

How is everyone managing during this holiday season so far? Great I hope! Lots of things to be grateful for, we wake up every day and have the chance to turn it all around for starters! So there really is no excuse for not accomplishing what you want. 

Hopefully I have been a motivation for you in more ways than one! Both in being healthier and being happier! I do what I can and do my best!

This week has been a little insane. Nothing new there! I am preparing for a new house guest, which is sort of only bitter, not even part sweet lol. My mother finds herself in a situation where at 50 y.o, she has to start all over again, from scratch.  I certainly don’t feel sorry for her, she pretty much brought everything on herself against my better judgement and advise. There’s trouble in paradise, has been for a while with her relationship and after finding out that this person was lying to her about many many things, the one last thing put her over the edge… So now that she had moved in with him, quit her 20+ yr job and got rid of everything in her own name, she is at ground zero-no man, no home, no car and she finally landed a new job but sheesh….no where to go & although she is a terrible mother and an alcoholic, I can’t leave her homeless.  She is a functioning alcoholic so holding down a job is no problem, its the being nice and remembering conversations that is. So I’m going to give her 2 months rent free to get her shit together and then start charging rent.  She certainly doesn’t want to obey her daughter’s rules lmao, so I am sure it will motivate her to get it going sooner than later…I’m also hoping that my healthy lifestyle rubs off on her a bit and she starts eating right and drinking less. Not counting on miracles but I can always ask Santa I guess! I’ve been a good girl! Hmmmmmm, naughty too so I don’t know which outweighs which….YOU decide! Lol.

Onto better things! I am just breaking in my friend to the business, her name is Tiffany May, you be the judge! Who wants to see this hot little thing do her 1st webcam with me?! CUMMING Soon!

So my naughty little elves out there tell me that my job this year is to bring more Holiday Cheer! So hopefully you’re all cheery from my contributions online :o)

I am so grateful to all of you that remembered my bday and sent thoughtful presents, thank you all very much! Don’t fret, if you’ve forgotten, there’s still time for belated gifts and Xmas is almost here as we speak! So if you’re feeling like you want to be my Santa Claus, here are some ideas for you!
In case u forgot my bday!!!!

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Turkey day blues!

How was everyone’s turkey day? Did you eat way too much and roll to the couch after? Lol! Well I didn’t do too bad.  Every year I cook and although I do eat larger portions, well just more choices…I don’t go too crazy with unhealthy food. Way more salt than usual and more carbs ;o) I outdid last years delish turkey with this years.  Aaaaaand since you all
have been asking the recipe, I will divulge my secret!

If you have a frozen turkey, start defrosting a few days prior, you can leave it out all day every day and fridge it in the evening while you’re sleeping.

You’ll need:
1 large sweet onion
2 large oranges
2 lemons
1/4 c salt (this is the only time I ever use salt!)
1/4 c pepper
1 c olive oil
2 cans of KERN’S apricot nectar
and the turkey of course! 

It sounds weird I know, but TRUST me! It’s INSANELY GOOD!
Oven at 350 and baste every 10 minutes. Cook time varies based on size and your oven but last year my 27lb turkey took 3.5 hours and this year, 15lbs took 2 hours. Not too bad but I have a convection oven, so it cooks faster.

Now the flavor is a lot more enhanced when you baste it every 10-15 minutes. If you can do the basting, do it! It pays off in the end. Instead of basting every 10 min….I cheated & used an oven bag this year. The moisture was still there, and it was amazing, but I do prefer the basting every 10 min.

Leftovers! The best part of turkey day!

 So I cooked all day on my own, no help…not that I would have allowed it had it been offered, but no one offered! I made sweet corn with jalepenos-so good, mac & cheese with 4 types of cheese-YUM, haricovert almondine, garlic mashed potatoes and of course the pies; apple & pumpkin.  Actually a lot less than I usually make since there was a lot less people this time. My amazing little 5 yr old twin nephews, brother & sis in law, my friend since high school, his wife, their little girl, my mom and that’s it! Compared to the 37 I had last year, pretty small.  So while I struggled through the week fresh off of Bora bora, not used to the cold. 40s is pretty cold for Vegas! I still pulled it together. We had some turkey day drama with my madre. Unfortunately, she’s going through a hard time…self-made hard time, but I am still going to be there for her. Otherwise turkey day was great!

It was so cool to hang out with my nephews, now that they’re a little older, they remember how awesome Auntie is! Lol, took them rock climbing-they loved it! and made S’mores…one of them loved it! and I did too of course!

I did all my black friday shopping. I usually wait until this time of year to do my major shopping for the things I need, and then ration them all year. It’s the jewish in me (just kidding, still an Italia-rican).  The key is to wait until late afternoon to shop, by that time all of the crowds are gone and you get some great deals! Then it was my bday! December 1st. Which was good. Bora bora was the main thing I did this year for me, but I had a normal day, worked out, grocery shopped lol & then a nice dinner at a steakhouse with my brother, sis in law & the kids.

The dress was a black friday buy!

In case you forgot about my bday, you can still make it up to me! Christmas is also coming up before you know it!
My neimans wishlist: 
Victoria’s Secret is always a gift for both of us!
victoriassecret.com/lovelist/view?key=5435757a27ee255af0241222269142&firstName=BRIANNA …
Or for items that I actually need vs want ;o) Amazon works! I LOVE Gift cards.

Now remember, I ALWAYS gift back, no matter how big or small your gift is, the bigger the gift-the bigger your thank you present is!

Well, back to work for me! I have a ton to do, still playing catch up from being gone and didn’t get much done with the family in town.  Enjoy this weeks HOT lesbian scene, Sideline with Maggie Green. Two hot referee’s get it on during halftime!

Join my live show thursday at 7pm pst! http://www.BriannaJordan.com members see it FREE!


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