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Back in Vegas and almost sad to say so. My trip to Bora Bora was no where short of AMAZING! I know that the words and photos will not do enough to express how beautiful it is there, but I will try!

First leg of the journey was to fly into LA, not my favorite but I made lemonade and ended up getting more work there. Its always a plus to get paid to travel. So I spent the evening before the shoot in LA in one of my fav hotels, the Luxe on sunset. They treat me well, including chocolate covered strawberries to sweeten me up even more if that’s possible lol. It is I guess. Next day off to shoot with Cherry Pimps. Always an easy shoot day with a lot of great fans to chat with during the live show.  I had to time shoot a set of my own there in my red gown, so you’ll get even more hot content of me!

After the shoot, I made my way to Pasadena where my cousins and brand new nephew live. I have ALL nephews! No nieces! I want to buy a fluffy tutu darnit! :o) He is the CUTEST and sweetest little thing. Could honestly be the next Gerber baby!

My favorite Aunt & amazing nephew

Getting overly excited that my flight to Tahiti was soon approaching, I left early to beat the LA traffic and got to the airport just in time to join the long line forming. (Only international flights don’t allow checkin until 1.5-2 hours before boarding but tell you to be there 3 hours ahead!) So I waited and waited, did some duty free shopping, have never done that before. No tax! It was pretty cool. Hopped my 8.5 hour flight to Tahiti, tried to sleep but it was SO uncomfortable (There was no business or 1st class seating avail to upgrade to but I definitely recommend it!) Arrive in Papeete and wait to board another small flight to Bora Bora. Getting closer! You immediately feel the heat in the non-air-conditioned buildings as you wait in the customs line but it goes quickly.  Most every person I meet on this trip is on their honeymoon, so myself and the other models were a little distraction for them I guess, but I had my little sister with me as my assistant.  FINALLY get to Bora Bora, hop aboard the yacht and off to the St Regis I go!

Idk why they are obsessed with cock? Lol!

View from breakfast everyday

Trust me guys, there are many resorts to stay at in Bora Bora, but it you are doing something off of your bucket list, go all the way, the St Regis is the way to go! They are top notch in every way.  The resort was nothing short of spectacular and so was the service.  My over water bungalow was ridiculous! Every morning to wake up to such beauty was just a blessing.  I am SO lucky to have had this experience!!!

Amazing view from every spot in my bungalow!

including floor lights that allow you to see the ocean & fish below! 

I could certainly get used to this!

I had a few days to get adjusted, the photogs didn’t want to shoot anyone while they were swollen from traveling. (That happens when you fly, your body gets severely dehydrated and retains water.) The tricky part was not eating bad and not getting a sun burn. For me, that wasn’t too hard.  I worked out every day and put a TON of sunscreen on. A ton! I am Italian & Puertorican so I just get brown anyway, but the poor little white girl from California that I was shooting with got severely burned.  Blonde and blue eyed, fair skinned with a ton of sunscreen….too bad. She was in a lot of pain.  So another key piece of advice: Wear your sunscreen and reapply religiously!

I had 1 whole day of shooting, it was so tough….NOT! Lol, I got to relax and play the rest of the time I was there. It was AMAZING. I went on a jetski tour of the island, ate the local fruit from the trees right there during the tour-the guide climbed up trees and cut the fruit up, crazy and so delish! Took a shark feeding and coral discovery tour.  And to be honest, I am really NOT a fan of the ocean, other than looking at it. I don’t like to invade the fish/shark/rays home since its not my place to be there and I am PETRIFIED of the water and the stuff in it, but I did the tour, snorkeled a little in the amazing coral reefs full of crazy colored fish, eels and more. When the shark feeding spot approached, my happy ass stayed in the boat and took pics of everyone else for them. I am adventurous but I’m not stupid! LOL.  Yes, the sharks are not aggressive, they are lemon and black tip reef sharks but the sting Rays freaked me the fuck out! I wasn’t about to go down like Steve Irwin. Sorry not me, bye bye.

I made great friends with the girl from cali that was burned, Jenn is her name.  You’ll prob see more of her in later posts since I think we’ll stay friends for a long time. Its not too often that as a woman you find yourself clicking with another woman, most of the time they are catty, fake, flaky etc. but she and I have so much in common and she’s very sweet. 

After the shoot, I let lose a bit, had way too many coconut rum drinks every day (which is NOT like me).  You couldn’t even taste the alcohol! I guess that’s what the point it.  I ate delish food (nutella crepes, way too many bad carbs, ice cream, pizza! UGH) Gained a little weight! But I had the time of my life, most impart because I had no wifi or cell service, so I had no choice but to disconnect. —-> I highly recommend that.  I have never done that before and it was one of the best things I have done for myself.

If you guys ever have questions on any of my travels, where to stay, what to do, where to eat, don’t hesitate to ask.  I am happy to help.

Turkey Day is approaching tomorrow! I am ready for it this year, a lot smaller of a get together. I am back on my stupidly strict routine where I count cals, workout like
a psycho and get a little crabby when I see others engulfing a large
piece of pie lmao! Enjoy the holiday with your family and friends. 
Don’t worry if you fall off of the healthy plan, you can get back on it
after & work out more to counteract it. Can’t wait for it to be over though so I am not tempting with food anymore.

Also can’t wait for my BDAY! It’s on Sunday this week! YAY! Thanks so much to those that have been so generous as to send me something special, no matter how big or small, I am grateful! AND I gift back!
MY BDAY IS COMING VERY SOON! and its ok if its late ;o)
Need an idea? 
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Enjoy this weeks hot scene, Purple Bustier. Site re-launch is soon approaching, hang in there members! LIVE SHOW today around 1pm pst, be there or watch the archives at http://www.briannajordan.com.  Stay tuned on twitter for the actual show time.

Until then, hugs and love! xxoo

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November is here!

I am SO excited! CANNOT wait until next week when I am enjoying fun in the sun in Bora Bora! I will be going to shoot of course but mainly for some well deserved R & R. I have been busting my ass lately-day & night. My new years resolution last year was to make more time for my family and make myself actually relax! The family part I did well & the relax part-better late than never lol!

Halloween seemed to drag on for 2 weeks! I don’t ever remember celebrating & dressing up that many days in a row lol. I was Officer Naughty 1st, then Lil’ Bo Peep, Elvira & then a sexy PinUp Sailor.  Too bad I didn’t have time to take a lot of photos…working at night doing club hosting is a little dark for pics lol. I hope that you all had fun & safe Halloween  adventures!

Getting a little chilly outside lately! But that just means more time for warming up in front of the fire and of course s’mores! Yep, you can have a little treat for yourself every once in a while but in moderation and not every day or even every week! Lol.  Pick your poison, for me chocolate will always win! Haha.

Its about that time again! My BIRTHDAY is almost here! Part of the reason I extended the Bora bora trip after my shoot. I never do anything fun for my bday and am almost always working….I technically will be working on the actual birthday this year too but that’s ok.  If you’d like to be so kind as to send me something special for my special day, I love gift certificates to my most shopped at stores, shopping & I have a love/love relationship lol!

*Victoria’s Secret of course!
*Neimans one of my fav’s

and I always shop at Target, Wally’s and stuff like that. http://briannajordan.com/members/gifts.html panty’s
!  I appreciate anything at all. Thanks for thinking of my on my special day.  Hope you enjoy next weeks scene! Its HOT & involves me getting wet in the tub! Rubadubdub! Lol! Enjoy….

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