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Happy Halloween!

Since its coming to be that time again, I decided to re post some info from my older posts for those that did not have a chance to read it last year and to re-inspire those that did! We all know that the holidays are dangerous for our self control, certainly mine anyway! Its very tempting to eat differently than normal. More work functions, more family gatherings and this week its all of that leftover candy you have from handing it out or your kids! If you do get that strooong itch to eat something for that temporary serotonin & dopamine response…don’t beat yourself up about it.  Just do MORE cardio at the gym or outside.  I am the biggest one to do the beating myself up thing.  What can I say, I have a crazy sweet tooth! Its sooooo hard to turn away from a delectable gooey dark chocolate brownie! Lol, so to make it easier for me, if I have to make something I LOOOVE (Per request of someone that knows I am a fantastic cook lol) I will give it away before temptation sets in! Either that or I just won’t buy anything I like.  All of the Halloween candy I have in my house right now are all things that just aren’t worth it.  Do I have time to do yet another hour at the gym added to my already 2-3 hours?! NO! So I choose not to go there.  Now here’s an oldie but a goodie that has inspired more than a few.  Enjoy reading and after go see the new updates for this week!

Nothing Tastes Better than Healthy Feels

Happy humpday!

Do you like my lovely lady humps? Lol

 As I’m sure you all know by now that I am OBSESSED with health &
fitness.  I have been getting a lot of requests to give some suggestions
and tips to staying fit…so here we go!

I haven’t always lived the healthy lifestyle I do now.  There was a time
where I smoked weed, drank every night and ate whatever I wanted.  Then
when the fancy hit me to lose a few lbs, I would seek out whatever the
fad diet of the time was…I tried it all! Fasting, liquid diets, diet
pills and yea, sure I maybe lost a couple of lbs here and there but when
I decided to get back to my normal life, you get swollen again-lol. 

Finally during college I decided to stop smoking weed (since I have
severe asthma-DUH! So dumb) and I met someone that really motivated me
to want to get in shape.  It wasn’t that I thought I was ‘fat’ per say,
but I wanted to be tight and toned as well.  I thought that I could just
start working out and eat healthy…which to me at that time, just
meant to eat hearty-meat/potatoes& veggies…not exactly the right
philosophy…but it was a start.  I am super competitive by nature, so
when I was at the gym, I lifted as heavy as I possibly could (without
knowing what I was doing) which lead to a few injuries.  I soon started
educating myself and learned about what healthy foods were-not eating
refined sugars-white breads, white rice, pasta etc. cutting out
unnecessary bad fats-butter, veg oil, sugar, sweets…alcohol.  I got a
trainer and learned how to workout smarter.  I started getting really
fit and toned and was really doing well with my lifestyle change until
tragedy struck a few years later.  The details of the tragedy are not
important and personal, but I stopped working out, I didn’t watch what I
ate and really gained a lot of weight.  I was 225lbs! (even at
5’8″-that’s a lot).  It wasn’t until my family & friends started
trying to talk me into getting active again…but it wasn’t until I
actually saw myself at my brother’s wedding video that I knew I had to
get my shit together!

This time around, I really educated myself, I became a NASM certified
trainer and took several food/nutrition courses at UNLV.  I am one of
the lucky ones that is able to self motivate, so getting to the gym has
never been the hard part for me.  I absolutely love food though, which
is the key factor in maintaining a healthy bmi (body mass index). I have
not shared this story with any of my fans until now, in the hopes that I
maybe can motivate at least one person who is struggling with being
healthy.  Hopefully I can give you the extra motivation you need to get
started or even motivate you to continue on the healthy path you’re
already on.  Here goes! My before and after photos!

Before: 225lbs 38% bodyfat /After: 148lbs 13% bodyfat

As you can see there is a big difference! I never intended to share my
‘fat’ pics but I am really proud of all that I have been able to
accomplish, and like I said, if I can motivate just one of you to make a
change to better yourself, I’m thrilled I could help. 

Now that you that I don’t just look like I do now for no reason, I can
give you some suggestions on what you can do to get yourself started. 
The most important thing you can do is realize that Diets don’t
work-ever!  You must realize that if you want to have a great body and
feel good, its a lifestyle change.  For those of you that say, forget
it, I’d rather be over-weight than give up drinking or chocolate
or________, its not about completely depriving yourself at all times-its
about intelligent eating habits & staying active.  For example, its
rare that I drink at all.  (Mainly because of my demanding schedule and
the fact that I prefer to be in control of myself but also because of
the empty calories and sugar that drinking has.)  If I decide to go out
to a nice dinner or relax with the girls and have a drink, I decide to
have a (or 2-no more than that) glass of red wine.  Red wine has some
health benefits as well, but just because you’ve heard it on the news
doesn’t mean that gorging yourself with an entire bottle of wine is
healthy! Trust me, its not lol.  Sorry guys! :o)  Living a healthy
lifestyle also doesn’t mean never eating your favorite food
again-(unless its a big mac-you should NEVER eat those 😉 For me, I have
such a sweet tooth & I love bread of all kinds.  So every once in a
while, I will indulge in a desert after dinner or have a piece of table
bread at a restaurant-the important thing with this is NOT to over
indulge.  Do not eat the entire loaf of bread and don’t eat the entire
desert alone! Lol.  You’ll just end up feeling guilty afterwards, its
really not worth it. 

If you are a beginner in the gym, PLEASE educate yourself before
starting a training regimen.  Without knowing what you’re doing, you can
really hurt yourself.  These injuries can effect you throughout the
rest of your life.  Hiring a trainer: I have to say, there are a lot of
shitty trainers out there…which means they know less about what to do
than you do! A lot of gyms don’t require special certifications and hire
anyone with a janky cert from who knows where.  If you can afford to
hire a trainer in the beginning, look for someone that is at least NASM
certified (sorry, I’m not available 😉 and they should be able to train
you safely & effectively.  If you cannot afford to hire one, you can
start by educating yourself.  In the very beginning, I found the BODY FOR LIFE
books very helpful.  Their beginner book teaches you different
exercises as well as explains the difference between healthy &
unhealthy foods.  I highly recommend this as a starting place-even if
you currently workout and think you know what you’re doing, I guarantee
that you don’t-sorry lol. 

Ok, so I don’t wear my stilettos every time I workout! LMAO, only when
it involves masturbating afterwards! Which is another thing I highly
recommend doing-to me on my website! Lol.  (this workout gallery &
video will be featured soon). 

Hopefully I have been able to inspire you a bit and push you in the
right direction.  I challenge you to take the first step to becoming
healthy.  On a serious note, if it were easy, everyone would have a
bangin’ body! I’m not going to lie, breaking old habits are difficult,
but you can do it.  One of the things I pride myself in doing is taking a
traditionally unhealthy dish that tastes amazing & making it
extra-healthy with substitutions and making it just as tasty!  Ask a few
of the girls I have shot with, they can vouch for me in that my food is
scrumptious! It helps that I love to cook.  Once you get into a routine
of making healthier choices, I promise, it gets a lot easier-in fact it
becomes 2nd nature. 

Getting Started
Baby steps:

Try cutting out all veggie oil! Including all fried/fatty foods. 
You can do this in restaurants as well.  If there is fried/breaded
chicken, ask for it to be just grilled. 
Avoid butter & salt as much as possible (most restaurants will
just steam veggies for you if you tell them without butter &salt)
BYOS-Lol, this is a funny one that I do.  I bring my own salad
dressing to restaurants sometimes…people often think ordering a salad
is healthy-but a lot of salads have more calories than most entrees!
Cut back on red meat, if you do eat it, chose leaner options such as filet mignon, or bison.
NO whitey’s lol: eat wheat bread, brown rice & try Barilla wheat
pasta (there are some other brands that are gross and will make you
never try wheat pasta again!)
Avoid sugary foods, some fruit has high sugar as well to beware of (bananas-melons, are ok but keep it in moderation)
Be aware of your calorie intake (I use mynetdiary on my IPhone to count what I eat daily.)
Do not starve yourself! Eat breakfast every day and then small meals
every few hours to keep your metabolism up (not eating is the worst
thing you can do-even if all you eat is a healthy chicken breast/brown
rice & veggies, your body will store it as fat because it doesn’t
know when the next meal is coming)
Get active, take the dog for a walk, bring your kids-chances are
they’ve learned your habits as well and could use some more activity.
Take the stairs instead of the elevator, one of my fav walking
activities is through the mall-lol (it burns cals I swear)
Start out by getting at least an hour in per day of working out…if
you want serious results, do it! All the people that say, sure you’ll
be fine with 30 min 3x per week-NOT TRUE! (body for life uses a 20 min
cardio/45 min weights but this is only for the 1st 3 months of learning!
You must add more cardio & other kinds of training in)
Help your wife/gf out and clean your house…not only will you burn
cals but she’ll be so impressed that you’ll probably get laid and both
burn cals together!

 I hope you’ve found this informative & helpful. Feel free to tweet questions or comments or leave them here.  http://www.twitter.com/brianna_jordan 
And don’t ever be ashamed of what you look like or who you are, if you
realize and are willing to work hard to constantly improve your body
& mind, you are a SUPERSTAR!

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Sexy updates this week!

So busy! Keeping it sweet! This weeks updates are from my amazing shoot in France. Un-retouched photos of me. And then the video is even hotter! Jelena Jensen and I are cleaning up or actually getting dirty in the shower!

Check out briannajordan.com for all the sexy updates now!

Next week for Halloween! Can’t believe its that time of year already!

MEOOOOW! Can you make my kitty cat prrr? login to the live show and find out! http://www.briannajordan.com members see it free!

XO Brianna

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Florida sun to Las Vegas fun!

While it was so great to spend quality time with my family, I am back home now and very happy to be here!

The journey started from Vegas to Fort Lauderdale airport, uneventful and good.  Headed to my hotel in Bal Harbour-since I am not a fan of Miami at all.  I know everyone asks me why, but if you really know me, then you know I hate being around hordes of idiots and the ghetto-ness that South Beach can sometimes have. Don’t get me wrong, shopping is fun there but for me-shopping is fun everywhere! I decided to dine at a place I go to every time I am in Bal Harbour, Carpaccio inside the Bal Harbour shops…food is always fresh and tastes great. Ordered my usual since I am a creature of habit but decided to actually get some carpaccio.  I went back to my room since I had an early shoot the next day. MAN what a mistake that was….I had food poisoning all night! It sucked bad….so bad that I had to cancel my shoot…I’ve never done that even if I am deathly sick….just couldn’t stop puking.  Ah well, used that whole day to recoup and get ready for the next days shoot which went well.  I went out to dinner with the crew and it was delish! Ate too much since I had been in shoot mode for months before my arrival. (means not a lot of food and certainly not very delish) The next day, I had time for a little south beach shopping and found an insanely cute bikini and even fell asleep by the pool on the beach! Then just as quickly as I arrived, I left…flew up to Orlando to see
all of my familia. Not before American Airlines lost my
luggage-lol…never had that happen before either! They luckily found it
and delivered it later and all was good. 

Not a good look right after the food poisoning night!

I got to meet the newest additions to the family.  My twin boy & girl cousins.  SO cute! My Aunt and Uncle could never conceive on their own and now that they are beyond wealthy and older, they decided to have a surrogate.  It was the one missing piece….I always tell peeps that $ isn’t everything…it just helps ease the stresses of day to day life. The cousins, my Aunt and the 3 nannies (lol) spent a lot of time together which was nice.

The point of my stopping in Orlando was to see my grandparents who aren’t doing as well mentally as they should.  After back surgery and others, they are just not as relaxed & happy as normal.  I spent an entire day with my Grandma, playing games-dominos, cards & dice…all her favorite and hopefully eased her stresses a little.

Saw my little brothers and sister in Law and only the sweetest kids on the planet! My twin nephews are now 5! Very smart, very in love with Auntie… My favorite part of hanging out with them is when we were all watching TV after dinner and everyone was eating candy, one of them offered me a piece of his smarties pack. I explained how for me, the only candy worthwhile is chocolate and that I didn’t like anything else. He looked down, looked a little sad, then looked deep in thought-ran away and came back 10 min later with a hershey’s bar. SOOOOO sweet! ALMOST made me want some of my own, but then I jumped back into reality and laughed at myself…NOT happening! Not in any sort of rush. I still have to settle on Mr. Right for me ;o) 

Family time grounds me though, reminds me where I came from.  We were even tracing back the Italian side of the family to the little Village of Cosenza, which is where we all came from.  Part of Sicily. I am very interested in history and plan to find out more about my own.

Now I am back at the grind.  Feeling a little less guilty about taking time off to see the family than I usually do.  Life is SO short! I can’t work myself to death without spending life with those I love. No guilt, just happy to be blessed with what I have to be thankful for. 

Speaking of the grind…enjoy the latest updates at http://www.BriannaJordan.com and for all current members, be patient through the remodel.  Its A LOT slower than I planned and than I was told.  It will soon be all better though.  Good news! My online store has been completely updated. Now compatible with all mobile devices. Whenever you feel like browsing my naughty items you can,  remember you can buy anything from me to re-wear while masturbating to get my scent and juices on them for you to have with you always! Goodbye for now! xoxo

 Brownies with a twist of naughty! (the best kind if you ask me!)

Do you want to taste my sweet brownie?



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In MIAMI on location!

Here in SUNNY well mostly sunny, a little rainy Miami! Here for a few days shooting then hopping up to Orlando to visit my awesome family.  Grammy isn’t getting surprised this year.  She almost had a heart attack last time I did that.  Good memories though, I caught it all on film and then made a movie of the surprise trip for her.  She loved it!

A little update on the site.  Still being transferred over, I have so much content that its taking longer than they originally quoted…luckily that’s not stopping my HOT content from coming out! Hope you’re enjoying the new stuff for this week ;o) Pussy Training is tough, but someone’s gotta do it! Lol.  The orgy between Aaliyah Love, Cherie DeVille, Destiny Dixon and I was SO much fun! The video was all about me….LOOOOOVED it!  I know you will too. Although in real life, sex doesn’t burn hardly any calories, its still FUN trying!

When I get home, I’ll post a ton of candids from my Florida trip for you guys to enjoy.  And the show will be as soon as I am home as well.  xxoo


Sneak peek at next week! You’ll have to join to find out just how wet I get for this BIG dick! http://www.BriannaJordan.com

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