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My Baby boy

What a beautiful time of year it is here in Vegas.  We are out of the 100s and into the 70s-80s for a very short while. I can’t wait to start chillin’ by the fire with my little Baby boy.


Speaking of him, most of you know that I am obsessed with my son, but have never heard the back story.  Well almost 14 years ago, here in Las Vegas, I happened to be driving on a back street near the Orleans Casino, one that I normally never take…traffic was just bad that day around that time.  I see all these cars slamming on their brakes and then I see this little dusty black fluff ball running around, scared, almost getting hit by cars.  The ex-boyfriend I was with & I jumped out of the car and I yelled, “Here Baby! Come here…” Out of the other 8 people & myself trying to get his attention, the little fellow ran over to me.  My ex scooped him up and the plan was to take him to a shelter since I am allergic to all animals.  We got home, I made him a meal of scrambled eggs and rice, and my ex bathed him….turned out, he was all white! You could sadly see his little ribs and as soon as he ate his food, he passed out for almost 12 hours! That night I called almost every shelter we had in town at the time and they were all Kill shelters! WHAT THE FUCK?! So I could never take him to one of those places.   Although I was highly allergic, I’d rather suffer until I could find him a home.  The next morning, he woke up and pawed at me to pet him, I had no choice but to succumb to his cuteness! After that whole day together, I noticed that I could actually breath and wasn’t having a reaction to him.  (Not knowing much about doggies, but he’s a bischon/poodle-therefore hypoallergenic to me!) I decided to keep the little fluff-kins and what a true best friend he really is.  In all of my hard ships and struggles over the years, he has been there for me to calm my nerves, ease the pains, and just make me happy.  A dog is the only creature that truly loves you more than he loves himself.  I am so lucky that someone from above sent him to me that day all those years ago.  So blessed to be his mommy.  So now as the years go by and he’s getting older, I appreciate every day we have together.  He’s starting to limp more now from arthritis, can only hear when I clap my hands loudly and his sight is not what it used to be, but he is still my little Baby and I will love him forever and always.

Momma & Baby

So now you know the story, his name is Baby because he acts like a real infant. He whines for attention, likes to be cradled in your arms, plops his head on your shoulder…very much a Baby lol.

Now nekked time! Hope you’re all enjoying this weeks update? “Red Slut” was made with you in mind, just like all of the hot content I create just for my fans! Enjoy and keep the comments coming, I love reading them!


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Friend or foe?

If you’ve been following my tweets lately, you probably have heard me bitching about “fake bitches” once or ten times :O) Well it just so happens that its not for no reason…I am really just getting fed up with people coming into my life and putting on an act.  This is probably going to be seen as just a rant but sometimes that’s what we need to do! If you knew me personally, you’d know that I have a helicopter mom aspect to my personality. Which for me means that I mother a lot of the girls around me, try to help them out of their bad situations, or try to help them do better for themselves, or just try to help period.  I do know that some people are content being mediocre, but I just don’t and can’t understand it.  I have struggles of my own but have always been on my own to deal with them.  Not close to either one of my parents and being the oldest of all of my many siblings created my mothering personality trait. I don’t mind helping people at ALL especially when they are grateful of it, but too often lately have I been taken for granted.  Whether its one of my girls that needs help out of an abusive relationship-and then goes back to him! Ugh! Or a girl of mine that complains non-stop about everything and anything even after I intervene and get her an amazing & high paying position in a place I had to vouch for her in. Or a girl that claims to be my best friend but only calls when she needs something or support…never bothering to see what I’m up to. Or even the fake girls that kiss my ass and think I don’t know that they are only doing it so that I give them work, only to know that they are talking shit. I am OVER it, over them all.  I am a professional and do need to keep some of them around as employees, but I think, well I know that one of my BIGGEST character flaws is that I care way too much and try to help way too much.  Men in my position wouldn’t even blink an eye at a crying, down and out girl…me on the other hand, I try to help, only to get slapped in face in the end. Well I am not going to do it anymore. I will always care but I am just stepping away from certain situations and not letting myself be busied with other people problems.

OK, so now that I got that rantypoo out of the way, onwards and upwards to happy POSITIVE things! I am ever grateful for the uplifting and amazing friends I do have.  It is tough to work in a field where its 99% women that I deal with, most of which are never getting it together.  I want the best for everyone-have no hater bones in my body…just wished everyone could be like that.  On a positive note about my website…things are happening…slowly yes I know, but there are changed occurring as we speak and before you know it, it will be done! Stay patient and keep enjoying the updates I am able to post for you each week until its done.

Me and one of my REAL besties!

I am at the beginning stages of planning my very next European trip! I didn’t think I’d be going back for years to come, but it looks like 2014 will be another wonderful blessing! I am going to be working and playing! Germany, Greece and Italy again! Yay! I am actually taking the advise of someone I watched on the news, the frugaltravelguy.  I’ll be using all of my accrued miles to travel this time….earning more as I go.  I’ll keep you posted on my journey with that too.  Most of my travel will be FREE! All from using the point system to my advantage!

What else? Well a lot of you have been asking about my thyroid. I am sad to say that the newer medication I was on made things a little worse for me, I had a delayed allergic reaction.  So now I am on the newest old med concoction at a higher dosage than before and waiting to see what improves.  I am also still seeking a holistic natural balance, but am not finding something that works for me….YET! Never giving up on the natural cures.

And lastly, to answer a question from last weeks blog.
“Hey Brianna, Here a question:
How/when did you decide to do nude
modeling instead of just “fitness” modeling or fashion modeling. I mean
before you knew how comfortable you were or had fans of your glamor

From my early work in Car mags-born to be naughtier I would say 😉

Well honestly, Lol, and I can’t help but to be honest…it was mostly financial. :O) Mainly because I have always worked in adult but more discreetly behind the scenes.  My fans then always wanted more.  I think that for me to provide a service that is entertaining and sexually gratifying for others earns the right to command great financial gain for me…I find it very empowering.

Ok boys and girls, enjoy this weeks scene and video….I was REALLY enjoying myself on that night this video was filmed. Very erotic and satisfying.  Here’s a sneak peak from next weeks HOT as hell scene.

Enjoy! Xo Brianna

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Summer is just about over…are we ready to cuddle by the fire yet?

Well I have to say, with our extreme temps this summer, I am more than ready to welcome in the winter season…although it won’t be here in Vegas until December lol.

As usual, working a lot and trying to keep up with everything else that I do.  I am getting more used to the later schedule, the gym is actually a lot less crowded now that I go during the afternoons, so I can kick my own ass & get out. It reminds me of me when I was 18…I’d stay up working until like 4am and then wake up at 12 or 1pm…crazy! Its definitely an adjustment and not something I’ll keep up for a long period of time.  I am a creature of habit and LOVE my daytime routine.

Speaking of routine…wasn’t I supposed to be shooting less this year?! Lol…not yet.  I have been shooting a ton and here’s some hot content from them as well as behind the scenes.

And its not over yet! I’m getting ready to fly to Miami soon for one of the last shoots this year. Then perhaps little Miss Brianna will be headed towards retirement??? That won’t mean that you won’t see me around or on my site…I’ll be here for your viewing pleasure for a long time to CUM!

Join me next week on Monday for my live show! I’d like you guys to leave comments here for a Q & A edition of the blog coming soon…so what are you dying to know? Can be anything!

Enjoy this weeks HOT Lesbian scene and see you all next week!


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Happy Labor Day!

What insane weather Vegas has been having lately! We have had a week straight of on & off raining.  Now when I say ‘raining’, its not the same rain as you will experience in any other part of the country…its still 100+ degrees! Its actually nice if it doesn’t flood the area.  We don’t have a sewage system here, so many areas in the Valley flood and idiots die every year.  This is a huge indication of global warming I guess.  Hopefully you are all doing your part and at the very least recycling?! I do…I’m actually a recycling psycho! Lol, everyone that comes in my home gets schooled. I have about 8 bags of recycling a week & 1, maybe 2 bags of actual trash. It’s amazing really.  Too bad not everyone does it, but they should.

SOOOO, anyway, if you are a member of http://www.BriannaJordan.com, you know that we are STILL updating the site. With the amount of content that is there already, it is taking them a bit longer to switch everything over than they originally thought.  That’s ok by me, I prefer it done properly. 🙂 This way, when the switch is completed, you will all have nothing to complain about besides a worn out forearm! HAHA! This week’s HOT update is the “Blue Scene”…how many of you have gotten it on right where you are on the carpet? Rug burn lol! But its usually worth it 😉

I hope you all had a great Labor day! I SO did! I had one of my actual true blue friends visit me from Chicago.  We only met a couple of years ago, but connected & clicked like we’ve known each other forever.  I was flying into LA for a photo shoot, my flight was delayed and the rental car bus was no where to be found.  Super stressed and on the verge of tears at midnight with my call time at 7am, I saw this girl & her husband looking around too, they asked if I was waiting for Fox rental car as they were too….YEP, so they offered to share a cab and she & I proceeded to seriously complain about the stupid company that had left us stranded lol.  We exchanged info & kept in touch after that. Next time I went to Chicago where she is from, I hung out with her quite a bit and we really hit it off. The rest is history.  Bff’s ever since.  What you guys don’t know is that most chicks are really catty and its really hard to find a good friend that you click with.  We dress alike, shop in the same stores, are both healthy…same morals etc. She even says fuck every other word like I do! HAHA! Well anyway, good friends are hard to find, so I am lucky to have a select few.  So she visited me in Vegas this weekend. We went to my fav places, Culinary Dropout, then Flemings the next night & Le Reve, then I cooked and had a dinner party, then massages and shopping.  I SO needed a little R&R, over worked to the max as usual.


 This show is my fav in Vegas, I’ve seen it over a dozen times.

It was a great mini-vacay, but of course I am back to work immediately! Have to keep bringing you all super hot content…which brings me to the end of today’s blog.  Have to get going but I hope you enjoy this week & next week I know you’ll love! Jelena Jensen & I are bringing it all to the table in our “October-fest” scene…Beer, tits & masturbation! What could be better? xxoo

ONLY at http://www.BriannaJordan.com 

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