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The time has come (in the movie trailer announcer voice)…

We are now in the final stages of http://www.BriannaJordan.com being updated and overhauled.  I am posting the next 2 weeks of updates to tide you over until the move is complete.  This way, there will be no interruption in service.  When the actual switch occurs the site will be down for 24 hours, however you will still have me here, on twitter & via email! So don’t fret my loves, you will be knee deep in Brianna & friends in NO time at all!

As I said,  you will still be able to reach me via email, while this switch is going on & after, PLEASE let me know if you see any dead links or missing content-pics & vids so I can have it fixed. My members are all my #1 priority with my site upgrade 😉  You are all the main reason I am doing it.  I know you’ll LOVE it all once its completed.

So to give you a little taste of what’s new on the site for the next couple of weeks….

This week’s HOT Cowgirl Scene (these boots were made for fuckin’!)

Miss Maggie Green Shows off her HUGE natural 34Gs!

Adding some sparkle & my pink to your day!

Some HOT, Funny & silly BTS from our 4 Girl Orgy shoot with Aria Giovanni, Kelly Divine, Maggie Green & I with some cameo guest appearances from some of our crew & friends

Enjoy and happy squirting! http://www.briannajordan.com 

In case you didn’t know or forgot, my email is brianna@briannajordan.com but don’t waste the privilege boys & girls….I am a busy bee with lots to do daily, my taking personal time to reply to you is out of the kindness of my heart!

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Helloooooo everyone! I know its dragged out long enough but to be honest, I was still in the consideration phase lol.

I have been asked for YEARS & YEARS if I was available to meet in person and the short answer is yes.  I make myself available to a select few gentlemen that can afford to be extremely generous with me.  I have hosted private events, parties and the like for years-even before I was involved in modeling for all of the magazines and websites that you have seen me work with.  As my members know, I pride myself in giving that extra special touch and providing personal contact with any questions, requests, etc. 

What am I getting to? WELL! Lol, a lot of you cannot find room in your budget to see me one on one &; that is completely ok, I make it so that I am pretty unattainable for most on purpose.  It has to be worth while for all parties involved & there are a lot of other factors that are also put into play.  I do really enjoy making people’s fantasy’s coming true…and as long as they respect me at the same time, it can be a wonderfully mutual beneficial joint venture!

We all know I have a killer bod and that I workout 2-3 hours EVERY day! I show it off on film and online to you all but NOW I am going to be VERY TEMPORARILY available IN PERSON Featuring at some of the HOTTEST Strip Clubs in Las Vegas.  Treasures, Crazy Horse 2 & 3 to name a few.  I have been contacted from all over the country to travel to dance, but to be quite honest, its not worth it financially to be away from home as my travel fees exceed that of a strip club budget.  So I have teamed up with a few great places here in town and tested out the vibe this last week.   Overall, its not my scene as I don’t drink, smoke or party-however! Meeting with my ever devoted sweet and generous fans IS my scene.  So whether you can afford me for an hour or a night, now you have another option….but mind you, its pretty temporary.

No you won’t be able to wait 2 years from now & see me at one of the clubs, no, I will not be available everyday or late into the evenings.  And, No, I will not be on stage being fancy…the way to best appreciate my skills are in the VIP area’s. (I don’t do $20 dances lol) I will be announcing my schedule on twitter so you can come & see what a true VIP strip-club experience is like with Brianna Jordan.  I am VERY sweet, but obviously not there just to sit and look pretty.  You will have to be willing to be generous right away, or my attentions will be turned in another direction.

SOOOO, having said all of that.  YES! I am now available in Vegas only for a short period of limited time.  Get while the gettin’s good.  Literally not sure if this will last for a few weeks or a few months because of my already jam-packed schedule.  All of my other businesses take precedence over this, so when I have time to mingle….I will 😉

To recap, I will be announcing on twitter where I will be featuring at each evening I chose to come out for some VIP mingling, so start following me on http://www.twitter.com/brianna_jordan now for dates and locations. 

For all my Vegas locals, I will be out and about tonight sooooo stay tuned as to my whereabouts.  I’ll usually be available from 10pm-1am  for now, but will be available only during the day to early evening starting in the fall if I decide to keep this as a part of my routine.  Otherwise, you can still reach out to me if you’d like a more intimate encounter over say dinner & dessert….

Hope you are enjoying this weeks INSANELY HOT Girls Next Door Lesbian scene with Aria Giovanni & I?! Here’s a taste of next weeks scene…Giddy-up!

These Boots are made for ?….

XOXO Brianna Jordan

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