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Let’s take the train to Florence….

After being in Venice for the day (which was long enough), the next day, I rushed in the pouring rain to the train station and jumped on the train to Florence with seconds to spare! Whew…in Europe, they don’t wait for you.  If you miss it by 1 minute, you miss it all together lol! Thankfully, I made it and began my final journey to the beautiful Tuscan region I missed last year. 

My 1st assignment was to check in with the model house who was hosting me, I was expecting to stay at the model house (which I would’ve dealt with even though it would have been ew for me….a bunch of girls that don’t clean up after themselves and are all catty-not fun) BUT They surprised me with a gorgeous centrally located hotel called Firenze 9. (Firenze is Florence in Italian)  The hotel was in the perfect area to get around easily.  So I settled in that night and then prepped for my 1st day of shooting, which was all in the city of Florence.

The statue of David we have in Vegas is NO comparison to this masterpiece

Such a great city, I LOVED it here, would totally consider moving! 

Day one of shooting started out a little rocky with the language barrier with other models and myself with the makeup & photog translating lol, but by day 2 we got the hang of it. We traveled out to this AMAZING farm in San Gimignano, called Fattorio Poggio Alloro.  This was one of the coolest places I have ever been! WOW how lucky was I to be able to shoot there of all places! I’d trade in my entire lifestyle now and move there tomorrow if it were an option.

With views like this all week, can you blame me for wanting to relocate?

We spent several days out here shooting, the food on the farm was AMAAAAAZING! I can’t even tell you, they gave us a tour on the 1st day we arrived, they make everything there, all organic; pasta, meat, cheeses, wine, grow everything! even artichokes, my fav!

After shooting, enjoying the peace & beauty

My sweet little cows! (I couldn’t eat meat after meeting them!)

Vineyard on the farm-took some crazy hot pics here

So we worked, ate and toured around to our different shoot locations, it was really the trip of a lifetime.  I will never ever forget the people I worked with and I will always have this experience. I am truly SO blessed! I was giving thanks daily.

Sadly the shooting was over, the only shoot in my life I was sad to have end lol and we headed back to Florence. I stayed an extra 2 days to see the city and experience more of Firenze, I took a couple of cooking classes, since cooking is one of my other passions. Made pasta from scratch, real ragout sauce (no not like America’s Ragu), had great wine, make pizza & gelato…such a blast.  I also toured the sites of the city, climbed to Michelangelo’s piazza…beautiful! and listened to the live music in the streets. 

Making my pasta

Shopping at a traditional market

A lot of Americans I spoke with before coming said that Tuscany was boring & they’d pass over Florence…now I think they are absolutely insane! It was probably the most memorable and wonderful time I had. I really hope I have the chance to go back….soon!

That sadly concludes this trip! But it was SOOOOO frickin’ awesome! I hope you guys have a chance to travel, and I hope you enjoyed my blogging about my personal experiences. 

Back to Vegas and normal life, work, work, work! I run myself ragged for my fans and family.  Here’s a peek at next weeks HOT Scene…hope you like this weeks ‘Wet Black’.  ONLY at http://www.Briannajordan.com

Remember that next week is my big exciting announcement! My fans have always asked me for this even before I was modeling…and NO its NOT Boy/Girl… ;o)

Next week! Aria Giovanni & I in “Girls Next Door?” Such a smokin’ hot scene! Enjoy

xo Brianna

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Next stop on my European adventures….

So I left you in Croatia last time, after leaving Dubrovnik I flew into Italy for more work! But I really have nothing to complain about.  I am truly blessed to have had the opportunity to work in Europe and see the sights at the same time.  I had a day break in which I stopped in Venice, since I hadn’t gone there last year and it is one city in Italy that just might not be there forever! Yes it seems to be sinking!

Just like in the movies! Very James Bond in my opinion! 

 I didn’t have long to see the city and honestly a day was more than enough for me. I arrived by plane from Croatia, traveled to my hotel which was not in the canal, all of the canal hotels-even the hostels-ew, were starting at $700 per night! No thanks, unless it was a luxury hotel, even then, there are better deals. So I stayed about 10 min away from the Canal area at the Holiday Inn express in Maestro which was perfect! Very Americanized for my needs-just sleeping & included a free breakfast-always a plus. I took a 10 min bus ride into the canal area and a water taxi to the famous Rialto bridge.  This is the BEST place to get a gondola ride and I HAD to since I was in Venice.  I was lucky enough to meet a gondolier that has been in service for over 30 years, took me to the best spots and it was SO cool!

Rialto Bridge

I then relied on trip advisor to take me to a great restaurant, and it was Da Mamo, not too far outside of the main square, which I checked out all of the monuments…Venice is pretty small so it didn’t take long to see.

The water had just flooded the entire square days prior to my arrival

After this quick little day trip I took a train (that I almost missed! ) to Florence….the last stop on my journey and where I had the best work experience ever! Shooting in the Tuscan hillside was AMAZING! Sheesh…lucky girl! That’s in the next blog though, stay tuned!

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XXOO Brianna

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