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Message to my fans & members!

Lots of exciting news for everyone! As most of you know, I am headed out of the country this week! Came so quickly! I will still be tweeting but probably a little less often, so you can keep track of my adventures in Europe.  I am pretty excited to see new places and revisit some that I have seen last year. There’s always a lot of things you miss out on while you’re traveling for work…this time I am going to try and see it all! Lol, impossible goals…something I always strive for :o)

How does my traveling affect my members?  Well in a sense, it doesn’t! You guys will get the SAME amount of updates that you normally would if I were here.  As most of you know now, I do all of my updates manually.  I debated bringing my laptop with me and attempting to do all of the updates while I am traveling, however, having experience with this from last year, I am NOT going to risk the Internet connections and be late on my updates. SO! I am going to update ALL of the content for the weeks I am scheduled to be out of town, before I leave.  It will be a SUPER SEXED UP OVERLOAD! You won’t have time to see it all on one day, so you can keep coming back to see the next gallery/video blog etc.  The only thing different are the live shows, which will be postponed until my return into Vegas! You will have all of the archives to keep you company until then.  Not too shabby of a deal if you ask me.

What am I doing to remedy this for the future? WELL, glad you asked ;o) I am teaming up with a SERIOUSLY Hot and smart webmaster & joining her network of hotties!  This means that my site will be getting all of the necessary updates you have been asking for.  A more user friendly interface, search options; tagged pics & vids, and a LOT more of the super sexy content you are used to.  I will talk to you more about that when the contract is signed and the move is made.  I won’t be going offline at all so don’t worry about it.

Ok, I am OFF to take care of the CRAZY workload I have to complete before leaving, not to mention working out, tanning, nails, hair, packing, seeing family/friends etc! I will definitely be doing a must see/do blog like I did last year for you all.  I am a hardcore….reviewer (what’d you think I was gonna say lol) and love to share my experiences with everyone.

I hope you are enjoying last weeks updates & this weeks SUPER hot Girl/Girl action with Jelena Jensen & I.  The next few weeks you will be OVERLOADED with sexy BRIANNA!

 Stairway to heaven….

It gets WILD after this! Grab a members pass! Its LOADS of fun ;o)

xxoo Brianna

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TEAM BEACHBODY! I’m going to help you achieve your goals!

I hope those of you that were inspired to get healthy have been able to achieve some of your goals! I am really happy with all of the positive feedback from my ‘Nothing Tastes As Good As Healthy Feels’ & other health related blog entries.  I am happy to motivate you all and nothing makes me happier that to be able to send positive energy out into the world however it finds you. ;o) 

As you all know, I have been battling my thyroid disease over the past year.  Trying to get onto the right medication regime & trying to still maintain my active lifestyle & insanity workouts! I can’t lie, its been really tough.  I have had ups & downs throughout the entire diagnosis & treatment and I am really happy to report that my latest blood test results came back very good!  My hormone levels are FINALLY regulating & staying that way.  Last time they were going up, then down, then up, etc. I will still have some struggles to deal with but I think we all do in different ways.  If its not a thyroid it would be something else right?! 

 There are plenty of ‘reasons’ we can all come up with in order to avoid being active, (work, kids, family, no time…) or make excuses to why we are eating bad.  Bottom line, YOU are the only thing getting in the way of your own success! 

 Being healthy is a lifestyle, its not something you do for a week or two. You have to want the best for you in order to keep it up.

There are some of you guys that really take what I say to heart and listen.  I am always grateful to be able to touch even one person, which is why I decided to answer your requests and be more involved in helping you all achieve your goals. 

I don’t ever want to be skinny, just happy & healthy!

I have teamed up with Beach Body and become a personal Coach! I want to help you all find your own success and it can start today! You have read my food intake guidelines and suggestions as well as my workout plan advise. (which will come more often now)  I have touched briefly on supplementing your calories with protein shakes and bars as well as all of the other great vitamins we need to stay healthy.   I don’t endorse ANYTHING I don’t absolutely love, and I have been asked more than a few times to use my success story as an advertisement for products I would not have any part in.

Honestly, this body is 
along with all of the supplements and healthy food I put in it! 

 One of the BEST ways to stick with your new lifestyle, as I’ve said is to drink protein shakes as a meal, when you are on the go, to refuel before or after a workout or late at night instead of another choice you might regret later on.  I have tasted ALL of the shakes on the market and they are all pretty much the same, some a little better than others due to higher sugar content, but they all are pretty ugh.  I honestly stopped supplementing as much because it all tastes kinda crappy until someone introduced me to Shakeology by Beachbody. I LOVE IT! It tastes just like a milk shake and fills me up for hours.  I take it before my workouts as breakfast and sometimes during the day if I am extra hungry in between meals.  I like the chocolate flavor; I add it to 12 oz of fat free milk and also add a tablespoon of all natural peanut butter. DELICIOUS! Not only does it taste great but can;t help but be impressed by all of the added nutrients and vitamins that normal protein blends do not contain.  You don’t have to take my word for it, try it yourself and if you don’t like it, you can return your unused portion for a FULL refund. This company really stands behind their products. 

You can go to my personal beach body website and purchase your 1st months worth now. 

You will notice a difference in how you feel after you start it, although most people notice a difference after a month, some see improvements in energy levels prior to that. Take the Beach body challenge and I will be here to answer questions you have or give you advice.

Just as a reminder, we don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great! 


Love, Brianna

(Some of my other fitness related blog posts to reference:)

Nothing tastes better than healthy feels

 Candy Crash

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