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Shoot its time to shoot some more!

I sound like a broken record when I say that I am insanely busy, but its only because its true lol! I just got back from a short Scottsdale trip…yes to shoot with 3 hotties, Destiny Dixon, Cherie Deville & Aaliyah Love.  I know Cherie already from shooting with her at Penthouse and then for our sites last year.

Of course I had to DOM this bitch! LOVE her!

You can find some of the clothing worn during the shoot now being auctioned off at https://abibids.com/index.php/page,Search/searchtxt,brianna%2520jordan

Smoking hot Blue Satin & Lace VIkki’s Bra & Panty set

She’s a doll, and intro’d me to the other girls.  The shoot went so well, smooth and we were able to create a LOT of hot content, 2 girl, 3 girl & 4 girl scenes! #lesbian #orgy This weeks scene on http://www.briannajordan.com is one of them, “Movie Night: Blondes vs Brunettes” & we all won lol!

We shot literally all day long, as usual, I just haven’t had a long day shoot in a while so of course needed some R&R after…we all went to one of my fav places, Brio afterwards (none of the girls had ever been! So of course I had to pop some cherries)

Cheers! Successful shoot day completed!

1 of my favs, artichoke crusted Filet medallions with grilled veggies

I stayed with my friends that live there, the ones I usually visit every summer.  Had some time for girl talk and flew home! Just in time for a little flashy poo just for you!

LOL! On my way to the airport

I arrived home to unpack and try to recoup a bit before this weeks LA trip.  I will be shooting with the super sexy Kirsten Price.  I am really excited! She sounds really sweet and I’m sure we’re going to create really hot stuff for you guys to see….next blog ;o)

This week was another 1st for me, I am now truly wonder woman flying through the air ;o) I did a trapeze class! It was SO scary but really fun.  (I am afraid of heights) but hey, you never get anywhere if you don’t try to conquer your fears right?! Well I did, I even jumped off my trapeze & was caught mid air by a professional cirque actor.  So cool! I almost didn’t go up again after being petrified the 1st time, but so glad I did!

What a blast! If ever in Vegas & you’re wanting something in addition to the same old gambling & partying, you should try this! @Trapezelasvegas for details ;o) SO FUN!

Ok boys, time for me to get back to work, I’ll be tweeting lots of BTS pics from Sundays shoot & might stream it live on briannajordan.com so check for it! Have a great & safe weekend. xxoo Brianna

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On the Road again!

What a busy bee I’ve been! I’ve missed out on being able to publish a new blog post for you all! So it’s time for a little catchup before I am out of town again! Which happens to be tomorrow lol!

I have been shooting a LOT and traveling for business as well, plus working out 2 times a day making a total of 3-4 hours each day! I am POOPED! Not to worry, I am determined NOT to get sick again. That 2 month span was brutal.  I am making sure I recover, rest & eat properly plus washing my hands like a maniac…so that should help ;o) I can’t lie, the biggest thing that would cause me to get sick is the stress I am under the past few weeks.  Pretty stressed out, but still putting on a happy face and keepin’ it movin’! I will never let anything get me down for long.

So tomorrow I am headed to Scottsdale to work with my sweet little Cherie! I shot with Cherie DeVille for Penthouse and then again for our sites last year and we had a blast! She’s awesome.  I’ll finally get to work with Destiny Dixon, we’ve been trying to connect forever! She’s smoking hot & has a great personality, so I know we’ll hit it off ;o) You guys will get off from us hitting it off lol!

Just a few pics of Cherie & I ‘hitting it off’ last year!
After shooting with the girls, I am crashing at a friends house and having lunch with her & her baby before I fly home the next day.  Only to come back to Vegas, unpack-pack again, head up to San Fran for another shoot-closed set. Then unpack-pack again, 1 more shoot in LA… working out like a maniac in between… then I get to unpack-pack again for my big trip to Europe.  London & Paris then off to shoot some more in Italy & more stops along the way that I will fill you all in as I did last year with my travel tips, must see’s & eats etc.  Whew, I’m tired already! LOL
I have been working out so hard because I am finding that even with medication for my thyroid, the symptoms are hard pressed to disappear.  I am holding about 10-15 extra lbs that I want gone, so that’s where the twice a day gym crap comes in.  Hey, you do what you have to do.  I am going to fight it EVERY step of the way. I will never make excuses & I will never be lazy!  Don’t worry guys, I know I am NOT fat & people love my curves, I do too! I just know where I am most comfy and am getting there, sooner or later…well later with my asshole thyroid ;o) I had a couple of people tell me that it’s not worth it & to just give up & get fat??!!!!!!! I was insulted at first but then looked at their lives and realized that for them, pushing as hard as I do would require them not to be lazy anymore….it only gave me more fuel to push it! I will always have to battle with the thyroid but I will never let it beat me ;o)  I hope if you all have anything at all in your life holding you back, you push through it & fight hard! If I can inspire even one person, its all worthwhile to me…

Oh and Easter just passed, for all of you that need a candy fix….I have some candy coated fantasies being fulfilled for you ALL this week 😉 Check out the full scene ONLY at http://www.BriannaJordan.com
I know you want to see where that lollipop ends up!

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