Sheesh! It feels like this year is already flying by! I was sick for the 1st 2 months, so maybe that had something to do with it?! Lol.  VERY happy to report that my flu symptoms are GONE! See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya! :o) I just have to get through Vegas’s spring pollen season, which starts NOW! Ugh, so many Mulberry trees, so little fresh air! My asthma & allergies kill me every year, so I am stocked up on benedryl and pray to get through the day without my eyes swelling shut-not attractive!

I’ve had an insanely busy month so far and its only 5 days into it.  Most of you know that my little sister just had a baby, my sweet little nephew is AMAZING! He’s the cutest kid I have ever seen-no not just because he’s my nephew but wow is he cute! A month old now and already advanced for his age.  I’m going to have so much fun with him! I have other nephews, 5 to be exact but none of them live here in town, sooooo sad for them but my sis’s 1st will be very spoiled by Auntie Brianna. 

I was coast to coast twice already, once in LA, Burbank is where I will ALWAYS fly into now, not sure why no one told me about this before! It was so much easier, most all of the shoots I do are closer to that airport anyway, so it made flying in & out same day a cinch.  I also had some business in Miami to attend to, last minute trip so unfortunately I couldn’t turn it into a longer stay :O( I was so bummed because it was really beautiful.  Whenever I have been in Miami before, I stayed in South Beach not knowing better (and hated it every time) but this time, my meeting was in Bal Harbour-SO NICE! I will be going back to Miami and this time I will enjoy it! After my meeting I had a few hours before my flight home, so I found the Bal Harbour shops-with all my fav designers, bought some cute shoes and ate a yummy meal before going beach side to stick my toes in the ocean.  It was really very nice, so sad I had to come home to work & stress!

Getting ready to go to my meeting

Airport bound

Now I am home sweet home preparing for the rest of the year.  I have another out of town meeting to go to next week so I will be a busy bee from here on out.  Wasn’t I supposed to have a calmer year this year? No rest for the wicked I guess! Lol.  I am making sure to stop & smell the roses more often though!

I hope you guys are all voting for me in the Miss Freeone’s contest?! Http:// You can vote once daily per email address you sign up with, its free and for a great cause, prizes will be given out by me to my fan should I win!  Every one’s support thus far has been amazing and I greatly appreciate the love you’ve shown for my hard work & efforts to bring everyone a slice of happy from day to day. 
Here’s some teasers from the last couple of weeks on Join now to see what you’ve been missing! xxoo

Aria Giovanni & I LOVE working together since we are close in real life too!

Red Zebra is a fun set with the video coming Friday!