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It’s that time of year again guys! I need your support & love more than ever before!

Hey guys! I am SOOOO happy to report that I was able to work out this ENTIRE week without a relapse of the flu! That was THE longest lasting flu bug I have ever had.  Since the day after Xmas! Whew, I feel great today and see that continuing :o)

I hope you are loving this weeks new scene, PinUp Dots! The video is coming on Friday and you’re going to LOVE it!

Well guys its that time of year again! Its time that you show your thanks, love & support for all of the hard work I do to bring you all the very best of me! The Miss Freeone’s Contest is in it’s 1st round! I am nominated for both, Miss Freeone’s & Best Adult Model this year.  I would be honored if you all would show me your support and vote for me in both categories.  Voting is really simple.  You can follow my easy link http://www.votebriannajordan.com Sign up for a FREE username (it makes your vote count more & you accumulate points in which you can earn free FULL HD videos and galleries of mine) and be sure to vote EVERY DAY! You can vote once every day and really guys, every single vote counts.  Its easy to sit back and say, ah she’s pretty, she’ll make it but honestly, I wouldn’t be here without all of my loyal amazing fans!  I appreciate the love you send my way and this year I am giving away really HOT prizes to the fans that help me win.  Those prizes are varying from FREE memberships to my website, to wet worn panties and other juicy items!  I am also doing #followsforvotes which I have never done before! You can just tweet me the screen shot of your having voted for me and show me this & I will follow you too!

Today is a busy day! I am off to LA for a photoshoot & a Live Show with Cherry Pimps.  Lol.  Such a funny name.  You can see me live FREE if you are a website member this thursday.  So stay tuned.  Off to finish packing & get out to LA.  Remember to do your civic duty & get your votes in! Lol. xxoo, Brianna

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In the month of February…taking it one day at a time.

Today is Valentine’s Day! Happy V-day everyone! If you have a special someone in your life, make sure they know how special they are to you and if not?! Treat yourself to something special. Perhaps a membership to my website? ;o) This week’s insanely hot scene is with Vanilla DeVille & myself in ‘Heartbreaker’.  Very fitting for this week!

So I have been MIA again, I know.  You would NOT believe the battle I have had with this f***ing flu virus! I would say its the worst I’ve ever had this year. I would get a little better from the antibiotics, start working out again, & then at the end of the week, I’d be feeling shitty all over again! SO not cool.  I have had this on & off since the day after Xmas, which is over a month & a half now! Taken antibiotics 4 times, which is really bad for you & have missed a TON of work & working out…even gained a few lbs-which makes me mad >:o(  A well, life happens and you can only be upset for a second, then you move on.  I am going to do a liver/body detox to help combat all the antibiotics that are floating around in my system.  I am usually not one to take a lot of meds but lately I feel like a walking pharmacy! Which brings me to my next topic, something very personal I’d like to share with you all. 
Some of you know that I have been on & off, sick for the last few years.  Not really being able to pin point what was causing my issues.  Symptoms being bad mood swings, depression, skin breakouts, weight gain-although all I do is workout & count calories, extreme vertigo & fainting spells, exhaustion & more unpleasant things.  I was told for years that I simply had bad periods & PMDD.  I knew that was not the case.  I went from Dr to Dr spending 10s of thousands on tests only for them all to tell me I was too young to have any other issues-my guess was that it was something hormonal (since all of my symptoms are things that are controlled solely by hormonal imbalance & I have it in my family).  So early-year in 2012, last year, I found a holistic Dr who was also an MD. He was the only Dr that ran the proper tests due to my symptoms and the only one to find that my thyroid was completely out of wack.  Finally I had an answer, but the road to recovery was not going to be so easy.
I wanted to treat this newly found thyroid issue as naturally as possible, so the Dr gave me a natural bovine hormone that a lot of people take, the problem with that? Well, I was really allergic to it.  He didn’t test me to see if I had allergies to the pig hormone.  1st fail.  Then I was prescribed synthroid-a very common drug used to treat thyroid issues.  After months of being on it, I was not responding well to it, so he upped the dosage and added another drug, cytomel.  After months of this not working, he upped all dosages again saying lets see how you do in a couple of months.  My symptoms were all still there, but now, I had bouts of heart palpitations and even more dizzy spells.  Obviously cutting into my workouts and the rest of my life.  Calling the Dr on it & asking what the f***, he simply said to give it time for my body to adjust.  Something just didn’t seem right about it, so I opted to schedule with an actual Thyroid/Hormone Specialist.   I found one that was highly recommended and supposed to be the best in my area.  I was put on a wait list and waited for months and months.  The day of my appt comes around and I get a phone call from the Dr office saying they will not be accepting new patients! Wow, another blow.   I completely lost it, broke down at the gym where I was at the time I got the call.  A nice woman I occasionally see in passing there was kind enough to sit down with me and chat about what happened.  Turned out that her mother was in remission of thyroid cancer and was able to refer me to their specialist.  So I made an appt, briefly told the new Dr office what just happened and they squeezed me in the next day.  As soon as I was tested and explained the years history, the new Dr said WTF? your med levels are WAY too high and if continued, you will have a heart attack in the next 6 mo-year. WOAH?! So she adjusted them to being lower. Ran more tests, and then discovered a few lumps on my thyroid which were to be ultra-sounded but on top of that, she discovered that I have a disease called Hashimotos.   This is an auto-immune disease that attacks only your thyroid causing it to not distribute the hormones throughout the body properly.  There is no cure, its hereditary and every 3-4 months for the rest of my life, I will have to have my thyroid levels tested to see how to adjust the meds. WTF! All of this happened the day before Thanksgiving. (where I was making a huge feast for family & friends) Soooooo, I have to be honest, I wasn’t my normal upbeat optimistic self.  The news left me in a little bit of shock, anger & despair.  I decided to deal with it after the holidays.  The Dr had me on the new med levels and my body needed time to adjust anyway. 
I went on my trip to St Lucia, came back and it was Xmas. Then I got sick for the whole month! Not fun.  So knowing I had to deal with all of my thyroid stuff,  in between being sick, I scheduled another appt with the Dr.  Having already spent 10s of thousands, the tests/biopsy’s that come after discovering lumps are a LOT with no insurance.  So I sat down with my Dr to develop a plan.  This time, I was back to being optimistic, and stopped feeling sorry for myself.  Its honestly still hard for me to talk openly about, I think what bothers me the most is how healthy of a lifestyle I live and the fact that my own body is not cooperating and is giving me limitations.  So the latest test results I went over with my Dr showed the 1st improvement in my hormone levels! Good news.  The lumps I have are very small at this time and we can wait to monitor if they change at all before doing a biopsy (which saves me a ton of $) and lumps on thyroid are very common in people with Hashimotos, they are mostly benign-also great news!  The not so great news was just that as long as I live, I will suffer from some symptoms, some days will be better than others, the meds will never fully cure me, but they will help. 
Long story huh?  Well, I debated telling everyone about my condition for a while.  However, in passing speaking to other people about my journey, I have discovered that there are MANY many people dealing with these symptoms as well as some form of thyroid disease.  I wanted to share my story so that perhaps I can help someone else.  All the years of testing, my Drs failed to test my specific T3 & T4 levels-they only tested my TSH-which is always going to look normal in a woman as young as myself.  The T3 levels were supposed to be above 200 and were non-existent for me.  That was only the start of the problem, but the good thing is that it was finally found.  In learning about all of this, I was surprised to know that it can affect men & woman-however its more prevalent in woman.  If you or someone you know is feeling off & the Dr says its in your head, get a second or in my case 15th opinion lol! Don’t be afraid or ashamed to speak up. 
Today I am taking baby steps to adjusting to this.  I am always very tired now, weight seems to stick around longer than usual & my normal workouts are a little harder to get through.  I get really frustrated at times, but I keep reminding myself that no one is perfect and that I am a capable, determined, strong woman.  I will never let anything hold me back, certainly not this.  No matter how long it takes me to adjust, I will and I will be the exception not the rule.  Its easy to make excuses and allow something like this to take over.  I will not do that.  No matter what it is, either should you!
I hope that I have helped enlighten a few of you out there, maybe your girlfriend/wife/sister/mom/daughter/friend is going through something similar.  Whew, this blog has been heavy today huh? LOL! Time to change the mood a bit.

I’ll be posting twitpics of me tonight, I’m getting all dolled up and going to a yummy dinner! Life is too short to sit around and waste it! Tweet me at http://www.twitter.com/brianna_jordan & its not too late to be my Valentine! My wishlist is amzn.com/w/1I3TV8DUOH2QG  & I always gift back!
Enjoy tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day video on the site and come back next week for more sexy updates XXOO
Be my Valentine?
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