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Damn! I have to say, it’s been a struggle to stick with my schedule & routine because since Christmas I’ve been battling the flu! This stubborn thing just won’t leave me alone! I had a week where I thought I was going to be better, right after New Years, and then wham! After working out and working etc, I got super sick all over again.  I have been trying to take it easy but my schedule just won’t allow a total slow down. I can’t seem to kick this wicked cough and runny nose :o(  I have been going to the gym (because I HAVE to!) but only doing what my body allows, which hasn’t been much, light cardio only an hour at a time, pilates & yoga.  No weights yet, HOPEFULLY I will be back in the gym like normal next week! I hate this.  I know this years strain has been a lot worse than last year.  I really don’t know anyone that isn’t or hasn’t been sick yet.  It’s wicked! With our really uncharacteristic temps here in Vegas its no wonder we’re all sick! It has been in the teens all week! Where did my winter go? Lol, I didn’t sign up for this crap.  I moved away from the east coast to get out of the extreme temps.  I even had to put Baby’s snow gear on him so he could go potty without shivering, poor guy.

I look like the uni bomber at the hospital!
Yes, bring sick sucks! But no need to dwell, I was able to accomplish a lot at home-2 years of taxes for starters :o)
Definitely felt nice to be by the fire this COLD ass week

ANYWAY! Lol, this week has been crazy. I was prepping for a shoot BUT blessing in disguise it was postponed! Whew! It was supposed to be outdoor too, so I don’t even know if it would have been possible.  I am still prepping for AVN though! I hope I will see a few friendly fan faces this year, since it’s the ONLY year I will go.  Yes, the only year and I am not planning to go to adultcon ever again.  Sad but true.  To be honest, the shows are costly for me to go to, travel expenses, bodyguard fees etc.  I love seeing all of you but will have to see you all in a different capacity.  I will however be doing more hosting gigs this year; parties, clubs, events etc.  And of course you’ll be seeing me LIVE online and in all of the projects I am working on this year.  If you didn’t know, I provide a weekly LIVE show for my http://www.BriannaJordan.com website members for FREE! Instead of paying at http://briannajordan.cammodels.com but you can always go there to check it out first.  I am also going to start offering the sales of individual photosets & videos as well.  When that launches, I’ll let you all know.  Obviously it’s a better value to become a member, and the more months you pay for in advance, the cheaper it is! More BANG for your buck ;o) 

Back to AVN, I will be signing this year for OC Modeling, so come to their booth this Friday (Shit tomorrow! lol) starting at 3pm pst, I’ll only be there for a few hours so make sure you stop by! and I’ll be there Saturday starting at 1pm.  The convention is at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.  I hope to see you all there! Its the only place to get free one on one chatting time with me and cheap merchandise!

Also, starting Feb 18th, I am enlisting all of you amazing fans! I need your loyalty and support once again for the Miss Freeone’s contest.  It would be an honor & privilege to be named your favorite Miss Freeones & or Best Adult Model.  I’ll be here to remind you and will also be giving away prizes to the people that do vote daily and help me make it to the top 5!

To catch you up on the last few weeks of updates ONLY at http://www.Briannajordan.com
Remember that if you want to taste my juices (yes, I only send overly saturated items to you), you can purchase my panties to taste/smell while you #jerkit to me at https://abibids.com/index.php/page,Search/searchtxt,brianna%2520jordan Or http://www.ShopBrianna.net
Or simply email me your requested items and I’m sure I can find something to fit your desires ;o)

I love to geek out with my Avenger Comics

This week, Taylor Vixen plays with me and I like it!

XO Brianna 

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It has been such an amazing year for me.  I am truly blessed to have had all the experiences I have had this year-good & bad.  Every year goes so quickly, but it’s important to remember what our experiences teach us.  Whether it is to let go of the past and look towards the future, let go of that person that does not appreciate you, show your appreciation to the ones that do, become healthier mentally & physically….whatever you are supposed to learn, don’t forget it, embrace positive changes and realize that every passing minute is a chance to turn in all around.  It’s never too late to dust yourself off, get up and do something you want to do.  In the beginning of 2012, I would have never thought I would be such a world traveler this year.  That has always been one of my dreams and goals and can’t wait to see what adventures 2013 will bring!  I was reflecting back last night on my 2012 resolution, I believe I somewhat accomplished it.  Spending more time with my family & loved ones and creating more balance for myself.  This year, I am going to do more of the same.  My resolutions for 2013 are to completely focus on my inner and outer beauty, health and wellness.  I will spend more time on myself.  I resolute to let go of the people that do not appreciate me and spend more time with those that do.  I also resolute to release myself from the guilt that comes with all of that.   We all know we can be guilted into continuing that unhealthy friendship/relationship just because it’s family or for one reason or another.  We all put our personal health on the back burner, but in order to help and full fill others you must first be healthy yourself.   I always try to be very positive, and this year is no different.  I hope you are all on the same page.  I am excited to continue to excite you all with my hard work making you hard lol and I hope to have the continued support of my website members and fans.  You are all why I am here after all. 

New Years Eve…well mine are always low key, as you know, I don’t like partying out of control and getting wasted.  Not my style.  I ate at one of my favorite steak joints last night, had a couple glasses of wine and a nice big slice of chocolate lava cake! Mmmmm, then I went home and cuddled in my warm bed with my favorite boy….Baby that is :o) A perfect new years eve for me.

Blinged out for NYE

I hope you all drank responsibly and had a blast! This weeks New Years scene on http://www.BriannaJordan.com is a HOT one for sure. 

Enjoy it and post all of your awesome comments here.  If you’re a newbie, welcome and thanks for joining us.  You won’t regret it. I love to give my fans the personal attention they deserve.  Come meet me LIVE in Las Vegas at the AVN convention this month January 18-19, http://avnawards.avn.com/ I will be signing autographs, posing for photos with you and selling memorabilia for extremely discounted prices.  I will only be there for a limited time so follow my twitter.com/brianna_jordan to find out exactly when and where.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!
xo Brianna

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