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Getting ready for the Holidays?
I have been SO insanely busy that I haven’t had time to write to all of you.  Don’t think I didn’t miss you all! I love love love to read your comments here and am really glad you are enjoying my posts.  I did have a huge workload for the last few weeks.  When I caught a cold it only helped me get further behind.  Typically I am already ready for turkey day at this time but I was so busy all week that I am NOT! AH! Lol, I will get it done…after all, I am wonder woman! ;o)
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I have the turkey and most of the fixings but will need to grab some last minute items and finish the house decor, I always make a big meal for a lot of people and having my Xmas decorations out is a must…but also a lot of work when I am already so busy. 

Whatever holidays you are celebrating, be careful not to overdo it with eating badly or in excess….if you do indulge, just work out more like me! I will be having a slice of my homemade pies ;o)

There are a few cool things coming up for me after turkey day, 1-My Bday! Woooot! I am not the typical party girl but I will go out to a nice dinner, have some nice wine and relax.  2-I am heading to Florida to visit some of my family & am so excited…I am surprising my Grandma again, not to the extent of last year but she has no idea I am coming. So I will be able to spend my Bday day with all of them.  3-After family time, I am headed to St. Lucia! FINALLY! WOOOOHOOOO I have been working SO hard and so long, had actually planned on going here in 2010 but couldn’t find the time or spend the extra $. I will surely be soaking in the sun & having lots of fun not doing a whole lot lol. I am extra stoked since some of my family will be there with me too!  Of course fun pics will come after…mostly on my site. 

If you’d like to surprise me with something sweet on my birthday, I will surprise you with something naughty as a gift back!
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You will not regret making me super happy on my special day!

Speaking of the site, if you are a member, you know that there’s been LOTS of new content coming out lately, getting hotter & hotter. It will only keep getting better from here! This is from the last couple of weeks, Aria and I are both crotchless, I am def a pool shark and an OG for sure!

I’m getting horny just looking at these again!

Yes, that is MY actual CUM, the movie for this scene is HOT! I really get on that cock.
Wouldn’t be right not including this hot scene ;o)
There’s PLENTY more where all of this came from! This month, I’ll be doing more hot solo masturbation along with appearing again with Vicky Vette & next month you’ll see my debut with Cherie DeVille-who is SO smoking HOT! Cherry poppin’ hot!
I have to run to the gym now, but enjoy the latest and greatest releases from http://www.BriannaJordan.com and get ready for next weeks live show! xxoo Brianna


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Halloween Candy Crash?

Because I have such a high demand for these health & fitness blogs, I am doing another edition! If I can help even one of you, I have done my job and it makes me happy. I love your comments and appreciate all the feedback you guys are giving me! Keep it coming!

Happy Halloween! Love, Elvira

Its that time of year again when temptations are EVERYWHERE! Your kids get a ton of candy for Halloween & you’re helping them eat it? Then there’s turkey day, Xmas, Hanukkah, New Years! Lots of gatherings around a ton of most likely not so healthy food.  I am going to give you a few pointers to help you during the holiday season.

Some of the recent comments:
From: Nothing Tastes Better than Healthy Feels
wow Brianna that was a great blog and i have started my journey to a health me i us to 350lbs I’m done to 325 and still dropping, it was hard at first but now its all i do and i also have to thank Advocare it was the big help in my life. my goal weight is about 180-190 and i what to be buff. so wish me luck in my journey to being health its going to be a long road 

I am SO happy to have been able to encourage you! Keep up the great work and remember that the end result will be well worth the struggles now.  Its easy to get frustrated & if you fall off the wagon, dust yourself off and jump back on again!

From: Q & A time!
Love your blog, do you have an RSS feed so I can follow you? Thank You on Q & A time

Thanks, I really make an effort to make each blog entry interesting, fun & informative! I don’t have a formal RSS feed, however I keep everyone on my website http://www.BriannaJordan.com updated & answer questions during my weekly live shows.

I let a lot of people on twitter ask me fitness & health related questions, but anything goes, so I will also be answering a lot of those questions here today.  First things first, let’s go over a few things you can start with that will really help combat the battle of the bulge! Unless its in your pants because you’re happy to see me, then that’s ok ;o)

If you read my last health blog, you saw that I have struggled with weight issues myself, so I understand first hand what it’s like.  In order to change yourself, you really have to alter your lifestyle.  That doesn’t mean you eat like a bird and workout 24/7, it just means doing the right thing for your body.  You can be skinny fat too.  What I mean by that is that just because you are thin, doesn’t mean your insides are healthy.  Its really important to be fit from the inside out. 

Healthy doesn’t mean you have to be stick thin either ;o) I love my curves

Ten things that will help jump start your journey to optimal health & fitness

1) Eat less processed foods. All Food is processed, cooking, canning, cutting, freezing slicing are all examples of processed food so not all processed foods are bad for you.  Its the less processed foods that are great for your waist.
2) Protien it up. Protein is essential for building & maintaining muscle.  It also decreases body fat & helps burn more calories post exercise.  Its best to include a variety of protein in your intake, whey, casein & soy are all great and you can mix them up. 
3) Don’t leave out animal Protein. While a protein supplement is fantastic to jump start your day or help if you’re on the go, animal protein contains so many essential amino acids that your body needs.  These are lean meats; chicken breast, filet, pork tenderloin, bison, fish.
4)Eat produce. Produce is high in volume and low in calories, there are so many vegetables out there to try if one or another isn’t your thing.  Try something new every week. (make sure NOT to douse them in butter & salt! you can sparingly use I can’t believe it’s not butter spray)
5)Focus on the right fats. Eat fat to lose weight, not the solid fats like butter & shortening, but the vegetable fats; avocado, olive oil, walnuts. These fats used in the right way will jump start your metabolism and burn more calories through the day. 
6)Find a good Probiotic. Along with all the other supplements/vitamins you need (varies for each person, ask your health care provider or nutritionist) but a good probiotic will not only keep your waistline in check but it helps keep your immune system strong.  Eating foods that are naturally probiotic rich will help too; yogurt, miso, kefir & sauerkraut.
7)Keep stress in check. Stress not only wreaks havoc on your daily life but it can really impact your physical health.  Stress can build up your cortisol levels creating excessive hunger, weight retention and stimulate fat production.
8)Calcium & vitamin D. Play a big role in abdominal fat, as do all of your other supplementation.
9)Say no thanks to that drink. While most of us enjoy the occasional night out with the friends including one, two, three…..drinks, alcohol is full of empty calories, sugar and more that causes increased body fat as well as a host of other problems, insomnia etc.  While we all hear that a little wine is healthy for us, the optimal word is LITTLE.
10)Burn fat with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). While weightlifting builds the lean toned muscles, aerobic & anaerobic exercise helps you shed body fat so that muscle stands out.  Cardio burns calories & you can sit on a stationary bike for hours on end but the most effective way to burn fat is to hike up the intensity for a short amount of time, active rest and repeat this for 40-50 min.

#1 excuse for not working out & eating right? I don’t have time! Excuses are for the weak minded & lazy. 

Schedule in the gym on your phone planner as you would a meeting or something else. 
Get in an hour on your lunch break.
Skip a show you watch at night and use that time to workout-Dvr it and watch it later!
When watching TV, do crunches, jumping jacks, squats and lunges during commercial breaks
Take your dog for a walk, or go by yourself
Find something you enjoy doing, you’ll be far more likely to stick to it rather than seeing it as another chore you have to do.

Now for some fun questions from a few of my fans on http://www.twitter.com/briana_jordan  Ask me anything!


how to lose weight and fat on stomach fast
If you follow ALL of the top ten suggestions above, you will start to shed your waistline quickly.  It’s an urban legend that doing 1000 situps a day will help…it will just leave you with back problems ;o)
@tacotv69Q: What does bison taste like? Is it similar to cow? Is it healthier for you? Plus where does one even pick up bison meat?
It depends where you get it, I get mine from my local grocer.  In my opinion its a lot better than beef, more flavor and if its cooked properly very juicy! I have ordered it in a restaurant & it was really tough & dry, they didn’t have my cooking skills ;o)

How ya keep yourself in shape n hope one day I’ll find a woman like ya n making it hot all day n night. : )
Its a daily commitment between working out, eating right & getting enough sleep.  I don’t always do all of these perfectly but its a lifestyle for me that when I am fit & healthy, nothing feels better.  If you are a gentleman with good hygiene you’re sure to find a good girl ;o)

Would you be my wife?
Thanks for the offer but no thanks. I’m sure you’re just being funny, but in all honesty, I find it creepy that people get obsessed with someone they don’t know…its one thing to admire, have a crush on but if you don’t know me and are asking for my hand? Little weird

hey Brianna whats the quickest way to lose 10 pounds. is running on the treadmill for 20min a day worked
No, simply running on the treadmill will not do much for you. You have to incorporate weight training into your routine at least 3 times per week as well as changing your way of eating, cardio is important, but only 20 minutes will not do much, shoot for at least an hour every day of different cardio, switch it up.  Also add HIIT & plyometrics.
how to lose weight and fat on stomach fast
I think I have covered this question in my top 10 things above…be sure to follow all of them with your workout routine and you will shed fast, especially if you are not doing so now.
How do you ever get work done? I would be touching myself 24/7 if I looked like you.
HA! I love it. I am really too busy to be touching myself all day lol.  I have my moments, and often find myself squeezing my boobs for no reason while I am watching TV lol!

Lol, how about Red????? 😉 by the way what is your favorite color?????
Well I do like red, but I am a girly girl that LOVES Pink, the top 3 are Pink, Grey & Blue

do you think living so far above sea level in #vegas (mountains) affects your vertigo?
No, my vertigo is caused by an imbalance of my hormones from my severe thyroid issue as well as the fact that I have been in many car accidents that jacked up my neck & back. All things that I actively work to tolerate and make better ;o)

Since Halloween is tomorrow, what was your favorite Halloween candy as a kid and is it still your favorite as an adult?
My favorite candy as a kid was chocolate, most anything chocolate, Reece’s pb cups, Snickers, Hershey’s were some of my fav while I didn’t like butterfingers or anything that was just sugary or sour!  Now, I don’t eat candy! If I indulge in sweets, its usually baked goods (but I have healthy versions for those too!) When I was overseas, I ate a SHITLOAD of dark chocolate hazelnut bricks….Switzerland has the BOMB chocolate!!!

Funny side story: my mom just texted me about the 1st Halloween I trick or treated.  At 2 yrs old, she thought I was too young to trick or treat, so she stayed home with me passing out candy. Apparently, I was getting mad that she was giving away our candy, so she scrambled last minute to find a costume and took me out…I was very happy then.  The 1st candy they tried to give me was a tootsie roll, I said, “No I want a candy bar” LMAO! Even at 2 I was a chocoholic.

If not the adult business what would the beautiful Brianna be doing today?
Well my dear, I am doing it.  (catch up on my past blogs for more details) but I am a successful business owner of more than one mainstream business….real estate investing being the big buck bringer ;o)

I know a lot of models from when I lived in Vegas, and you’re by far the nicest and most beautiful. There’s no one like you.

While that’s not a question, its very sweet. Thank you hun!

ZackStanleyCan America rise up and overcome?
Great question. While in the midst of the economy crisis, after blowing through my entire savings to pay my bills, scared of losing my homes and everything I worked so hard for…I found a way & with strength, determination, and hard work I am doing really well.  It really humbled me & I now make sure nothing is taken for granted. This country and its people are so resilient, I am a realist that totally believes we all can. People need to stop being selfish and help others out, stop sitting on their asses collecting welfare and get a job they might be overqualified for…but bottom line, we all could use more compassion.   

How many hours and days do u go to the gym??
Ugh, too many lol.  I was doing 3-4 hours daily but then discovered a severe thyroid problem I have had for years that no doctor could diagnose.  While I am in the stage of fixing it, I now have to take it easier at the gym as far as duration of time I am there each day. I now am working out between 1.5-2.5 hours each day switching up my routines often.

What does Brianna Jordan do for a workout to keep that awesome body in shape??
I love working out, so it helps motivate me, mainly because I love the results.  A normal week of workouts for me:
Mon: Spin/weights/Pilate’s Tues:Cardio/yoga Wed: Spin/Core/weights Thurs: Cardio/Plyometrics Fri: Spin/Pilate’s Saturday: Spin or cardio/weights Sun: Cardio

what’s your favorite position?
Doggy with a toy

do you include swimming in your work out? I really enjoy it.
I should because its an amazing total body workout, but one thing I have struggled with is finding a hair cap big enough to cover all of my hair, its SOOO thick and long and healthy that I don’t want to ruin it with pool chemicals…if I could find a cap & a conservative bathing suit (I don’t own anything Conservative) I would definitely do it.

I’m considering buying a fancy blender so I can “drink” my veggies. Is this way healthier than eating them whole?
It’s not that’s its healthier, because blending them up is processing them, but it’s a great way to get a ton of nutrients in if you have trouble eating them all day.  I have been wanting the huge fancy one at Costco for a while now, but haven’t taken the plunge!

How long have you lived in Vegas?
Over 13 years now…went to high school here and college.

do you prefer freeweights or machines ? Or a mixture?
I like to mix it up, although I am partial to free weights.  I usually use the machines if I am sore or have an injury.  Machines if done properly have less incidence of injury.

What is the naughtiest thing you’ve done stocking-related?
Lol, interesting question.  I have shoved them inside of me for a photo shoot! That’s pretty naughty.

Will Brianna let me take her out to dinner???
Sorry, I don’t go on dates, but I do attend private parties for the right price.

@alexio_kYour diet, supplements, your exercise routines, off days, intensity, and your cheat days. Include that w/your answers. Just to be short.
Well I am a big proponent of supplements, I use a whey/soy blend, multivitamin, NAC, green tea extract, probiotics, Fish oil, calcium, Vitamin D, Oh yeah protein bars (taste like snickers if you haven’t had one in a long while like me lol!) Workouts were detailed above.  Cheat days? I don’t do those anymore like I did in the beginning of my healthstlye.  I found that I was going way over board in indulgences.  If I am out at a nice restaurant, I will allow myself a yummy dessert every once in a while.  Not often though.

At what age did you get serious about your health and fitness?
I tried to start working out in my teens, had no idea what I was doing.  I got really serious into it when I was 22.  I became NASM certified when I was 27. 

Did growing up a beautiful Italian/Puerto Rican have any positive/negative impact due to the mixed race?
My family wasn’t really big into our heritage when I was little.  I learned more about it when I was in high school.  I can pass as a lot of different races, so I never am singled out as people never know if I can speak their language or not.  It didn’t have any negative impact at all, unless you consider being chased by all the boys negative ;o) 

do u still do videos??
Hell yea! I release new videos every single week on http://www.BriannaJordan.com I also still shoot for the big companies.

what attracts you to a man?
Personality first, finances second (hey I’m honest), great humor, hygiene and intelligence are all great attributes I look for.  I’m pretty successful in all I do, so a man I date must be successful in his own right.

Would you ever do a contest where a fan gets to meet you or spend a day with you?
I tried to do one with my bestie, Maggie Green, but the company sponsoring us went bankrupt! If someone could afford my rates, I would be more than happy to!

Are you a naked sleeper? If so, how often do you masturbate in the morning?
Yes, I sleep mostly nekked, with panties on though.  Um, I never masturbate just cause I’m naked lol.  I am SO busy in the am, I have actually never masturbated in the am.

you ever gonna come to San Jose and party with me 🙂
You’d have to pay my travel rates ;o)

Can u elaborate why u dislike yoga so much? Not action packed enough for u? Doesn’t Pilate’s have a lot of crossover w/ yoga?
Great question! NO Pilate’s and yoga are extremely different. Pilate’s is using all of your muscles strength against your body to create a superior core and long lean muscles.  There are endless possibilities of exercises in Pilate’s.  Yoga is more for people that are not interested in burning a lot of calories, dare I say a lazy person.  It’s extremely repetitive while certain poses are challenging, its not enough to keep an interest.  The whole laying still on the floor for 10 min before and after eating up 20 minutes that I could be burning cals drives me LOCO! I really don’t like it BUT I am going to try to find a yoga class I can relax in because it is good to find balance in your workouts. (I’ll just do cardio that day as well)


Whats the best thing to do for trying to stay fit when balancing responsibilities?
Keeping a routine.  Our bodies really need a balanced routine.  It helps me to cook a lot one day of the week and have leftovers so that I am not tempted to grab something shitty to eat.  For me, staying fit is one of my top 3 priorities, of course I don’t have time to do anything like we all are but living is important to me and quality of life is much better when healthy & fit.
how often do you do cardio?
Every single day, whether its spin, the elliptical machine, walking my dog, hiking, etc, cardio daily is important.
In all your travels abroad, have you thought about moving out of the states? if so where to?
I actually have thought of it. Moving to the Caribbean (which I’ve never been to but going in Nov) and opening a burger bar…I make the BEST bison burgers!
Have you ever come close to getting married? 😉
I have been engaged twice actually and for one reason or another, growing apart or not seeing eye to eye on key issues caused a breakup, friendly though.
How do you feel about men? Children?
I am certainly a #girlpower woman! I think some kids are ok but I mainly see a bunch of asshole kids that have no discipline.  It’s pretty annoying, and I have NO problem correcting someone else’s kids bad behavior.  Men are on a case by case basis ;o)  
If you have a favorite Holiday, which one is it?
I love most holidays, mainly because I love giving & love to dress up! I think if I had to choose a fav, it would be Christmas.  Such a fun time of year, I get really into it, decorate and get fun gifts for the family.  And of course I love being surprised with gifts given to me!
I think I asked enough…it’s my early Xmas present to read them on your blog ^___^
Merry Christmas! Lol
where did you learn how to cook so good? Wait.. I know.. mom…:-) 
No! My mom was a terrible cook when I was growing up.  I have to say I am a natural, I experimented with a lot of foods/flavors and combos and have a lot of luck in making traditionally unhealthy food healthy and taste great!
I tried to answer as many questions as possible, but if I missed yours, be sure to comment here or tweet me! Join me for the live show at 1pm today! Http://www.BriannaJordan.com members see it FREE!
This weeks HOT Halloween scene with Me, Taylor Vixen & Maggie Green.  The movie is HOT cumming your way Friday!
I hope you all have enjoyed and learned a little more about me.  XXOO
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