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Q & A time!

Hey guys! Its that time again….some of your burning questions get answers lol!  Enjoy! 1st up a few fan questions:

Q: Brianna, do you smoke?
A. HELL NO! I despise smoke, smoking and all that comes with it.

Q: Have you ever visited Asia or Africa? Did you visit your friend Aria while she was there this year?
A. No I have only been to Europe.  I would love to go on safari but am petrified of all of the shots you have to get to go to Africa! Asia…I don’t really know that I would want to go to anywhere in Asia unless its a remote resort…too crowded, if its anything like what I have seen on the Amazing Race lol. 

Q: Ok, Any new scenes with Jelena Jensen & Aria Giovanni?
A.  Yes! I just released another set with Jelena last week and Aria & I have one coming out in November!

Q: Do you have another Brazzers.com scene coming up?
A. You will have to tweet them, email them, pester them to get me in another scene pronto! I’d love to work with another talented crew on the set of Brazzers. http://www.twitter.com/brazzers

I was asked to do an interview with “Bad Brad” from www.NewzBreaker.com and he had some creative questions I wanted to share with you all! Enjoy! If you think of any questions you’d like answered, let me know!

NB: Let’s catch the NewzBreaker readers up on what projects you are currently working on?
I am always working on something! I am somewhat of an overacheiver…hey if you shoot for the moon & miss, you land in the stars…so how bad is that? ;o) Right now I am finishing up this insane year with a couple more big shoots for my site, www.BriannaJordan.com which will be a huge priority going into the new year.
NB: Where did you grow up? How did this area lead you to wanting to be in the Adult Movie business?

I’m a Navy brat, so we moved around a LOT! I was born on the east coast and stayed there until I was 13 when I moved to Vegas. I consider Vegas my hometown.

NB: Did you have a nickname as a child?
No, my mother hated anyone calling me anything but my name lol.

NB: You run two businesses in Las Vegas.What type of businesses are they, and what got you started in them?

Its no surprise that I am in the entertainment industry, I own the only high-end agency that caters to the elite and offers management to only the best caliber of women. I run my site on my own and am a webmaster. The real bread and butter however, comes from my real estate business.

NB: You are big into doing volunteer work. What type of volunteer work do you do?

I honestly don’t do enough of it as my time is so limited. I try to give back financially as much as I can but really need to focus my energy on being present as well. I support mostly animal/dog charities and charities benefiting children.

NB: What did you get your degree? Did it help you in the Adult Movie Business?

I have a business degree, which helps in everything I do.

NB: What is your favorite word?

LOL! Well those that know me best, would all agree that ‘FUCK’ is my favorite word. My potty mouth is something I have really tried to control, but alas I cannot ;o)

NB: What is your least favorite word?

Hmmmm, I really can’t think of one right now….you can check out my twitter for all of my opinions though, lol, I have plenty of them! (twitter.com/brianna_jordan)

NB: Have you found in your personal relationships with men you have dated, that your acting in porn movies has hurt them?

God no, if there was a person that allowed my adult modeling (I don’t do “porn” with men) to interfere with us, I wouldn’t have given them the time of day. Its a business, a job…yea there are a few girls out there that are too stupid to make money doing this, but this is mostly a business of financial gains.

NB: Do you have a funniest moment while shooting that you still laugh about?

My best friend Maggie & I are really close and always have funny moments during shooting. It makes shooting 10-12 scenes in a 12 hour day go a lot better. We don’t take ourselves seriously at all, and are always messing around.

NB: If you could have any mainstream actor and actress as your lead in an adult movie, who would choose and why?
The person I’d like to have co-star in a movie with me, shit, someone tall enough since all actors are midgets!  Male co-stars…I’m in love with Michael Hall from Dexter…hopefully he’s tall enough to stand beside me in my Giuseppi’s! I love Jen Anniston & Reece Witherspoon also!

NB: What is the one stereotype about the Adult Movie business that you would like to shatter?

There are too many & I honestly don’t give a shit if someone judges what I do. I am in the adult business but it doesn’t define who I am…I am into so many other things. Its sad that the females in the adult world are judged differently than the men, but if you think about it, that’ goes on in every industry in the world for thousands of years. Its up to each individual to go beyond a stereotype.

NB: Over the years I have interviewed many performers from the Adult Movie Industry and I am always amazed that your industry unlike the mainstream, has any Union or retirement such as AFTRA or SAG. With all the money the Adult Industry makes, why do you think there is nothing in place for performers? With that said, do you back some type of retirement with medical and dental benefits for adult performers?

It goes back to the stigma that the industry has, there is a lack of respect for the performers and they are just left to wash away after their ‘careers’. The money is only good if you make it good and hustle, I can tell you that what I get paid for a solo scene is more than some girls get for boy/girl. Sure I could be in a lot more, but is it worth it for me? No…I am and have always been focused on my retirement plan…real estate! I try to advise the girls I manage to try and create a residual income that is long lasting…some listen but honestly, most don’t. It is what it is… Ugh, don’t get me started about the healthcare system…

NB: What are your thoughts on the recent stunt Mr. Marcus pulled by lying about his blood tests that were found out to be later, positive for Syphilis?

I was the last to know, since I am not in the world of boy/girl & pretty selective with the girl/girl I do…I found out on twitter as a matter of fact and was repulsed, but at the same time, that’s one of the reasons I would never do boy/girl…the money (which isn’t all that) would never be enough to risk my life. He should be in jail. What a fucking douchebag!

NB: What is the one question to date, you have never been asked, but wish that you were?

I have been there and done almost everything, I am a really open person & people often feel comfortable talking to me, so really, I haven’t not been asked much. You’ll have to be creative.

NB: The floor is yours to answer….
NB: What is one thing you can share with the NewzBreaker readers that has never been heard before?

I am really open with my fans as well, if I go through a struggle, they know and they are also in the know if I have a great success. The best way to get to know me is to keep track of my on my website & my blog…which is a lot more than just a few sentences of fake nonsense scribble….I enjoy using the public forum to educate & entertain people.

NB: If you were stranded on a desert island, what is the one CD and movie you would like to have?

A survival video guide teaching me how to eat of the land, make shelter and get the fuck outta there!

NB: Finally, do you have a saying you continue to live your life by?

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it…

If you want to add anything, go for it…
Thanks for all the creative questions, I love it! I’d love for all of your readers to check me out on my site, www.briannajordan.com & follow me on twitter.com/brianna_jordan remember I am really interactive with my fans & site members… If you wanna ask me your own questions, feel free to ask away & learn more at my FREE blog: http://briannajordansblog.blogspot


Some pics from this weeks HOT gallery…I was a bad girl that was put in Detention! :o)

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Chi town fun

As soon as I landed back home in Vegas, I was of course as usual slammed with people, events and work to do.  First things first, I had a family reunion of sorts.  My maternal side of the family arrived in Vegas only 2 days after I was home.  It was great seeing everyone, meeting new people I had not seen since I was in diapers long ago lol.  My brother and I spent some quality time together too which only happens once a year or so.  We did the BBQ thing and of course I hosted a fabulous dinner and my crib…spinach/walnut pesto crustinis for app, spaghetti & for dinner, bison meatballs (healthier) a big salad, complete with sugar free-apple pie for dessert.  My cooking is always a hit ;o)

In between all the family time, I had so much work to catch up on as well as my next trip to pack for.  That following weekend, I was off to Chicago! Definitely one of my favorite cities in the US.  I just had one little photo shoot and then I’d have some free time to hang out in the city.  I wasn’t able to take any pics at my shoot since it was a closed set but you’ll be seeing them soon :o)

Finally done working, my first day free in Chicago was spent doing some of the best things to do in Chi-town.  The hotel where I stayed was right on Michigan Avenue, so of course I did some window shopping followed up with a horse & carriage ride.  I would say this is a must do in Chicago! My horse was so cute, very curious….

Such a sweet heart!

 I was able to meet up with some awesome friends of mine that live in Chicago, unfortunately I took them to a shitty restaurant, Graham Elliot.  I wanted to go there after having tried Gordon Ramsey’s places and them being really good.  Elliot works on the show Master Chef with Ramsey.   I thought that it would be a cool experience to try the tasting menu….I’m not one for fancy foods and am pretty picky but this place was a bust for everyone.  We ended up leaving hungry (after 9 tasting courses!) and ordered a pizza!) The bill for 4 people was over $700!!! HORRIBLY overpriced and so not worth it, I felt bad for bringing them there, but we all had a blast anyway.

The next day, I decided to take a trip to Navy Pier and ride the Ferris wheel, something I haven’t done since I was a kid! So fun…then visited Shedd Aquarium, also a cool place to check out. (we do have huge tanks in Vegas though that are possibly better ;o)

View of the Chicago skyline from the Ferris Wheel

Shedd Aquarium

 The next night’s dinner was at one of my favorite spots in Chicago, Tavern on Rush.  I have been going there for over 10 years now and the maitre d still remembers me by name! The food never disappoints and they have undoubtedly the BEST cake in the world! (made in house)

Of course I made a stop at Portillos to grab a hot dog….

and walked around Mag mile and into the park a bit, gorgeous weather!

The last 2 days were spent with family in Kenosha, WI.  Yes just above the border of IL. Some of the best (bad for you) food ever…Wisconsin, the state of all things fried lol. 

At Petrified Springs Park

Jelly Belly Factory, I tried all the flavors-even vomit!

Lake Geneva

Mmmm, fried meat Ravioli, THE BEST from Villa D’ Carlo


What a great trip, I had to do double workouts when I got home!! But it was so worth it! Its very important to be healthy, eating and activity-wise…but its ok to let go every once in a while (not weekly or even monthly though!) and enjoy yourself.

Now back to this weeks sexxxxxy scene with Jelena Jensen and I.  Double trouble in Purple Blue Dreams….

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Thanks for reading along and taking interest in me, I appreciate all of my dedicated fans and followers http://www.twitter.com/brianna_jordan
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Swiss Alps

Hey guys! As usual my schedule gets turned upside down, so I missed you last week.  I just finished reading your comments, and I have to say that I am touched by the thoughtful comments you all have posted here.  They are very well received and appreciated.  I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for loyal fans such as yourselves. 

Well I mentioned in my last blog that I would pick back up again in Switzerland.  (The full gallery will be posted this week on my website, Spain went up last week 😉 My last day in Barcelona was cool but I was ready for my next adventure for sure.  I hopped an extremely early am flight to Geneva, Switzerland.  From there I took a train to my first destination, the beautiful city of Montreux.  I have to say, I wish I would have made more time for this stop.  It was such a cool place.  It was right on Lake Geneva and on a clear day you can see France from across the water. 
I stayed at a great hotel right on the water called Hotel Eden Palace.  Its a little older, but very large rooms and the location can’t be beat.  I found a great little bakery & Patissiere on the main street, Grand Rue 44, called Lucien Mountarlier.  The pretzel bread sandwiches were great and the pastries were even better!  I also went searching for a fondue place recommended by the hotel, they said it was a 10 min walk. After walking around with my brother, sister in law & my 2 nephews for almost 45 min, we found someone that knew where we were trying to go and said it was a straight uphill walk (not an American uphill lol, steep as hell and we were all dressed for dinner).  This french woman was so kind, she let us all pile in her car (small car) and she drove us there!  A small act of kindness goes a long way.  So we arrived at, The Museum Restaurant.  I’ve had fondue before but never like this.  It was really good, but I was for sure cheesed out! Best augratin potatoes I’ve ever tried though. I highly recommend this place.  
Le Museum

Montreux is also known for its beautiful Chillon Castle. The castle looks like a fairytale fantasy, but it’s an authentic Medieval site – and has foundations from back in Roman times. Over the years, it’s passed between the hands of three noble families, who have shaped the castle into what you see today. They are not sure exactly when it was built but they know the first people to reside there started in 1150AD. 



This is how they took a dump! Lol crazy. It went out to sea.

After falling in love with Montreux, a really typical Swiss Village, I went up to Interlaken.  I got the idea after (as cheesy as it sounds, watching the Bachelor on TV! I convinced my sis in law & we were there!) Interlaken is known for so many things, most recognized for Mt. Jungfrau though. The highest mountain in Europe at more than 11k feet.  You most definitely have to splurge on Crystals restaurant when you go to the top of Jungfrau, it was by far the best meal I had on the entire trip…and I’m picky!


Inside the Ice Palace, floor to ceiling ice! Amazing

 Interlaken has so much surrounding it to see, Trummel bach Falls, you can go paragliding (which I did-AMAZING!) 

The view of Interlaken from Paragliding!

You can take the train to so many little Villages along the way up to Jungfrau and many others on the way down.  In Interlaken, I stayed right on the water at Hotel Goldey, this place was perfect! It was also older as most hotels in Europe are, and without AC, in the day it was rather warm but I was never in the room so it didn’t matter. 

Hotel Goldey is the tallest building on the left, what a view!

Great service, they sent my Grandma a postcard for me, provided breakfast daily and free internet. Good value.  They also recommended everything I did while I was there.  A great locals place to eat is Pizzeria Horn on Harderstrasse & a great confiserie & Chocolatier is Schuh on the main road.  Beware, all the food is ridiculously expensive in all of Switzerland, you can buy a great plate of spaghetti for $8-15 here in the states, but it starts at 30 francs there. 

Interlaken was insanely beautiful, probably one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.  Going to Interlaken from Montruex and going to Lucerne from Interlaken, they have whats called the Golden Pass train, its a scenic route and wow what scenery!

Next stop, Lucerne! I wanted to go here so I could Tobboggan and do Europe’s largest rope park! So much fun! Mt Pilatus was not as high as Jungfrau but still very impressive.  Lucerne is a big more developed than Interlaken but still a sweet Village. 
I stayed in a way more modern hotel in Lucerne, thankfully I had AC! lol, for those of you that don’t know, I keep my house at 68deg at all times…..so not having AC for me was a little issue…not too bad though, since even in the summer in Switzerland it gets down into the 40s. 
Now the last part of my trip, one final stop in Zurich.  I only had a day there and that’s all I needed.  It was cool walking around the shops but honestly nothing compares to the ones I have in Vegas.  Zurich was a small big city, the main train station had a huge farmers market, which I thought was really cool.
All in all, I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to travel as much as I have over this past year, and the year isn’t over yet! You’ll all get to hear about my future travels.
 For now, you get a sneak peek at this weeks HOT gallery and you have the opportunity to taste me, yes, taste ME! https://abibids.com/index.php/page,Search/searchtxt,brianna%2520jordan If you win an auction or purchase anything from my online store, http://www.shopbrianna.net I will re wear and get the items nice and juicy for you before mailing out.  Next week, I’ll share about my Chicago trip. Until then, go to my site & show your support by joining in the fun! http://www.BriannaJordan.com


XXOO Brianna



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