I am almost back to my normal routine, just haven’t managed to get the sleep regulated yet.  I have to keep reminding myself that my European trip was awesome and worth this horrific jetlag! I think it also doesn’t help that I am non-stop on the go with family/friends being in town, work, working out, more traveling etc.

I am really glad that I am home now though, again, there is nothing better than being an American! As long as we remain the respectful & humble Americans….we have gotten a bad rep in other countries from the few bad assholes in the bunch. 

I started my trip in London again, I really love that city! This time the weather was much better.  A slight bit of rain but beautiful soft rain, not a torrential downpour like last time lol.  I was working there but of course managed to have a bit of fun at work ;o) and did some damage at Harrods with a friend of mine.  That’s one must do while in London.  I saw the London Eye & went to one of Gordon Ramsey’s restaurants there as well.  The tasting menu was so weird but really interesting & cool at the same time.  Not food I eat-ever, or ever want to eat again lol, I’ll stick with my organic chicken breast!

The desserts were really good-of course with my sweet tooth…I just hate weird meat & don’t eat seafood since it grosses me out lol.  Cool experience though.
Next stop, Barcelona! Spain.  I arrived in the early evening and rushed to get ready for a flamenco show.  The experience is a must do while in Spain, especially if you can speak Spanish, lol…or it’s like an opera where you have to feel their emotions to understand whats going on. (I speak a little Spanish, not enough though) All I got was that the were upset about love lost & pain…isn’t that what all that shit is about? Lol
The next day, I took a tour around Barcelona, went to La Familia Sagrada-a church still under construction from the 1800s…then saw the rest of the city and learned about its history…it was cool, but I have to say, it doesn’t compare at ALL to Rome or the rest of Italy in my opinion…or Paris for that matter.  I think I was expecting Spain to be something different, more village-like or something.  Every person I spoke to before going said I would love it more than any other place….so the build up I think lead to a let down.  I always tell my clients not to expect anything, or they are sure to be disappointed, not heading my own advise lol! It was still a great opportunity and I am really grateful to have had the experience.  I think the one saving grace for me was the long hike I took to St Miquel Falls.  It was incredibly beautiful and peaceful, a different kind of Spanish history-Catalan.  The hike took my underneath several natural waterfalls and into an ancient monetary….very cool!
There was a 65 year old lady in our group that kept up with all of us! Crawled in the caves, up the steep rocky terrain and wasn’t even winded! I hope to be like that when I’m that age…she was impressive! I stayed at a hotel right on the beach, in the port area.  It was called the Pullman Skipper, I rated it a 4.5 out of 5.  I was staying there with some of my family, my brother has two kids…the hotel was perfect for family, couples or singles…It was clean and in a great location.  I recommend this for sure.  As far as food recommendations, sorry guys! None from me here….I did not enjoy this food whatsoever.  For those of you that think Spanish food is like Mexican food-you’re wrong lol! Nothing alike, I couldn’t get a tortilla chip to save my life lmao!  I really need to go back and perhaps to the southern part of Spain, Costa del Sol was my initial thought of going there but people persuaded me to go to Barcelona! I would take a pass if you are short on time and want to see authentic Spanish culture….hopefully someday I’ll have a chance to get back to Europe.  In the meantime, this is where I will break off for today.  We’ll pick back up in Switzerland next week!
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