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City of Angels

As you guys know I was in LA last week for what was supposed to be the entire week but there were some changes that brought me home earlier than planned….  The original plan was to arrive Monday, settle into my cousins house in Pasadena with my friend Maggie, shoot together all day tues, I had another shoot wed, work thurs and then do adultcon Fri-sun.  Where to begin, everything got a little screwed up, my cousins as sweet as they are in offering up their home to my friend and I, also offered it to another person during our stay.  We found out at the last minute, and although we were appreciative, having 6 people & a dog in a 900sq ft home with 1 bath was not going to be ideal for anyone.  So we scrambled last minute to find a dog friendly hotel near our 1st shoot.  Then we found out that Maggie’s mom needed another emergency surgery to replace her heart pump.  So being away from home for an entire week with her mom in the ER was not going to be ideal either.  We come as a package deal to adultcon as even though there are a lot of great fans out there that show us support, there are also a bunch of lookyloo assholes, so me by myself wasn’t an option. 

SOOO, we stayed for the shoot on the 1st day, this was a content shoot, all solos since she and I have so many scenes together already.  The house I found to shoot in was pretty cool for a shoot location. It was very “porn”ish lol.  All in all, we shot 21 scenes combined! The poor crew was running around all day and we all had nothing more than a 10 min break to scarf down lunch in between sets.  The things we do for our fans ;o) I know you all appreciate it, so I’m happy to provide it for you.  Plus I shot some HOT scenes…one of my favs is going to be this comic set I shot, Go Avengers! You’ll see how I get turned on by Captain America in the video! Lol.

My comic panties inspired this scene ;o)

I also shot a few outdoor sets in my other Beach Bunny Bikini’s which are going to be SO sexy! To give you an idea, I released my 1st Beach Bunny bikini scene this week ONLY at http://www.briannajordan.com/

It’s only going to get HOTTER when the video is released this Friday! I can’t wait for you guys to see it…its sexy, sensual and WET!
My other scenes included more than a few fetishes! Blue Tights, a long gown, T-shirt & feet, and a lot more! It was such a long day of masturbation ;o)


We were all so exhausted after Tuesday’s shoot but I had a shoot scheduled with a gorgeous girl I shot with for Penthouse, Cherie DeVille the next day.  So we ate quickly, showered and passed out! Wednesday, I convinced Maggie to shoot with Cherie and I so that we could hang out a little longer before we both went home.  The shoot was not organized by me, so we didn’t get much content, but we managed to fit in one sexy scene between Cherie and I and then the 2 girls took advantage of me by the pool after! What a blast, I love my job! ;o)

All in all it was a productive couple of days & especially beneficial for the members of my website that will be able to see all of this exclusive hot content.  After the shoot, I embarked on my long journey home. Sad to say goodbye to my good friend Maggie, but I always have so much shit to do, I needed to bounce out of LA! Maggie will be visiting me in October we’re hoping, this time for some R&R since all we ever do is work when we’re together! I am going to show her Vegas in a different light.  No, not the party every night getting drunk light, lol…there’s much more to do here than that. Great places to eat, amazing shows, shopping, scenic outdoor activities etc.
This week is all about catching up and trying to get ahead since my 2nd Euro trip is quickly approaching! I leave at the end of this month and will be slammed in September when I get home.  Whew, the hurricane that is my life…but I have to say, I wouldn’t change it…I am very grateful to be where I am in life, I am grateful for my family-as insane as they all are at times! lol and I am grateful to be able to continue bringing everyone a piece of happiness through my work.  I sincerely hope you all enjoy it fully and that it gives you that little escape you need in order to clear your mind temporarily. 
BACK TO WORK PEOPLE! Lol, have a great week! Join my LIVE show this Thursday which is FREE for all briannajordan.com members -or- go to http://briannajordan.cammodels/
XO, Brianna
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Packing to unpack

Happy #thongthursday guys & girls! I always wonder who comes up with all of these silly little day games for twitter, probably a horny old man lol! I like it!

If that’s not a cool thong….? Yes!

Scottsdale was a nice break from my life. The shoot for AzianiIron, their new fitness site went really well, you guys are going to love the new content! Some of it was so hot that Buzz said we may have to use it for Aziani instead! Lol.  I of course went to all of my fav restaurants when I was in AZ.  Culinary Dropout-nothing at all healthy about that place.  I am in trouble now since they’re opening one in Las Vegas in August! I will definitely be comparing the 2! Lol.  Then there’s SAPPORO, no not the Japanese beer, it is a Japanese teppan grill though,  seriously delectable filet’s, rice and its fun! Last but not least, Season’s 52, all of their menu items are under 400 cals.  Its a cool concept that I hope starts spreading around.  Their entrees are cool BUT I go there for the desserts! Lol, I have such a sweet tooth…  It was really nice to see my friends and their kids.  A quick break and back to reality!

Before scene and after lol-it was fun & wet!
Home now and unpacked but almost ready to start packing again for LA this time.  All work related this time.  I have a few photoshoots and then there’s adultcon! July 27-28 & 29th, don’t miss the chance to meet me in person! A lot of people cannot afford personal appearances by me, so this is the next best thing.  You’ll be able to see me with my besties, Maggie Green & Tay Stevens-and we are the life of the party!
A Past Adultcon
I love spending time with my girls, even if its work related, we’re all so busy that its hard to find time! Hopefully you can stop in, I’ll be doing photos with you, selling not yet released DVDs, pics and much more for a lot less than you can find them online.  LA Convention center July 27-29th! Be there!
Ok guys, hope you are loving this weeks XXXBoxing matchup, if you remember the live boxing show earlier this year between Vicky Vette and I joined by the lovely Carmen Valentina as referee, you’re going to love this! Let’s get ready to RRRRRRRRRumbbbbllllleeeeeee!

(Of course I was the winner-grrrrr (muscle flex) ;o)
See all of this and much more at http://www.BriannaJordan.com
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Happy JULY 4th!


After all of my world travels, I can honestly say that I am proud to be an American.  We have our issues, the government is crooked and there are many other things that aren’t right BUT we have freedom, liberty and justice! (for the most part 😉

A big Salute to all of the soldiers protecting our country!

If you don’t already know, I am in Scottsdale AZ this week.  SO excited.  I am shooting with Aziani again but this time for a new fitness/muscle website they have newly established.  Shooting with Buzz is always awesome & seeing Rachael is a great bonus! Love them both….

I have a lot of friends that live here, so after shooting, I’m making my rounds.  Vanilla DeVille is one of the hotties I’ll be chillin with & also my other non-industry friends.

Since AZ is the only place that’s hotter than Vegas right now, lol, I’ll be spending most of my time either indoors or underwater lol-pics coming soon!
I know you all enjoyed my naughty nite pics from my last AZ trip! It was so fun sneaking around my 5 diamond hotel with all the snooty people and flashing for the camera!

Off to get some R & R before I have to start working again! This is going to be an insane year of traveling, working & adventures! Stay tuned!
I hope you’re loving this weeks Gallery-the matching video is HOT! Brianna as Wonderwoman, and I’ve got my Truth Lasso-so you better not lie to me ;o)

You can see the entire gallery at http://www.briannajordan.com/

This entire outfit including my CUM FILLED white satin panties are on sale now! https://www.abibids.com/index.php/page,Search/searchtxt,brianna%2520jordan Along with a few other must have items.

Enjoy your 4th but please don’t drink & drive! XXOO

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