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Nothing Tastes Better than Healthy Feels
Happy humpday!

Do you like my lovely lady humps? Lol

 As I’m sure you all know by now that I am OBSESSED with health & fitness.  I have been getting a lot of requests to give some suggestions and tips to staying fit…so here we go!

I haven’t always lived the healthy lifestyle I do now.  There was a time where I smoked weed, drank every night and ate whatever I wanted.  Then when the fancy hit me to lose a few lbs, I would seek out whatever the fad diet of the time was…I tried it all! Fasting, liquid diets, diet pills and yea, sure I maybe lost a couple of lbs here and there but when I decided to get back to my normal life, you get swollen again-lol. 

Finally during college I decided to stop smoking weed (since I have severe asthma-DUH! So dumb) and I met someone that really motivated me to want to get in shape.  It wasn’t that I thought I was ‘fat’ per say, but I wanted to be tight and toned as well.  I thought that I could just start working out and eat healthy…which to me at that time, just meant to eat hearty-meat/potatoes& veggies…not exactly the right philosophy…but it was a start.  I am super competitive by nature, so when I was at the gym, I lifted as heavy as I possibly could (without knowing what I was doing) which lead to a few injuries.  I soon started educating myself and learned about what healthy foods were-not eating refined sugars-white breads, white rice, pasta etc. cutting out unnecessary bad fats-butter, veg oil, sugar, sweets…alcohol.  I got a trainer and learned how to workout smarter.  I started getting really fit and toned and was really doing well with my lifestyle change until tragedy struck a few years later.  The details of the tragedy are not important and personal, but I stopped working out, I didn’t watch what I ate and really gained a lot of weight.  I was 225lbs! (even at 5’8″-that’s a lot).  It wasn’t until my family & friends started trying to talk me into getting active again…but it wasn’t until I actually saw myself at my brother’s wedding video that I knew I had to get my shit together!

This time around, I really educated myself, I became a NASM certified trainer and took several food/nutrition courses at UNLV.  I am one of the lucky ones that is able to self motivate, so getting to the gym has never been the hard part for me.  I absolutely love food though, which is the key factor in maintaining a healthy bmi (body mass index). I have not shared this story with any of my fans until now, in the hopes that I maybe can motivate at least one person who is struggling with being healthy.  Hopefully I can give you the extra motivation you need to get started or even motivate you to continue on the healthy path you’re already on.  Here goes! My before and after photos!

Before: 225lbs 38% bodyfat /After: 148lbs 13% bodyfat

As you can see there is a big difference! I never intended to share my ‘fat’ pics but I am really proud of all that I have been able to accomplish, and like I said, if I can motivate just one of you to make a change to better yourself, I’m thrilled I could help. 

Now that you that I don’t just look like I do now for no reason, I can give you some suggestions on what you can do to get yourself started.  The most important thing you can do is realize that Diets don’t work-ever!  You must realize that if you want to have a great body and feel good, its a lifestyle change.  For those of you that say, forget it, I’d rather be over-weight than give up drinking or chocolate or________, its not about completely depriving yourself at all times-its about intelligent eating habits & staying active.  For example, its rare that I drink at all.  (Mainly because of my demanding schedule and the fact that I prefer to be in control of myself but also because of the empty calories and sugar that drinking has.)  If I decide to go out to a nice dinner or relax with the girls and have a drink, I decide to have a (or 2-no more than that) glass of red wine.  Red wine has some health benefits as well, but just because you’ve heard it on the news doesn’t mean that gorging yourself with an entire bottle of wine is healthy! Trust me, its not lol.  Sorry guys! :o)  Living a healthy lifestyle also doesn’t mean never eating your favorite food again-(unless its a big mac-you should NEVER eat those 😉 For me, I have such a sweet tooth & I love bread of all kinds.  So every once in a while, I will indulge in a desert after dinner or have a piece of table bread at a restaurant-the important thing with this is NOT to over indulge.  Do not eat the entire loaf of bread and don’t eat the entire desert alone! Lol.  You’ll just end up feeling guilty afterwards, its really not worth it. 

If you are a beginner in the gym, PLEASE educate yourself before starting a training regimen.  Without knowing what you’re doing, you can really hurt yourself.  These injuries can effect you throughout the rest of your life.  Hiring a trainer: I have to say, there are a lot of shitty trainers out there…which means they know less about what to do than you do! A lot of gyms don’t require special certifications and hire anyone with a janky cert from who knows where.  If you can afford to hire a trainer in the beginning, look for someone that is at least NASM certified (sorry, I’m not available 😉 and they should be able to train you safely & effectively.  If you cannot afford to hire one, you can start by educating yourself.  In the very beginning, I found the BODY FOR LIFE books very helpful.  Their beginner book teaches you different exercises as well as explains the difference between healthy & unhealthy foods.  I highly recommend this as a starting place-even if you currently workout and think you know what you’re doing, I guarantee that you don’t-sorry lol. 

Ok, so I don’t wear my stilettos every time I workout! LMAO, only when it involves masturbating afterwards! Which is another thing I highly recommend doing-to me on my website! Lol.  (this workout gallery & video will be featured soon). 

Hopefully I have been able to inspire you a bit and push you in the right direction.  I challenge you to take the first step to becoming healthy.  On a serious note, if it were easy, everyone would have a bangin’ body! I’m not going to lie, breaking old habits are difficult, but you can do it.  One of the things I pride myself in doing is taking a traditionally unhealthy dish that tastes amazing & making it extra-healthy with substitutions and making it just as tasty!  Ask a few of the girls I have shot with, they can vouch for me in that my food is scrumptious! It helps that I love to cook.  Once you get into a routine of making healthier choices, I promise, it gets a lot easier-in fact it becomes 2nd nature. 

Getting Started
Baby steps:

Try cutting out all veggie oil! Including all fried/fatty foods.  You can do this in restaurants as well.  If there is fried/breaded chicken, ask for it to be just grilled. 
Avoid butter & salt as much as possible (most restaurants will just steam veggies for you if you tell them without butter &salt)
BYOS-Lol, this is a funny one that I do.  I bring my own salad dressing to restaurants sometimes…people often think ordering a salad is healthy-but a lot of salads have more calories than most entrees!
Cut back on red meat, if you do eat it, chose leaner options such as filet mignon, or bison.
NO whitey’s lol: eat wheat bread, brown rice & try Barilla wheat pasta (there are some other brands that are gross and will make you never try wheat pasta again!)
Avoid sugary foods, some fruit has high sugar as well to beware of (bananas-melons, are ok but keep it in moderation)
Be aware of your calorie intake (I use mynetdiary on my IPhone to count what I eat daily.)
Do not starve yourself! Eat breakfast every day and then small meals every few hours to keep your metabolism up (not eating is the worst thing you can do-even if all you eat is a healthy chicken breast/brown rice & veggies, your body will store it as fat because it doesn’t know when the next meal is coming)
Get active, take the dog for a walk, bring your kids-chances are they’ve learned your habits as well and could use some more activity. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, one of my fav walking activities is through the mall-lol (it burns cals I swear)
Start out by getting at least an hour in per day of working out…if you want serious results, do it! All the people that say, sure you’ll be fine with 30 min 3x per week-NOT TRUE! (body for life uses a 20 min cardio/45 min weights but this is only for the 1st 3 months of learning! You must add more cardio & other kinds of training in)
Help your wife/gf out and clean your house…not only will you burn cals but she’ll be so impressed that you’ll probably get laid and both burn cals together!

 I hope you’ve found this informative & helpful. Feel free to tweet questions or comments or leave them here.  http://www.twitter.com/brianna_jordan  And don’t ever be ashamed of what you look like or who you are, if you realize and are willing to work hard to constantly improve your body & mind, you are a SUPERSTAR!

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Italy Part II

Where were we? I was headed out of Rome via speed train to Positano by way of Naples. As soon as I arrived in Naples, where I met my driver, we departed on the 90 min journey to my seaside Positano hotel. There really isn’t a way to avoid the severely winding roads-I’m not gonna lie, I did get a little car sick. Once I arrived, I was BLOWN away! This place is so spectacular.

The view from my hotel balcony

Village of Positano

Being that this was the last stop on my list, I being me, of course made the most of it and hired a private driver to take me to Pompeii and through the entire Amalfi Coast.  I am SO glad I decided to spend the extra money and do that.  I highly recommend.  My driver ‘Pepe’ was so knowledgeable about the entire area and I saw so many cool local places that most tourists don’t see.

Pompeii was amazing! If you don’t know about it, this is an excavated city that was entirely covered by the Vesuvius (Volcano) in in 79AD.  Pompeii was lost for nearly 1700 years before its rediscovery in 1748.
Being there really made it possible to visualize being back in that time, they even have mummified people being preserved!

Poor dude didn’t know what hit him!

Actual homes of the Romans

After Pompeii, I travelled down the Amalfi coast and into Ravello.  This place will always be remembered to me as the place where I had the BEST meal of my life! There is NOT authentic Italian food in America peeps-it doesn’t taste the same!  The plate I had was a sampler of all different things, all made from scratch and so delicious!

MUST GO TO THIS PLACE! “Cumpa Cosimo” in Ravello

 There was also magnificent Villas atop the village, the gardens were incredibly beautiful! I had to pee SO bad and there was no a bathroom in site, so I embarrassingly enough had to cop a squat! Thankfully, the grounds were so huge that there was no chance of getting caught!

The journey ended back at my hotel and with a delicious cannoli I bought on the way-lol, it was a really memorable day.

Hotel Eden Roc-great place!

The other days I spent taking in the beauty and relaxing, the very last full day I decided to charter a boat to the Island of Capri…very beautiful place.


From the boat heading back to Positano

I hope you all enjoyed my mini-tour, if you have comments or questions, feel free to ask them here! I recently learned how to see your comments & post them lol.
Back in the real world has made my visit overseas farther away :o( That’s why I am here to reminisce with you! PLUS I am blessed to be able to go back in the very near future.  This trip is London, Spain & Switzerland! I’m a lucky girl. ;o)

What’s NEW?! Well a ton! I’m headed to LA today for a photoshoot, but in and out same day ’cause you all know how much I love being in LA.  Its a horrible place! Wish me good fortune today with the people, traffic & traveling-I’m certainly going to need it!

This weeks post is VEGAS HOT!

This set & video get REALLY hot trust me!

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Of course, its already 109 degrees here in town.  I had my cousin visiting me that’s never been here before, let alone in the summer and it was unbearable for both of us!

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