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Italy: Part I

Hey guys! I hope you have been well and are ready for the summer, I don’t know about where you are but in Vegas its already reaching 100+ degrees daily.  Time to slather on the sunscreen.  Each year seems unbearable, I don’t think anyone that lives here ever gets used to it-but I will take it any day over the humidity in many parts of the US.

So, let’s go back to my European journey! After leaving Nice & Monaco I headed by train to Milan.  Milan is said to be the biggest shopping meca’s in the world.  I have to admit that I was a little disappointed being the super shopper that I am, I was expecting more options however found it limited in selection and when I did find a pair of to die for shoes, I put them on hold to grab Euros from my hotel room (not wise to carry a lot of cash on you while sight-seeing in Europe), I went back to the store and within hours they had sold the shoes right from under me! Very disappointing.  Ah well, it wasn’t meant to be I guess.  I am very spoiled with Las Vegas shopping.  We have everything you can imagine & my favorite boutiques, Giuseppe Zanotti & Louboutin as well as Neimans of course ;o)

In the center of Milan was an amazing Cathedral! When I turned the corner into the Duomo Square my jaw dropped and I was speechless. The detail on this building is insane! A photo would never do it justice. The Gothic cathedral took nearly six centuries to complete. It is the fourth largest cathedral in the world and the largest in the Italian state territory. With additions made to the structure starting in 836, many argue that it is still not fully completed as there are blocks of stone that have yet to be carved. However the last details of the cathedral were finished only in the 20th century: the last gate was inaugurated on January 6, 1965.  Again, not a religious person at all, but this was very impressive.
A short day in Milan was all I needed and the next day I headed to Rome.  Rome is arguably one of the most amazing places in the world.  When you’re a kid in grade school, they teach us of the Roman empires, mythology and everything else.  Being there as an adult and actually being able to see and touch the history is so overwhelming!

The 1st tour I took was of the Vatican. Like I have said many times, I do not believe in organized religion however being in Rome, you must see this place. What took place here, the history and the art is incredible. If you are going, you should hire a tour guide so that you don’t waste time looking at things and not understanding what they are.

The ceilings were like this throughout
An Actual Tomb of a King from thousands of years ago
 Statues & art throughout


The Vatican City is the world’s smallest state, being only around 110 acres and a population of only around 800.

We all know that I am always on the go and while in Europe I wanted to see everything I could possibly see! After my 6 hour walking tour of the Vatican, I took the tube to the Colosseum, which is wear I met up with my next tour group.  Again, I highly recommend a tour guide.  Not only are they knowledgeable but they are trained and have archaeological degrees.  The Colosseum is everything that you imagine it to be.  Being there and imagining the fighting of the Gladiators and the slaughtering of many animals.  Did you know that tigers were abundant in that region prior to the Colosseum?  The Roman people captured and slaughtered every last one.  Very sad.  It was said that the Gladiators were very respected people-looked up to and admired.  Much like the sportsmen & teams we have today.  Football groupies, yep-gladiators had groupies too!  When the gladiators fought and won their bouts they were free to go (as most of them started as prisoners)however not wanting to lose their popularity with the people and the women, most of them stayed with this lifestyle until death. 

This is a depiction of what it would have been like

The Palatine Hill is the center most of the Seven Hills of Rome and is one of the most ancient parts of the city. Remember much of these places were buried beneath thousands of years of dirt, rock & decay, it wasn’t until they excavated it that we learned of people inhabiting the area starting at 27 BC. Being able to see all of this was spectacular.  After the Colosseum and Palatine Hill tour, I was insanely exhausted lol, 12 hours of walking and learning! The next night I took an evening tour to see all of Rome illuminated.  This was also a great way to see Rome.  Beautiful.

In Rome, there are so many places to see, including the Fontana di Trevi or Trevi Fountain is the most famous and one of the largest in the world and the most beautiful fountains in all of Rome.

The central figure of the fountain, in front of a large niche, is Neptune, god of the sea. He is riding a chariot in the shape of a shell, pulled by two sea horses. Each sea horse is guided by a Triton. One of the horses is calm and obedient, the other one restive. They symbolize the fluctuating moods of the sea.

On the left hand side of Neptune is a statue representing Abundance. 

The 1st day I visited them-it was raining and no one was out

 Another popular tourist spot, the Spanish Steps. The Spanish Steps are a set of steps in Rome, climbing a steep slope between the Piazza di Spagna at the base and Piazza Trinità dei Monti, dominated by the Trinità dei Monti church at the top. The Scalinata is the widest staircase in Europe.

The next day was sunny, you can certainly see the difference!

After spending so much time in the city, I was ready for some beautiful countryside, so I opted to take an unplanned tour of an Italian Winery in Franscati.  The wine was not the best, but all in all it was a fun experience.  They also made olive oil which was incredibly yummy!

Can you see what I am pointing at? Lol, men have marked their territory since the beginning of time!

Rome had so much to offer, the food was phenomenal, the sites were amazing, I learned more about history than I did in school. Nearing the end of my journey, I left Rome and headed south to Positano! That is where we will leave off for today. 
Rome recommendations:
Hotel: Hotel Mempis was in the perfect location, right in between the Trevi Fountain and The Spanish Steps with easy access to the tube.  Some of their packages include breakfast which I recommend. 
Tours: all of my tours were booked through Viator.com where you can read reviews, see photos and plan before your trip.  I also made all of my private airport transfers through this site as well.
Food: You must try Al Presidente which is right down the street from the Trevi Fountain, and there is another place I went to twice but cannot remember the name, it is 2 restaurants up from Al Presidente and has a pizza oven and stove right when you walk in. Gelato is great everywhere, I literally ate it breakfast, noon & night! lol
I hope you are all enjoying hearing about my adventures, I will keep it coming! I will see you all here next week when we continue onto Positano, the Island of Capri and back home again! (the entire gallery to come on my site this week!)
Remember to see the full galleries of the trip (over 1000 photos) plus all of the latest exclusive content, join my girls & I at http://www.briannajordan.com/

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A HUGE thanks to all of my amazing fans & friends that voted for me religiously! I have so much love & appreciation for what you did.  This year was unsuccessful but we WILL get ’em next year! Prepare to vote again next April! XXOO


I salute your efforts ;o)
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Ah Parie!

Hey all! Hope that you are all having a wonderful week so far & enjoying the beautiful spring weather while it lasts! Luckily for me, Vegas has been pretty moderate for the last few days & I have been enjoying taking Baby outdoors as much as possible. 

I want to thank you all sincerely for keeping up the votes for Best Adult Model at freeones. http://votebriannajordan.com We only have 2 days left! Every last vote counts!

So back to my Euro trip.  After London—> next stop Paris! Like I said before, since I had never been to Europe, I had to visit as many places as I possibly could! I did work while in Paris but only for a half of a day.  I was working with an AMAZING cinematographer! Just wait until you see this video we shot! You are all going to love it, whether its your thing or not, its very cool.  For the shoot, I stayed in this pretty swanky hotel that is not well advertised to the US, its called the Plantine.  For those of you that saw last weeks video: A Night in Paris, this was in the hotel room. Sort of an Old Hollywood vibe with photos of historic American celebrities-ironically enough…in Paris, most people spoke broken English but were always jamming to our music, which I found funny!  The next day, I took a tour of the Palace of Versailles.  If you ever visit Paris, its something you MUST see! The beauty & history here will leave you speechless (I will be saying that a lot in these travel blogs, but its true!)

Crazy lines to get in as it was Easter weekend

All gold & carved-just beautiful

If the massive Palace isn’t enough to blow you away, The Gardens of Versailles ssituated to the west of the palace-will! The gardens cover some 800 hectares of land, much of which is landscaped in the classic French Garden style. 

Just some fun quick info about the garden: Size: 800 hectacres, Number of trees: 200,000, Flowers planted annually: 210,000, Number of fountains:50  It was really spectacular! 

Photos don’t do this place justice


I didn’t know if anything could top Versailles after being there for the day.  The next day was my last full day in Paris, so making the most of it, I saw everything! I did a tour of Paris in One Day (another Viator option-all of my tours were actually)

First, I went to the Louvre, which was so massive and amazing, I was really disappointed that we only had 2 hours there, in order to see this place, you need at least a day-that’s even if you have ADD like myself.  I was really bummed I didn’t get to see the Egyptian section.  I did see the Mona Lisa of course and the French & Italian sections.  I’ve always loved history but I didn’t really know how much I like art until now. 

Venus de Milo, is an ancient Greek statue and one of the most famous works of ancient Greek Sculpture.

A portion of the original Louvre

After the Louvre, we took a River taxi to the Eiffel Tower for lunch.  Getting to the top of the tower & having lunch was certainly magnificent. The view of the entire city is awesome.  Unfortunately the tour guide was so unorganized that she never pre-purchased the groups admission tickets anywhere, so we spent a lot of time waiting for her to do that plus she allotted 3.5 hours at the Eiffel Tower but only 2 at the Louvre-backwards.

Spectacular view

So after I was done eating, I went on without the tour, I felt like I was burning daylight and wanted to make sure I saw everything.  I convinced the River Taxi guys to let me on without my group and went on to see Notre Dame Cathedral.  That was so beautiful! I couldn’t help but realize that on Easter Sunday, the most anti-organized religious person I know-me! was in church! Funny how these things go. 

View of the Cathedral from the river

There were people actually worshipping

After seeing all of this beauty, I went on to check out the shoppes & food.  The food in France was definitely not my favorite.  I am pretty picky & don’t enjoy seafood, so I usually get chicken when I eat out during travel…however most every place in France did not have chicken! Crazy! So for me, it was bread & desserts! Lol  The dessert however, were by far some of the BEST I’ve ever tasted! Mmmm, that’s probably where the 4.3lbs I gained while there came from. 

Over all, I am so glad I was able to experience Paris although I am not sure that I would travel there again since there are so many other places I am dying to see! Stay tuned for next weeks travel blog when I travel down to the South of France first to work and then to continue my adventures!

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Xo Brianna

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Europe in April: Part I, London Bridges

Well I am finally home after what seemed to be a LONG journey! I guess it was, lol.  I was in Europe for almost the entire month of April.  I arrived home last week & have finally gotten settled back in, minus the million and one things I have to catch up on.  Baby steps :o)

Of course I am going to post pics from my entire trip but since I took over 8,000 pics! I am splitting them up into parts, each city actually.  We all know how much of an over achiever I am, so being that I had never traveled outside of the US prior to this, I went as many places as I possibly could in between working!

First things first, to all of you that have been supporting me and voting for me to win the Best Adult Model in the Freeones contest, thank you so much! This is the last 7 days and I this is where your vote counts most! Make sure you vote once a day on as many emails & devices as you can! I would love to have all of my hard work pay off & win the title of Best Adult Model! You can follow this link to vote now! http://votebriannajordan.com/

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So back to my trip, London was my 1st stop, and I really LOVED it! Being that I am originally from a large city (NYC), I was expecting the same sort of thing from London, but for me, it was so much cuter! The buildings are smaller, shorter I guess with so much detailing in the architecture.  I was working while I was there, so I didn’t have as much time as I wanted however I was able to take a traditional double decker tour around the city which was what I think, the best way to learn about the city in the amount of time I had.  Its funny, when you’re in school as a kid, you do learn about all of these things however being an adult and then seeing it first hand gives it so much more meaning.  During my entire trip in Europe, I kept wondering if the people that lived in each city appreciated or took for granted where they lived.  I know for myself, living in Las Vegas for the past 13 years, I certainly take the cool Vegas tourist things for granted. I almost never go to the strip, I stay in my own little area and work & workout.  Traveling certainly gave me a better appreciation of my home as well.  Here are some photos of course, you have to see what I am talking about…however I must say that pictures don’t really do any of what I saw in Europe justice.  Everything is better in person (oooh, including me! Lol)

Downtown London really felt like a romantic comedy, especially with the rain

London Bridge of course

Changing of the guard

During changing of the guard, there were SO many spectators

I had to try tea & crumpets + other traditional foods

Harrods has everything, including a sweet shoppe!
I had nocciola, nutella, & chocolate gelato with Nutella, bananas & whip cream! Oh my

Suffice to say, I really enjoyed my time here although it was short.  I am excited to say that I will be traveling back there sooner than I know it! For people traveling there, I have some travel tips:  when in Europe all together, forget about wearing a lot of fancy heels-its not going to work…there’s too much walking and the streets are completely uneven with cobblestone & such.  Also, pack light, you don’t need too much while you’re there.  Everyone looked at me as if I lost my mind with 4 large suitcases! Lol.

As for where to stay, I was near the Heathrow airport at the Sofitel, it was a great place to stay, breakfast included & it was a great breakfast.  In order to reach downtown took only 30 minutes by metro, everything was pretty convenient once the train arrived to Paddington station.  Next time I will try another hotel in the city but this was a great safe spot, especially when I flew out of Heathrow on my way to Paris.  While in London, I highly suggest doing a double decker half day tour, I booked my tour through http://www.viator.com/ which is a US based company.  The tour takes you all over the city & has a continuation (which I was unable to do) to Stonehenge and other places.  I ended my tour at Harrods, OF COURSE! I’m not impressed by many stores because I am so spoiled by living in Las Vegas, however, this store is ridiculous! There are 5 floors above ground, and 9 below! (one of which is open to the public) This place has everything you could ever want, designer shoes & purses, extensive menswear, electronics, furniture, every sort of food genre you could want, cars, even a butcher & produce shop…its crazy! Needless to say, this was my heaven and I could have wondered around for hours! I recommend popping into The Tea Room there and ordering the 3 tiered traditional plate of food & tea.  Some of it was delicious & some weird, but it was awesome either way.  After being blown away at Harrod’s I had to hurry and pack up my things and depart for Paris.  This is where I will leave off today until the next chapter of this blog.  I hope you all enjoyed the London portion, and to see the entire 100+ photo gallery, login to http://www.briannajordan.com/ where I will also be posting the remainder of my trip. 

This weeks highlighted gallery features Vicky Vette & I having a picnic at her house in Florida.  She was such a great hostess that I had to thank her in my own creative, sexy way.  To see the full gallery, CUM now! http://http://www.briannajordan.com/

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XXOO Brianna

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