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Europe ahead!

The time has finally come that I am going to depart for Europe in less than a week! I am so excited, and a little nervous too.  After all, I have never been outside of the US.  I have a HUGE checklist of things to complete prior to my departure, so that is also nerve-wrecking.  I have faith in myself to accomplish it all though. 

I have spent the last few weeks shooting, going back & forth between Vegas & LA.  We all know that its not my favorite city to be in, but its a necessary evil I guess.  My last shoot was for Penthouse with a really sweet girl named Cherie, don’t let the sweet & innocent look fool you, she made my legs quiver! She was a little firecracker!  I arrived home the same night and then the next day noticed all these scratches she had left on my arms and back, OUCH! Now I feel the pain for all of you guys! Wtf! No more scratching! lol….the scene we did was very hot though! Thanks Penthouse!

So back to Europe, I have NEVER been away from my little Baby for that long, it will pretty much be an entire month! I am having someone come live in my house while I am away so that he isn’t up-rooted & confused as to where his mama is.  My hopes are that he is way less stressed being in his own environment & will not have a concept of time and how long I am away.  I’m just pretty sad that he won’t have my constant attention and loving like usual.  I hope he forgives me!
He’s obsessed with curling up on my clean laundry after getting out of the hot dryer! Lol so CUTE!

I haven’t started packing yet, but I think I will need to at least start laying everything out.  Advise from a good friend, Aria was to lay everything I want to bring out & then downsize by half! Lmao, with me? That’s going to be really difficult.  The airlines over there are pretty strict on size/weight & amount of luggage though, so this will be a difficult puzzle to figure out! I’ll have to manage! Off to pack!
Shopping for some Italy outfits ;o)
Speaking of my good friend Aria, we are featuring our HOT Lotion Love Scene this week, she & I-a BIG bottle of lotion! What could be better?  Join now & get a FREE 8×10 when you email me after joining! http://www.briannajordan.com
Don’t miss my live show this week as it will be the last one until my return at the end of April.  All members have access to live shows for FREE! and all the shows are also archived so that if you can’t make it at the specific time I am there, you will have it for yourself to replay over & over! Not to mention all of the hot girlfriend content that I have, all of my exclusive movies & galleries!  All of which will still be updated while I am away.  Expect a HUGE blog with a ton of pics when I get back also! Wish me luck & safe-stress free travels! xxoo
Me with the ultra sexy Aria Giovanni

We work so well together! Cum join us to find out


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March Madness

Literally! Lol, I AM going mad, same ole story, work, work, work, working out, work, shoots + everything else, and then add that I am going out of the country VERY soon! It might sound like I’m complaining but I’m not, I love my life.  Its full because I chose it to be that way.  For instance, when I am made to sit still, like when I had the flu last week or even when I force myself to try taking yoga classes…it drives me crazy! lol, I know that I do need to slow down every so often, or I’ll keep getting sick. Having the flu was a perfect example of that, I just over worked out & over worked myself into having it…not enough sleep, too much stress etc.  It happens, not fun but its life I guess. 

Well a lot has happened over the last few weeks since I’ve written last.  I took a trip to visit my best friends Grandpa, who was close to me as well.  From the age of 15, he was smoking a pack a day & up to now at 83, he smoked 2 packs a day at least…the damage he did to his body was irreversible at his age.  He lost his wife last year and moved in with his daughter, so she could care for him.  He actually smoked while his oxygen tanks were near-very dangerous! Despite everyone’s worry, he just wanted to do what he wanted, he had raised a large family & that’s all he ever really wanted out of life…a big, close, happy family…he succeeded at that.  When Auntie called and said he had taken a turn for the worst, my friend & I immediately dropped everything and drove out to Cali to say our goodbyes.  We had been to see him a couple of months prior when he was doing a little better, but this time he was in and out of it.  It was pretty heart breaking, just to see someone that you once joked with & spoke to and then hearing that person not making any sense and rambling about things from decades ago.  He was a shell of himself, had lost a lot of weight & wasn’t even able to sit up in his wheelchair.  We said our goodbyes, hoping that he knew who we were and just 2 days later, he was gone.  Its what we all hoped for, just to go quickly so he would be out of pain.  RIP Opa, you will be missed.

I am currently in the process of making sure the fort is going to be held down while I’m away this April.  Since I have my other businesses, I need to make sure that my employees (who usually need babysitting) are going to handle things properly.  That means a lot of work for me right now in going through procedures and creating new procedures since I will not be here to oversee everything & will be hard to contact overseas.  I also have to make sure that all of my fans are taken care of, and get the HOT content you all deserve while I am away, which I have pretty much done.  I just have to have someone upload the links for you while I am gone.  I’ll go into a more detailed explanation of how the updates will work on my member homepage of the website.   I have planned almost every activity for my trip, including transportation so that I am less stressed while I’m there…I’ve even ordered my Euros ahead of time so as to avoid doing it while there…I can’t believe how weak our dollar is, its pretty sickening! For every 2k Euro its 2900us! That’s just gross to me! Ugh, and London is worse, but I’ll only be there for a day and a half for work.  Meanwhile, I have been having some severe car trouble!  Everyone says, just buy another one…but in my real estate business, while acquiring more property, you cannot just go put things on your credit prior to multi-home loans…its a process, a very long frustrating process but nonetheless, I have to count the blessings that I do have and keep on trucking!

Lol…I hope you guys are all doing fan-friggin-tastically! I’m glad that my Valentine’s day special went well & you guys were able to enjoy a discounted month start.  Remember that when you become a http://www.briannajordan.com member, you not only get FREE live shows every week, thousands of pics/vids and more, but if you stay a member you become eligible for discounts down the line because I appreciate you all ;o)

This week is St. Patrick’s Day! What are your plans?  Let me guess, drinking too much green beer? Well, do that and then come to my site & jerk off with me! I am planning something SO awesome! I’m so excited for it! I signed up for a big obstacle course challenge, lol.  There are 25+ obstacles including mud crawls, wall climbs, tires etc and more.  I’m not one that likes dirt or mud but what the hell, I’m gonna get PRETTY dirty lol & of course you’ll get pics of it.  I can’t wait for this! 

Here’s a small sneak of what else is coming up this month…starting with this week. Happy St Paddy’s day!

For all you butt lovers, you’ll like where I put my shamrock!

Princess Brianna escapes the death star!

and then cums to celebrate ;o)
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