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Happy #thongthursday!

Where does everyone come up with all these little catch phrases? There has to be a guy somewhere sitting behind his computer saying, “Hmmm, how can I get these girls to show us naughty pics?” Lol! Well here’s my #thongthursday pic! 

A butt floss bikini never looked so good! ;o)

January is almost over, I can’t believe how quickly time flys.  Really quick, an update on everyone’s health condition since last weeks blog didn’t include an update… Maggie’s mom is doing much better, she’s out of her induced coma and speaking coherently which is great! She still has a long was to go but any improvement right now is good.  My grandmother is doing amazingly! She is a tough broad and I knew she’d overcome anything, just got a little worried for a minute.  She’s still at home healing & resting-we hope! I take after her in always being on the move & never relaxing. Taylor is in & out of Las Vegas hospitals because she just won’t relax! Its really frustrating to have her here but not be able to see her the whole time.

I am so glad that we were able to meet for dinner tues night, but I think that’s what may have pushed her over the edge :o( The place we went to was called, The Barrymore, and I have to say I was not expecting it to be that amazing! EVERYTHING in the entire place was delicious! not only that but the service was that of Old Las Vegas and so was the decor…if you live here or are visiting soon, you have to check this place out!

Now that adultcon, AEE & AVNs are over, I can focus on doing some fun shoots with different girls, next up is brazzers in the 1st part of Feb, I’ll be headed to LA but it will be quick in & out same day…you all know my thoughts on LA! Lol, the less I am there, the better!

I am also super focused on improving my website for everyone, the content is getting better & better and I am proud of what it has become in the few years that I have been working on it.  I’m very interactive with all of my members, so if you guys have suggestions or desires-feel free to send me a note & I will hear you out ;o)

Question?! Who wants to be my Valentine?

You can help me out by sending me some of the things I need from my amazon list I created:  http://amzn.com/w/1I3TV8DUOH2QG  & if you REALLY wanna make me happy?! I’m only $800 away from the Christian Louboutin’s I have been wanting SO BADLY! Just send a gift cert from http://www.neimanmarcus.com/wishlist/viewWishlist.jsp?giftlistId=NR2788883883&_requestid=1378

Speaking of Louboutin’s, one of the MANY reasons that Tay & I are sista’s from another mista, lol is our love of Louboutin’s…

We Love Louboutin’s!

Catching up after being apart for months!

I almost forgot to mention, my latest spread 😉 in Show Magazine is out in Feb, you’ll be able to get yours signed by me the next Adultcon or you can buy it from my store http://www.shopbrianna.net soon!

Enjoy this weeks face off between Taylor Vixen, Maggie Green & I, tomorrow’s video is HOT! Until next week KISSES!


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January is flying by!

Its already the end of the month, I can’t believe it! The last 2 weeks were sort of a weird blur. Maggie came into town for our scheduled shoot & adultcon Las Vegas.  The shoot went really well as it always does when its just her & I…all solo stuff this time though since we have a ton of content with each other.  The next day I had a lot of work scheduled and of course worked out, but while we were at the gym, Maggie’s dad called saying that her mom was in intensive care!  They thought it was only pneumonia so she debated whether to stay for adultcon or fly home.  I tried to assure her that pneumonia was common in smokers this time of year and being in the hospital was the best place for her.  The guilt got the best of her and she was on a flight home the next day…meanwhile, no one was telling her just how serious the condition of her mom was.  She actually had a heart attack and then another while in the hospital…so bad that she had to have a quadruple bypass surgery! I felt so terrible…still do.  There are no words to express how horrible I feel for her & her family.  Her mom is still in intensive care in an induced coma and although the doctors are optimistic it must be excruciating for her to witness.  I wish we lived closer so I could be there for her more. 

As if that wasn’t enough, I get a phone call the day Maggie leaves that my grandmother was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery-a gall bladder removal but then the surgery didn’t go as well as planned…there was a lot of internal bleeding that they did not anticipate.  She was in the hospital for observation until yesterday…and by a miracle, she pulled out of it and is at home now recovering.  She really is the most important person in my family…loves me unconditionally no matter what I do.  If I shot someone, she’d probably blame the person for getting in the way of the bullet!! Lol.

All of this was going on while I was doing adultcon without my best friends, Maggie & Taylor.  Taylor was in town but came down with the flu the day before the show started.  I tried to keep a good front on, but it was difficult.  I did manage to get some welcome distractions from my fans.  It was really great that they came out to show their support.  I really appreciate you all! <3

Here are some pics from the shoot & adultcon along with this weeks HOT gallery & next weeks orgy 3 girl set with Taylor Vixen, Maggie Green & myself…that was SUCH a fun shoot.  Of course I’m repping the Packs, even though tragedy struck last weekend! WTF!! Huge upset for all of the fans…I’m still going to show my support…

Im flying! What out for my lasso of truth boys!

Time to order lunch!

I was actually singing…lol

Persian Princess

Don’t piss of this cop! That’s a real police issue expandable metal baton!!

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January Days

Happy New Year everyone! Its time to toss out the old and get with the new, and thats whatever you interpret it as.  Whether you are sick of waking up everyday and not being fulfilled or you are happy but want to tweak a couple of things, you are in control of making the changes that will ultimately make you a success.  For me, I am focusing on taking time for myself a bit more this year.  Its always about work, work, work and everyone else comes first.  Anything in excess is too much and I live in excess, I do everything to the extreme-always have.  That’s just how I get down, lol.  Right now as a matter of fact it came to bite me in the ass! I was just working, working out and stressing too much that I developed a horrible case of vertigo.  For those of you that are familiar, vertigo is when a person feels extremely dizzy to the point where its hard to focus, they get nauseous and there isn’t really a cure.  You just have to rest for a while until it passes.  THAT SUCKS! Lol, I have been trying to go about like normal, but its impossible when my head is spinning out of control.  It can be helped a little by manual adjustments from a chiropractor, so I am going to attempt that today to see if I can get back to normal.  After all, I have a big week ahead with business associates coming in town, adultcon & photoshoots. I was able to get some big things accomplished while at home though…All of my hotels for my Europe trip are picked for France, I just have to decide on the hotels for Italy.  I am really psyched about this trip! We’ll talk more about that later ;o) Now time for a sneak peek at all the HOT shit I have been busy working on for you!

Lay me Down Right here, Right NOW!

Black Lace Bodysuit

Reppin’ the PACKS! Woot

Its so hot, its electric

Mardi Gras Sluts with Vicky Vette

Lotion Love with Aria Giovanni

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