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Happy Holidays!

I hope that you are all spending quality time with your family, friends and loved ones!  I had one of the best Christmases ever! Why? Because I did absolutely nothing, lol! I woke up, had a yummy french toast breakfast, took Baby for a long walk and then just sat by the fire watching movies all day.  I didn’t deal with stress, drama, work or anything else.  It was perfect for me :o) I did cook and have a dinner party on Christmas eve though, but didn’t go too crazy, I made my scrumptious bruschetta-like apps, bison meatballs & spaghetti, and then for desert…YUM, I made fresh banana/nutella crepes! Everyone left with full & happy belly’s-the way I intended!

Unfortunately the few weeks leading up to xmas and from the day after on, I have been working like a maniac! I had a few unexpected deadlines that arose from a bad shoot experience I had with another model and her crew-its never happened before, so hopefully it was a fluke and will be the last.  I will never name names, its not professional.  It is a shame though because of course the content is hot!  I am still waiting to receive the rest of my work from them, so its not over yet, but will hopefully be done with sooner rather than later.  I am not wanting to drag this on longer and get my attorney’s involved. 

On a happier note, I am SO excited to reconvene with my besties @taystevens & @maximummaggie for @adultcon las vegas at the Riviera hotel/Casino.  Its January 12-15th, you HAVE to come show your love and support! #bigtittycommittee is back in full force! Maggie and I will also be shooting & most likely doing a g/g live show for you boys while she’s here also! Stay tuned for show times. 

What are your plans for this New Year?  I was going to try to relax a little bit more, however, for those of you that know me, that is probably not going to happen.  I am going to start by working on NYE at a night club here in Vegas, The Playboy Club is having me host that evening with a few other hotties and we’ll be there in the VIP area….come say hello :o)

Afterwards, I will be busier then ever planning my 2012 travel schedule, it looks as though I will be away from home a lot and may need to hire some more staff to hold down the fort while I’m gone.  Most likely will be my sister but we’ll see how that goes lol.  I am going to Europe for the 1st time ever! Have my tickets and got the Tumi luggage I wanted for Christmas! I start in UK for a quick business meeting, head over to Paris for a Video shoot, then down to the south of France for a 3 day shoot and off to Italy for some R&R before heading home.  I also may finally get to St Lucia in October..so much to look forward to, I am excited!!! If anyone has any overseas traveling tips, like how to work my electronics/where to eat/things to do, tweet me! http://www.twitter.com/brianna_jordan

Here’s some fun pics from this week & last weeks sets, also a sneak peek from next week! ENJOY! Remember that you can buy my lingerie and have me wear it LIVE for you, that way you can see me soaking it wet with my cum…I’ll bag it up & mail it to you that day! email me for details brianna@briannajordan.com

My Tryst With The Hot MILF Vicky Vette

The GORGEOUS Jelena Jensen and are naughty Christmas elve’s this year!

Starting off New Year’s with a BANG! Pun intended ;o)

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Getting ready for a relazing holiday?

I’m certainly going to try.  I am not going to over extend myself like I usually do, I am not going into debt like the rest of America to buy gifts for every person I come across, and I am not going to feel guilty about it.  Don’t get me wrong, I am in the Christmas spirit, I have decorated my house like always and its beautiful! I will cook for Christmas eve and make sure everyone feasts!  I had such a great time during thanksgiving and really enjoyed my family, so I want to do it again for Christmas.  We often forget to prioritize and end up missing opportunities to spend time together that we’ll never get back. 

My Christmas Tree :o)

baby was watching me decorate

 Last time I blogged was around my bday. The day itself kind of sucked! Lol, I didn’t workout-which always completes my day and kind of determines the rest of the day for me…I don’t advise being as addicted to the gym as I am, but being healthy is something I think everyone should strive for. After all, nothing tastes better then healthy feels!!! The rest of that weekend was nice, I ended up having 4 bday dinners with different family members and friends and all of the thoughtful fans that sent gifts was amazing…so all in all, that made up for it :o)

I definitely indulged!

When I made the decision to take all of December off from shooting, I thought I was going to actually get some time to chill out! WRONG! I have too many other things going on from my other 2 businesses, website editing, working out, family/holiday get-togethers and planning out the beginning of next year that I feel just as exhausted as usual! Lol, I guess I’ll rest when I’m departed, like all the workaholics out there say! I have been taking a day here or there when I am overexhausted to rest a bit more then I normally do…after all, you cannot be healthy without rest! I went up to Mt. Charleston with a friend & my Baby this week…it was a great spontaneous decision, it snowed about 14″ and I even let loose and had a couple glasses of wine, sung at the bar and played arcade games all night…It was a blast!

The Resort on the Mountain

Gorgeous Views, thank God I live in Vegas & don’t have a full season of this though

Even Baby was bundled up

The am after at breakfast
Lol…I am also getting ready to do another adultcon show here in Las Vegas! Sooooo, if you didn’t come out and meet me last time, this may be your last opportunity to meet me!  Never say never but one of the reasons I have been shooting so much this past year is so that I can retire (DON’T WORRY!) Not all the way retired, just from shooting, my website & LIVE shows will still commence! I have many years worth of updates to tickle your pickles with BUT…the more you guys show your support and love, the longer I will stick around…so that means, “GET YOUR ASSES TO ADULTCON & MEET ME!”   You’ll also get to meet the rest of the Big Titty Committee, which is Maximum Maggie Green & Bouncing Taylor Stevens! 3 of us together = TROUBLE! In the most fun sense of the word. 

Alright boys & girls, hope you’re digging this weeks HOT G/G scenes! Next weeks preview: Goddess Brianna

To see the rest of the pics & the HOT Video, http://www.briannajordan.com/

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Happy Birthday to me!

I am sooooo excited to be back in my own home & in Las Vegas! I had such a great time with all of my family for the holiday but I had some serious Baby withdrawals, lol!  My little Baby was in good hands, my sweet neighbor took care of him & he made a new bff in her Lab puppy. 

On his couch as he should be!

 After the big surprising of my Grandma, I cooked my ass off for 2 days straight! It was well worth it because the turkey this year was even better then last year! I think I am perfecting it. My aunt & uncle have a fab 8k sq ft home with 2 kitchens and a total of 7 ovens, so I was in cooking heaven! I made homemade everything you can think of! The turkey of course, mac & cheese, sweet potato’s, garlic mashed, haricoverts (a fancy word for green beans-lol!), cranberry/orange dressing, amazing stuffing (even though I hate stuffing), gravy, ham (not a ham person either…so I bought a honey baked ham), pumpkin pie, apple pie, pecan pie, and I’m sure I am leaving out some stuff. It was so great to be with my family, it was the 1st time in over 5 years that I have been to Fl to visit. When they come see me in Vegas, its usually a really short trip & they like to stay in the casino’s, so there’s less bonding time. It was really a trip that I will cherish.

For my grandma’s actual bday the day prior, we took her to Fleming’s (which if you have on in your area is a great Steakhouse and you must get the chocolate lava cake!!)

At Flemings with the fam

A little wine every once in a while won’t hurt will it?

 The rest of the trip, we played games, hung out, worked out, played racquetball, went shopping, I worked a little of course-couldn’t let it all slip while I was away! I finally got home late Tues night and unpacked right away but not before running to my neighbors house to scoop up my little old man. I was only gone for 2 weeks and my doggie looked instantly older, his eyes are developing cataracts, and he is moving really slow! I am trying to remain positive about this. Perhaps the neighbors dog (a Lab about 65lbs bigger then Baby) just played a little too rough with him and he will heal in a few days. In any event, he was so happy to see me and happy to be cuddled up with me in bed like usual! I was of course a cheeseball and cried! Lol, I really love him more then anything in this world! All you doggie lovers know the feeling!

Yesterday was my 1st day back at my own gym and I was VERY happy to be back in my spot! I didn’t realize how spoiled I am at my 5 diamond resort style gym until I went to Orlando’s old, dirty, non-equipment having gyms. Everyone missed me, even people I don’t know were like, “Great to have you back, we missed you!” Lol, sometimes I am still surprised at the effect people have on one another without realizing it.

Aaaand, Today is my birthday. I am not sure what I am going to do actually. I have been gone for so long that I have quite a bit to catch up on. I have spent the am doing some of that and haven’t figured out if I will work out or not. Probably…I will most likely be going to dinner with people all weekend to celebrate and need to burn off any extra cals I may consume! This month is always the hardest! With the holidays, my bday and get-togethers! Its hard for everyone to understand that I have to turn down their food sometimes in order to maintain the hard body you all know & we love ;o)

Duh, I still had to flash you guys!

Cooking my ass off the nite before gooble day

Don’t mess with my turkey!

My adopted doggies while I was away

Basting every 15 min is the key to perfection!

Tadaaa! Feast…

At one of my fav places! Season’s 52-yummilicious menu!
I did decide though to take the entire month of December of from shooting. My body and I need a break! I am super close to being done shooting all together for my site. I have so much hot content that you all will LOVE! It just keeps getting better & better, from shooting with the top girls in the industry to better HD quality…you will love what I am bringing out for you! Just try it for a month to see what you’re missing! http://www.briannajordan.com There is no other more interactive model then myself…it’s one of the things I pride myself on. I love & appreciate my fans!!!

Here’s a sneak peek from next weeks gallery!


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