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Florida Bound!

So I made it safe & sound…kind of…to Orlando.  A few little debacle’s so far, 1st was when I was supposed to be able to bring Baby with me and was not able to at the last minute.  He is luckily with my neighbor who is taking very good care of him.  2nd was when I arrived into MCO airport and was rear-ended by another rental car customer when I was driving off of the rental lot.  The little fender bender kept me there waiting for the reports& police an extra 4 hours! I didn’t arrive into Sarasota until 1am that night…having to wake up & shoot with Vicky Vette on Thurs/Fri. 

Right on the beach, it was so gorgeous!

The hotel I stayed at was nice, right on the ocean, I wasn’t aware that I would be right on the beach…very cool.  I met Vicky and we shot the 1st day, she was great, a really big sweetheart and gorgeous in person!  You would never ever be able to tell her age…her face and body are banging! Lol…Good for me! We finished a few scenes that day, taking it easy compared to my normal 12 sets per day.  Afterwards we grubbed at a restaurant on the marina…very calming to be near the ocean water.  Then day two, we had to get ready & prep for our 1st ever 1on 1 #toplessboxing match.  The match was really even, Vicky is in great shape!  We had our referee, Carmen, giving us the rules of the match.  Each pussy hit makes the other person take of an item of clothing, 1st one naked lost and had to eat the other one out.  Well I won ;o) and since I love to eat & be eaten!! Lol, we did both….the next event was whoever lasted the longest with a hitachi without cumming won…needless to say, I lost that one! Then we turned on the ref and made her cum!  You can see the entire hour show @ http://www.briannajordan.com in my live show archives. 

Of course we were all winner’s in this fight #winning!

It was a great 2 day shoot and now I am in Orlando.  I spent the 1st day with my little nephews, watching them play flag football.  ADORABLE! and catching up with family, my brother, aunt, uncle etc.  Unfortunately bad things come in 3’s…sat night I was up all night sick, throwing up and in horrible pain.  I think it was a stomach flu or something.  I still felt like shit the next day but took it easy.  The plan was to take everyone outdoor go-carting later…I was not up to it yet, so I just sat back and played video games with my nephews. 

The most adorable little kids ever!

I went down to Florida mainly to surprise my grandma for her bday, she had NO idea that I was even in Florida (or she’d be attached to my hip the entire time-lol) So today, I drove up with my cupcake and present, sneak attack left it on her doorstep and then called her (earlier in the week telling her that I sent her bday package and the tracking had it arriving at a certain time, so she’d be home) and told her that the package had arrived.  While I’m speaking to her telling her to check the front porch step, I was hiding by her garage and videoing the whole thing.  She was MORE then shocked! Lol, I had to tell her to hang up the phone after we had been hugging for a while.   I narrated the entire trip leading up to the surprise and while create a movie and then make a dvd for her.  She’ll love it!

Tomorrow is Turkey day!! I’ll be in the kitchen for the most part and snapping pics all the while…stay tuned!
Alright boys & girls, enjoy the bts pics & my candids from the trip…of course more to come later!! You can see the entire galleries & vids online @ http://www.briannajordan.com and can purchase outfits/shoes that I have worn at http://www.abibids.com/index.php/page,Search/searchtxt,brianna%2520jordan

Bonus pics from next weeks pillow fight bloopers!

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Have you ever had a few weeks of being so much on the go that you lose total track of everything normal? Well that is where I am at right now! Lol, I have been doing so many photo shoots, add in adultcon, work, house guests and working out and here I am! I am trying to play catch up now before I get my things ready for the Florida trip.  I am still trying to work the details!

I have to say regardless of how much work we do, whenever Maggie & I get together, we have a BLAST! Whether we are being goofy during a photoshoot, staying up til the wee hours laughing til we cry or dancing at adultcon…we are always having fun!  I was sad to drop her off at the airport on Mon night, but hopefully she’ll come back and join me for the next Vegas adultcon which is in January! I am so excited to hear that Tay Stevens may join us as well! The big titty committee back in business! Lol

We shot the day before the show at Palms Place here in Vegas, it was a pretty cool suite, I was able to get some pretty sets in…

All wet

unwrap me

Beam me up Scotty

I escaped from the Death Star

Emerald Green

Purple Satin

Some of these sets are Available RIGHT NOW! http://abibids.com/index.php/page,Search/searchtxt,brianna%2520jordan  You can get them worn, wet & I will even re-wear in a live show just for you! Check out the details.

Adultcon was great, but at the same time its completely exhausting! Whew…8 hours on your feet in heels, I was very happy to get one of the free massages afterwards :o) I think its a new thing that adultcon is offering-the massages that is.  I was able to sell a TON of never seen before DVDs and other naughty things..remember guys, all of my inventory is exclusive to ME! You cannot get it anywhere else besides my own store, http://www.shopbrianna.net and online my prices are 5x higher then in person…so if you can make it out to visit my adultcon booth, its well worthwhile-PLUS you get to meet & chat with me in person…something I don’t do in a normal setting. 

Well its back to work now for me, I have to prep myself for the upcoming shoots in Florida, surprising my family with a visit while I am there and planning the 1st few months of next year out as well! A lot to do, now I’m off to get a hair cut! I’ll see you all at this weeks live show I hope ;o)
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