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Home Stretch til Florida!

I have been so buy, I wasn’t even able to find time to blog! Sorry guys! Let’s catch you all up a bit…first things first: my burn is completely healed minus the small amount of discoloration that is remaining-but thank you all for your concern and positive thoughts, I’m sure that’s how I healed so quickly! ;o)   Just in time for me to kick my workouts into over drive! I am wanting to lose about 8 or 10 lbs in November, I have a goal of going down to 11% body fat instead of my 13% I have now…I know I’m not fat guys, I just want to do it for myself…we are always our worst critics!

My dear friend Jelena arrived early last week and we did 2 LONG days of shooting to get content for our sites.  When I say LONG, I mean waking up at 7am to start shooting at 830am and not finishing until 11pm and getting home about 12-bed at 1a and waking up again the next day at 7am-finishing at 1030pm…we got amazing content together, however after that much shooting…my body was toast and my brain was mush! Goes to show what happens with age, lol…no, seriously though, I didn’t know any other models besides Maggie that are willing to work as hard as myself-until Jelena that is.  We have so much in common and it was so great shooting with her.  For those of you that know who she is, we look very similar and have even played lesbian sisters for several companies-lol! We’re both really organized…I guess I still take the cake in that category though…everyone makes fun of my OCD organization-BUT! It really comes in handy when I have to shoot that many sets for that long.  In that time period, we were able to shoot 12 photo sets and 12 videos each day.  When I say the content is HOT, I mean on FIRE!  I don’t think I’ve ever shot a lesbian scene that was more natural…the way we kissed each other and made each other cum over and over was so organic…its going to be really pretty if that makes sense.  I also shot solo content during the shoot, I did a scene in the gym where I benched 135lbs and was squatting…so you get a real look at me while I work out (in heels lol!).  I did a hot cheerleader set, a German Oktoberfest theme, Xmas in the desert, shower scenes, pool stuff, and a LOT more! Which is all the more reason to JOIN NOW if you haven’t already! You will really be missing out as all of this content is getting released! http://www.briannajordan.com/  and if you want to become the proud parent of all of the worn & really wet lingerie I wear you can always check out my store http://www.shopbrianna.net/ or http://abibids.com/index.php/page,Search/searchtxt,brianna%2520jordan where I will not only wear for you again before sending but fuck myself again wearing it during a live show, so that you can see and be a part of it!

Gimme a “P” Gimme a “U” Gimme a “S, S, Y” what’s that spell?!

Our 1st scene together was SO Romantic

We were definitly being santa’s little hoes!

Cherry Bomb-I’ve always wanted to shoot in this bikini, its one I wear all the time in normal life

HOT watch to see what Jelena made me do with my Christian Louboutin’s

My foot fetish set

This is how we all wish the REAL Housewives acted? lol sometimes they do wanna choke each other right?

Or be spanked with their plastic spoons

I really love this simone perele set that my friend @burnley_coyle purchased for me

I got carried away and ended up on top of this table! Lol

“Prost!” Somehow we end up with beer all over each other! Lol

This week I am getting ready for my bestie Maggie to arrive for Adultcon in Las Vegas, its November 3-5th at the Mirage Hotel.  We are going to be sharing a booth as usual, signing autographs, posing for topless pics with you all and I am selling NEW not yet released DVD’s!  If you have any free time, I suggest you get your asses out to meet us!  In conjunction with the show, Vegas has the CEMA show, which is one of the largest car shows there is…all kinds of awesome things, really souped up cars, parts, concepts, contests, hot chicks, etc.  Can you tell I am a bit of a car enthusiast?  Well two great shows at the same time, CEMA is during the day and Adultcon is from 4-10 thurs, 3-10 fri/sat.  Be there! Go to http://www.adultcon.com/ and you can purchase discount admission tickets. 

Well boys, time for me to run off to the gym and run errands, it feels as though that’s all I do anymore! I am counting down the days until Florida and surprising my Grandma! Guess what?! My Birthday is coming up VERY soon! If you’d like2 be so sweet as 2 send me a gift, please check http://briannajordan.com/gifts.html & email gift certs….I LOVE Victoria’s secret and neiman marcus!

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Goodmorning everyone! time to rise and SHINE!

So after my last shoot I have 2 weeks off from shooting to catch up on everything else in my life that needs to be done! I have to admit that although I bust my ass daily to get everything I need to get done completed, I am not even close to denting the list! I am just not letting myself get overwhelmed this time around.  I have shit to do, I am not sitting around but am doing it and it will eventually get done! Whew…I really need to get my trip to Europe planned out asap.  Its not until April but I will need to get all of my reservations made and shoots planned out….as of now I have a shoot scheduled with a company for magazine prints.  I then have to start prepping for my upcoming 2 day shoot with Jelena.  We are planning on doing 12 sets per day which means LONG days.  Right after that, I am packing up and going to Florida to shoot with the lovely Vicky Vette.  I am also staying in FL for turkey day since I have family there.   I am making it a point to make time for my family.  We are a society that often says, “Im too busy to call, Im too busy for ___”.  Well yes, I am a busy bitch! Lol, but what is more important then your loved ones? NOTHING PEOPLE! You have to appreciate them and make time for them…you don’t want to wait until its too late. 

I hope you have been enjoying my new type of videos that I have been releasing on the site? The candid videos…I am going to continue to tape the everyday moments that happen to me and you will be able to see all the funny things I do.  I really am a big goofball…ask my friends! Lol….
Here’s a sneak peek into next week’s release!

Remember to JOIN NOW if you are not a member, you are surely missing out! http://www.briannajordan.com
This weeks auction items are JUICIER then ever! Hurry today is the last day to win!

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